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Editor’s Letter


BUSY TIMES The sun has finally decided to have some mercy on us and we can spend some more time outdoors without looking like a lobster afterwards. Our calendar is packed with events this month (p.9); fashion shows (p.30), concerts and festivals. We can’t wait to send our readers to go to ALL of them (p.64). So take out your bow ties (p.32) and gowns people because you may be going somewhere very special this month. Loads of exciting things are happening in the technology world (p.38). I was told that we can now read a holographic ‘Wonderbook’ where you’d just use a PS3 ‘Move’ controller as a wand to cast spells on pages, resulting in some impressive stuff popping up in front of your eyes! That is when your martial arts skills (p.48) will really come in handy. For now we have the amazing Xbox and PS Vita to play at the office and we’re happy people. Come by and try them out sometime. Our interns (p.6) got into the spooky spirit a little early at the office and dressed up in some very creative costumes just to get a feel for the articles they were putting together for this month. If I were a mythical creature and had to choose a super power I would definitely want to be invisible. What would you be? Find out on p.60.

Write to us at and tell us what you think. All submissions must include your name and contact details. Submissions may be edited for spelling or length and may be published in any medium. All submissions become property of one8one.

HAS I’m a student at Abu Dhabi University. Why do I want to be a model? Well, being a model is not just about being in photographs, but I can make a difference, since I could be recognized for living out my passion. I think modelling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words. You can show movement in a still picture, and I think that is incredible to be able to have that skill. GC


I would love to have this opportunity to model with your magazine. I have always had this affinity to fashion and I would love to work with your talent. I have been watching model ‘type’ of shows and have been influenced by modelling greatly and would love to have a career in later life. I have never been a model, not a child one but now I have realised how much I want this.

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Summer fun

Last issue, we had some fantastic feedback from our interns over the summer. Well, this issue we have more. If you want to become an intern and think you’ve got what it takes, email us on

Ambre Battistella During the start of the summer holidays, I interned at the magazine one8one. This was the first time that I was an intern for anything. I found the experience amazing! I was quite shy at first and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but everyone was really helpful and I instantly felt a part of a team. I really felt that my ideas were heard and there was a great atmosphere in the office.

Hayla Ghazal I can’t begin to explain how much fun I had during my summer internship at one8one. I have never been surrounded by so many passionate and energetic people before! It was incredibly inspiring. From the motivational quotes and drawings on the walls and the super comfortable bean bags, the office’s relaxing atmosphere helped us all release our creativity and new ideas. I wasn’t expecting to learn a new thing every day and neither did I know that nothing was impossible at one8one. We were all given the freedom to do absolutely anything we have always wanted to do. In the office’s dictionary, there is no such word as “impossible”. Just as we are able to do anything in our dreams as we sleep, all interns were able to do everything they ever wanted once they entered the office! Every time we had a crazy idea in mind and asked the amazing editor Maria about it, she would ask us why we haven’t started already! The two weeks I spent at one8one have been a wonderful experience and I hope to join the talented team again next summer! Ahmed Al-Irhayim When I first arrived at the office, I was tired and sleepy but it all changed when I sat down with everyone and they told me about how the magazine works. At a normal magazine, you get assigned to do work, at one8one you chose what to write about! It’s a great way to extend your imagination and improve your writing skills. During my two weeks at one8one, I learned a lot and I had ton of fun! I learned about how magazines and the print industry run. My time at one8one was a great experience and I would recommend it! Thank you one8one for a great time.

My colleagues during the week were very friendly, helpful and always offering new ideas whilst seeking everyone’s opinions. There was a great sense of teamwork in the office. The days consisted of talking to everyone, trying to come up with fresh ideas and working on those ideas for the upcoming issues. During my week at one8one, I interviewed Deena Stevens, a fantastic upcoming artist in Dubai. This was the first interview I conducted for a magazine and the experience was interesting and useful for future purposes. I also interviewed Misha Goddard and Niko Spiteri, who are being featured on the cover issues. This was very exciting. I even got to witness the photo-shoot and help prepare the background for the set. Working for one8one was truly a great experience. I learnt a lot and it gave me an idea of what it must be like to work for a magazine full-time. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography, writing and getting some work experience. I hope to be a part of one8one in the near future!

Nikita Bala This summer I had to spend a lot of time in Dubai before travelling for my family vacation. Usually, that means I’d have to sit at home and muster up an old game or TV Series to watch because all of my friends would be out of the country. However, this summer, I came across an internship opportunity with the magazine I had submitted articles to. I’ll admit that at first I was nervous but everyone at the office was so sweet and welcoming. They made me feel right at home. Not only was I able to research and write interesting articles, I also made many new friends because so many people my age were interning as well. The lively atmosphere along with the comfy beanbags and friendly banter across the office made the experience one to remember. I’m definitely looking forward to sharpening my journalism skills and joining the internship program again at the next opportunity I get! Christopher Rajan When I think back about my experience with the one8one magazine, I am reminded of a saying by Mark Twain- “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” And that was exactly what I did. I was glad I finally discovered a wonderful, apt platform to showcase and develop my passion for photography. I consider myself quite fortunate to have experienced working in a dynamic team with incredibly talented individuals. All in all, I am delighted to have been an intern with one8one and will always be grateful for this opportunity.

‘s up


FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup 2012, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex, Dubai (Oct 2-3)

dXb Music Festival 2012,Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai

Il Divo & Orchestra in Concert, DWTC, Dubai

UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship, BreakWater, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (Oct 11-20) Sandance, Nasimi Beach, Dubai

Rest Upon the Wind Khalil Gibran, The First Group Theatre, Dubai (Oct 17-20)

Pinocchio theater show, National Theater, Abu Dhabi (Oct 14-19)

Dubai International Dance Festival, Various, Dubai (Oct 17-20)

Atelier/Festival Dance Republic, Meydan Racecourse,Dubai

Gulf Bike Week, Dubai Festival City, Dubai (Oct 18-20)

Harlem Globetrotters, Dubai Tennis Stadium, Dubai (Oct 25-26)

Enrique Iglesias, DWTC, Dubai TROPFEST arabia, Corniche, Abu Dhabi

International Fine Food Festival, Meydan Grand Stand, Dubai (Oct 30- Nov 2) International Coffee and Tea Festival, Meydan Grand Stand, Dubai (Oct 30- Nov 2)

Know of something going on in town? Want to share? Write to us about it to


S’ cool stuff B-BOY LEGENDS TO BE EXCLUSIVE JUDGES AT RED BULL BC ONE COMPETITION We were blown away by the International breaking aces Cico, Roxrite and Ronnie, the guests of honour at the Red Bull BC One regional contest that took place in Marrakesh, Morocco on the 14th of September. The competition was held at the “Theâtre Royal De Marrakesh” (Royal Theatre of Marrakesh) where B-Boy champions nominated the cream of the crop amongst all winners of the Red Bull BC One Cyphers’ in the region to the world’s final round in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Of course these luminaries have their own long standing experience and sloop of achievements that make them superlative judges in breaking. B-Boy Cico the 28 year old Italian B-Boy 1st stole the spotlights in 1999, when he was awarded best single dancer in “Battle of the Year National” contest. A year later, B-Boy Ronnie, the 29-year old American, won the 1st place at the “Concrete Soul” competition. In 2004, B-Boy Roxrite, the 30 year old American was awarded 1st place in “B- Boy Masters Pro Am back” competition.

