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New Perspectives It’s funny how there are the same number of hours in each day we live, yet we tend to think of January 1st as a special day where hope, ambition and anticipation take over. At the beginning of each year you think to yourself ‘this year I will work out more (p.53), eat healthier, work harder and dress better (p.24)’. But at the end of every year you tend to look back at your goals and realise you’ve done less than what you had hoped. For some reason you think every year will be better than the year before. It’s amazing how our mind loves to play tricks on us whether we are dreaming (p.50) or wide awake (p.58). It was a great ending to my year, though, with lots of events to brag about. DIFF was phenomenal this year (p.22) where exceptionally talented actors, actresses, directors, writers and producers graced the red carpets of Dubai. Chicago was all the glitz, glamour and jazz we could have hope for, and we got some serious dancing shoes on for Creamfields (p.18). I bid farewell to 2013 as we all do to Madiba (p.48), who was an inspiration to the whole of humanity, and start this year with plans to listen to interesting people (p.17), visit more interesting places (p.56) and just see the world from a different perspective for a change. I’ll let you know how it goes in the last issue of 2014 ;) Happy New Year! Make this year special.

maria rousan Editor-in-Chief

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B.T. I really enjoyed your excellent article on the Expo. It was really informative! O.G. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for these past two weeks interning, I really learnt a lot from each one of you and I can’t thank you enough for this amazing experience!

I.G. The photos in your December issue were beautiful! Zoya, Farah and Rawan you are all very talented. H.S. A very big and heartfelt thank you for all your support and kindness. It was great to have such awesome office mates. It was worth my time and I got to learn a lot, thanks for that!

G.S. The article about ‘Leish Hip Hop’ you published was really interesting - you guys should definitely publish more of these kinds of articles.




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Dubai Shopping Festival 2014, Dubai (Jan 2 - Feb 2)

Liwa International Festival/Moreeb Dune, Liwa, Abu Dhabi (Dec 28 - Jan 3)

Ballet Gala Performed by Soloists from the Paris Opera, Madinat Theatre Dubai (Jan 9 - 11)

UAE Jet Ski Race, Breakwater, Abu Dhabi

World Classical Music Series, The One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

Festival of Lights, The Galleria Abu Dhabi (Dec 5 - Jan 11)

MiXTAPE Rewind, Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

The American Wrestling Show, Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Dubai

Texas Live, The Irish Village, Dubai

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2014, Dubai Police Academy, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

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January Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, DICEC, Dubai (Dec 30- Jan 14)

Experimental Art & the Arab World, NYUAD, Abu Dhabi


S’cool News

The Magazine Shop Magazine Fair at The Archive The Archive has recently been packed with events, from the workshop with Ruben Sanchez and eL Seed, which occurred the day before The Magazine Shop launched a Magazine Fair held in Safa Park. At The Magazine Fair, everyone from young kids to adults enjoyed live music from a live Jazz band, that played for the whole afternoon. They could also purchase treats from the Cake stalls and enjoy a BBQ supplied by The Archive. As well as browsing the magazines available at The Magazine Shop, which included Brownbook magazine, The Outpost magazine, Carton and many others, people could buy vintage items such as jewellery, Old fashioned Cameras, Vinyl’s and CDs. Anyone interested in finding out more about the other magazines available from The Magazine Shop, their store is located in Media City. writing and photos by Azza gasim

AUD launches ‘It’s ON: Original Narrative Student Short Film Festival’ American University in Dubai (AUD) has launched its first annual film festival “It’s ON: Original Narrative”, a short film festival aimed at students from across the world. The aim of the film festival is to give the new generation of aspiring film makers, from around the world, an opportunity to share their views, and to inspire, recognise and reward the up-and-coming filmmakers of tomorrow. the festival will showcase students’ short films and screenplays from the UAE, the region and beyond, providing a much-needed hub for students to network with peers and established industry professionals. The festival consists of several categories: documentary, fiction, webisodes, animation, and screenwriting.

The Chocolate Factory at The Westminister School ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ was an event held at The Westminster School, Dubai, aimed at improving the way students learn through more interactive and enjoyable lessons. This particular theme considered how the story displays valuable family values, plus it has a whole lot of chocolate involved (how can you say no to that?!) The school even had its very own “golden stars” hidden at the back of ten chocolate bars. The day was a great success. Students dressed up as characters from the story and participated in family games, shared experiences, and the lucky winners that found the golden stars received a whole month’s supply of chocolate! by Omar Ghanem

The official date for ‘It’s ON’ festival is from February 12th till 13th, 2014 at AUD. The programme will involve a variety of recreational and educational activities, including panel of discussions, workshops on filmmaking and more. The winners will gain international exposure, obtain cash prizes and other valuable awards. The “It’s ON” festival will become an annual tradition and a platform for talented Arab students. For more information visit

Want to study at one of the world’s best universities? Take advice from someone who has.

McDonald’s MD visits Skyline University College Skyline University College recently gave their students an opportunity to understand the challenges of doing business in the UAE from the CEO of a global company- Mc Donald’s Middle East Development Corporation. The event encouraged interaction between students and industry leaders, helping to develop the skills of students who are otherwise solely dependent on textbooks and classrooms. This interaction is becoming more and more relevant to a growing economy like the UAE where students need to gain more exposure at a faster pace due to the rapid requirement of a skilled and knowledgeable work force that matches with the rapid growth trajectories of the UAE. Mr.Yousif AbdulGhani MD, Mc Donald’s, stressed the importance of universities in moulding the young work force of the country through nurturing skills that enhance student employability. His presentation was on key success factors of McDonald’s Middle East, which is overseeing nearly one thousand restaurants in the region. Lively discussion and enthusiastic questions followed, touching on diverse aspects of a global business in the unique environment of Middle East including some of the challenges that affected business in the region like the financial crisis; political unrest in neighbouring countries; continuously evolving legal and labour regulations; and health related issues.

Want to study in the US? Don't know where to start? Carian College Advisors can help. BA - Johns Hopkins University

US MADE EASY GCUNIVERSITY - London School ofADMISSIONS Economics MStud - Oxford University MDesS - Harvard University +971 +971 44 338 311 8658 6580

Exclusive UAE Partner of Veritas Prep

writing and photos by Azza gasim

Interactive Public Art Workshop by Ruben Sanchez and eL Seed Who said everyone can’t be an artist? At Safa Park Ruben Sanchez and eL Seed, two local graffiti artists, gave kids and adults their time, expertise and the supplies to create amazing and unique graffiti pieces. As well as giving them tips and tricks on how to perfect this talent, they also showcased their own works of art on the side of The Archive. Their works of art showed Ruben Sanchez’s and eL Seed’s two different styles; for example, Ruben’s style is very cartoony, but in an abstract way, whilst eL Seed’s is more based on Arabic Calligraphy graffiti. Co-incidentally the meaning behind el Seed’s graffiti at the Archive is translated as “Love the miracle of civilization.” The location of this workshop was at The Archive, a new place which has opened up in Safa Park. It offers customers the chance to enjoy food and beverages whilst reading on various Islamic art, textiles and fashion books available in the store.

UAE University Receives International Medical Patent For the first time United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has been granted a patent in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong for the development of a new diagnostic method for Parkinson’s disease and related illnesses with similar pathology. Professor Omar El-Agnaf, from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, has developed smart imaging compounds for monitoring the disease progression of Parkinson’s disease using noninvasive MRI and CT-Scan, and positron emission tomography (PET) technologies. The imaging agents will be investigated in phase I/II clinical trials to evaluate their use in diagnostic imaging amongst other things. More recently, his research group has developed novel antibodies that specifically recognise the pathology of Parkinson’s disease. These novel antibodies have great potential for Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia research. Affecting millions of patients worldwide with no cure available to date, these neurodegenerative diseases pose one of the greatest medical and societal challenges of the 21st century, especially with the rise in the aging population and health care costs.

Manipal Dubai Inter-University Sports Festival During a five day long festival, from December 15th-19th, ten of Dubai’s leading universities competed in several sporting events at Manipal University Dubai. The event brought together ten universities and tournaments were held in Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badmington and Chess. American University of Sharkaj fought their way through the semi-finals to play in the finals of Men and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, Men and Women’s Table Tennis and Men’s Badmington. In the end, Manipal were declared the overall winners of the festival, winning first place in Men and Women’s Badmington; Men ‘s Cricket; Women’s Table Tennis and Chess; placing as runners up in Women’s Basketball; Men and Women’s Chess and Women’s Volleyball. The event concluded with an awards ceremony and all in all the event was a great show of sportsmanship and team spirit.

Esmod Dubai Fashion Theatrical Performance The Esmod Dubai December fashion show took a different route this year. Instead of having the annual fashion show in the university, they decided to make it an exhibition and have the designs speak for themselves. The theme for this year’s show was based on industry and industrial environments, such as machines and factories. While some designs explicitly showed the main concept of the industrial theme, other designs showed a small hint of the theme. The exhibition was located at the Media One Hotel. Inside the venue, each person was given a flashlight, due to the fact that the exhibition was in a very dark setting. In conclusion, the total outcome of the event was definitely a memorable moment. As a former graduate from Esmod, I would suggest they do this every year. writing and photos by Azza gasim


42nd U.A.E National Day at ISC Dubai

A unique aspect of Choueifat School is the Student Life Organisation (SLO), an organisation primarily run by students. The students involved with the SLO organise nearly all the activities that take place throughout the academic year, from sports tournaments to “Performing Arts Night.” Other students volunteer to spend their free time to sit and study with their friends who need additional support in a particular subject. The aim of the SLO is to improve the quality of student life in all areas from leisure time to study time.

