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Greek Baptism Really good looking



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ABOUT US DESIGNER’S CAT Ltd​started its activity in 2007, creating clothes for kids aged from 6 months to 14 years of age. The need for a special outfit led us to the formation of a collection with aesthetics and references to earlier times,


when romance and elegance were connected with style,

Alexandra Plati has been

innocence and human values.

working in the fashion

The company’s principles are excellent quality and value

industry for more than 20

for money. ​DESIGNER’S CAT products are made entirely by hand in Greece and now available worldwide by a network of selected partners (ATHENS - NEW YORK - MOSCOW NAPOLI - MELBOURNE). OUR PEOPLE The accumulated experience of many years in the textile

years. In 2007 she took her passion for high quality clothing and love of children and turned them into her own label of kids clothing, ​ DESIGNER’S CAT​. Her

sector, young people in the design team, inspiration for

creativity and aesthetic have

fashion and the utmost confidence in an older generation

established DESIGNER’S

skilled in sewing and hand detailing, are the key ingredients

CAT​as one of the leading

of our collections. MATERIALS

and most luxurious labels in children’s fashion.

The choice of fabrics and materials is made with great care and sensitivity. We use raw materials of 100% natural origin, such as cotton, linen and silk. The lace we use is not chemically treated and the use of unsuitable paints is forbidden. Our products undergo strict quality control procedures before reaching our children. CONSTRUCTION The inspiration for every new collection is the most pleasant stage of our work. Each one is born from a concept by the head of the creative department, which then takes shape by our design department. The first


samples will go through several improvements and

Tel. +30 210 9902190

changes and only a few of them reach completion and are

Fax. +30 210 8947633

included in the final collection.

Made in Greece

COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE SHOW ROOM: OMIROU 35, N. SMYRNI, 17121 ATHENS GREECE, TEL.+30 210 9347879, +30 210 93 70 365,

Anna Siatra continues her mother’s tradition of quality following the design unique creations of the House “Sposa” wedding gowns and christening garmets. Through her constant effort, vision and love has been proven a highly regarded and dynamic presence in the Greek Market by insisting on quality materials and the perfection of manufacturing. Out of a wide range of proposals and design collection, Anna Siatra can fully meet your needs and cover the entire event of your child’s christening.

COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE SHOW ROOM: OMIROU 35, N. SMYRNI, 17121 ATHENS GREECE, TEL.+30 210 9347879, +30 210 93 70 365,

w ww.b am b o li n o . gr

Τ . : + 3 0 21 0 5 6 24 4 0 0

Bambolino created many years ago her own unique fashion in christening clothing, exclusively for our little angels. She travels to the magic world of children and creates dreamy, fairy tale clothing with excellent quality of fabrics and perfect sewing. Bambolino offers the widest variety of designs and colors, original clothes collections and christening sets which will accompany the children to their first official appearance, the day of their christening.

Τ.: + 30 21 0 5 624 40 0

Greek Baptism

Greek Baptism

S P R I N G / S U M M E R

S P R I N G / S U M M E R

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contents Organize your baptism like a pro!


Choose the name... 42 Reportage Baptism Cross 48 The first dive


Reportage photography




Reportage decoration


Reportage complete set


Tasteful & delicious


Celebrate your baptism!


Reportage party


Baby Shower


Reportage candy bar



SPECIAL EDITION ONE advertising (+30) 210 6984280-1 (+30) 210 6993954 Ε: Βαφτίζομαι The material on this edition may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of ONE advertising.

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TRADITION OF QUALITY Triantos S.A. has been in business for 40 years in the field of jewelry. Bound to principles of originality, trustworthness in carats and excellent service they produce: • Crosses in yellow and white gold 14 and 18 carat with or without gems • Bracelets in yellow and white gold 14 carat with or without gems • Pendants-amulets in yellow and white gold 14 and 18 carat with or without gems • Cufflinks in yellow and white gold 14 and 18 carats • Men’s rings in yellow and white gold 14 and 18 carat

Τ.: +30 210 2222698 • E-mail:

Eπιτροπάκης Βασίλειος XΟΝΔΡΙΚΉ ΔΙΆΘΕΣΗ ΣΕ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΖΌΜΕΝΑ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΉΜΑΤΑ Καλαμιώτου 12, Αθήνα, 3ος όροφος, Τ: 213 035 6513, Ε: puppet