HIS EXCELLENCY SHEIKH NAHAYAN ATTENDS THE IPAD EXECUTIVE BRIEFING AT ZAYED UNIVERSITY His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research and the President of Zayed University, stated that e-learning tops the priority list of the UAE education development strategy, especially in light of the National initiative to distribute 14,000 iPads amongst new students enrolled in Zayed University, UAEU and HCT. His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan mentioned that massive efforts were invested by all 3 institutions for this first-of-its-kind initiative to see the light. The main corporation with Apple allowed for the right content and applications to be embedded onto the students’ iPads and also allowed for the faculty to get thoroughly trained in regards to new methods of using advanced technology to deliver the best quality of education to students in the UAE. His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan extended heartfelt thanks and words of appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and General Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and greatly praised their wise leadership and unwavering support, not only on the educational front but on all fronts.

GAMES12 Dubai’s video game lovers were treated to a weekend full of playable demos, cosplay, and all manner of competitions. What’s that you say? A video game event in Dubai? Of course! Dubai’s gamers were invited to attend GAMES12ME, a weekend-long gaming extravaganza just outside Dubai Festival City. Fans got to try out playable demos of some of the most highly anticipated games of the year such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Resident Evil 6, and Halo 4 among many other titles. In addition to the demos, cosplayers attended the event en masse! We’ve managed to catch Kratos (God of War), Conner (Assassin’s Creed 3), Hellboy, Pikachu (Pokémon), Finn the Human (Adventure Time), Duke Nukem, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), and even Luffy from One Peace. We’re not sure when non-video game characters were allowed to be cosplayed at a video game convention but it’s not like we mind either. by

Mohammed al qamzi

ALHOSN EARNS ABET ACCREDITATION FOR ENGINEERING PROGRAMS ALHOSN University added a new feather to its cap by earning approval from the non-profit US-based Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) for its Bachelor of Science degree programs in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Software Engineering This marks the first time that a private university in Abu Dhabi has received ABET accreditation for its Civil Engineering program. It is also the first time that any university in the UAE has received ABET accreditation for its Industrial and Software Engineering programs.

KHALIFA UNIVERSITY STUDENT PUBLISHES RESEARCH PAPER ON EDUCATION Khalifa University announced today that one of its’ Masters in Engineering by Research students, Sohailah Makhmasi, has been invited to share the results of her research project at the upcoming Frontiers in Education Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA taking place this October. “We have a problem,” says Sohailah. “Right now the number of students choosing science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, is less than half of those choosing arts. Last year, for every student that chose to follow a STEM career path, three chose to follow an arts related career path. I think it’s important to find out why.” “Many students felt that their teachers lacked the capability to teach the subjects. They find them too difficult to pass. Also, especially amongst male public school students, their lack of English proficiency played a big part. In order to major in STEM in university you have to have a high level of English. These students didn’t possess the necessary scores to get into the programs These are issues that really need to be addressed. “The paper that Sohailah will present in Seattle will discuss a second survey that she conducted, identifying ways that teachers could improve how they teach STEM subjects.

ALL FIVE UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS AT THE PI ARE ACCREDITED BY ABET The Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Electrical Engineering (B.S.), Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) and Petroleum engineering (B.S.) are all accredited by the Engineering accredited Commission (EAC), and the Petroleum Geosciences (B.S.) is accredited by the Applied Science Accreditation Commission (ASAC). Accreditation in general is the proof that the programs offered have met certain standards necessary to produce graduates who are ready to enter their profession. Students who graduate from accredited programs have access to enhanced opportunities in employment and graduate education.

HP TOTAL CARE CENTER OPENS IN DUBAI HP announced the opening of a new service support centre that will offer one of the biggest ‘product experience’ location in the region for HP customers seeking advice on products or looking to get their HP products serviced. The HP Total Care Centre which officially launched in Dubai on September 26th is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Customers will be able to access a range of free and paid services to enable a swift upgrade or repair including one-to-one advice from trained product experts, in-house PC and printers service support, training, and a chance to experience the latest HP products in the consumer and commercial Demo Zones, including products like the new HP Envy Sleekbooks, HP Omni 27” All-in-one Touchsmart, HP Spectre, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 eAiO printers and more. Each customer will be able to seek advice on how to get the best out of their PC, be it with the help of a free PC check-up, performance boosting accessories like an HP wireless mouse, HP extended life notebook battery and HP webcam, or services specifically created with HP Total Care Centre customers in mind. Free software training courses will also be offered at the Centre to small groups looking to get more from their HP products. In addition to the support services and product displays, customers can login to free wi-fi, visit the Internet Bar and keep their children entertained at the Kids Play Desk. The HP Total Care Centre in Dubai will be open every day 10am to 10pm.



Tekken Tag Tournament 2 All the characters from the Tekken’s past and present unite in this sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament. The game comes with a new and improved Tag system, allowing for endless combo possibilities between Tag partners, and unlike the original Tag Tournament, this game comes with a (non-canon) full-fledged plot. If you are a Tekken fan or a fighting game fan at all, prepare to dive into Tekken’s 55 character game extravaganza.

Torchlight II Runic Games’ Torchlight always gets compared to Diablo (more so for the ex-Blizzard employees involved) and it always finds a way to be a suitable substitute. When Torchlight I was released in 2010, it instantly became popular as a good Diablo alternative that fans of the genre could sink their teeth into till Blizzard comes out with Diablo III. Now even after Diablo III’s release, many are still pinning hopes on Torchlight II to bring a satisfying dungeon crawling experience after turning away disappointed with Blizzard’s latest outing. And by the looks of it, Runic Games will deliver with Torchlight II. With more monsters to kill, more sweet loot to collect, larger maps to explore and a revamped skill system, Torchlight II is one of the exciting games of this year.

LittleBIG Planet (Vita) After charming gamers on the PS3 and PSP with Sackboy’s adventures, Sony is now bringing the popular platformer to the Vita. While the basic gameplay looks to be the same, it is enhanced by all the myriad of unique control inputs of the Vita. It will also features the content creation suite, which coupled with Vita’s controls, should lead to a lot of new and inventive experiences. We’ve got this game at the one8one office in our gaming room, so pass by and check it out. Email us at

FIFA 13 For many, EA’s FIFA games is the definite title to get their digital football fix, and every year the publisher ups the ante even further to keep them playing. This year, the focus is on fine-tuning battle for ball possession by improving player first-touch, defence, and AI. Revamps to dribbling and a new approach to free kicks should keep things fresh, too. FIFA 13 also brings more Middle Eastern localization by featuring KSA League teams and Abdulaziz Al Dossari on the covers.

