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benign captivity In the Cincinnati Zoo, Harapan, a rare Sumatran rhino, waits to be mated with his sister.

S ex and the b y E l iz a b e t h K o l b e r t

single rhino

Survival Sometimes Calls


for Desperate Measures

o you want to take over?� Paul Reinhart


asked, holding out a pail of the sort usually used for mopping floors. Inside was a small buffet’s worth of fruits and vegetables: apple slices, papaya wedges, carrots, bananas. Each of the bananas had been carefully sliced in half but left unpeeled. I picked up one of the halves and held it out. Using his prehensile upper lip, Harapan shoveled it into his mouth. After two or three seconds, he looked up with an expression that, despite our many millions of years of evolutionary separation, clearly communicated to me a desire for

Photographs by Tom Uhlman

spring 2014

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OnEarth Spring 2014  

Hog Wild, by Ted Genoways

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