Eπιτροπάκης Βασίλειος XΟΝΔΡΙΚΉ ΔΙΆΘΕΣΗ ΣΕ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΖΌΜΕΝΑ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΉΜΑΤΑ Καλαμιώτου 12, Αθήνα, 3ος όροφος, Τ: 213 035 6513, Ε: aslanisbaby


Τ.: 210 6815856, M.: 6974 640829, Fax: 210 6824642 e-mail: site:


The company new life was founded in Athens in 1992 with working subject the manufacture of christening clothing. Its aim is the production of clothes that would correspond in the better specifications with regard to the quality and the fashion. Later it was also activated in the production of oily sheets with the same consequence and enthusiasm. The persons that compose the human potential of company are in permanent vigilance so that they watch international tendencies of fashion, they seek the better buckrams and materials and they collaborate with inspired dress designer. Consequence of this common work is that the new life clothing they are found in the top of world fashion, creating new tendencies and proposals. This is proved by the permanently increasing turnover of company, that brings him in leading place in her sector in Greece. Simultaneously it is extended in the abroad with remarkable increase. The clothing new life is found in selectively shops in all Greece and in Cyprus, Germany, Romania and Australia.

Τ.: 210 6815856, M.: 6974 640829, Fax: 210 6824642, E-mail:

La Christine welcomes you with the new collection of handmade Christening Cloths made of pure materials (cotton, linen, silk, muslin, jean, cotton lace). Our experienced designers know better than anyone else the christening fashion so we can charmingly surprise you with the impeccable seam, design, quality, affordable prices and best service. Our company takes care of the impressive appearance of your child on this special day of his life.

Τ.: +30 210 2772735, e-mail:

Γάμος – Βάπτιση – Οργάνωση

• •

@ jennifersgr

Αtelier:+30 210 9350338 • Ε

Jennifer's Company was founded in 1987 at Palaio Faliro, in Athens and soon became dear to the customers for its quality products and attentive service. The owner Mary Alexandridou and her remarkable team of partners are ready to share their experience and talent, to make you even more special on your wedding day or your baptism. From the basic accessories to the completion of the christening ceremony, they provide you with any advice and help you need. They design and implement your wishes. Everything is unique and handmade. Everything has the Jennifer's care @ jennifersgr Atelier:+30 210 9350338


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Is it time to baptize your baby? Don’t be anxious! Things are not as difficult as you think. All it takes is a proper organization. Let’s find out what’s needed to prepare everything properly

so you and your baby enjoy this special day!


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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

First of all the name! Don’t go to the church unless you and all (parents, grandparents and especially the godfather) agree to the name. It’s good to know from the beginning the baby’s name, so you will not have surprises that spoil your big day. And, of course, you don’t want to see moody faces in the photos!


The right place

The godparent ... Choosing the right person to baptize your baby is also something you should do early. Because, on the one hand, it is the most basic thing to take care of, and on the other hand, it is good that the baby knows the godparent very well before the day of the mystery. It is very important to feel comfortably in his arms without being afraid. Keep in mind that it’s a life relationship.

Greek Baptism - 34-


Make sure to choose the church several months before the ceremony, so you can book the date and the time that are the best for you. Otherwise you will have to compromise with the date that is available. A good solution is to choose your own parish so your baby will not be tired of the distance. When you book the date in the church, you can ask how many and what kind of supporting documents you will need in order not to run at the last minute. Usually, all that is needed is a copy of a birth certificate of the baby.

Greek Baptism - 35-

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

4 5

The guests

Once you have made the list of your guests (remember to ask mom, mother-in-law and godfather), start choosing the invitations. You can find a great variety on the market, but if you want something unique and special, you can design it yourself and give it to the professional to make it true. The invitations should be ready soon enough (at least 2 weeks earlier than the ceremony) so your guests will have the time to make their schedule and to respond to your invitation on time. This is very important especially if you have a reception or a children’s party after the baptism.