Half Life: Black Mesa Anything Valve-related gets delayed, so when only a handful of people are working on a title as big as Black Mesa, it’s totally acceptable. The Half Life remake has been in the works for the past 8 years, going in and out of media attention, releasing only bits and pieces of irrelevant information. But the Black Mesa Modification Team, (yes, that’s what they are called), has been doling more media nuggets of late, and then finally revealed that its pet project is going to release in September. For free. On Steam. That’s a good deal already.



I, myself only heard of EYE last year and after seeing them for the first time, I considered them to be one of the best acts to come out of the UAE; and the only band I’ve seen so far that has incorporated visuals, (which I thought were quite absurd but wonderful), in their work. EYE is a Dubai-based band that incorporates post-rock and progressive elements in their music. Said to be inspired by the culture and politics of the Middle East through which they express their art musically and visually; their visuals incorporate conceptual images and are based on the bands’ reaction towards the world, (both material and abstract). The lyrics demonstrate the gap between an individual and their comfort zone within society. The band consists of Mehdi Gr on lead guitar, Kaveh Kashani on bass guitar, Bojan Preradovic on vocals and rhythm guitar, Sasan Sam on drums, Gorgin Asadi on the keyboard and the visuals are provided by Altamash Urooj. I interviewed them to find out a bit more about EYE’s origin and its’ future plans. What is the band’s origin? I know most of you are Iranian and have been participating in some polls online with other Iranian bands. How is the fan base in Persia overall? We are a Dubai based band. Four out of the five members are Iranian, (our singer Bojan is Serbian). Our fan base in Iran is growing and we are very excited about that. The opening for Anathema introduced us to the Iranian rock fans.

What was it like building up your status in Dubai? Knowing that the majority is more into generic tunes; did you face any obstacles with your music? There are always obstacles, in anything you do. We tried from the beginning to be true to ourselves and create the music that we like to hear live, and since our genre of music is a specific one, we added other elements of communication, (beside the music), to our shows to keep the crowd interested and involved. How did the name Empty Yard Experiment come about? Our name was EYE, actually is EYE. But in the middle of the process of recording our first album, we suddenly understood that we really like experiments that happen in empty yards. What genre would you say you are? Ok.. get ready... We are an experimental progressive post rock band with elements of industrial grunge. What artists, (not only musically), have influenced EYE’s music and visuals? Bukowski, Zizek, Anonymous, Tsunetomo, Sami Al Turki, and many more... Who writes the music and what messages or themes do you try to convey through it? We all write together and we are not messengers! I picked up a copy of EYE’s first album and was not disappointed! But overall how did the release go? We are really happy that you liked it and the sales went better than we expected, especially in Europe.

If you could describe EYE in one word, what would it be? Why use a word when it’s possible to do it in a letter “i”. With all the shows you’ve played, including Anathema and Evanescence, what were your most memorable experiences? Opening for Evanescence, because we managed to communicate and engage with that huge crowd. What plans does EYE have for the following year in terms of live shows? We’re going play at the Progpower Europe in Netherlands in October. For more information and updates on the band’s up-coming concerts/tours and music, visit their website or Facebook page and spread the word:


diana k.





1. ONE MORE NIGHT Maroon 5

2. WE ARE NEVER EVER... Taylor Swift


4. WHISTLE Flo Rida

5. BLOW P!nk

6. DIE YOUNG Ke$ha

YOUTUBE We know you might ask why on Earth we would be mentioning this app for you once again. Well, Apple has removed the native YouTube app from their latest version of iOS and here is what Google has provided the iPhone users with. This app has got it all: totally revamped UI with channels and subscriptions at your fingertips. This app is more or less the best YouTube experience for iOS devices and it’s free.


This is a site for those of you who’d like to have a beautifully designed website but have no idea how to code.


All the memes from around the world.

WWW.KOTAKU.COM Gamers central.


Ellie Goulding

8. TOO CLOSE Alex Clare


Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen


THE VERGE If you are a fan of the Verge or just love everything about technology, you will love this app. This is basically an app by the Verge-a technology-cantered portal where you can get all your sci-fi and latest consumer electronics information. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.




Cast: Kylie Minogue

Cast: Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Leyla Hakim and Nadine Labaki

This year Kylie is set to perform in the country and what a better way to get yourself ready than watch her 2011 tour concert. Aphrodite Les Folies tour celebrates pop princess’ latest album ‘Aphrodite’ bringing you the best modern musical take on the Ancient Greece Era. This is Kylie’s most lavish tour production to date, so get your dancing shoes and enjoy the show.

A group of women devise a plan to settle the conflict between Christian and Muslim men of their village. They are on a quest to show their loved ones that each and every one of them is equally important and cared for. This is a story about finding peace amongst one another despite their differences; it is a story where love and laughter overpower weapons and war.

A SEPARATION Cast: Peyman Moadi, Leila Hatami and Sareh Bayat A married couple is faced with a choice whether to move abroad or stay in Iran and look after the husband’s father, who’s got Alzheimer’s Disease. They soon find themselves in circumstances where the safety of their only daughter is at stake and a heart wrenching decision must be made. An Academy Award winning picture for ‘The Best Foreign Film of 2011’ - this film is definitely a future classic.


Album Reviews by


LABRINTH ‘ELECTRONIC EARTH’ You may have heard of Labyrinth from his collaborations with Tinie Tempah on the songs Pass Out and Earthquake, but now he’s released his debut album, “Electronic Earth”, and it’s a stunner for any electro-pop fans out there. The artist explains the title of the album as “his desire to mix acoustic and electronic music” and says that it represents him successfully as both an artist and producer. Songs like Earthquake and Let The Sun Shine show a good balance of electronic beats and choruses you can sing-along to and the song Express Yourself serves as a more upbeat and motivational track. Electronic Earth explores the themes of self-discovery, success versus failure, and individuality to make it an exciting and adventurous first album from the up-and-coming British artist.

RITA ORA ‘ORA’ If you were wondering what the tune of “NOW” is then, look no further; Rita Ora is what fresh and catchy pop of 2012 should be all about. She’s got vocals that could easily give half of today’s “pop princesses” a run for their money. Her lyrics are honest, light and playful. Another cool thing about this record is that Ora is jumping from genre to genre: while ‘How We Do’ and ‘Young, Single &...’ are your typical summer jams, ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Roc the Life’ will send you off on the dance floor until the early morning, where ‘Hello, Hi, Goodbye’ will then pick you up, put you in a taxi and take you on a sweet ride home with the breeze blowing through the open window. The point is, this girl has got talent and she knows exactly what to do with it. So all the Katy Perry and Rihanna wannabes, it’s time you step up your game, because Rita has got some MAJOR Ora to bring to the pop table. by


LOSTPROPHETS ‘WEAPONS’ The award-winning alternative/punk band from Wales, Lostprophets, is back with their fifth album, “Weapons.” In the buildup towards the album, the band released two singles, Bring ‘Em Down, and We Bring An Arsenal. Both singles showed promise for another album full of the band’s familiar Welsh grunge sound. The album is comprised of 10 tracks, each with deep lyrics, catchy choruses, and dominating instrumentals. The songs rely heavily on the captivating rhythms and the meaningful lyrics that inspire the fans. Most of the tracks develop into the sort of heavy rock sounds that get feet tapping and heads banging and the song Somedays makes for a lovely, more acoustic intermission. All-in-all, the album displays the perfect balance between alternative and punk styles while altogether remaining true to the band’s unmistakable blend of strong, evocative lyrics and impressive melodic interludes.