December 1st, 2013 showcased a stunning celebration at The International School of Choueifat Dubai. The National Day festivities brought together more than 2,000 people of nearly 75 different nationalities.

The National Day event was a perfect example of the phenomenal work which the SLO does. Maryam Al Mansoori worked closely with the Organisation to put on the celebrations. Real live camels, falcons and horses were all part of the order of the day as well as Emirati ladies who drew henna and made delicious sweets. The dedicated members of the SLO met on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the event to prepare decorations and practice their performances.

Mahdiar Edraki

The event began with an opening ceremony; the school orchestra’s take on the National Anthem, followed by Maryam Al Shaer’s, an Emirati Grade 5 student, piano version of the anthem. Events which followed focussed on celebrating the seven emirates’ 42 years of unity. The Grade 11 flag formation and flash mob were particularly impressive; a result of almost ten hours of practice!

writing by

Former Real Madrid captain, Miguel Salgado, attended to see his daughter, Maria, sing. “It was amazing to see Maria sing!” he said, “She was really thrilled to have been given the chance to do so in front of such a large crowd.” The event was complete with a penalty shootout; obstacle course races; camels rides and bouncy castles all organised by the students. Students also ran numerous food stations which offered popcorn, cup corn and cotton candy. The SLO did a truly incredible job, co-coordinating all aspect of the huge, and successful, event and creating a warm, welcoming and above all fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. The mood was overflowing with happiness and heartwarming smiles were everywhere; friends, teachers, parents, siblings and guests all celebrating together as a community. Everyone was thrilled to have spent U.A.E’s 42nd National Day at the International School of Choueifat Dubai.

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Gran Turiusmo 6 (PS3) It’s that time of the year again when another popular fan-favourite video game series celebrates its 15 year anniversary. With heaps of success and advancements in the racing video games field, Gran Turismo 6, developed by Polyphony Digital Inc., is available on the Play Station platform. The game features 71 layouts of 33 tracks and an army of 1200+ cars. We are probably impressed because this might be the best game of the legendary series so far, but what has particularly caught our attention is how the line between virtual and real racing has blurred over the years. Compared to its predecessor’s graphics, the game features a complete makeover of the menu interface and accelerated loading times. Also featured are concept cars designed by assorted companies such as Nike and Air Jordan. The selections of cars and tracks are supported by a strict physics engine, making the gameplay even more intense and dynamic. As the years have passed the GT series has not failed to deliver an enthralling experience for everyone from casual gamers to grease monkeys alike. by hamzah shahid

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Wii U, Xbox One, PC) by hamzah shahid Get ready to take on the world’s most insidious super villains as players take control of Marvel’s greatest superheroes in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The action adventure game really showcases the diversity of the Marvel Universe with similarities to the current Avengers film as you smash your way through this colourful and engaging LEGO world. There are plenty of characters to play with and tons of collectibles to find making this game fun and also time consuming. It is easily the best LEGO game on any console and can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Brilliant level design and great replay value; gaming doesn’t get better than this on the PS4–the only thing missing is online multiplayer.

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360, Xbox One) It has been a long and frustrating wait for Zoo Tycoon lovers but, thanks to the people at Frontier Developments, they are now able to create Zoos like never before with all new animals and challenges. The new multiplayer mode (an Xbox One only feature) means you and your three other friends can work together to create the perfect Zoo, or go head to head racing around it in all new Buggies. With beautifully rendered animals you’ll be drawn in to interact with your main attractions and, with the optional help from the Kinect support (Xbox One only feature), you are able to do this. The possibilities for what you can do in this game are endless, and I personally look forward to seeing what else comes from this game in the future. by Oliver Dalton

Knack (PS4) Knack is yet another brilliant platform ‘beat ‘em up’ game from legendary game designer and producer Mark Cerny. The gameplay is somewhat similar to his iconic titles Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot. A human doctor, who studied ancient relics from lost civilisations all his life, finds a way to bind the relics together and give them consciousness. The result is the main character, Knack. Able to incorporate ice, metal, and other substances, into his body, Knack has the ability to transform from a cute three-foot tall creature into a gigantic, ruthless wrecking machine. His quest is to fight against the Goblins that brought war to mankind. The game is an absolute joy to look at and carries a good story that is sure to entertain gamers of all ages. by Omar Ghanem

Jason Woods


Jason Woods has been singing professionally for five years, and in that time has worked with the likes of Kelly Rowland and Music Soul Child, been to every continent except Antarctica and scored a job with Cirque du Soleil as a singer on the Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. Born and raised in New Orleans, Woods attended Louisiana State University where he was given his first solo after joining the Gospel choir. “I started singing in College, but I did not think that I could make a living off it. I thought it was just something that you do for fun.”


After years of corporate life, Jason took the leap and quit his job to try and make a living as a singer. “Noone in my family is a musician so no one knew what kind of pay a musician gets or how they survive, all we knew of were starving artists and people trying to make it, and why would I be any different? But I just really believed in myself and believed in my gift; I practiced every day and opportunities started showing up...having a good job with consistent pay is fine, but you have to do something that you really enjoy in order to enjoy life.” His first big job was with Music Soul Child, and it was almost the only job he had to audition for, “after that people started coming to me asking me to do stuff.” Woods even worked on the soundtrack for cartoon Kasha and the Zulu King, “and I’ve done background work on all kinds of TV shows and award shows as well.”

“ ... it’s really all about inspiring any courage in yourself, believing in yourself and your gift and just being authentic to who you are.”

His philosophy is that if you put yourself out there and appreciate opportunities the work finds you, “I got involved with Cirque because of working with Kelly Rowland...her vocal coach knew the MD of the Michael Jackson World Tour. They were transitioning two singers there and looking for two more – he recommended me.” Taking up singing professionally doesn’t come without difficulties. Woods spends up to eight months of the year travelling and recently sold his house in Atlanta before getting the call for Cirque. “I was in the process of moving to LA... so I’m a Nomad right now! Dubai is my home for this month.” Despite working with huge artists in the past, Woods was still astounded by the sheer size of Cirque du Soleil, which ran 19 shows worldwide in 2013. “You think you’re doing something big until you get with something bigger,” he said, “it’s been insane... it didn’t hit me until I actually got to Montreal for the training just how huge it was. “They measured every inch of my body, my fingers, everything, so that your costume will fit and its just a whole different level of performance. They took us the day before we came here to see a show, and it just reiterated how big this company is and how impeccably they perform... it just blew my mind. And this is what I have to give to people.” He added, “we all kind of feel like superheroes and we all have a superhero power!” And his advice for aspiring singers? Practice. “Practice at becoming really, really great at your gift, and just believe in yourself. A lot of people out there will tell you ‘No’, that you can’t sing and people won’t buy stuff that you do, but it’s really all about inspiring any courage in yourself, believing in yourself and your gift and just being authentic to who you are. There is an audience for everyone.” sofia fernandez vyas marko zirdum

writing by photo by


Album Reviews Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne is the self-titled, fifth studio album by the Canadian poppunk princess Avril Lavigne. The album is a follow-up to her 2011 effort Goodbye Lullaby. She goes back to her brat-punk roots, both musically and lyrically while incorporating a more pop and upbeat sound, after the thoughtfulness of her last record. The tone of this album is recognisably ‘Avril’ and brings out a strong sense of her character. The album is overall very nostalgic, and we love it! Lavigne has collaborated with several producers including Martin Johnson of Boys like Girls, Peter Svensson, David Hodges, Matt Squire and her husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback; but throughout she has stayed true to her ‘bad girl’, rock n’ roll image. ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Rock n Roll’ are just some of the titles on the album, and say it all. Avril has surprised us with this album. It illustrates her and her career perfectly and we were happy to find that she hasn’t yet shed the image we came to love in the early noughties. by hamzah shahid

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 The top of the album charts is a familiar territory to the iconic, self proclaimed, yet undisputed, ‘Rap God’ Eminem with the Marshall Mathers LP 2 becoming Eminem’s seventh album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. The album revisits Shady’s older work and shows a different side of the 41 year old best-selling artist of the past decade with the songs ‘Headlights’ and ‘Stronger than I was’, indicating that the greatest of all-time may have finally settled some of his life issues. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that Eminem has gone soft though, with singles like ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘Rap God’ Eminem retains his status as the most lyrically gifted and ridiculously equipped master of dazzling wordplay mouthing, 101 words in 16 seconds in the very rightfully titled “supersonic speed” verse. Overall, the MMLP2 brings back the MMLP1’s vibe and a whole lot of nostalgia with ‘Bad Guy’ acting as a sequel to his previous all time fan-favourite ‘Stan’ along with Eminem’s diversity of flows, ability to rap over any beat and featured artists like Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar. The hardworking, never-aging Eminem is still pretty much at the top of his game. by omar ghanem