Greek Baptism - 36-

The godparent’s gift Of course it’s the tradition but also it’s a small “thank you”. It’s the way to show your appreciation to the person who commits with your kid for a lifetime. If you have friendly relationships with the godparent you can simply ask him what he wants more. If your relationship is more formal and the godparent is a man, you can choose a watch for him. If it’s a woman, a beautiful jewel or a full day of relaxation in a spa are the perfect gifts. Finally, if the godparents are a couple then a trip or something for their home seem a good idea.

Greek Baptism - 37-

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R


Reception, tavern or kid’s party? After the ceremony, you have to decide how you want to celebrate this special day. Your choices are too many. First of all, you have to decide how much money you can or want to spend and secondly, what suits you and your guests more. For example, if your guests are mostly adults, a kids’ party is not the best choice. If you have something more spectacular in your mind then you can visit some estates. It is the ideal solution as you can have what you want without worrying about it!

Greek Baptism - 38-


Keep the memory

You should take care of your photos and video carefully because they contain your memories. Do a very good research before you choose the right photography studio. Search the internet, ask friends and people you know and before you decide, have a look at the work of each photographer. Some professionals offer packages that include everything. Do not forget to ask for a copy of the photos and a DVD for the godparent.

Greek Baptism - 39-

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Everything about a dreamy marriage and a fabulous christening..... Handmade constructions with quality, taste and creativity. Invitations, bomboniere, wish cards, christening sets, witness pins and accessories, christening bottles, boxes, candles, decoration ideas and whatever it takes for this special day of your life ... You can visit the store so to see all you need and to design your wedding or baptism quickly, easily and affordably for a day that will be memorable.


S P R I N G / S U M M E R


NAME... It is true that, often, this simple and pleasant process results in a “battle” between the two families. The mom wants to name her precious princess after her own mom and the dad wants the same too. Choosing a name for a baby is a daunting task, considering that the poor little

angel has to live with the choice for the rest of their lives.


he Greek tradition believes that the baby’s name must be the same as the grandparent’s. Although, nowadays, the things are different. Some parents want to name their baby after their “favorite” Saint

(George, Nick, Constantine, Helen etc.) or a historical figure (Alexandros, Odysseus, Achilles, Artemis etc) or a flower they love (Rose, Lilly, Iris) or a romantic name (Valentine, Valentina)!

Greek Baptism - 42

Greek Baptism - 47-

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The most popular Greek names are:

A wise decision (if this is possible) is to give a name of both mother’s and father’s name so the baby has a combined name. For example, if one grandmother is called Vassiliki and the other is called Anna then the baby is baptized with the both names and is called Vassiliana (the priest should be informed before the baptism service because sometimes the use of two names is discouraged). An unusual name is given and both grandparents are happy!

Greek Baptism - 44-

Maria Dimitrios Eleni Konstantinos Ioannis Nikolaos Alexander Catherine Andrew Panagiotis Christos Christina Angelos Evaggelos Antonios Vasilios Anna Vasiliki Georgia Sophia Athanasios Michael Ioanna Anastasios Dimitra Irini Constantina Stylianos Stavros

Greek Baptism - 4945-

1982 was the year that Makris Eleftherios began with optimism, joy and love his business "Chrysemporiki" in Keratsini. The handmade jewelry made of gold and platinum, the huge variety of watches, wedding rings, christening crosses, silver accessories, gift items and so many other products have kept the company close to its customers during all these years. Visit a store close to you and choose, with the help of our experienced partners, the jewelry that fits in every special moment of your life.

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B a p t ism Cro ss




TRIANTOS S.A. /eshop

TRIANTOS S.A. /eshop


Greek Baptism --4848-

TRIANTOS S.A. /eshop

Greek Baptism --4949-

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

B a p t ism Cro ss ΧΡΥΣΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ




Greek Baptism --5050-


Greek Baptism --5151-

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Κομψότητα & μοναδική λάμψη!!! • Επώνυμοι οίκοι • Κοσμήματα • Ρολόγια

Savvas Design


Εργαστήριο - Κατάστημα: Αντ. Θεοχάρη 11 & Σερφιώτου, Πειραιάς, Τηλ.:+30 210 4514590, +30 210 4518552, Fax: +30 210 4180369 Κατάστημα: Βασιλέως Γεωργίου Α3 , Πειραιάς, Τηλ.: +30 210 4135986, Fax: +30 210 4135986, Email:

Κομψότητα & μοναδική λάμψη!!! • Επώνυμοι οίκοι • Κοσμήματα • Ρολόγια

Savvas Design


Εργαστήριο - Κατάστημα: Αντ. Θεοχάρη 11 & Σερφιώτου, Πειραιάς, Τηλ.:+30 210 4514590, +30 210 4518552, Fax: +30 210 4180369 Κατάστημα: Βασιλέως Γεωργίου Α3 , Πειραιάς, Τηλ.: +30 210 4135986, Fax: +30 210 4135986, Email:

The company TASOULIS JEWELLERYÂŽ continues a long tradition of jewelry, a tradition that started in 1970. At the jewellery shop Tasoulis, you can find jewelry made of gold, platinum, silver, with precious and semi-precious stones as well as jewelry for engagement, wedding rings, wedding bands and other jewelry or wedding sets to offer to the best man or woman. You can also find a wide variety of baptismal crosses that every godparent would like to offer to the newly baptized baby on the day of christening.

t a s o u l i s - j e w e l l e r y . g r Τ.: +30 210 2692510, +30210 2794461, Email: TasoulisJewellery tasoulisjewels


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DIVE A baptism is a time to welcome a new baby into the family faith. It is a very special occasion in the life of a family. It is also a very special occasion in the life of the Church.   It is the sacrament which initiates a

person into the Christian Community,

making them children of God. Greek Baptism --6062-

Greek Baptism - 63-

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

he day your baby is going to make the big dip in the baptismal font is full of feelings of charity and great joy or ……not? For the parents, grandparents and loved ones, surely it’s a touching experience but we don’t know for sure about the baby!

The truth is that this day upsets your little angel. Too many things are happening. People are everywhere making too much noise, photographers are trying to get a good photo, his clothes are being taken off…. and a scary person with black clothes and a long beard

Greek Baptism --6264-

is trying to fill his eyes with oil! That’s how the baby feels about this big day. So you, the parents, should make your baby feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy the day of his baptism. Is this easy? Maybe, if you follow some basic rules. First of all, you have

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to be in touch with the godparent as more often as you can. Invite him many times to your house to hold the baby in his arms, to talk to him, to play with him, to have a good time with him. This is a way for the baby not to be afraid of his godfather or feel uncomfortable that day.

Greek Baptism --6365-


S P R I N G / S U M M E R

Ready to ... dive! The great time has arrived! The priest holds the baby in his hands and drops it in the baptismal font. For sure the baby starts crying even if it likes the bath generally. Obviously it’s not the same feeling as being at home with his mom and everything around him is strange and unknown. Hug your baby for a while just to comfort it. It’s a matter of time to be calm and peaceful again. The “danger” finally has passed and another swimming expedition came to the end with absolute success! May your child live a healthy life!

Restful and not hungry The baby must be relaxed and not very hungry the time you go to church. Make sure to give him something light to eat, 2 or 3 hours before the ceremony. Not too much food or too less. Also, make certain that your baby will take a nap before going

to church so to feel restful and ready for big adventures! The baptism day is not a good time to talk to every relative or friend you meet because the baby will be annoyed and tired very soon. You don’t want it to start crying and feeling nervous even before the ceremony starts.

Greek Baptism --6466-

Greek Baptism --6567-

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The day a baby is christened is an emotional one, full of happiness among the entire family. It marks a new beginning. Our aim is, with the respect and honor to be part of the most important day, to capture every unique moment and feeling, with our own, beautiful way.

Τ.: +30 211 4067163, 6907 648 485, 6993 012 862, Email: V2 cinema


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MAROUGA FACEBOOK:marougaphotography INST.: marouga_photography

BEKY KARACHALIOU r FB: Mπέκυ Καραχάλιου Photo Reporte

Greek Baptism --6868-

Greek Baptism --6969-


A photograph portrays our entire life. With love for photo shooting, creativity, experience, imagination, passion, sensitivity, we create beautiful pieces of art and we try to take photos that are a precious heirloom to you and the people you love. We are happy to work with you and offer you a timeless experience!

