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New skills, qualifications and a certificate of achievements gained through being an Army Reservist all go towards building up an individual’s CV, getting the person jobready. By learning a new trade and new skills, young people who are currently unemployed will hopefully be pointed in the right direction. For example, a person joins the Army Reserve and gets paid to be a driver, or a chef, or a motor mechanic. These new skills and qualifications could potentially help people get into a full time employment.

sessions that are informative and enable participants to transfer their learning back into real life situations and become a valued member of their community. We help to offer young people the opportunity to look at a career, join the Army Reserves and get paid for attending training sessions during their free time. Joining as an Army Reserve soldier will allow you to combine your civilian career with an Army job. If people are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) then being an Army Reservist will give young people the opportunity to train, learn new skills and get p a id a t t h e s a m e t i me . Each member of the 103 Regiment Retention & Mentoring Team has gone through rigorous training from expert Military training staff. They have completed a Defence Train the Trainer. These skills enable the them to interact with people from various backgrounds and engage in a fun and Initially our courses are aimed at friendly manner. young people within our wider The Course Highlights community who are Not in *Teamwork *Leadership Employment, Education or Training *Problem Solving (NEET) offering young people an *Personal Development opportunity to gain “Skills for Life” *Careers Advice *Learning and discover more about the Army Industry related Core Skills Reserves and themselves, however this does not exclude anyone interested in developing themselves and not looking to join the Army Reserves.

Programme Summary

ARMY RESERVES “BE THE BEST” Outline Format The course will be delivered in Warcop Training Camp and is totally free. Transport, feeding, accommodation, and all activities will be provided free of charge. 7pm – Local pick up for students. St Helens—Aigburth, Liverpool—Belle Vue, Manchester—Bolton— Wolverhampton.

The theme of the weekend will be an Army Reserve Look at Life Course giving students an insight towards a career in the Army Reserves During the weekend you will carry out activities such as; Team Building Tasks Army Assault Course Ice Breakers Fitness Assessment Live Fire Demonstration

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103 Regiment 7th-9th Mar 2014 Royal Artillery will deliver an Army Reserve “Look at There are many JOBS to choose from. If you Life” Courses for young people aged between 18 to are aged 18-42 and want to see if you’ve got 24 years old, getting young people “Job Ready”. what it takes to become an Army Reservist Benefits include; book your place on the course today. *Spare Time Work *Learn a Trade *Get Qualifications *Build Your CV *Drive Your Career *Pension (non-contributory) *Holidays (paid) *Monthly Pay *Tax Free Bounty (£1691 after 5yrs)

Contact Captain Hendrik Steutel - 103 Regt RA ROSO Telephone 01744 697823 Email

Introduction All types of people are putting their spare time to better use as Reservists in the Armed Forces. Being a Reservist is as rewarding as it is challenging. You will be integrated with our Regular Forces, doing things you never pictured yourself doing, learning new skills and meeting people, who like you, want more from life.

103 Regiment Royal Artillery are an Army Reserve Regiment based here in the North West of England. With Barracks and soldiers in Liverpool, St Helens, Bolton, Manchester and Wolverhampton. We have a strong presence in some of the most Provide young people with an oppor- important cities in this country. My soldiers come from your communities and have represented this tunity to gain “Skills for Life” and country superbly on operations in discover more about the Army Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. Reserves and themselves.

The aim of the course is to reinforce the following key messages

One area where we want to do more is working Informative learning experiences closely with our communities and building strong links for young people – Life Skills between the Armed Forces and the people here in the North West, and especially so with our Youth. My Outward-bound personal soldiers are first and foremost members of your development activities communities, but they also proudly serve their country Work placement programme – Get and are superb role models for all ages. They are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with regular soldiers and Job Ready more than hold their own. Army Reserves careers advice and information sessions Attend an interview Make new friends Adventure

Extra Benefits of Being an Army Reservist Spare time job Learn new skills Gain recognised qualifications Build a great CV Extra income (£44.61/day) TAX free bounty (£1691 after 5 yrs.) Adventure Training

New Skills * Extra Cash * Qualifications * New Job Opportunities * New Friends * Sports * Adventure * World Travel * Part Of A Team


You will be issued a full kit list prior to being accepted on the course but you will need to ensure that you have the following personal items available; Warm Clothing Waterproof Jacket Comfortable Walking Boots Running Kit Padlock Washing/Shaving Kit

We have an excellent track record of delivering fun, challenging, interesting and rewarding events to Colleges, Charities, Youth Organisations and Religious Groups here in the North West. My soldiers are keen to reinvest back into the communities that they come from some of the skills and lessons they have learned in the Army. Commanding Officer 103 Regt RA Lieutenant Colonel R Jordan

“Kit Required”

Spare Clothes Gloves/Hat

Army Reserve “Look at Life Be the Best” Course at Altcar Our Outward-Bound “Look at Life” course is a great provider of experience based teambuilding, leadership, problem solving and personal development activity programmes, setting people on the right path. A “Look at Life” experience seeks to empower people through hands-on experiences, combining activity based adventure, challenge and fun. We have worked closely with the Job Centre Plus teams to give people the best possible chance of starting or getting back into employment. @103Regt

L@l weekend flyer  
L@l weekend flyer  

L@l weekend flyer