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Ocean Art - Art ist Prof il e An island girl, Stephanie Kiker finds endless inspiration where she lives in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Stephanie captures the energy and scenery of the ocean and all things sand and sky in her intricate primitive style image of turtles, dolphins, shore birds, fish, and beach landscapes Stephanie formally trained in graphic design at the School of Design at North Carolina State University. She creates in a variety of mediums . When Stephanie is out of her workshop she gets closer to her subject through two favorite pass-times, kiteboarding and surfing. Since picking up surfing she?s enjoyed the quiet time spent on the water, calling early morning sessions her favorite way to start her day now. A big part of Stephanie?s art business is ?functional art," in addition to prints and wall hangings her images are produced on light-switch covers, cutting board, tiles, phone covers, and other things that people can use in daily life. She makes all of the products and shipping

them herself. Stephanie can be found at art shows, online, and shops from Hawaii, to California, to Belize, to the Virgin Islands, and on the East Coast from Maine to Florida. If you happen to be freediving in Isla Mirada Florida, stop in the Turtle Hospital, you?ll find her work there and purchases in the gift shop help support turtle rehabilitation.

Spring 2016 Edition OneBreath Magazine on Freediving  

Featuring articles on freedive training, dive travel, gear, safety, and spearfishing.

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