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volume 36

number 1

spring 2014


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Howls of Protest A wildlife mystery once confined to scientific journals now has serious stakes for the future of wolves: did two distinct species prowl North America’s ancient forests? A few scientists think so, though most remain unconvinced. Regardless, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service used the unproven theory to justify removing gray wolves from the endangered species list. MICHELLE NIJHUIS probes the biological brouhaha. on the web:


on twitter: @nijhuism


top: Tim Fitzharris/ Getty Images: Right: Matthew Pugliese; far right: Dennis Lee

n You won’t believe the crap (literally!) that farmers feed to cattle n China to U.S.: we don’t want your stinking trash

M ATERI AL WOR LD From plastics to pesticides, man-made products pervade our world—and our bodies. SUSAN FREINKEL’s new column explores what we make and how it’s remaking us. on the web: on twitter: @SusanFreinkel

n Replacing screen time with mud pies and stick sculptures n T h a n k s , c l i m a t e change—now Lake Erie is a lot less Great n Can civilization and salmon coexist? Dam good question

blogs WTF , WEATHER? Remember winter before the polar vortex and frost quakes? Catch up with all the crazy new weather climate change is throwing our way, no matter the season. on the web:

Meet the Editor

Good journalists often start out as sharp observers, and managing editor SUSAN COSIER has spent many years gazing on nature’s wonders. Whether as a lab researcher studying ancient shells or as a disaster-relief worker surveying storm damage, she’s long had an eye for what makes things work. on the web: on twitter: @susancosier

spring 2014

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OnEarth Spring 2014  

Hog Wild, by Ted Genoways

OnEarth Spring 2014  

Hog Wild, by Ted Genoways