Beyoncé Beyoncé Queen B strikes again! This album has truly come with a pop, as unexpected as it is flawless and utterly meticulous. We expected no less. Beyoncé’s self-titled album boasts her endless vocal spectrum. Each song is completely different from the previous, and the album simply gets better and better the more you play it. The unforeseen release completely throws her reputation on the line, with each song portraying a different aspect of her lifewe see the true Beyoncé; the mother, wife and daughter. Mrs. Carter admits that her inspiration came from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and his ‘Thriller’ video. Beyoncé explains how she doesn’t want each song to be just a ‘track, but an entire story, therefore, they are accompanied with individual videos and messages to her fans. She experiments with different styles of music, collaborating with artists such as J Cole, Frank Ocean and Drake on a majority of the songs. The songs explore all the different aspects of her vision that combine to make the Queen herself. Her decision to surprise her fans was empowering. She showed her honest devotion to us and firmly reminded everyone that she is iconic and not to be forgotten. by zahra bawary



1. The Monster

Eminem ft. Rihanna

2. Timber


Pitbull ft. Ke$ha

3. Counting Stars OneRepublic

4. Say Something


A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

5. Royals Lorde

6. Demons

Imagine Dragons

7. Let Her Go Passenger

8. Wake Me Up! Avicii

9. Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus

10. Story Of My Life One Direction

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The biggest trivia game app in the world, or at least that’s what QuizUp claims to be. In all fairness, this app is a joy to use; play with friends or strangers by choosing from a multitude of topics while navigating through a genuinely clever, intuive and aesthetically pleasing UI. This app is a definite item to have to on your phone to kill time and gain new information. iOS only.

TED app is an incredibly well-designed companion app to the famous TED Talks. Search educational talks by topic, popularity or even the amount of time you have to spare. This is the easiest app to help you learn something new every day or simply keep yourself aware of the incredible facts of life, our planet and modern society. TED is available for free for Android and iOS.

Omar Ghanem & Oksana Nikitenko

The Dark Knight

I Am Legend

Red 2

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

Cast: Will Smith, Alice Braga and Dash Mihok

Cast: Bruce Willis, John Malcovich and Mary-Louise Parker

Considered one of the best films of the past decade, and arguably the best superhero film by film critics, The Dark Knight is a follow up to the events of Batman Begins with Christian Bale returning behind the mask of the caped crusader in Christopher Nolan’s unique Batman universe. What may be Batman’s greatest threat of all time appears with the arrival of the most iconic villain in the Batman comic books: the Joker. The film received highly positive reviews and over $1 billion in revenue, worldwide, along with numerous awards and distinctions that can surely help decorate the dark knight’s bat cave.

I Am Legend is an american, postapocalyptic, science fiction film starring Will Smith. Smith brilliantly plays the role of a virologist named Robert Neville, who happens to be immune to a man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. With no clear signs of other uninfected humans, Robert works to create a remedy while defending himself against the infected mutants that the virus created. The film’s plot manages to keep you on the edge of your seat, and you might even shed a tear with some heartbreaking, memorable moments as the film ponders some pretty deep questions about the collapse and persistence of human civilisation and the future of mankind.

If you loved Red, the hilarious action comedy, then you will love the sequel with its all-star cast. The retired blackops CIA agent, Frank Moses, reunites with some old friends and enemies to find a missing nuclear bomb that can change the balance of world power. They have to survive ruthless assassins, inexorable terrorists and power-crazed governments. With their witty remarks and action-filled fight scenes this movie will leave you wanting more, especially another sequel!



We can definitely relate this year as a fantastic 5th year; Creamfields leaves us wanting for more and more. The great line-up of DJ’s was on another level this time round, and the killer music meant the crazy vibes lasted right up to the end. As the night got darker, Above and Beyond’s set began on the main stage. After starting out with some very cool and creative visuals they bought the house down, playing hits one after another. Playing the likes of ‘Sun and Moon’, ‘Home’, ‘Air for Life’, ‘Thing called Love’ and ending with ‘On a good Day’, they had everyone singing and dancing, even pulling a fan from the crowd up onto the stage. Calvin Harris, another favourite, took to the stage around 11.45pm and the crowd went wild for the mixed heavy beats as the voice of Florence Welch came through the speakers with ‘Spectrum’. Never one to disappoint his fans, he worked his magic and delivered hits such as ‘Feel So Close’, ‘Bounce’, ‘Sweet Nothing’ and ‘We Found Love’, to name just a few. The crowd grew louder and louder, and the music belted out of the speakers with a huge firework display, making everyone go insane and pumping the crowd even more. This year Creamfields again proved to be magical and spectacular, well and truly stepping up to the mark of the past five years. The huge event is leaps ahead in giving fans the ultimate unforgettable experience. writing by photos by

Yashraj Chhatwani Angeli Castillo & anton

Video Games Live “The event was a nostalgic and immersive concert, complete with an amazing laser and light show which also combined scenes from the crowd’s favourite games playing in the background.”

There was excitement in the air as fans, decked out in their favourite character costumes, gathered at World Trade Centre to watch the National Symphony Orchestra play their favourite gaming music from iconic games like Dota 2, Zelda, Mario and Street Fighter, at Video Games Live. Tommy Tallerico, the co-founder, owned the stage on his electric guitar while Jillian Aversa (God of War: Ghost of Sparta) graced us with her amazing vocals. There were guest performances from Tim Larkin (Dota 2) who took over from Emmanuel Fratianni (Advent Rising) as the maestro for the Dota 2 music. Akira Yamaoka rocked his electric guitar with the music he worked on from Silent Hill and Charles Deenen also attended(Need for Speed series). Fans were also treated to a meet and greet with all of them at the end of the show. Akira Yamaoka made the jump from interior and product design to composing gaming music and said that drawing is one of the areas he draws inspiration from, as well as from playing a variety of video games, and even running! He was also able to highlight the difference between composing music for a film and composing for a video game: “In films everyone’s watching the same scene, but in video games each scene depends on how you interact with it; each user controls their character differently. In video games, music controls specific feelings for each user, whereas for films it is for thousands of people.” The event was a nostalgic and immersive concert, complete with an amazing laser and light show which also combined scenes from the crowd’s favourite games playing in the background. The music and the images complemented each other and took the crowd for a ride through their memories of playing each game; from the difficult levels that they knew by heart, or the fierce battles they completed. Overall, it was a fantastic night that brought together people of all ages. It had everything – at times feeling like a rock concert and, at others, having the atmosphere of a traditional symphony orchestra. The perfect event for all game-lovers! by natasha aguiar



Dubai sure likes to ‘razzle-dazzle’ and, this time, has done so by bringing the longest running American musical to town! Being a theatre student, I was ecstatic that a Broadway show would be playing in Dubai! Set in ‘Prohibition-era’ Chicago, the musical Chicago enthralled its audience at the World Trade centre with legendary jazz numbers that transported you back to the 20’s. A sultry and glamorous performance, Chicago uses satire to bring to life the concept of corruption, and the lengths some will go to for fame. Upon the entrance of each character, and as they sang their solo numbers, the people who knew the lyrics sang along - reinforcing what big fans of Chicago were present that night. Sitting there I was in awe because the performances were nothing less than breathtaking; literally. It was astounding how they were able to pull off marvelously choreographed moves without faltering on a single note of their singing! Although set almost one hundred years ago, it is a tale still relevant to our time as it portrays how the media has such a huge impact on people. the age-old, classic musical was humorous, sinister and enjoyed by all. What’s more, the accompanying music was played by a live orchestra of 13 members who were exceptionally talented in making the atmosphere as jazzy and entertaining as possible. The theatre erupted in a standing ovation as the Broadway musical came to an end. All in all, it was a wonderful performance graced by talented and professional actors. A live orchestra, lights, feathers, and all that jazz; the musical was nothing short fabulous. by Serena Sibi

Sharmila Dance Gala The concept behind this spectacle was to blend a variety of cultural dance forms as well as promote the greatest physical art form that is dance. They did this and then some, from the Stuttgart Ballet dancers, Alicia Amatriain and David Moore, to the spicy salsa from the BNF dance company. In addition to these acts, we were privileged to witness many more performers including London-based ballet and hip hop dancers, artistic aerial silk acts, a super bendy contortionist and locallybased New York tap dancer. The ever-impressive Sharmila Dance ensemble performed alongside this multitude of acts to create a truly inspirational, impressive and idealistic show.

There’s a famous old saying that goes “dance like no one’s watching” and only recently, at the Sharmila Dance Gala, did I witness that quote coming into play. The gala took place on Friday 13 December, with both a matinée and evening performance consisting of audiences exceeding 400 people. It is an annual show which receives rave reviews after each, and continues to “wow” the crowd with its complete originality. writing by photos by

Lewis Arbuckle Tamanna Kittur

From the opening of the red curtains the audience members were sitting on edge for what was to be a phenomenal performance. The show commenced with a piece choreographed by Sharmila Kamte herself which set the scene auspiciously and really engaged with the crowd. From there, the show progressed with brilliance after brilliance and I loved every moment of it, especially the emotive story revealed in the Swan Lake extract along with the elegant aerial acts from the ceiling of the stage. The show really was magnificent and perhaps one of the most diverse performances I have ever seen. The fact that so many forms of dance were present at once, with some acts creating cultural fusions, amazed me and, to top it off, the final standing ovation highlighted just how special the event was. Overall, Sharmila Dance has surely embraced the ever-evolving cultural metropolis of Dubai and, in my opinion, has raised the bar for all dance shows to follow. It was a great evening out and definitely worth it to experience such versatility on one stage. The immensely hard work which went into it really paid off. I take my hat off to Sharmila Kamte and her team for creating such a show.