Now Look and Listen by

nikita bala

Look into my eyes and listen to the sound of my voice; you’re getting sleepy. When I snap my fingers, you will obey my every command. That is of course, if you’re starring in a B-grade, low budget Hollywood film. You see, hypnosis is very different to the popular media interpretation it has gained over the years. In various films since the 20th century, hypnosis has been heavily associated to people being lured into an almost comatose state and then being made to do obscene or dangerous activities. For example in the 2001 film Zoolander, the title character is hypnotized into trying to assassinate the a prime minister, which is not actually possible through a hypnotic trance. Theoretically, hypnosis is described as a trance state that lets one access their subconscious and thus be vulnerable to suggestibility and heightened imagination. During a hypnotic trance, the subject is in a deeply relaxed state but is not asleep, which allows them to communicate or change parts of their subconsciousness that they wish to deal with. There are many viable real-life applications of hypnosis that do not involve a man in a cape on a stage making people cluck like chickens or dance like lunatics, such as hypnotherapy and theta-healing. Hypnotherapy involves a subject going into the hypnotic state while a hypnotherapist then helps them access memories that could be the root of addictions or phobias in their lives. Hypnotherapy has also proved useful in gaining memories that the subject did not know they stored. This was at one point helpful for witnesses of court-cases, but it has since been acknowledged that one may create false memories when under the hypnotic trance due to the heightened suggestibility.

Theta-healing is very similar to hypnotherapy in that they both allow access to the subconscious, except that in theta-healing works with the theta brainwave, which is believed to have a higher connection to the universe. Theta brain waves are the state of the brain at REM sleep (dreams) and while in the theta state, the mind is capable of profound learning, healing, and growth. Through theta-healing, one focuses on remaining conscious while in the theta state. It is also believed that theta-healing allows the mind to connect to a divine power. Theta-healing is regarded as many to be very powerful and extremely successful. Both hypnotherapy and theta-healing are available and offered by trained professionals here in Dubai. The India International Healing Institute, which can be found in Dubai, India, Lebanon, and Manila, was founded by Dr. Sumant Kaul. He practices the teachings of Vianna Stibal, (the lady behind theta-healing). The IIHI works through the theta brain state to not only help people overcome fears and addictions, but to make them more successful in their financial, social, and romantic lives. They constantly hold workshops with the local staff and occasionally have Dr. Kaul hold weekend sessions as well. As with any other healing process, there are sceptics who argue that hypnotherapy and/or theta-healing are basically the placebo effect—when the thought of something helping you makes you believe that it has helped, even if it hasn’t scientifically changed anything. Whether you choose to believe in the powers of hypnotherapy and theta-healing or not, they have helped many people all around the world for years and show no sign of slowing down.

Child’s Play

Omid Bagheri wears Hat & Shoes/ Pull & Bear Jacket & Pants/ Topman Shirt/ Koton

Yasman Sadeghi wears Hairband & Earrings/ Miss Selfridge Dress / Topshop Shoes / Stylist’s own

Danielle Maguire wears Coller / Miss Selfridge Dress/Topshop Stockings/Forever21 Shoes/New Look

Evan Hargrove wears Shirts & Shoes/New Look Shorts / Pull & Bear

Jude Irshaid (left) wears Dress / Topshop Hair clips & Socks / Forever 21 Shoes / Stylist’s own Hayla Ghazal wears Top/ Pull & Bear Skirt / MIss Selfridge Socks/ Forever 21 Shoes/ New Look

Want to be a model? We are looking for all shapes and sizes. If you know how to smile and want to try modeling, email us your photo and why you’d want to be a model to If you know a bit about fashion, write to us or help out our stylists and a photographer during the fashion shoots. It’s loads of fun! Big thanks to Dubai International Academy for hosting the shoot

Laura Tibi wears Dress / Topshop Shocks / Forever 21 Shoes / New Look


Fashion Forecast


by hayla ghazal

Winter is just around the corner and it is almost time to make some space in our wardrobes for our cozy winter outfits and put our sleeveless shirts and cotton shorts aside. Here in the United Arab Emirates, it usually only gets windy and cold at night but that does not mean that you can’t have some fun with your clothes by revamping your wardrobe every once in a while. We had a look at the latest shows from Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s and Splash, so read along to keep up with the hottest trends this season!



Fur makes its traditional comeback this season. You might need to minimize your fur look though if you plan on wearing it here and go for the vests instead of the long coats. Fur vests can be worn with mid-length skirts, long dresses or even trousers.


Anything suede from shoes to bags is also bang on trend!


Suit jackets for men are hot this season, so opt for heavier fabrics like wool and velvet in rich colors and textures!



Don’t limit yourself to the typical leather jackets; try black leather dresses and add a touch of your own style by pairing them with a blazer and big clutch of your choice.


As bright colors fade away and switch to a more moody and dull tone, shades of grey are the most prominent colors right now. As seen on the runway, red, blue and purple did occasionally pop to add a burst of color.


This season is all about layering, textured looks and loose fitted outerwear, so go ahead and decide whether you want to put on a super classic trench coat, edgy leather jacket or a casual and sporty piece.

The collections are available at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s and Splash in Dubai.

“I wanted to somehow combine my art and love for fashion and I felt that bow ties were fun pieces to experiment with.�

Niko Spiteri

one8one was glad to interview Niko Spiteri who is an extremely talented young man from Canada, and who has lived in Dubai for the past ten years. In the last few years, Niko has been dedicated to working hard towards his future in the art and fashion industry. At the mere age of 19, Niko started his own brand of bow ties, named ‘NIKOS by Niko Spiteri’, which has gained local success here in the UAE, whilst keeping an excellent academic record and achieving excellent grades. He is now attending the prestigious ‘Parsons, The New School for Design’ in New York, to major in Fashion Design. With his plans to expand his brand ‘NIKOS’ in the United States, he has a promising career ahead of him! Be sure to read more to find out about how Niko got to where he is, his views on the art and fashion industry and what he hopes to achieve in the following years. This boy is not one to miss! Hi Niko. You have a great sense of stye. Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? Fashion has always been a really big interest of mine as well as art but, no, it wasn’t always what I wanted to do. Up until about two years ago I was set on studying Architecture at university however as my art A-level course developed I realized I wanted to focus on my art and love of fashion. How old were you when you started doing art on a regular basis? I loved drawing and painting when I was younger but I started doing it on a daily basis when I did my GCSE art when I was 15. You’re 19 and have successfully started your own brand of bow ties ‘NIKOS.’ How does that make you feel? It’s pretty exciting! I’ve actually been really surprised by the response I’ve had and am so happy that people like my product. I was nervous at first but the support of friends and family have really made it a great experience so far. Why did you choose to make a brand of specifically bow ties? It’s a brand of just bow ties right now. However, I hope to expand on that later. I started with bow ties because I thought it would be exciting to create pieces which would make a plain suit or tuxedo a lot more interesting. Also I wanted to somehow combine my art and my love for fashion and I felt that bow ties were fun pieces to experiment with. 33

