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Multicultural Advertising

Information about the British multicultural population

Snapshots of cultures and societies present in Britain today

How One Central Point can provide multicultural targeted advertising opportunities

Notting Hill Carnival

China Town, London

Leicester Diwali Celebrations

International Food Market, Birmingham

One Central Point has been working with its global partners to provide advertising opportunities for clients interested in reaching the British multicultural population on their favourite and most popular international sites. This population is growing in size, connectivity and wealth yet maintains strong cultural links with home. The sites they use keep them up to date with their roots allowing them to follow the political updates, see the results from the weekend’s sports and catch-up on entertainment gossip. Using these sites is as routine as checking the Facebook newsfeed and seeing what Stephen Fry just tweeted.

Notting Hill Carnival

China Town, London

The British multicultural population is under represented both as an object and a subject in the current media landscape. One Central Point bridges this gap affording the advertisers opportunities to connect with these communities through provision of relevant and indigenous content.

Leicester Diwali Celebrations

International Food Market, Birmingham

Stir-fry has taken over chicken tikka masala as Britain’s most popular dish. Britain’s ethnic minorities are younger than the rest of the country: they are more urban, they are keener to buy and use new technology and their purchasing power is growing. High rate of business start-up and selfemployment in multicultural population. Major assumptions that are in fact myths about ethnic minorities in Britain: - They don’t spend - They behave the same as their white counterparts - They are too hard to reach

The British multicultural population’s purchasing power has recently topped the £300 billion mark. (BMP shown in pink) This is a figure greater than the whole of the Netherlands (£288b), more similar to the combined total of Ireland, Denmark and Portugal (£301b). The British multicultural population makes up 20% of the UK total (13M out of 65M), but 27% of Britain’s gross disposable income.

Black African Black Caribbean Black Other Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Asian Other

By 2051, England and Wales will be as ethnically diverse as London is now. Here is a graphic showing the multicultural densities in London where one dot represents 1000 people. “White British� makes up only 45% of the total London population.

South Asians

Black Groups

Eastern Europeans


Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern


Republic of Ireland 700,000 UU

Poland 1.6 MM UU

Jamaica 335,000 UU

South Africa 200,000 UU

Russia 250,000 UU

India, Bangladesh and Pakistan 1.6MM UU

Examples of some of the top ethnicities in Britain and the most popular sites they visit – available with One Central Point

Key examples of the One Central Point Multicultural Portfolio

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One Central Point Multicultural Advertising  

An overview of One Central Point's research and capabilities for the targeting of British multicultural populations.

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