Dubai International Film Festival

This year, the Dubai International Film Festival entered its 10th year. The opening gala was, as always, spectacular, and attended by Cate Blanchett, Yasmeen Raees, Andy Serkis, Martin Sheen, Michael B Jordan and Ali Mostafa, to name only very few. Omar opened the festival to rave reviews, going on to win the Muhr Arab Feature Awards for Best Film and Best Director. The next eight days saw the screening of over 174 films from 57 countries and in 43 languages. This year’s festival also screened over 100 films from the Arab world, alongside the launch of The 100 Greatest Arab Films, a book compiled by over 475 regional and international film critics. The festival was nowhere near long enough to make the most of all the spectacular films on show. The festival is a fantastic opportunity to showcase and appreciate all the fantastic film-making talent which, more and more, is coming from the Arab region, and is strong enough to stand alongside major international pictures like American Hustle.

To find out more information about the DIFF and the movies featured log on to:

“The next eight days saw the screening of over 174 films from 57 countries and in 43 languages.”


sofia fernandez vyas

The Arab Shorts

Don’t Judge a Subject By Its Photograph by Ali Mostafa This short has everything: creative filming; an awesome soundtrack; funny moments; touching moments; familiar locations. The film follows a young aspiring photographer, and the owner of an art gallery who is on a mission to impress illusive art critic Bobby Dhillon. It’s a film that many of us will be able to identify with, and balances light-hearted humour with affecting moments between endearing and likeable characters.

Hathihay Laylati (This is My Night) by Alaa Shaker Based on a true story, this is a shocking and hard-hitting portrayal of the effect war and violence can have on a family. Poignant and eerie, Shaker does a fantastic job of building tension and uneasiness up to the final moments of the film.

The Lunchbox That “the wrong train can take you to the right station” is the entire premise of Ritesh Bhatra’s film. It’s about one simple mistake bringing out the best in three persons, by making them repair what is broken in their lives: Ila and her relationship with her husband; Sajaan’s work and the memory of his deceased wife; and lastly Shaikh, who has found someone whom he can treat as a father figure. The film leaves you with a strong feeling that, yes - sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station, or rather, the wrong lunchbox can take you back to what’s really important in life – Living It. by Keith Perena

Nafaf by Hamad Al Hammadi This short film has no dialogue at all, and perfectly captures the magical quality of rain falling in a place which sees so little of it.


Al Jaara (The Neighbour) by Nayla Al Khaja (Muhr Award Special Jury Prize – Emirati Shorts) This is another funny and touching short about two very different cultures meeting, and moving from misunderstanding to friendship. A young, English lady moves to Dubai following a personal tragedy and gradually forges a bond with her neighbour, an older, Arabic lady, despite both being unable to understand the other’s language. The absolutely fantastic script and perfectly cast actors make the film a great exploration of cultural divides and how they can be overcome, and how our differences can often cause us to form connections.

This Lebanese film was uniquely shot by seven different directors, in seven different chapters. Each chapter follows a woman whose life has been torn apart by the disappearance of her son, husband, father or brother during the civil war. The structure of the film makes each section deeply intimate and absorbing, and the performances of each actress will move you to tears. Although each section is brief in length, each one dives deep into the emotionally damaging effects of war on individuals and whole families, exploring how we cope with loss and strongly drawing out feelings of anger, hope, loneliness and helplessness.

Where the Wild Things Are Sofia Fernandez Vyas wears Dress/ B******* & Junkfood at S*uce Necklace/ Sveva at S*uce Heels/ Topshop Soraya Bel wears Top, Trousers, Boots, Necklace/ H&M Wekafore Jibril wears Blazer, Trousers/ Topman Shirt/ Zara Shoes/ H&M Stylist/Hommam Arbi

Sofia Fernandez Vyas wears Coat, Shoes, Trousers, Accessories/ Topshop Top/ H&M

Soraya Bel wears Top, Skirt/ Topshop Sofia Fernandez Vyas wears Dress/ Topshop Top, Mask/ H&M Necklace/ Noir at S*uce

Sofia Fernandez Vyas wears Dress, Heels/ Topshop

Sofia Fernandez Vyas wears Skirt/ Push Button at S*uce Jumper/ au jour le jour at S*uce Wekafore Jibril wears Blazer, Shorts/ Topman Shoes/ H&M

Wekafore Jibril wears Trousers, Shirt/ H&M Jacket/ Iconic


The Coat Report by

hommam arbi

Topshop, AED 1,170

Mango, AED 399

H&M, AED 400




Staying warm doesn’t have to mean wrapping yourself in revolting, hideous coats. Enhance your look, and keep your feminine touch, by going for a well-fitted silhouette. It can be belted with embellishments, or in lovely shades of pink, red and purple!

The oversized coat is one of the biggest trends on and off the runway, and every designer has his or her own unique take. Made with combinations of wool, leather and fur; Go big or go home!

The fur coat is a classic fashion staple that carries on from season to season, weather it’s real or faux. Favoured by the likes of Anna Wintor, Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe, the list goes on. It’s a musthave piece in every wardrobe.

Zara, AED 495

Stradivarius, AED 325

Zara, AED 495

Pull & Bear, AED 425




The Camel coat is another timeless piece, regardless of the shape. Its warm colour and elegant appeal can easily take you from day to night.

The ultimate piece to keep you looking glam all winter long. There are endless ways to style a cape, so make it the focal point of your look and finish with statement accessories.

With its masculine and military inspired detailing, the parka is your day-to-day coat. Pair with anything from dresses, to tee’s and jeans. Complete the militaryesque look with a pair of boots!

Zara, AED 425


Fashion for Him by

hommam arbi

Alexander McQueen, AED 865

Illesteva Sunglasses at, AED715 Kinokuniya, AED 130

the, AED 155

Calvin Klein ‘Dark Obsession’, AED 225, AED 129

Mango, AED 179

All Tied up! Their is nothing that will transform a guy into a true dapper gentleman like a tie! “Ladies will agree on that”, it’s the ultimate accessory for every man, you just need to know what colour and type will better suit you.

COS, AED 175

Zara, AED 95

H&M, AED 99

Alexander McQueen, AED 635 Liam Hemsworth

Versace S/S ’14

Tips: - Try to chose a knot that will suit your face, you don’t want it to be too small or too big. - For formal occasions opt for dark plain colors, add a touch of texture with a matte velvety or shiny silk fabric

Pull & Bear, AED 149

- skinny tie will suit a lean to skinny body type, while normal sized tie will suit average to buildup physique, always dress according to your body - A tie can be both formal and casual, go for bright colors and prints with your jeans and sneakers for a smart casual look.


On the Streets by

hommam arbi

Name: Hristina Micevska, Age: 20 Blog: Instagram: @fleurdemode_com “I like this look because it´s comfortable; suitable for your everyday life and is still fashionable and eye-catching. The highlight of this look is definitely my sleek hairdo. It adds an extravagant, unique touch.” Boots: Zara Trousers: VILA (Kleiderbauer) Sweater: H&M Bag: Forever21

Name: Lilli Mirza Age: 17 Blog: Instagram: @LailliMirza “I’d wear [this] to a brunch during a Dubai winter...The JS Lee sweater from Mahani is beautifully cut and I love how it has an underlay of chiffon which creates the illusion of layering. This look is fairly versatile, it can be dressed up or down with the right pair of shoes and accessories” Top: JS Lee (Mahani, Dubai) Skirt: Ostwald Helgason (Mahani, Dubai) Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bag: Chanel Photography by: Plhong Flores

Are you a teen between the ages of 13 and 17? Do you have a passion to share and participate in discussions with other teens and life coaches? Do you want to help teens have a voice, and be heard? Do you dream of being on a live panel, on a YouTube show? If you answered yes to any of these questions, send an email to or contact the show through their Facebook ( teenstalkmiddleeast) and you too could become a Teens Talk Middle East co-host or even and ambassador.

What is Teens Talk? Teens Talk Middle East is the ONLY talk show for the youth. Teens Talk Middle East is an online TV show, in which teens from all around the UAE have the opportunity to discuss, relate to and receive advice about common and popular topics amongst teenagers, without sharing identities. The anonymity of the whole scenario creates a safe yet fun environment for hosts as well as viewers. For the first time in years, the youth have a voice to project their thoughts and ideas on today’s frequent issues in the life of a typical teenager. Whether its family problems at home, or the usual drama with friends and teachers at school, Teens Talk Middle East is the talk show where these problems and dilemmas are not ignored, but acknowledged.