Tell us about the bow ties! What are they like? With my bow ties I wanted to take the classic bow tie and give it a more modern feel, something different but still classy, ultimately creating a real statement piece. The fashion Industry is known to be very competitive, difficult and stressful. How do you plan to overcome the difficulties ahead? If you love something enough and are passionate about it then you’re willing to take on any hurdle or difficulty that comes your way so I will just stick to what I love and take it as it comes with a positive attitude. You are now attending the prestigious ‘Parsons. The New School for Design’ in New York. How do you feel about your move from Dubai? I’ve lived in Dubai for 10 years so I was sad to be leaving, but I’m so excited and fortunate to have had this amazing opportunity to go to such a good school and study what I love. New York is also my favourite city so you can imagine I’m pretty excited to be living there.

What courses are you taking? The first year is a Foundation year and then after that I’ll major in Fashion Design. Will you be continuing ‘NIKOS’ in New York? That’s the plan. I’m already in contact with a couple influential people in New York who are interested in my bow ties so I’m hoping for the best!

“With my bow ties I wanted to take the classic bow tie and give it a more modern feel. ” What is your advice to aspiring teens in Dubai, hoping to become successful fashion designers? Don’t be nervous about applying for Fashion Design because you don’t know how to sketch clothing or anything like that. The university is looking more at your creativity rather than the technical side of it, that’s what they’re there for, so just be passionate about your art and make sure you’re prepared to work hard! What is the ultimate dream you wish to achieve in your field of work? Some pretty amazing people in the fashion industry went to Parsons such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Alexander Wang and Steven Meisel. So the dream right now is definitely to eventually be on the notably alumni list of Parsons and to be as successful as these people. by

ambre battistella





dania chatila

Yes, going back to school can be a frightening experience for us all. But don’t spend your last carefree moments of summer stressing! Face your fears and have the year you dreamed of!

What if I get a mean teacher? DON’T PLAY THE GAME... every school has that one impossible teacher, and if you end up in his class, you might even feel like it’s not worth the effort to try at all. But the thing is, if he senses that attitude from the beginning, he’ll just push you harder. Don’t play into the tricks. Face the toughness point-blank. Prepare for class, ask as many questions as you can come up with. Just show him that you know your stuff! You’ll finally feel in control of your own learning, and believe it or not, even the toughest teachers will let go a bit when they can tell that you are really trying.

What if I try out and get rejected? DREAM BIG... a part of you may be thinking that this is the year that you will finally go for football or the school play… but the rest of you is probably terrified of a looming and disastrous let-down. The trick of it is seeing yourself getting exactly what you want, (the law of attraction), picture yourself flying at the football game, or nailing that intense monologue on opening night! When you visualize the end goal, it helps you start to see all the things you need to do to get there. Practice hard, get coached by family and friends, and by doing all of this, it keeps your mind off the scary ‘what-ifs’ that make you lose your focus.

What if I can’t handle my schedule? TAKE A TIME OUT... going from lazy days on the coach to a crazy slate of sport practices and homework can make you wonder how you’ll ever adjust! But think about it. You did it last year, and you will again. When a moment of panic sets in, take 10 seconds to breathe – it reboots your entire brain so can think clearly once again. If you are seriously stressed all of the time, think about letting go of something.

What if I have no friends in my class? PAY A COMPLIMENT... walking into the cafeteria alone is potentially the most awkward thing ever, so start a conversation in class right before break with someone who’s also heading to get lunch. Try paying a nice compliment, like “Nice shoes! Then, keep the small talk going throughout the lunch line, so it just makes sense to casually grab a table together. Chances are, he/she will be relieved to have someone to bond with over fries and a hotdog too!


Gizmos & Gadgets

It is well-known that September is a big month for fashion industry as most of the shows happen then. This year, however, tech industry was no slouch either. Motorola and Amazon announced their new additions to DROID and Kindle families, Microsoft went full-force with Windows Phone 8 announcements and Apple finally unveiled their latest iOS devices, including the long-awaited, much-leaked iPhone 5. On a side note, we got to play with BB Playbook and Curve 9380 this past month, so there is a little bit about that. Read on...


APPLE ARMY iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest and greatest offering and undoubtedly the best built phone to date. For the first time ever, Apple increased the screen to 4” without increasing the width of it so it is still easy to use with one hand. I welcome this change, as the main reason I don’t use anything above 4” is the frustration I get when I feel like I’ve got a skateboard against my face. Some people will disagree, but that’s just me. So what’s new? At first even though the main design elements are a clear iteration of the previous two generations, the phone is incredibly different as a whole. At 7.6 mm thin, it is now made of a unibody aluminium and the weight has been dramatically decreased to 112 g from the 4S’ 140g. Apple has finally added LTE connectivity and having run some tests, I would like to confirm that the battery life on this thing is absolutely fantastic with LTE turned on. I got a full day out with the average browsing, gaming, some video and general texting and calling. This has been achieved with the help of Apple’s new processor chip A6, which is powerful, yet sips on the battery, leaving you with a working phone for the most part of the 24 hours. The graphics and overall performance is at least twice as fast as 4S and the camera can now shoot in panorama mode, resulting in photos up to 28 MP. The camera now allows you to take photos while recording videos-a feature that’s been around on many Android phones for some time. I must say the phone is very fast while taking photos and the shutter button is quicker at responding compared to 4S. It is worth to note that the dock connector has been replaced with the new Lightening- a much smaller connector, which is supposed to be faster and better than its 30-pin predecessor, but still not supportive of USB 3. What about your old accessories? Get the new ones or buy an adaptor for AED 119 available this month. Overall, iPhone 5 is by far the best iPhone ever made. The hardware improvements are incredible and impressive. However, the OS is where it starts to look dated as we are still left with the grid of static icons and same five year old usage paradigms. iOS does not seem to be much of a leader in innovation nowadays and with the real-time Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles and Jelly Bean’s actionable notifications; it seems very still and closed. The major change is new maps, built and developed by Apple, Google Maps is out the door. So those of you who would like to stick with iOS for some time should upgrade if you’ve got an iPhone 4, however those with 4S may want to skip this generation and see what the Cupertino giant will have to offer in their iOS7 next year. Now, the iPod line has been refreshed with the iPod Touch, reworked with a 4” display and offered in 5 different colours as well as the new headphones Apple calls EarPods, which are redesigned and are supposed to sound much better. I hope so. It is rather annoying to see the new Touch is offered only at 32GB and 64GB capacities and at a noticeably higher price, (from AED 1249), while leaving the previous generation on sale. The nano has got a 2” touchscreen with a crippled iOSlike system with no additional apps to install, leaving the screen change pointless. I personally thought the last iteration was much better as one could clip it on or wear it as a watch while working out. It made nano PERFECT at being, well, nano. Now, it is more of a weirdly-placed product that’s too big to have while working out (compared to the previous generation) and too small and incapable to use for anything else. I hope the OS for this thing improves and takes off in a new direction as currently I do not see myself buying another mp3 player to carry around. Finally, it seems that Apple is taking steps in expanding their product offerings, leaving consumers with more choice (colour) to pick from.

