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Company Introduction

About Us 

A leading secured application virtualization solutions provider

Established in 2003

Headquartered in Israel

Global distribution network and customer base

Thousands of installations around the world.

Part of the Omnitech Group – Israel’s leading IT solution provider

Our main product lines are:

Our Customers Finance / Banking




High-Tech Utilities

Other Industries

Government Manufacturing

COCKPIT4 – Application delivery

COCKPIT4 – Application delivery COCKPIT4 is a comprehensive application delivery solution that enables any Windows application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed.

Centralizing applications in the data center to reduce costs and IT efforts

Delivering applications instantly to users anywhere

Controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security

The best price/performance alternative to Citrix XenApp

Cockpit 4 provides equal performance to Citrix XenApp at 50% of the cost and is the most Cost-Effective ServerBased Computing (SBC) Solution.

COCKPIT4 – Typical deployment End user can run the app on any device, having seamless user experience.

Remote users can connect via Secure connector (encrypted protocol)

Management (Policies, users, applications, reports, Load balancing, remote connections) is being handled from CPT Admin Console

Instead of working directly on TS, all applications are being delivered via CPT Controllers.

COCKPIT4 – Advanced server side features 

Supports multiple domains, multiple zones, zone preferences, zone routing, and more

Built-in CPU throttling and memory throttling

Supports RDP6 extensions in Windows 2008, including improved audio/video streaming and high-resolution sessions

Advanced load-balancing mechanism that efficiently manages the load on memory and processing resources for servers and applications, maximizing system performance and the user experience

COCKPIT4 – Advanced management console 

Allows system administrators to define environment settings, set policies, publish applications and monitor activity using an intuitive web interface.

Centralized admin console allows full control and monitoring of applications, users, sessions, servers and resources.

On-line data export and advanced reporting abilities.

Main Tabs – Hosts, controllers, zones, users, applications, policies, sessions etc.

COCKPIT4 – Applications group

Gather applications into a group and than distribute it easily and efficiently

Easy is to publish an app – you set the application path and properties and you can also define process limits (for best performances and most effective Load balancing)

COCKPIT4 – Applications publishing

COCKPIT4 – Load collector

Load Balancing – Set multiple parameters for Load Balancing policies such as Memory and processor utilization, number of users, number of sessions on the same server etc.

COCKPIT4 –User experience Advanced client side software for unmatched user experience and performance 

User-controlled settings for backgrounds, colors, toolbars, icon layouts and more

Instant session creation and intuitive management of connections, sessions, and applications.

Improved handling of network instability and reconnects

Advanced content redirection mechanism

Multi-platform support includes: Linux, Solaris, iOS, Android, WinCE, Rim, XP Embedded and more.

Multiple monitor support with Dual view mode; full support on XP SP2 and higher (RDP6).

COCKPIT4 –End-user applications panel

End user Applications dashboard Set variety of applications (Office, ERP, CRM, Proprietary applications etc.

COCKPIT4 –Enterprise printing solution 

High-fidelity universal printing supporting multiple raw formats – Postscript, PCL5, PCL6

Granular control over printer mapping policies and multiple concurrent printer mapping policies for same printer

Supports direct session mapping to network printers for improved network utilization.

Supports print control at both session level and print-job level

Concurrently supports both native printing (with a printer’s native driver) and universal printing

COCKPIT4 –Enterprise printing solution

Central printing solution providing the option to choose: Native printing, universal printing and much more.

COCKPIT4 – For mobile devices (RDP to HTML5)

COCKPIT4 – Summary

Centralizes applications in the data center to reduce costs and IT efforts

A mature and reliable alternative to Citrix XenApp

Easy to set up, easy to use

Priced 50% lower than the competition

Global customer base with government, financial and corporate sectors

COCKPIT4 – Secure Browsing

COCKPIT4i – Secure Browsing  A radically new, powerful solution that protects your systems against the security risks posed by exposure to the Internet.  Browse the Internet from a separate network environment that provides the highest possible level of security and the best browsing experience.  Highest level of network security  Best user browsing experience  High user productivity

COCKPIT4i – Secure Browsing  A new approach that enables safe and centrally managed employee Web browsing from within corporate networks.  Instead of filtering Web data, the product keeps all Web data outside the company network and does not allow any potentially harmful elements to enter.

“Jetro COCKPIT4i is the only solution that provides the level of security of a separate network environment, but

from the same desktop environment “

COCKPIT4i – Secure Browsing

COCKPIT4i – Providing the highest security level 

Single IP, locked down FW, identification management

Anonymous virtual users and virtual passwords at the DMZ

URL filtering


Log-in reporting

Secure file downloading (SFD)

Secure print conversion

COCKPIT4i – key features 

Desktop/IE browser plug-in

Browser – secure sync

Controller, secure gateway

Microsoft Terminal Servers load manager

Secure printing terminal

Active Directory Secure Sync

Anonymous Active Directory

Send as mail

Secure file upload/download tool

Flash, silverlight & media manager

COCKPIT4i – Typical deployment

Only one port is opened from inside to outside. No active content will ever get in (But a RDP stream)

COCKPIT4i – How it works for the user

Internal and external browser Both fully synced (same favorites) and share the same look and feel

COCKPIT4i – How it works for the user


When users browse to local corporate sites (portals, Web, applications), it is automatically redirected to local desktop browser.


The user environment is fully synchronized and personalized. Same settings, cookies, history, favorites, links and so on, so both browsers act like one.


When users attempt to follow a external Web link, the local browsing window is automatically replaced with the COCKPIT4i remote browsing window.


Users continue to print the way they’re used to. COCKPIT4i automatically rebuilds all print files as XPDF files and redirects these to the relevant printer.

3 Users continue their browsing session, but the browsing is actually executed in the remote environment (DMZ secured area).


COCKPIT4i does not allow file downloads. Users are asked to email files to themselves via the company’s secured central email system.

COCKPIT4i – Secure browsing toolbar policy

Set users toolbar policies, send email to me, to others, as page, as link etc

COCKPIT4i – Secure browsing policy limit

Admin console enable to set browsing policies by Domain, IP, locations, Prefix etc.

COCKPIT4i – Secure browsing website policy

System manager can define if a URL will be open internally or externally or even be Blocked.

COCKPIT4i – Summary 

Unique managed solution using a unified browser

Eliminates the need for two desktops/browsers per user

Advanced redirection capabilities coupling the highest security level with the best user experience!

No open ports between the external and internal networks

Complete management of users, policies, and URLs

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