About Maria

‘Teens Talk’ experience Who is it created for?

Maria works in Dubai as a Relationship Coach. She strives to empower family communication across the region. Her most recent accomplishment was her study of the relationship between Academic Achievement and Student/teacher relationships.

Teens talk is the ONLY talk show for the youth. Teens talk is an online TV show, in which teens from all around the UAE have the opportunity to discuss, relate to and receive advice about common and popular topics amongst teenagers, without sharing identities. The anonymity of the whole scenario creates a safe yet fun environment for hosts as well as viewers. For the first time in years, the youth have a voice to project their thoughts and ideas on today’s frequent issues in the life of a typical teenager. Whether its family problems at home, or the usual drama with friends and teachers at school, Teens Talk is the talk show where these problems and dilemmas are not ignored, but acknowledged.

Maria is a curious coach who is always looking to better understand how relationships impact the world. She spends her days working with private clients that want to better communicate with their spouse, their children or their family units. Keep an eye out for Maria in the “Letters to Coach” segment of the magazine.

send your questions and express interest in our internship program by emialing to

Teens talk was created to empower and assist teenagers (13-17) and parents alike. It has become apparent that teenagers within the region have become discouraged from sharing their thoughts and ideas, almost as though the youth of the UAE “don’t have a voice”. Although the majority of teenagers and parents have friends and peers they can turn to, it is sometimes hard to reach out to the ones we love in order to ask for help or advice. This is where Teens Talk becomes a great tool for teenagers and parents of the UAE.


“a lot of our lyrical and musical subject matter is about our real life experiences”

Viv A rising model, singer and dancer, Zem Viv is not only continuing to flourish in the modelling world, but she is also beginning to make a name for herself in the electronic pop and dance music industry. With an upcoming tour around Europe she is set to share her musical passion with the world on a wider scale. We got the chance to chat for a while with the talented, young singing model and here’s what Zem had to say… So, what got you into modelling in the first place? Was it passion, or did you start it off as a hobby? Well, I won the Elite Model search in Europe! Actually, my friend entered me into the competition without me knowing at all and I won! Tell us more about your passion for music and what got you into the music industry. My mom is a pianist so I started playing the piano at a really young age, and then I started performing arts and I went into dancing. I was a ballerina but after an injury I started writing music for other people and DJs. I never thought I could really sing but then after a while I realised that it’s kind of natural, and it just happened! Why electronic pop and dance music? I think everything that I write, lyrically, is quite poetic and just matches better with this kind of music; my lyrics just naturally go better with electronic music.

Cover Story

You’re among the rising music artists that share their music work online on soundcloud, how important do you think the internet is for upcoming artists or even current giants in the industry? I think it’s really important, and I really just know how to market myself in a much better way online, haha! And I know it’s taking over in sales and that the way artists gain popularity today is mostly through the internet. It says here that you not only sing and model, you dance and have a thing for being a DJ as well?! Do you possibly happen to have any more interests? I do! I’m a bookworm, I read a lot! My favourite book is The Forty Rules of Love, it’s based on the life of the Sufi poet Rumi. It has a lot of Rumi quotes in it and it’s basically about how he became a poet as well as a philosopher. I horse-ride; I was on the South African swim team... and something I do every day are the Insanity work outs, and I love it. What’s next on the list for Zem Viv? I just finished working on my album and I’m starting the tour to launch it. I’ll be performing in Dubai for the album launch and then I’m going to London, Paris, Sweden and South Africa! With a steadily growing fanbase, are you planning on making any future song collaborations with other artists? Yes I am, I’m actually speaking to two artists at the moment but that’s all I can say for now! On a scale of 1 to “I just had them for breakfast”, how weak are you for McDonalds’ McNuggets? I just woke up this morning and had them! I did, I just had nuggets for breakfast, today! I literally just stopped at McDonald’s on the way here for some nuggets, I love them! And I believe they’re fake chicken. Do you have any advice for future models, singers, dancers or DJs? I think just keep writing and making the music that’s yours and original, but always keep in mind that you have to entertain a mainstream crowd, which is probably how to be most successful. To check out some of Zem Viv’s work visit: and to get all her latest updates follow her on twitter @zemness

writing by

omar ghanem

photos by marko zirdum dresses by Essa Walla



Gizmos & Gadgets

Videocon A55 HD The A55 HD from Indian newcomer Videocon is a wonderful Vanilla Android device and strikes a near perfect balance between power and frugality. A 5 inch 720p screen fronts a phone clad entirely in glossy black plastic, broken only by shiny silver grills at each side. The device is unfortunately nondescript and attracts fingerprints like bees after honey. The camera bulging out the back also had me in constant fear of scratching it. The power button, USB port and earphone jack are uncomfortably all placed at the top of the phone leaving the volume rocker alone on the left; this made it quite awkward to use whilst charging. The overuse of glossy black plastic sadly makes the device appear quite cheap. The software was thankfully left vanilla and the 1.2 GHz processor chugged along smoothly without fault as a result. The phone feels a little stark at first but being android your choices for customisation are virtually unlimited. Battery life was as expected, I managed to make it through roughly a day before needing a recharge. A surprisingly tiny, yet loud, speaker voices all notifications and sounds from the back of the phone. The camera is blissfully good for a budget phone; 8 megapixels are sufficient for most. Colours are realistic and focus is great. The flash was more than enough in most situations but a lot of noise was visible in low light. There are oddly two sim card slots, unfortunately neither are of the micro sim variety which was strange to see in a new android device. Reception was substantial and I had no noticeable issues. For a budget device it was fast and responsive. The high gloss look was not attractive to anything but fingerprints. The A55HD is a valiant first effort for Videocon and is a decent mid-range device impaired only by its overly glossy looks. by

Kaylon Matthew Craig Koeries


In Cinema by

Eset Kodzoeva, Omar Ghanem & Celine Hamze

The Book Thief Starring: Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson This movie is based on the international bestselling book. During the Second World War in Germany, a young girl is sent to live with a foster family. As she moves in with the kind couple unexpected friendships are formed and she develops a fascination for books. She collects any she can find and an extraordinary stories ensues.

Rio 2

Lone Survivor

12 Years a Slave

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Rodrigo Santoro, Leslie Mann

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch

In the comedy follow up to the first movie Rio, the adventurous family of Blu and Jewel, with their three kids, travel to the Amazon. There, the family enjoys the wilderness and the children explore their roots. Surprisingly for Blu, he meets his father-in-law and, later, the sneaky Nigel appears. The colourful scenery and the exciting plot make it suitable for any age.

Starring Mark Whalberg and Ben Foster, Lone Survivor follows the story of four Navy SEALs on a mission that does not go according to plan. Based on the New York Times bestseller, this story of valiance, courage and bravery is set to hit UAE Cinemas on the 9th of January. Already released in the USA, the film has been met with generally positive reviews by critics and viewers alike.

Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael K. Williams, Michael Fassbender Based on a true story and set in the U.S pre-Civil War, this incredible movie is about a free black, Soloman, who is abducted and sold into slavery. Solomon faces horrible cruelty as well as unexpected kindness. He struggles to both stay alive, and regain his dignity. After more than a century of being enslaved, Solomon’s life is forever changed when he meets a Canadian abolitionist. Starring Brad Pitt, this is a movie that should not be missed.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Starring: Jay Baruchel, Kristen Wiig America Ferrera If you enjoyed the first film, you’ll be ecstatic about this one. Brought to you by all time favourite, “DreamWorks”, How to Train Your Dragon 2 brings back the magical world of Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, five years later. In this film, the inseparable duo explore new places, only to find an ice cave with hundreds of new wild dragons, and a enigmatic dragon rider. Hiccup and Toothless must unite and battle in order to protect the peace.



The Hunger Games: Catching Fire The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the troublesome twopart story of ‘The Quarter Quell’ and ‘The Tour’, with the one link between them being ‘The Revolution’. Francis Lawrence brings yet another adrenaline-filled, novel-inspired film to the big screen, pulling off the tough balance of plot development, suspense and action. This film serves as great entertainment with its colourful cast and numerous plot twists. Katniss has unwillingly become an iconic symbol of hope and rebellion to the people of Panem. A furious President Snow is determined to stop her and teams up with new Gamesmaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, introducing a twist for the 75th Hunger Games: past winners from each district will be sent back into the arena to fight to the death. At every single turn, the dilemma of the citizens of Panem is felt as they continue to confront the ruthlessness of the Capitol. One of the main strengths of Catching Fire is its concrete cast including Stanley Tucci, the game shows host Caesar,and Elizabeth Banks, the heavily-costumed, yet caring PR-agent Effie. The shooting took place in Atlanta, Georgia then shifted to Hawaii for the Games themselves. The movie features a lot of thrills, for instance, the revolving island, irate jabberjays, paranoid simians and a mist of poisonous vapour. Lawrence gives a full-blooded performance, brilliantly balancing courage and fear, leaving you hungry for the next hunger games.