ATTACK OF THE WINDOWS PHONE 8 Nokia, HTC and Samsung are all ready to bring out their latest guns and this season’s favourite is Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has done something incredible in the past couple of years. It feels like their design team has been given a greater voice and now we have been given an opportunity to use something so beautifully-designed that even Apple should be concerned. Microsoft has taken a totally different approach to computing and I cannot wait to get my hands on their phones, tablets and even the desktop interactions of Windows 8. Samsung started it by showing off their Ativ S- 4.8” ,1.5 GHz dual-core processor phone with storage capacities of 16 and 32GB with the future Micro SD expanded memory support. It is by far Samsung’s most high-end device , made of mostly aluminium and glass. Beautiful. Being an official partner of Microsoft, Nokia has probably got the most impressive line-up of Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 phones. While 820 is a mid-range device with a 4.3” display, 8GB storage (MicroSD expandable) and 8MP rear camera. Lumia 920, however, is what Nokia will be fighting with-4.5” 1280x768 curved glass display and 8.7 MP camera with “floating lens” for better optics and their new image stabilization. It should be noted that both of the Lumias will support wireless charging and sport touch technology that will let you use the phones with gloves on. Brilliant. Finally, HTC just announced their 8S and 8X. Similar to their Android break down, X is aimed at highend and S- for mid-range. 8X, a clear aim at Nokia Lumia 920, will sport a 4.3” 720p HD super LCD 2 display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of storage, and NFC support. Interesting thing about this phone is its front facing 2.1MP camera- a first in this capacity, HTC seems to care how good you look when Skyping. 8S, on the other hand is a mid-range phone, featuring 4” WVGA display and 4 GB of storage, but no to worry as it will support MicroSD for memory expandability.

BLACKBERRY WORLD So as I’ve said it in the introduction, I got to play with BlackBerry PlayBook and Curve 9380 to see what is happening to the products of Waterloo. Before comparing it to any other platform I’d like to note that BB OSes are in the category of their own. First, the BB OS 7 is nothing like Android, iOS or Windows Phone. It is clearly cantered at the messaging and communicating aspect of a mobile OS. Texts, emails and other messages can be found in one place, the BBM service is something easy and very convenient to use. It is also cheap and reliable when it comes to reaching someone. There were no issues with connection. Since RIM is solely focused on churning out BB 10 in the beginning of 2013, I’d say that buying a cheaper BlackBerry for a sole purpose of quick communication would be a sensible thing to do. This Curve, for instance, costs about AED850 and is a great device for instant connectivity. PlayBook is what I see as a preview of what’s to come next year. It is clearly what RIM is working on and the direction it is planning to take. It should be noted that BB PlayBook 2.0 OS is a system running in the actual real-time with no hang ups or suspended application processes. All in all, it is a platform that’s young and has a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see where RIM will take it from here as there is plenty of room to go.



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WIN! have got loads of premiere tickets to all sorts of movies, so log on to their website, enter and win.

DARLING COMPANION Starring: Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline This romantic comedy tells the story of a family dog, loved by the wife, (Diane Keaton), but hated by the husband, (Kevin Kline), and when the husband accidentally loses the dog, the couple have to work together to find him, and in the process uncovering rifts in their own marriage.





Starring: Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara

Starring: John Travolta, Salma Hayek

Tim Burton is remaking the film that started his career. While the original Frankenweenie was a live action short film, this remake is a full length animated comedy film in the style of Corpse Bride. The film tells the story of a young scientist who revives his dog Sparky after it dies, but finds that it’s not easy to control reanimated dogs.

Director Oliver Stone leaves politics out of his upcoming film, instead giving us a crime thriller starring Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively. Two criminals find themselves facing a dangerous Mexican Cartel when they kidnap their girlfriend.

SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD Starring: Steve Carell, Keira Knightley There are three weeks’ time left on earth before an asteroid ends all life on it, and Dodge, (played by Steve Carell), decides to take a trip to reunite with his high school sweetheart before the world ends. However, not everything goes as planned when his neighbour Penny, (Keira Knightley), joins him on his trip.



Starring: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen

Starring: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill

Liam Neeson showed the world that he can be a formidable action star in the first Taken, and after that film’s surprise success, Taken 2 was inevitable. Years after the events of the first film, Spencer’s ex-wife is kidnapped by the chief crime lord of the Albanian Mafia, the same group who kidnapped his daughter in the first film. Spence is again forced into action to save his family.

Funny men Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade unite in this interesting blend of science fiction and comedy. Four men form a neighbourhood watch as means of breaking the routine of their daily lives. However, they get more than what they bargained for when they uncover an alien plot threatening the world.


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CATCHING JORDAN by Miranda Kenneally

Most girls who have ever played a sport have thought to themselves- ‘I bet I could do it just as well as the guys’ or ‘ I wonder it would be like to play with/against the guys’. Well Jordan Woods is and can. A starting Quarter back for her High School football team, she has the talent and lives every tomboy’s dream of leading a team. Reaching for that scholarship to a great university as well, all of that comes into serious reconsideration when Ty Green, an absolutely gorgeous and incredible Quarterback comes into the picture. This is no doubt a girl’s novel, in the sense that many can relate. A well-written story with common dilemmas that oppose many high school girls today. Interesting, funny and relatable, this book is one that will be picked up and not put back down again for a while.

THE WOLVES OF MERCY FALLS Series by Maggie Stiefvater Shiver, Linger and Forever are all three books in the ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls’ Trilogy published from 2009 to 2011. The books are narrated from the main characters’ perspectives, the first novel from the main characters Sam Roth and Grace Brisbane’s perspective, and as the series progresses more character narratives are added into the mix. Set in a fictional town called Mercy Falls, Grace is saved as a young girl after being bitten from a pack of wolves by a yellow-eyed wolf. From then on she lives her life in two segments- the summer and the winter – as a human and as a wolf. Sam Roth a yelloweyed boy who was bitten at a young age lives his life alongside Grace under the protection of the pack. The story follows their woes and obstacles as wells as happier tidings. Aside from a somewhat similar plot to the twilight series, all three books encompass tragedy and romance and are a great read for when you have the time.

