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Why ONE works.

We felt that the commercial production process could be a lot less complicated, so we created a new model.

Why ONE works.


By joining forces with the highly respected post-production company, Optimus, we’re able to bring the entirety of a production, from script to air, under one roof.

tom duff president, partner Optimus since 1995, president since 1996 That same year assembled the partnership that bought Optimus from Anheuser-Busch A sports fanatic, clearly likes a blitz L ifelong Chicagoan did time in production at Burnett, Riney, DDB “This place and our people mean everything in the world to me” (not counting family, white sox)

Why ONE works.


Your project begins and ends in the hands of one caretaker. No more handoffs. No more communication gaps.

john noble executive producer, managing director Began his career at 16, PA-ing on classic 70s Volkswagen spots After NYC’s School of Visual Arts, worked as a production coordinator for legends Bob Giraldi, Mark Story and Henry Sandbank In 1986, began collecting awards as an agency producer at DDB NYC, then McCann, BSB, Chiat/Day, BBDO, GKV, and in 1995, The Martin Agency Helped build the success of brands like Audi, Choice Hotels, Sprite, SAAB, GEICO, and UPS Added Chicago to his address book as head of Production & Digital Core at Element 79 overseeing Gatorade, Propel, Quaker, and Celebrity Cruises Returned to “the other side” as head of ONE One-word description: accomplished

Why ONE works.


How ONE works.

312 321 0880

This is the number that connects you to your executive producer, your content producer, your director, your editor, your graphic designer, your colorist, your audio engineer and your craft service person. It’s a pretty easy number to remember. matt abramson content producer C  ame to Chicago from upstate New York to pursue improv comedy stardom Spent two years studying and performing at Second City and Improv Olympic A fortuitous commercial callback landed him a job at Element 79 Partners, working with Director of Production John Noble Produced high-profile TV work for Anheuser-Busch and McDonald’s, digital content for Reconnected with John Noble at ONE, where his production skills and sense of humor get a full workout Notable resemblance to “Say Anything”-era John Cusack

How ONE works.



We’ll make this number easy for you, too. Simply put, we’ll make it work. No shortchanging anything. As you might guess, we’re all about peaceful coexistence.

How ONE works.


david jaffe mehdi zollo alex anderson sunny zhao adam sobocienski


barry kimm fred raimondi james fleischel devin bousquet

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ONE at Optimus was built to house the best emerging directorial talent in the industry and to unleash their creativity and drive in a thoroughly organized, buttoned-up environment. Our current roster of directors is diverse, original and supremely creative, spanning the globe from China to Rome to Jerusalem to Minneapolis. Fred Raimondi is a professional musician. David Jaffe was a runway model. Mehdi Zollo speaks four languages fluently. Barry Kimm writes and directs IMAX movies (Mars 3D and Sun 3D). Sunny Zhao was a rock star in China before moving to the United States. James Fleischel directed the Emmy award-winning public TV show “Neighbors.” Driven and accomplished, curious and interested, encouraged to explore new possibilities and to seek fresh perspectives. Brave, but not reckless. All work, all play.

How ONE works.



Chicago’s a great city. It’s big, but not too. It’s sophisticated, but not too. Chicago is accessible. Here you’ll find real people, real houses and real neighborhoods alongside fresh talent from the likes of Second City and Steppenwolf, plus a cityscape filled out with every style of architecture imaginable. Our crews are seasoned and skilled. And we have a full, in-house production stage at ONE. But we can shoot anywhere—L.A., New York, Argentina—wherever is best for the job.

How ONE works.


Everybody’s on the same page, start to finish.


In our case, the post-production begins before the production begins. We’ll start with a technical pre-pre-pro with the DP, AC, Editor, VFX Supervisor and Colorist.

gretchen praeger executive producer Optimus’s unsung true leader, knows and does it all  eared in the Optimus shipping room, catapulted by her R love/studies/knowledge of film Elegantly blends creative savvy with effortless taskmastery Into cooking, sewing, running Gets her best workout running after her 3-year-old Responsible for popularity of the phrase “Ask Gretchen”

How ONE works.