Anchorman 2 Will Ferrell has long established himself as a reliable purveyor of Hollywood comedy. United with the legend Steve Carell, the duo rekindle the legacy of blockbuster film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. With the next installment in the series Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Ron Burgundy’s character, introduced to us almost a decade ago, is revived. The film is loaded with cleverly bizarre one-liners and dramatic comic sequences that go far beyond idiocy. The movie is an amazing mix of passionate comedy and precious memorable moments; a movie so clever and hysterical that you can’t help but give in and enjoy it for exactly what it’s trying to be. It’s an expertly acted film, with a rousing storyline that is both exciting and comical. Although there were a few moments when the story went off track, making the plot a little dull, scenes like Steve Carrell shouting non-sequiturs in a terrified voice makes it worth the while. This film represents a highlight in the careers of the cast and everybody else involved.


hamzah Shahid



Gone Girl Author: Gillian Flynn Interested in a fast-paced, suspenseful, nervefraying novel? Gone Girl is a love story gone terribly wrong in consequence of deception, malevolence and betrayal. On Amy and Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary, the beautifully devious Amy suddenly disappears. As everyone searches for Amy, Nick’s seemingly ideal personality is scrutinised by the police and media, revealing that not everything is as it first appeared. The major twists of this page-turner kept me awake as I continued to devour every last word. The anger and misfortunes of the main characters can be found sadly relatable to the problems occurring in relationships today. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would enjoy gulping down a thriller in a couple of sittings. by

Eset Kodzoeva

Harrison Bergeron Author: Kurt Vonnegut Harrison Bergeron is a fantastic story for anyone and everyone. The short story only takes about ten minutes to read, which is why it’s perfect for all those looking to temporarily immerse themselves into a fictional world. The story is set in the year 2081; Amendments have been added to the Constitution to make everyone equal, meaning no one is smarter, better looking, or stronger than anyone else. This equality is enforced through laws requiring all people to wear ‘handicaps’ which reduce qualities of strength and beauty as well as limiting thought. The story focuses on a couple, Hazel and George, and their son Harrison. Harrison is considered of above average intelligence, strength and appearance and is required to wear all sorts of ridiculous ‘handicaps’ to cover it up. The climax of the story will leave all readers gut-wrenched and wanting more, when Harrison rebels against the dystopian society and stands up for what he believes in. by Celine Hamze



Sayang The drips of this scoop of a moment is all we have. It is because, I left you riding the bus towards the rocky road of the way home. The roads swirl like chocolate, the same way our laughs swirl around each others stories: a coffee crumble jean jacket — that has cracks on it the way ice cream does; but ours does not melt in the sun. Ours, stay cracked. That single scoop. Frozen in the fridge of our memory. Sayang talaga. “In Bali, Sayang means love. It is a a scooping motion, an embrace of something that cannot really be held, something that can slip through. In the Philippines, we say sayang when something precious is lost, when something slips through before your eyes in the most unguarded, even careless of moments. Sayang. Aku sayang kamu.” -This Lady is Cold Blog, 26th November 2012 by Keith perena

Frozen in Time Frozen in time I am still Like a flower strapped Down to the ground The wind and the breeze Treat me with ease My mind feels secure And my thoughts are profound Frozen in time I am still Though I feel that I’m running around The stars and the moon Will come out very soon My soul will be lost And will never be found Frozen in time I was still And you heard What I said I would do Then the earth pulled me down And messed me around Now my soul has been stripped I feel crazy like you by Ximena Lamadrid


Nouf Al Jahdhami is an Emarati make up artist, who specialises in the field of prosthetic makeup. From a very young age, Nouf showed a heavy interest in makeup, becoming an avid makeup collector. During her free time in highschool, Nouf would experiment with different styles of makeup on herself. She chose to specialise in the field of prosthetic make up for a variety of reasons. First of all, prosthetic makeup is an art which has been seldom touched here in the UAE. Nouf feels that with prosthetic makeup, an artist can do so much more, as one can branch out into different characters. She refers to it as the ‘dimensionality of the face and the imagination’. Inspired by Tim Burton and films like Alien and Star Wars, Nouf creates a style of prosthetic makeup which is original, unique and extraordinary. Her career sprung into being when she was only 16. She has worked all over the world and even assisted in the makeup of theatrical performances at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. When asked how these opportunities came about, Nouf told how networking with people can be important and beneficial for breaking into the industry. What is interesting is that the people she came into contact with were not specific to her field; however, they knew a variety of people to aid Nouf reach the position she is in today. All in all, Nouf Al Jahdhami can act as an inspiration for makeup artists, artists and people of all talents, for she is an opportunist. Whenever an opportunity arises, she takes full advantage of it.

To check out more of Nouf’s work go on:


Shehryar Haris

“Inspired by Tim Burton and films like Alien and Star Wars, Nouf creates a style of prosthetic makeup which is original, unique and extraordinary”

Madiba Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary person. His actions changed the world we live in today and his legacy will remain for generations to come. Mandela was born in 1918 on July 18th in Mvezo and spent most of his life in South Africa.

He is mostly known for his imprisonment, which lasted 27 years, for fighting for the civil rights of black people in South Africa. Later he went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, Nelson Mandela died on December 5th 2013, but he will always stay in our hearts and be remembered.

In 2009 the United Nations General Assembly declared July 18th ‘Mandela Day’ as an acknowledgment of Nelson Mandela’s contribution to world freedom. The day is meant to inspire people to take actions to help make the world a better place and, by doing so, build a global movement of good. The day exists to empower communities everywhere. The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for human rights, so on this day all you have to do is give 67 minutes of your time. Whether it’s doing community service or supporting your local charity - it doesn’t matter, as long as you do something which is a ‘service to one’s fellow human’. In 2010 a group of bikers participated in an event called Bikers For Mandela Day. The group travelled from Johannesburg on a six day road trip to Cape Town to spread the word of Mandela Day –Morgan Freeman was among those taking part.

What life would be like without Nelson Mandela? “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Apart from the obvious, such as a completely different South Africa, Mandela’s influence is everywhere. If not for him, the whole world’s outlook on black people would be significantly different. For centuries the idea of black people as part of an inferior race had been set in stone, but in becoming the first black president of South Africa, he gave hope to not only current but future generations across the planet. President Obama along with Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many more world leaders have cited him as a personal hero. Mandela has always been an inspiration for the whole world. Following Mandela’s election, life in South Africa significantly improved, especially for black people who no longer faced harsh and unfair standards of living. Mandela fought for enhanced human rights under housing, education and economics.   Mandela helped shape global societies in every country. Since his work to end apartheid he has been involved in, and acted as a mediator for, multiple events in foreign affairs, directly influencing relations between countries for the better. His philanthropic work also continued long into his retirement. He always believed that sport has the power to unite people and change the world and has played a role in bringing the 2010 FIFA World Cup to his country, making South Africa the first African nation to host the tournament, and how can we forget the iconic handshake with the South African Rugby team’s white captain Francois Pieenar to declare the ending of racism in the country and the beginning of a multi-racial, democratic South Africa. We truly do owe him a lot and I can safely say that, as the younger generation, we are incredibly fortunate that he lived and achieved everything before our time, as otherwise life would be considerably unpleasant.

Interesting facts:

1. His real name is Rolihlahla Mandela, which translates to troublemaker. He received his more familiar English name (Nelson), from a teacher at age 7. 2. From Cape Town to California, there are streets named after Mandela abound, but he’s also been the subject of some rather unusual tributes. Last year, scientists named a prehistoric woodpecker after him: Australopicus nelsonmandelai and, in 1973, the physics institute at Leeds University named a nuclear particle the ‘Mandela particle.’ 3. Even though he’s dined with world leaders, what Mandela loved eating most was tripe. As unusual as it sounds, it is the stomach lining of farm animals. 4. He studied law at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and opened the nation’s first black law firm in the city in 1952. 5. His name was a part of the U.S. terror watch list until as late as 2008, age 89. Mandela and other members of the African National Congress were included on it due to their militant fight against apartheid in earlier years.

July 18, 1918 – Born at Mvezo in the Transkei 1942 – Begins to attend ANC meetings 1944 – Co-founds the ANC Youth League 1951 – Elected president of ANC Youth League 1952 – Arrested following the start of the Defiance campaign. Charged with violating the Supression of Communism Act 1956 – Arrested for treason along with 155 others April 1960 – The ANC is banned 1961 – Involved in forming Umkhonto we Sizwe, a military wing of the ANC 1962 – Arrested again and sentenced to five years in prison May 1963 – Imprisoned July 1963 – Appears in court in the Riviona trial and is charged with sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government 1964 – Sentenced with seven others to life imprisonment. He is sent to Robben Island. 1985 – Refuses President P.W. Botha’s offer of release – conditional upon him renouncing violence. July 1989 – Mandela meets President Botha August 1989 – F.W. de Klerk sworn is as president, promising to phase out white rule. October 1989 – Eight prominent political prisoners freed, including Walter Sisulu. February 1990 – Mandela is released from prison at age 71 after over 27 years in prison. 1993 – Mandela and F.W. de Klerk share the Nobel Peace Prize April -May 1994 – The ANC win the first election in South African history to include black candidates. Mandela is sworn in as president 2004 – Retires from the public eye September 5th 2013 – Dies at age 95 by Zahra Bawary & Oksana Nikitenko

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”