Read a book lately? Want to share it with us? Tell us about at

n o i t a n i t s e d e t a m i t l u The for sneaker enth usiasts

The Dubai Mall: 04 3253109 Arabian Center: 04 2845435 Mall of the Emirates (inside Debenhams): 04 3407575 Mirdif City Centre (inside Debenhams): 04 2316602 Ibn Battuta Mall (inside Debenhams): 04 3685900

Opening soon in Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi.

Nadine Ruwaida ARTIST

After a very long day of vigorous shopping for one of our magazine reviews, I arrived at the office exhausted and totally forgetful of the fact that I had arranged a meeting with Nadine. Not from lack of interest but from how exhausted I was. As a matter of fact, after I saw her gorgeous art I quickly contacted her and prepared a set of questions that I was eager to ask her about, but inconveniently, I forgot my list at home. I only realized this fact about an hour before the time we agreed to meet. Then to add to my mix, she surprised me and walked in an hour early! I was sure that the interview was doomed for disaster. Not to make things worse than they already were, I immediately told that I wasn’t prepared and that this was my first interview. She laughed and told me that it was her first interview too and she said jokingly that “she had faith in me”. I was soon at ease. My tension cooled down and all the ice melted. I was surprised by how down-to-earth she is about her talent and art. Don’t get me wrong though, she’s not one of those people that very annoyingly refuse to accept any compliments. Neither does she also very annoyingly boast on and on about her talents. And mind you, she has a lot to boast about. She struck me as one of the most modest, well balanced artists I have ever come across.

“I find realism very hard to apply, my work is mostly abstract because in that way I am describing life itself and not just what meets the eye.”




Nadine started drawing at a very young age, yet unlike many other artists she had no set intentions on having a career in that field. “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life”, she says. She even stopped drawing or sketching for a while but during high school her classmate’s interest in anime brushed on her and she was drawing once again. Now, she’s majoring in interior design at the University of Sharjah and she loves it! “I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else”, she says. Nadine’s art mostly focuses on the different elements of nature especially those that she considers “unusual”. But don’t be fooled, there’s much more to her art than just pretty pictures of flowers and trees. “The concept matters more” she says,” It gives drawings more value”. Through her art, she tries to deliver strong messages of how important nature is to us; “we all need nature”. When I asked her whether she plans ahead about what she wants to convey through her art, she replied “when I start drawing, the concept I’m trying to convey comes out with it”. Nadine believes that interior design has allowed her to explore and discover so much more than she thought was possible. “It makes your design field limitless”. Currently interning at an interior design company,” Inova”, Nadine says “there is no limit to creativity; you can even be creative when working on bathrooms!” When I asked her about what was most important to her, she said friendship, “friendship is very important to me, I didn’t mention family because family comes under the title of friendship, and family members are most valuable when you have friendship bonds with them”. I asked her about whether her family supported her choice in terms of the subject she majored in; she said that at first they weren’t quite convinced but when they saw how creative she was, they were quite impressed. “When I started to have my own style, my parents started to appreciate my work and my dad started saying stuff like, “you should open your own gallery or something”. Nadine’s style is a mixture of realism and impressionism; she’s inspired by the famous French impressionist Claude Monet. In her words, “his work just blows me away”. She describes her work as being more abstract than realistic, in her words; “I find realism very hard to apply, my work is mostly abstract because in that way I am describing life itself and not just what meets the eye”. As you can see, Nadine is an artist of few words; she’d rather let her art speak for itself. Yet she said one thing which I believe conveys a very strong message; “everything starts with a line, and we, I believe, are all lines, tiny lines in a massive painting. Some of us stay lines forever and others strive and aspire to occupy their own distinct parts in the canvas of life’. Through her art and creativity, Nadine has defiantly reserved her place on the canvas.


Eternal Love by

Jasmin Croome

A day for mourning; an esplanade of wilting daisies; leaves trembling against their branches as restless wind exchanged spades of derision, lurking through upturned buttercups; mixed with the souls of which were once pursuing. Life was no more, as unsullied swings held revenant ghouls, each humming a tone of anxiety and hatred. Invisibility was the colour; gravestones dissolving into an overgrown rose meadows, coffins lying in the undergrowth. Mist hung like a blanket above ghoul’s heads, knaves twisting fate for fools upon park benches, rotting underneath them as they exchange pounds of flesh. Children’s toys abandoned in the sand pit a grey teddy bear left alone in hydrangeas, his eyes bulging with age. The pond, once a haven for families on boats and bateaus, swans frolicking above the powdery morning fog as they relive dreams. Waterlilies climbed towards the light, but that light is no more… A man sat on a bench. He sat solemnly, questioning life’s adversities, 81 years was surely enough, wasn’t it? A thick journal in his hand, he was bemused by it. Alone on a decaying bench, lost in wishing and hoping for a miracle. But nothing worked. Always asking why he was the punch-line of misfortune; he had always dreamed of that perfect life. Eyes like fireflies; he wanted a reason to live. A good reason, he thought, relapsing everything he’d ever done. What he wanted to say, but could never find the words too. The man was busy pondering what he must have done in a former life. Sigh. All he could do was inhale, and exhale. Breathing was the only thing he could control. What was his life good for? Sure, he had lived vicariously, ‘everyday could be my last’ was commonly uttered by him, an important saying that he lived by. It had not been the rip-roaring spectacular he had fancied it would be, but neither had he burrowed around with the gophers. He was a common man, with common thoughts, and had lead a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to him, and his name will soon be forgotten. He had no complaints about the life he had chosen, as his path was now cemented with the rocks and gravel that accumulate over a lifetime. In an attempt to revive life, he looks up. The sun, overshadowed by clouds of derision and lost hope, nothing was worth living for. What was the point? He asked himself many times, in an attempt to relive what he once had. Her touch, her delicate frame, the feeling of inner warmth as she held him. Her warm embrace, his hands clasped around her, holding her close and never letting her go. The smell of her baking; apple cinnamon pies as she lifted them out of the oven; the cakes she sold in her shop. She was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. He had loved her with all his heart and soul, and that to him had always been enough. He was complete with her; nothing ever mattered while in her presence. The moments he could spend with her were worth centuries without. Her laugh, her smile, her positivity, nothing kept a smile on his face more than her presence. His eyes skimmed his journal, as he read lines over and over. He tapped his foot to the palpable melody of falling leaves, his brow furrowing as he read the scrawls that were once exactly what he wanted them to be. A benevolent smile cracked across his lips as he read his memories. He looked down at his left hand,

train tracks running across his palms. A faded wedding ring; a memory they once shared together, stared back at him. The laughter at midnight, everything that had come between them. The arguments; disagreements. The storming out, the catching a train at midnight to just get away from it all. The crying, the screaming. The feelings they shared towards each other. The first time they had shared a moment… meeting at the park on Sundays, rowing across the lake. She’d always be waiting for him. The beauty they had shared between them was stronger than anyone will ever know. A single tear slides down his cheek, falling into the potholes of his visage. The only proof of love and good times were in the circle around his finger all binded in the eternity of love they partook. Without his ring, the relationship may as well have been fictional, as all people who witnessed it were now diseased, and just how easily he could throw his ring into the lake and be done with it. He was always questioning ‘why me?’ as tears streamed down his face, isolated from the life around him. Time stood still for this man. He wiped the tears from his countenance. It was the anniversary of the day they had met, the summer of June, 1948. Putting his hand to his face, he sat in total bewilderment. Remembrance flooded through his body like a tsunami flooding through a village. His eyelashes fluttered closed like window shutters as his kissed his ring, memories of love and her delicate frame flashing through his mind as the wind slurred leaves around his feet. He then smiled a faint smile. He could feel her presence. The man stood, picking up a walking cane he had laid down next to him. He then interlocked his arm with nothing, unaware that no one could see her ghost; not even he could. His face looked like an open envelope as he smiled at the love of his life, who had been sitting with him all along.

