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One Central Point is a global media sales house who, by partnering with leading media owners in each individual market worldwide, can offer agencies: •

Premium, branded, local language sites in every key territory worldwide

Central reporting and accounts management

A strong understanding of cultural and digital differences in each market

Parity in pricing as if bought locally

Guaranteed inventory

Strength in depth of all verticals

100% transparency in all of the sites we provide

Utilising our expertise in premium campaign planning and management, One Central Point have gained an excellent reputation in executing gaming campaigns: meeting stringent

KPI’s and creating stunning results: •

Over the last year we have worked with Sony Entertainment Network, Activision, Nordic Games and Blizzard.

Using consistent bookings, we have been able to optimise our offering to gain superb

results for both branding and sales focused campaigns. •

We are able to reach gaming enthusiasts in every territory around the world.

OCP have built custom ad units in house.

GTA V GTA V was the fastest-selling entertainment product ever Number of days it took the following games/movies to reach $1 billion in revenue

OCP were responsible for the digital advertising of GTA V in DE, FR, UK, NO and SE – it became the fastest-selling entertainment product ever.

Skylanders Campaign review: Midway through the campaign, the client wanted to investigate the availability of roadblocks. Within 2 days, we were able to instigate a full roadblock on a contextually relevant and extremely popular gaming site –

Using our close publisher relationships, we were able to modify the campaign to fit the client’s changing requirements while maintaining a CTR of 1.12% and reinforcing the brand.

Little Big Planet Campaign review: The launch of this game corresponded with the festival of Eid and was marketed in KSA. This campaign was the first we had executed in this territory and we were delighted to experience the strong affinity that this population had to Little Big Planet’s targeted campaign.

Using locally targeted creatives on popular gaming sites in KSA, OCP were able to reach and communicate the brand and boost sales over the Eid celebrations.

Diablo III Campaign review: Split over 3 phases, the campaign seamlessly switched from “pre-order” to “buy-now” making use of the 930x250 high impact banner along with matching skins. A stylish and highly engaging response-driven strategy was created that communicated both the brand image and the call to action.

High impact formats are available across a huge range of sites and are proven to engage more effectively with consumers. We guarantee all ads are delivered on contextually relevant sites and premium top -positioned placements

One Central Point has a truly global gaming reach and by maintaining close relationships with our publishers we can execute campaigns to the exact needs of clients: •

We can reach over 500 million unique users globally, 91 million in the US, on the most popular and respected dedicated gaming sites.

This equates to over 11 billion impressions per month with a 32% global reach.

Whether console, MMO, free to play or anything in-between, we can access and publish campaigns on specific sites or as part of a highly targeted and fully transparent (in terms of both delivery and pricing) network solution.

We can execute and help create any ad format and have exclusive agreements to use some of the most cutting edge and engaging units:

Expandable Overlay Trailer

Format review: High impact and rich media. This format is instantly engaging and, placed on the most

relevant sites, will drive clicks, purchases and interest.

Synced Banners with Skins

Format review: Interactive synced banners, as shown with this PS VITA ad, are able to reinforce the

concept of the brand or product. The same format has also been used by Nintendo DS to illustrate its dual-screen capability.

Native Ad Units

Format review: A range of native ad units are exclusively available with OCP that blend with the

content of the gaming site. These formats embed the message in a specified context and can be included in an purpose built editorial.

Native Ad Link within Maker Studio Games Channel

Format review: This sponsored unit (text box) within YouTube gaming channels is, again, exclusive

to OCP. This unit drives F2P and MMO registrations on YouTube gaming videos.

Branded Pre-Roll

Format review: This rich format enhances your video content and its skin can be made by OCP. It is very

high impact and has an average CTR of 1.76%. Social sharing features can be included to help the brand develop its global following.

One Central Point are the UK’s official international representative for Mochi Media: the world’s largest online gaming network •

We were awarded the rights to internationally resell Mochi Media.

The Mochi Gaming Network has 112 million global unique users with 13.8 million US uniques.This equates to 85 million monthly impressions in the US alone.

Mochi has a dual audience (49.3% male and 50.7% female).

The average performance of an ad on Mochi is 1-7% CTR.

Through Mochi, OCP are able to reach an engaged and entertainment-minded audience using the most popular games on the internet.

Through Mochi, OCP are able to reach gamers of all ages targeting: • Geo • Gender • Audience demographics • Game category

• Domain


Format review: The pre-roll has an average CTR of 2-4% and communicates the brand in an engaging way. This unit can include social sharing features so users can share the content with their


Skinned Video

Format review: The skinned video has an average CTR of 2-7% and provides a complete branding experience effective for gaming, entertainment and other products.

One Central Point can deliver campaigns in every key territory around the world on the most popular gaming sites. •

We are able to distribute custom ad units, standard ad units and a range of rich media options.

We can reach the global connected internet population from kids to adult MMO’s and FPS’s.

Using our local knowledge and campaign planning experience, we can work with you to organise and create the most impactful and effective advertising strategy.

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An overview of One Central Point's gaming media capabilities and global advertising opportunities