Lucid Dreaming by


Staring out of my classroom window, I watched the sun cast its rays everywhere, illuminating the clouds and giving them a beautiful silver lining. As I scanned the sky I spotted an exceptionally comfy-looking cloud and wondered what it would feel like to be sitting on it. I instantly found myself jumping out of the window and floating away lazily towards it. Just as I perched on the cloud I heard a God-like voice (which sounded suspiciously like my college professor) saying “WAKE UP!!” Ignoring it, and feeling a sense of guilty pleasure, I made myself comfortable on my cloud and watched the birds fly to the distant horizon. Control of our life is something each and every one of us craves. Although we often find ourselves helpless in the majority of our life there is one place where we can control anything and everything - our dreams. How you ask? The answer to this is lucid dreaming.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t watched Inception - the 2010 blockbuster that won four Oscars and captured the imaginations of millions. Only a handful of people know that the film is actually based on lucid dreaming; the ability to be conscious whilst sleeping. In other words, you are aware that you are dreaming and can control your dream. Recall any dream and you will notice that the dream world looks and feels exactly like the real world. That’s one reason you never realise that you are dreaming: our mind replicates everything perfectly - water feels like water, for example, and food tastes just like real food. You will also notice how absurd the dream was. If the same events were to happen in real life, the first question to pop into your head would be “Am I dreaming?” Yet this thought never occurs in a dream because our logical reasoning is inactive when we are asleep. There are plenty of techniques to achieve lucidity, all are based on the same principles.

Dream Recall:

You can dream up to four dreams a night and yet throughout a lifetime you will only remember short flashes of a handful of those dreams. It’s like our brains have a have a built-in eraser that wipes away our dreams, sometimes messily, when we wake up. A way to help increase dream recall is by keeping a dream journal. As soon as you wake up jot down everything you remember, no matter how insignificant. Make sure you also write down any emotions you recall feeling. Give it a catchy heading. With practice you will find your dream recall improving significantly. Once you have recorded around a dozen dreams, you are ready to for the next step.

Dream-signs: Each of us has a unique dream sign - something that occurs often in our dreams. The way you can identify them is by performing reality checks. In order to identify your dream sign, go through your journal and spot the elements which occur frequently, make a list of them and then make a resolution that the next time you see any of those items, you will do a reality check.

If all goes well, you will have an exhilarating experience and one you are not likely to forget. A dream is very volatile. Feelings of excitement can wake you up (if they didn’t, nightmares would never end)! If you feel yourself waking up, spinning around should stabilise the dream. Rubbing your hands together also works quite well. Lucid dreaming requires practice but is definitely worth achieving. Through controlling your dreams you can do literally do whatever you like! The possibilities are endless. Lucid dreamers have often described their dreams as being one of their best experiences in life. We spend a whole third of our life sleeping. Imagine using that time to do whatever you please. You could fly, for example, or try your hand at being Superman for a day. Lucid dreaming means there are no boundaries. Not even gravity.

Reality Check: Reality checks are a great way of finding out whether you are dreaming or not. Are you sure that you are awake right now? How would you know? The dream world is just as misleading as the real world. A pinch is an effective, reality check. Your mind can reproduce the pain perfectly, leaving you with a very unsatisfying twinge! Digital clocks are also a fool proof method of checking if you are dreaming. In the dream world, digital clocks are haywired. Unknown characters appear on the screen every time you look at one. All you need to do is memorise the time on the screen, look away for a second, and then look at the screen again. If the numbers have changed significantly, you will know you are dreaming. Make a habit of doing reality checks multiple times during the day. Habits in the real world are replicated in the dream world. Once you have developed the habit, you will automatically perform the reality check in the dream world.

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A Walk a Day


The world is constantly changing and, despite the constant discovery of solutions for issues all around us, in all sorts of fields, we continue to have one problem that everyone seems to overlook most of the time: health. Although the human race is on a lifetime struggle for survival, we seem to be doing a pretty lousy job at it. Quite evidently, maintaining good health isn’t only about vaccinations, avoiding accidents and mugging up a gazillion types of antibiotics, but it is also about selfcare strategies and undertaking even the most simple tasks to prevent and minimise health problems and complications. Strategies as simple as going for a walk! Dubai has really stepped it up when it comes to raising health awareness with a handful of events like the Safe & Sound Pink Walkathon and the Beat Diabetes walk. These events not only helped raise awareness and funds for both breast cancer and diabetes, but also got thousands of U.A.E residents out of their beds on a sunny weekend morning for a walk. The Color Run was also among the events that gave the citizens of Dubai another chance to go for a healthy, and fun, walk. The 5 km track of Dubai Autodrome was filled with colours splashing from all directions, and a whole lot of joy with the fun festival held at the finish line of the track. Although it may sound pretty simple, going for a morning walk does not only give you an extra boost of energy, but studies have proven that it also reduces the risk of heart diseases, boosts your vitamin D levels, reduces the risk of brain diseases, as well as keeping your weight under control, toning your body AND boosting your mood – it makes you feel happy! Going for a walk really is the simplest exercise we can possibly do, the problem is we don’t. Despite the considerable amount of initiatives by the city of Dubai and the companies that helped make these events possible (Burjuman and Virgin Radio Dubai to name a few), and the continuous attempts to raise awareness for health issues, the question remains: do we really need a “Color Run” to go for a simple walk? Do we need to wait for an event to get up and go out for some fresh air? When are we actually going to start caring about the most crucial thing in our lives: our well-being? Plenty of questions, and there is one simple answer for all of them: “Get up and go for a walk!”


Omar Ghanem



Zoya Tariq

Rubina D’Souza

Tamanna Kittur

Mohammed Saleh

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Inca Trail

Sian Evans, a sixteen year old from Jumeirah English Speaking School with a passion for adventure, was one of the youngest to ever complete the trail and witness the mesmerising landscape in person as a part of the Gulf For Good charity program, trekking the alternate sacred Lares valley. Here’s what we learned from her… What inspired you take up this project? My mum is always on those challenges, she’s part of the charity program so she always does those treks. She just asked me to join and I said “yeah sure!” How did you feel ahead of your trip? Excited, nervous, scared? I was pretty nervous because I was the youngest in the group (15). The youngest member aside from me was in their late twenties, so there was quite an age gap. How long was the trek? It was four days of trekking, two nights camping and then the actual touring around Machu Picchu so the whole trip was around 7 days or so.

Peru is home to one of the most famous trekking trails in the world: the Inca Trail. The 26 miles (43km) combines beautiful mountains, lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle and a stunning mix of Inca paving stones and ruins. The final destination of the trail is one of the new seven wonders of the world, and amongst the greatest archaeological, historical findings, Machu Picchu. by

Did you face any problems along the way? You arrive into Cusco to start the trek to Machu Picchu and I was slightly affected by the altitude. It was about 3,000 metres above sea level so it was a shock at first but after a few days I just slept it off. What did you like the most about the whole trip? The scenery was amazing, but probably the people that you meet there. They were really interesting - their lifestyles are so different, I mean they live in mountains! They’re completely away from other civilisations and need to walk for hours to get to shops or school and they’re so fit walking up and down the mountains – whereas we were all dying on the second day.

Omar Ghanem Tell us more about the charity… We were raising funds for G4G (Gulf For Good) and we needed to raise a certain amount of money to complete the challenge. Three quarters of that amount goes to the charity to build a school for the children in the mountains so that they can go to school and get proper education. A quarter of that amount goes to the flight costs and trip expenses. What did you learn from this experience? How to interact with people from a different culture. Despite the language barrier and completely different lifestyles I still had talk to them and understand them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about other similar opportunities checkout the Gulf For Good website at

So, you’re 3,000 metres above sea level; across the ocean; on a trail to one of the world’s new seven wonders and suddenly you feel hungry! What did you snack on? A chocolate bar! I wish I could live off those, but I’d basically have all sorts of nuts, granola bars and bread since I was put off Peru’s main dish of Guinea pigs. One last question, would you recommend this for other 16 year olds? Yes, of course, but with people of the same age, since that was the main problem I faced.

Mubadala World Tennis Championship


With a programme that boasted six of the world’s top 10 players going headhead, fans were out in full-force to cheer on their favourites. Unlike grand slams, exhibition matches tend to be taken less seriously, with players more interested in entertaining the crowd, however, that didn’t mean there wasn’t enough nailbiting action on the courts over the course of the tournament. Over the first day, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga made quick work of defeating Andy Murray, who made his official comeback from injury, while David Ferrer triumphed over Stanislas Warinka, 7-5, 6-1.

Fans at the at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships enjoyed clear skies and unforgettable tennis during the three-day event held at the Zayed Sports Stadium in Abu Dhabi from December 26-28. Parinaaz Navdar Mostafa Ibrahiem

writing by photos by

Fans returned on Friday, packing the stadium to capacity for a day of thrilling tennis as Tsonga and Djokovic, and Nadal and Ferrer battled each other on the courts during the semi finals. Tsonga and Djokovic had the crowd on the edge of their seats, with the hard-hitting pair pushing each other until the very end when Djokovic powered through to the finals, in what was undeniably a difficult match, tiebreaker and all. However, with David Ferrer knocking top seed Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals, fans braced themselves for a possible upset in the finals, where the Spaniard played against crowd favourite Djokovic. The two offered a thoroughly exciting match, however, with Ferrer and Djokovic testing each other game after game, serve after serve - a face-off worthy of a final, until there was a noticeable hint of defeat in Ferrer’s form in the second set, leaving the court wide open for the Serb to clinch his third Mubadala title. As the ecstatic crowd cheered for the champion, Djokovic was quick to praise Ferrer for the incredible match, saying: “David continues to improve and has been playing at the highest level for years. He’s very consistent, a real fighter, a great competitor, a hard worker and a very nice person as well.” With the curtains now closed on the 2013 instalment of the tournament, fans have much to look forward to next year.