We’re lucky to have a camera super-geek on our team: our nationally renowned Senior Colorist. He has extensive knowledge of cameras, and he’s been working with the RED ONE since day one. We’ve also got the only Scratch Cine box in town, a handy gadget that allows RED files to be pushed out in any format we need.

craig lefflel colorist, partner


How ONE works.

BFA in Photography, BMOC at Optimus since 1996 Beyond nationally renowned colorist, has covered the spectrum as DP and Director on commercials and music videos A tech wiz, tests cameras for Fletcher Chicago and is intimate with the RED ONE Has Super Bowl spots and international work under his belt When his fingers aren’t mixing colors they’re strumming a guitar Has the only office with portholes



The Optimus reputation owes a lot to its roster of award-winning editors. Nine in Chicago, five in Santa Monica. As diverse as they are, they’re all passionate about their craft, inventive, tireless and, especially important, a pleasure to hang out with. Hard work doesn’t have to feel like hard time.

randy palmer off-line editor, partner Born in Nebraska, son of a preacher man Bought a camcorder instead of a car at 16 Gave up sleeping in 1992 when he started at Optimus Met wife at Optimus, created 2 kick-ass daughters Loves making :30 movies Hates saying no

How ONE works.


Flame. Smoke. Maya. Cinema 4D. (We could go on.) We have all the latest, and we have all the talent who know how to work it. We call them artists. Others call them magicians. glen noren effects director, partner

visual effects

Modest leading talent of hotshot Graphics crew Broadcast introduced him to tight deadlines at ABC-TV Channeled growth of motion graphics and digital compositing when they were coming into their own Has practiced visual wizardry at Optimus since 1994 Post-work, practices fatherhood of four as Adventure Guides circle leader and soccer coach Claim to near-fame: extra in “Risky Business”

mike “chick”

ciacciarelli How ONE works.

creative director



Our design group is tight-knit, cutting-edge and multidimensional. Every designer’s style is individual, but we collaborate as a singular unit, linked both digitally and creatively. Everybody’s versatile: our 3D animator is equally skilled in stop-motion, and each of our designers is more than capable of building a rough-cut and an off-line edit. We can do storyboards, concept frames, and any other forms of “pre-vis.”And we’re not just behind-the-scenes types - we’re completely comfortable working directly with clients. We’re people-designers. mike “chick” ciacciarelli creative director New England native studied film history and screenwriting at Northwestern Started as a PA in LA, ended up in Chicago as an award-winning animator and designer Has worked with agencies of all kinds and directly with clients, including McDonald’s, Sears, Coca-Cola, Altoids, and Samsung, to name only a few Does double duty as a participating motion graphics artist and project manager Coordinates a parents-as-art-teachers program at his daughter’s school Believes good design is the custom creative solution to a unique communication problem Has actually said above statement out loud

mike “chick”

ciacciarelli How ONE works.

creative director


You might already have a music house or two in mind. We also have partner relationships that we can bring up. In any case, we’re happy to help negotiate. As for VO recording and mixing, we’ve got you covered with our rock-star (really) Audio Engineer. joel anderson audio engineer


How ONE works.

Ditched Cedar Falls for top film school University of Iowa Landed Optimus internship in 2004, fast-tracked to current position Award-winning sound designer on in-house fringe film projects Onstage rocker, backstage video producer of Pitchfork Festival Into baseball, guacamole








v.15 v.22








v.2 v.9


v.3 v.4




Versions coming out of your ears? Great! We love versions. Swap a price point, switch out a product, last minute copy change, last second copy change. That’s just part of the business, and we’re experts at making it painless.

How ONE works.


little things

Sometimes, they’re everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast a second time. Warm, homemade cookies daily. Manicure? Limo to the aiport? Yoga session? You will be treated like family– a royal one, maybe – and made to feel at home.

mike “chick”

ciacciarelli How ONE works.

creative director


Whatever works.

We run a tight ship, but we don’t stick to one course. Got a steady relationship with your own sound guy? Have your eyes on another place for graphics? No sweat. We’re totally flexible. The only thing we insist on is making your entire production experience the best one you’ve had.

Whatever works.


Let’s work together. 312 321 0880 Ask for John or Matt, and we’ll get started.

The ONE Book - One at Optimus Pitch Book ...  
The ONE Book - One at Optimus Pitch Book ...  

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