Mπέκυ Καραχάλιου Photo Reporter

H φωτογραφία απεικονίζει ολόκληρη την ζωή μας. Αγαπώντας την φωτογραφία και χρόνια τώρα, από γενιά σε γενιά, προσθέτοντας εμπειρία, αγάπη, φαντασία και δημιουργικότητα, προσπαθούμε για φωτογραφίες που να είναι ένα όμορφο κειμήλιο για εσάς και να έχουν ανεκτίμητη αξία στον χρόνο. Χαρά μας η συνεργασία μαζί σας!

Πίνδου 10, 143 42 Νέα Φιλαδέλφεια Τηλ.: 210 2525 810, Κιν.: 6972 058 218 email: Mπέκυ Καραχάλιου Photo Reporter


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FAVOURS A baby’s baptism is a very special day for both the newborn and the parents. You are looking forward to celebrating this significant moment with the people you love and to thank them for being a part of this celebration. So a christening favour or a bomboniere (the Italian name) is the gift

given by you (parents) to your guests.

Greek Baptism --7258-

Greek Baptism --7359-

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

he christening favours usually include five sugared almonds which symbolize health, happiness, wealth, fertility and long life. Today, the almonds are often replaced with sugar-coated chocolate. The sugar coating is traditionally pink for a girl and blue for a boy. In a christening favour the sugared almonds are put inside a bag of satin or tulle with ribbons in assorted colors usually

pink for girls and blue for boys. Obviously the colors depend on the main color of the baptism so the ribbons can be green, yellow, red, orange, white, with dots and so on. Often the bag is stored inside a small vessel made of silver, wood, crystal or porcelain. Depending on your budget, the favour can be as precious or as simple as you wish. You can choose to buy specially ordered

Greek Baptism --7460-

favours or you can make them at home. There are so many choices of christening favours so to find which one is more suitable for you is very easy. If you want something special, there is an extensive range of unique and thoughtful bomboniere that can be personalized with the baby’s name or the date of his/her birth or baptism. Some good ideas for personalized gifts are:

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Precious trinket boxes, candles printed with a baby’s photograph, cute teddy bears, wooden rocking horses or wooden chairs, silver brush and comb, cups, napkin rings, jewellery, cutlery gift sets, silver rattles, hand painted frames and boxes and so many others. The christening favour is a small memento of this special occasion so make it special too!

Greek Baptism --7561-

Biniatian has been leading the field of prints specializing in wedding and christening invitations for 70 years. It also offers the opportunity to make any special invitation and make true any original idea. The long-standing experience of three generations and the new technology guarantee an outstanding result. Biniatian, always focused on customer service, provides a huge variety of wedding and christening invitations so that your invitation card, will be an amazing first and most representative impression. Visit the store and choose or create the invitation you imagine.

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S P R I N G / S U M M E R


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EΠΙΛΟΓΕΣ ΤΟΛΟΥ Facebook: epilogestolou





Greek Baptism -78- 2-


Greek Baptism -79- 3-


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S P R I N G / S U M M E R

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Greek Baptism -84- 2-

Greek Baptism -85- 3-

Nikolas Ker Ξ. Κερεμετζή & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ WeddingBaptism Events Κεντρικό: Ελευθ. Βενιζέλου 131, Νέα Ιωνία 210-2754975 Υποκατάστημα: Ευαγγελιστρίας 28, Τήνος 22830-24306


Nikolas Ker started 25 years ago with a single goal, creating unique stuff for your ideal wedding and your child’s charming christening. Above all, our goal is to make true your desire for the most important moments of your life. In our store you will find a wide variety of wedding and christening invitations, bomboniere, handmade christening clothes and sets, candles, handpainted boxes (according to the theme of your christening), wish books, sweets, wedding crowns as well as unique ideas for decorating the wedding and the christening ceremony.

Nikolas Ker - Wedding-Baptism Events Κεντρικό: Ελευθ. Βενιζέλου 131, Νέα Ιωνία, T.: 210-2754975 - Υποκατάστημα: Ευαγγελιστρίας 28, Τήνος, T.: 22830-24306


S P R I N G / S U M M E R




Greek Baptism -90- 2-

Greek Baptism -91- 3-

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Complete Set Baptism

Complete Set Baptism

repor tage


Greek Baptism - 52-

Greek Baptism - 53-

It is no coincidence that donuts are the favorite sweets of children ...Children have an instinct and know how to distinguish their favorite sweet. Nanou Donut is a sweet that offers maximum enjoyment due to the pure and rich chocolate it contains. 100% pure ingredients without preservatives, flavor, childlike appearance with joyful colors, create the feeling that Nanou Donuts belong not only to the children but also to those who feel like children!!