OMG! Hallucinations can occur in all 10 types of sensory modality including proprioception (the sense of the relative positioning of one’s body parts and the effort needed to move them).

3D films are considered optical illusions.

Famous magicians, like Houdini, admit to using optical illusions to perform their ‘tricks’.

It is believed that Oscar Wilde invented the first optical illusion. It was based on a picture painted using only the colour grey, but which appeared full of colour.

Although appearing blue, the sky is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. Blue travels in shorter waves, so it is scattered by molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere more than other colours.

People who have schizophrenia do not fall for optical illusions.

The first person to pull a hare out of a hat was Louis Comte in 1814. Aristotle described one of the oldest illusions involving physical touch over 2,000 years ago: cross your fingers while touching an object and it will feel like two separate objects.

Optical illusions are used by researchers to track sensory perceptions and help design computers that perform tasks like facial recognition.

Colourblindness tests are types of optical illusions: people with normal sight see the pattern of dots as a number; colourblind people see different numbers depending on their type of colourblindness.

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January 2014


Capricorn 21 December - 20 January Capricorns are natural leaders. As a Capricorn you may appear reckless and fearless but in reality, it is very likely that each action has been meticulously planned and anticipated for. You are a great listener and enormously patient and caring, therefore, you act as a true and loyal friend to your loved ones. Whilst you may appear cold and aloof on the surface, behind your shell there is an honest and great heart, which is always the victor in your mind. You have endless ambition so you sometimes find it difficult to appreciate what you have, rather than striving for the next milestone, however, you have a clear head which keeps you grounded and protects you from hardship and heartbreak.





This month will bring you heaps of success, especially if you perform in an artistic job related to aesthetics and music. At times, though, you will feel a slip in your productivity, but remember to be alert in order to avoid any negative inconveniences. Above all, make use of your calmness and patience, it is a rare quality.

You will put the interests of your near and dear ones ahead of yours this month, even sacrificing your desires to fulfil theirs. You will be feeling especially aware of their value and they will appreciate your caring actions. Towards the middle of the month you may find yourself, spiritually, which will give you some much-deserved peace of mind. Use your extra income on something worthwhile. Perhaps that weekend spa getaway you’ve been thinking about.

This month you are in a great position to get ahead professionally, with lots of opportunity to consolidate professional relationships, but be cautious with the money you manage and make sure you have a secure safety net. This is the time of year for you to really get in touch with your emotional depths - you’ll rise back up feeling fresher and more enlightened if you do so.

On January 2, the new moon in Sagittarius lights up this detail-oriented zone of your chart, making it a great day to turn over a new leaf and even to rev up your fitness and healthy eating. Enjoy the holiday spirit while balancing indulgences – opt for chocolate covered strawberries rather than two Snickers bars. You may find yourself lapsing into a nostalgic mood, but let your feelings flow and if you’re upset, remember that this, too, shall pass.





You will be feeling fierce and feisty as January begins. You will continue your studies, travel, or feel spiritually satisfied, and may even develop a business idea or start a large-scale project. At home, you may have to take charge of things and behave in a very responsible and mature manner. Avoid disagreements, as arguments can make you unnecessarily upset. Focus on finding constructive ways to clear the air so you can leave your resentments and misgivings behind in 2013.

This month take particular care to plan for all your expenses. The New Year is the perfect time for you to start thinking about ways to make a little extra cash on the side – you’ll enjoy it, too! There are new friendships in your future so think of social events with an open mind, enjoy your holiday, and approach 2014 with a fresh perspective of the events yet to come.

There couldn’t be a better vibe during the holiday party season for you. A reunion with family is suggested, it will bring joy and happiness to all, and your family will be especially happy to spend some quality time with you. Visiting loved ones is a great way to express your gratitude to those who have supported you throughout the year. Now is also the time to focus on yourself, indulge in some spa treatments or a spiritual retreat to prepare for the busy year ahead.

A potentially rewarding month is in store for you. You have been busy with the season’s festivities, but this month will be much calmer, giving you opportunity to re-attain your sanity and peace of mind. Remember to let loose and do what you want. Start this year with a new outlook so that it is less stressful and more enjoyable.





Your endless optimism will be of extreme value this month. You will indulge in some socialising, making new friends who will be loyal in the long run. This is also a time of compassion, forgiveness and love. January 2014 brings each of these components together to commence a successful year with a fresh start.

This month may seem stressful on both personal and professional fronts, but, amazingly, you will also be able to find some time to offer your selfless services to some charitable organisations. This will help your overall sense of wellbeing and expend unwanted stress through doing something to benefit the community. The more productive you are this month, the easier the rest of 2014 will be, but try and take some time to relax and unwind too!

In the wake of the expensive holiday season, this month you will need to tighten your belt, financially speaking. Try and separate necessities from luxuries, you may find treating yourself more rewarding later on if you hold back for a month. Having said that, January 2014 is a crucial month for you to take care of personal matters and boost them in the right direction. Spend some time on your spiritual self, a little grounding is a great way to start the new year.

You may have to put a little bit of extra effort in to impress your seniors at work. Don’t be afraid because you have the potential, it’s your job to expose it. Apart from this, you will find yourself unusually happy and calm and your family and friends will make you feel extremely secure. Moments of contentment are rare, so make the most of it.

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What Kind of Con Artist Are You? by

Hamzah Shahid

Tick the answers in the quiz: 1: What kind of films do you watch?

a. Heist films with a lot of action. b. Mind-blowing thrillers that keep you on the edge. c. Sci-fi films which use the latest technology and all the special effects possible. d. Drama and love stories that make your heart melt.

2: If someone were to steal your most cherished possession

you would... a. Quietly steal it back, seconds later, when they are distracted, along with all their money. b. Smooth-talk them into returning it and charm them into giving away something of theirs, too. c. Override their security system, and send in a remote controlled mini robot to retrieve it. d. Tell the police. That’s what law enforcement is there for.

3: In the event of a major heist you would...

4: Mostly A Thief:

You’re sly and malicious; yet also serene, quick and agile, even in your normal movements. You have a down to earth personality, you usually don’t trust anyone or anything. You are always alert and you have a knack for sensing danger.

Mostly B Mastermind/ Grifter:

Most people fear you. You have a small circle of friends who you trust with your life. You have multiple personalities and can blend into any environment; you consider everything a challenge and are always figuring out ways to solve any problem, major or minor. You’re super sophisticated, your mind Mostly C is always on an adrenaline rush and Hacker: you’re always on a mission to beat your high score. You can easily master every mechanical skill there is to learn and thrive off finding ways to get the better of computer systems. You have a reputation for being a technical genius with those who look up to you. You are the average person. You have a fantastically normal life, and you just aren’t cut out to be a con artist. Please do not attempt to con anyone as you will either end up in jail or dead.

Mostly D Average Joe:

a. Be the grease-man. b. Mastermind the whole operation. Your heists are the stuff of legends. c. Be holed up in an inconspicuous van, tapping into surveillance and wiring money into an untraceable account. d. Try and talk them out of it. This can only end in tears.

If someone double-crossed you, you would... a. Find out who they are and steal every last fil they have. b. Con them out of everything they own. Incognito, of course. c. Hack their computer, clear out their bank accounts, hack into the criminal watch list, put them on it then send an anonymous tip to the FBI. d. Get angry, but do nothing and forgive them.

5: In school you were...

a. The one with sticky fingers, you never went without things you wanted. b. The most popular one, you knew how to get everyone to like you. c. The geek. You were the smartest of all your classmates. d. The honest one. You never cheated and never let anyone else get away with cheating.

6: If you were to get caught it would be because...

a. You tried to steal something but accidentally tripped the alarm. b. You didn’t get caught; you sacrificed yourself for your crew’s safety. c. A better hacker was hired by the police, unlucky for you. d. You were framed, you were innocent!


Brain Food

by HAMZAh Shahid



1 Trickery. 4 Movie ‘Now You___ Me’. 5 Foster’s home for ____ friends. 7 ____ Island. 8 The opposite of truth . 11 Look-a-like. 12 Hard to understand. 13 Jumbled up.

2 See through. 3 “_____, _____ on the wall”. 4 “_____ to see me?” 6 Not authentic. 9 Unsure. 10 “It’s like ______!”


SUDOKU Easy 2 1



3 6

7 4

5 3

9 7 5


2 4

9 8

5 9 2 3





6 6

Hard 4

2 7


4 2

3 8

7 2

9 8 1 4

3 6


7 8 6 3

6 9 3

7 4



6 5

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