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Party at the End of the Week Life wouldn't be as entertaining if you couldn't celebrate the good times. Whilst a smile to the face is nice, sometimes you want to be a bit wilder and have a bit of a party to let your energy loose. Of course not everyone needs a major cause for celebration. For some the mere arrival of the weekend is enough to put them into a party mood. And why not celebrate time off from work? If you work hard then you should get to party hard too. It wouldn't make sense if you couldn't do this as there has to be some reward for all the work you do. A bit of partying is a nice way to do that. It doesn't need to be your party or expensive for you. It could be someone else's party or just a good night out with some good music. In fact anywhere that has party music on is pretty much suitable. Then all you have to do is turn up and pay for a few drinks (sometimes even that will be free). The songs you'll hear will typically put you in the right frame of mind so you can just enjoy your time there and forget about everything else. Perhaps the best part is that you can forget about the pains and struggles of the week. You get to leave them behind when it's party time and this is part of the appeal of it. It seems as though the problems disappear when you are busy having fun at a party. So no matter how difficult your week has been you have an opportunity to leave all those difficulties behind. This is why it's important to have free time and not let work eat into your free time too much, especially if you have a stressful job. You need to have time to unwind whether that's with a party or another way. Of course when we say party, we also mean when you just put on some music at home and party on your own and let your hair loose. It's kind of a mini celebration for getting through the week. Not everyone likes the noise and bustle of a party with a lot of people. Many people are happy just to have their own party or one with a few friends and this is what helps them to really unwind. They would find it harder to unwind with lots of unfamiliar people around them, whilst for others that is exactly what partying is all about. The most important thing of course is that you get a chance to relax yourself and that you have something to be excited about all week. When this is possible, how you do it is less important. One of the reasons for going to an actual venue or place with lots of people is that the music is usually booming because they have dedicated music set ups. So if loud music helps you get off then these places will probably be your cup of tea. For others just singing out loud in the shower at the end of the week unleashes their inner party spirit and they feel alive. They feel like they are able to unwind more naturally in their own surroundings. As long as you have the right songs whether that's the ones a DJ is playing or the ones in your head as you sing, you can have a good time. It doesn't even matter whether they're even 'typical' party

tunes if they're the ones that move you. Listen to the songs that do the magic for you and don't look back.

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