S P R I N G / S U M M E R


Greek Baptism -106- 58-

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The cake for your baptism should have many different characteristics so to please both young and older guests such as an amazing appearance (beautiful colors and shapes), originality, inspiration, quality of materials and natural flavor. Can we find all these things in a cake?

Of course we can!

Greek Baptism --10759-


S P R I N G / S U M M E R

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 βαφτίζομαι


ell known patisseries make beautiful cakes with incredible designs, where imagination and creativity go beyond all limits. The baby may not have an opinion yet but the cake is just for him and all the guests will have a piece for his honor so it has to taste like sweet heaven! Let’s see what we have to keep in mind so to choose the baptism’s cake and to satisfy not

only the adults but the kids too. Don’t forget that the cake is a special dessert, suitable for a special occasion and not as simple or ordinary as a birthday cake. • Chocolate is always a good choice as everybody loves it. You can combine it with other flavors like fresh strawberries or fruits or cream so you can taste a light dessert without regrets!

Greek Baptism -108- 60-

• Avoid jams for decoration and choose a white icing or any other pastel color. Don’t use too many fruits or too much whipped cream to decorate the cake. Make it minimal and simply chic. Prefer a colored ribbon or an impressive base to make the difference. • Another option is to extend the idea of ​​ baby shower and have beautiful cup cakes

to the baptism too. Choose individual small tarts, decorated with icing and colorful sugar. You can order them with the baby’s name on the top and offer them to your guests in the church after the ceremony. • Invest your money in the quality of your dessert and not the spectacular decoration, because most of your guests will remember the taste and not the appearance…

Greek Baptism -109- 61-

Welcome to Melistalakto, the city's nicest destination! The first cry of the baby. The first steps. The first....dip in the holly water. The dream wedding. The smiles at the kids' party. The most beautiful birthday. The romantic dinner at home. The big surprise to a close friend. The first anniversary. Every special moment is worth a tasteful and fabulous cake or just a sweet to make you feel like being in heaven!

MARON patisserie create unique cakes that delight for fresh ingredients, very rich flavor and distinctive aroma. The high quality and value of knowledge are offered through a tradition of 28 years. Having driven customer satisfaction for all their special occasion (wedding christening - birthday), the highly trained staff create for them a unique artistic effect. With full respect for the customer, MARON patisseries have developed and implemented Quality Management System and Food Security System which meets the requirements of EN ISO 22000:2005 - EN ISO 9001:2008.

Η ημέρα της βάπτισης του παιδιού σας είναι μία από τις σημαντικότερες στην ζωή του και ως αποτέλεσμα και στην δική σας! Για να γίνει ακόμα πιο ξεχωριστή, εμπιστευθείτε σε εμάς την εξυπηρέτηση των καλεσμένων σας. Μέσω του καταπληκτικού μας catering, των εξαίσιων γλυκών μας αλλά και του εξειδικευμένου προσωπικού μας δεσμευόμαστε για την απόλυτη επιτυχία της δεξίωσης σας. Είτε στον χώρο μας, είτε έξω από την εκκλησία, είτε σε χώρο της αρεσκείας σας.

Γραφεία: Αγίου Νικολάου 121, 131 25 Ίλιον Kτήμα: Λεωφόρος Τατοΐου 157, Βαρυμπόμπη Τηλ.: 210 5021 427, 210 5052 795, Fax: 210 5022 635 Εmail:


S P R I N G / S U M M E R

CELEBRATE YOUR BAPTISM! Greek Baptism --11454-

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Find out the secrets of the party or the reception that will take place after the ceremony, so all the guests – kids and adults - can be happy and satisfied. After the stress and the anxiety of the baptism’s planning, you

have some fun!

Greek Baptism --11555-




S P R I N G / S U M M E R

ollow our suggestions so your reception will be as amazing as all the other preparations! This is a way to make sure that your relatives, friends and all your guests will have a good time without being boring or grouchy. What are the secrets of choosing the right place for your celebration? Is it a suitable hotel hall, a huge estate or just a place with quality and environment that suit to your desires and needs? We reveal these secrets to you so your decision will be easier….  

• The most important thing to keep in mind is that the place you go after the ceremony should not be far away from the church so everyone can go there easily. • Have a long conversation with the people who are responsible for your reception. Make a list and inform them about the exact number of your guests. • Most estates have spacious gardens and a specially landscaped area where the playground is located. The idea of ​​the

Greek Baptism --116 56-

playground seems perfect because all your tiny guests will have something to do without being noisy and annoying. Clowns or people who can take care of the kids are the solution for a relaxing day! • Also ask if there are small chairs and tables so the kids can enjoy their food (of course an adult supervisor is necessary). A quiet room is a big bonus because a tired kid may have some rest or get a nap for a while.

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• Whatever you decide about your after party, the most certain thing is that the place must suits to your needs. You have to make sure that everybody can have a good time with safety and joyness. A wise choice is to leave the professionals to decide what is best for you because they have the experience to take care of everything. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your special day without worrying for everybody and everything.

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Το Κτήμα Λιάρου βρίσκεται στο Κορωπί, σε μια προνομιακή τοποθεσία 5,5 στρεμμάτων. Διαθέτει εξωτερικό χώρο 1.000 ατόμων ανάμεσα σε καταπράσινα δέντρα, με ειδυλλιακό καταρράκτη και πισίνα στο κέντρο ενώ η κλειστή αίθουσα 450 ατόμων επιτρέπει τη διεξαγωγή εκδηλώσεων όλο το χρόνο.

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Turn up the volum Pursuing the top quality of his services, Panagiotis Kissas, for 20 consecutive years, invests in sound effects and music on luxurious restaurants, bar-clubs, banquets, social events, parties, etc. The affluent collection of his record library, combined with the most sophisticated sound and lighting equipment, can cover the most demanding event! Supported with his long and successful presence in the field, the love for his job is transferred to the customers through his music!

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Party baby!!! KTHMA ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΗ


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BABY SHOWER It started out as a trend, became a favorite habit and a unique event for the future moms. The baby shower came into the greek reality and was established.

Would you like to learn how to plan it?

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he origin of baby shower may be american, but today in Greece more and more companies have a great success because of it. This is happening because the baby shower includes a whole industry of ideas, invitations, gifts, decoration, food and everything you can imagine (and maybe more). Invite your girlfriends, make a gift list, remember everything you know about babies and prepare yourself to eat and drink (no alcohol please) and have fun. The purpose of the party is not only the good time but the chance for the future mom to have all the necessary staff for her new born baby. In United States the proper time for the baby shower is 1 – 2 months before the baby comes so the future mom will have enough time to change some of her gifts. What you need to know ...

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Who will be the guests?

Who plans the baby shower?

One of the dearest person of the future mom, usually a sister or a maid of honor or her best friend. Especially if this person is already a mom then she is the perfect choice.

How do you get the right gifts?

There is the possibility to create a list in a baby store. This list includes everything you are going to use especially during the first months of your baby. Some good ideas are: Undershirts, one – piece sleepers with zippers, hats, socks, a bunting bag, cotton blankets, bottles with nipples, baby monitor, diapers, waterproof covers, sleep sack, safety seat for car, toys etc. etc.

Where is going to be?

The best place to have your baby shower is a home but not the future mom’s home. A restaurant is a good idea but usually a friendly home is the solution.

Usually the guests are only women but sometimes the presence of some men can make the difference…. The woman who plans the baby shower must be very careful not to invite an unwanted person. Of course the invitations should be sent at least 15 – 20 earlier.

What will you offer for food?

Cup cakes with special decoration are necessary for the occasion. Everybody will love them and you can find them in any patisserie. As for the main food, the best option is to have canapés and finger food in general.

Have a great time!!!!

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Παράγουμε φρέσκιες μπύρες, αφιλτράριστες και απαστερίωτες με ελληνικές βύνες και νερά από τις πηγές του Ταϋγέτου. Έχουν πλούσια γεύση και αρώματα. Δοκιμάστε τις!

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