Choose Your Martial Art


Martial arts have long been present in popular culture; countless films and books have inspired people all over the world to study and learn more about them. The physical and mental benefits of studying a martial art have been widely accepted; increased flexibility, strength, focus and confidence, to name a few. Martial art clubs are now appearing in schools, leisure centres and even on high streets. Many people assume that all martial arts are very similar, but each one has strengths and weaknesses that are important to get a basic understanding of, so that you can choose the right club for you or your children. To begin with, martial arts are separated into three basic categories: striking, grappling and the arts that incorporate both. Grappling arts focus on subduing an opponent quickly and effectively, usually by throwing them and then placing them in a restricting hold or choke, they rarely use any kind of strike. Proficiency is reached in these arts through mastering techniques, rather than reaching a very high level of physical fitness. Grappling arts are very practical and lend themselves to people who are interested in self-defence. Typical martial arts in this category include Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido.

Striking martial arts concentrate on inflicting enough damage on an opponent to injure them enough so that they are unwilling or unable to continue a fight. Any martial art will improve your self-defence skills, but striking martial arts take this one step further and often involve an element of competition and sparring in their teaching. Sparring can be a good or bad element of martial art teaching. Its’ purpose is to allow you to fight someone of a similar height, age and weight, with a heavy emphasis on not injuring your partner. While sparring is an excellent way of seeing your skills progress it can be intimidating and it is often hard to find a suitable partner. People can have trouble controlling their aggression levels in a sparring situation and they don’t always have a clear understanding of the damage their techniques can cause, especially when they are new to a martial art. If you feel uncomfortable don’t hesitate to sit out any sparring sessions, the important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing. Typical striking arts include Karate, Boxing and Taekwondo. Martial arts that include grappling and striking are usually very physically demanding and require the use of specialist equipment, such as a fighting ring and a dedicated gym. These styles are sometimes referred to as ‘mixed martial arts’ (MMA) and they are commonly demonstrated by professional fighters in the televised UFC championships. Choosing to study one of these martial arts is a big commitment; the training involved in learning them can be very physically demanding, but also very rewarding. The biggest benefit of these styles is that they produce a very well-rounded fighter with excellent levels of fitness and experience. The variety of techniques taught in a mixed martial art lead to them sometimes being viewed as more practical than other martial arts.


William smith

A separate group that hasn’t been mentioned in this article yet are the Chinese martial arts. Chinese martial arts are hundreds of years old and are viewed by many to be the founders of today’s modern styles. Before any of the above martial arts were founded almost all of their techniques were already present in the Chinese arts. The diversity and complexity of Chinese fighting styles is bewildering, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different styles that are taught all over the world that claim to originate from China. As well as including all three categories that have been outlined above, Chinese martial arts also incorporate a strong sense of tradition and often spirituality into their teachings. If you come across a Chinese martial arts club that interests you the only real way to gauge what they do would be to sit in on a lesson, in fact this is a good idea for any prospective student considering a martial arts club. Some clubs also offer a free sample lesson for you to join in. Hopefully this article has given you some things to watch out for as you look around for a suitable martial arts club. Martial arts do require time and dedication to master, but the effort is well worth the sense of accomplishment and increased confidence that result from such training, so have fun and stay safe!


Photography The winner of this month’s photography contest is Farah Hamdy with ‘El Lamona’ “The most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures out of uninteresting moments.” - Alex Tehrani


kristina kleymenova

If you are just getting started in photography, or you plan to do so, it is easy to be lost in variety of options that 21st era of technology offers. Modern camera design is based on the earliest camera slogans “You press, we do the rest.� Most of them have automatic exposure, focus, ISO and etc. But then why do we need to know how the camera works and study all the unfamiliar terms? Well, we want to have freedom to express ourselves! Remember, camera is just a tool, and you are the one who makes the decision whom, where, and how to photograph. Learning the way camera works will help you to realize your artistic choices.

Christopher Rajan

Fadwa Qadan

Tip of the month: What is aperture? Aperture is the size of the lens opening through which light passes. It movable leaves can be opened wide to let more light in or narrow to let less light. The size of an aperture is indicated by its f- number. The lower the f- number the more light comes through, the higher the f-number the less light comes through. General camera lens have a range from f./1.4 to f./16, however large view cameras can stop down to f./64.

Ramya Iyer

Zein Jallad

How does it influence your image? The smaller the aperture size, for example f./2, the more of the scene will be sharp from near to far. Basically your focused subject will be sharp meanwhile the rest of the scene blurred. The bigger the aperture size, for example f./22, the higher the depth of field, meaning the more area of the scene will be sharp.


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EBAd Syed


When angry, it is believed one should put a cube of sugar on their tongue to stay diplomatic and speak well.

Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck, but walk backwards through it and your bad luck will be reversed!

One should avoid whistling at home unless they would like to frighten the guardian angel and have money problems.

When moving in, first let your cat in through the window so it stays and doesnt run away.

If a lizard falls on one’s head, it’s a sign of good luck. It brings happiness.

Breaking a mirror is said to bring bad luck for 7 years. To “undo” this, take the shards of glass and bury them under a moonlight.

Never gift an empty wallet, unless you’d like the person receiving it to have finanical difficulties.

It is said that one should never rock an empty rocking chair as it brings bad luck and could even bring death to the family.

Opening an umbrella indoors is said to be bad luck.

Collect seven or nine different flowers on Midsummer Eve and place them under your pillow. It is said you will dream of your future spouse.

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Letters to a Coach Get advice from our life coach Maria Chatila. Write to her at All writing will remain anonymous.


I’m very confused about my future. There is really no passion in my life. I play the piano, but that’s not always my passion. Sometimes I love it and other times I feel like piano just isn’t for me. On the other hand, my sister is so much more focused in what she’s interested in. She has so many possibilities for jobs in the future, and I don’t. I asked my dad, but he told me not to worry and keep doing well in school. Is this going to help at all if I don’t have any focus/ passion? In other words, I’m worried that I’ll end up getting a job I hate or even no job at all.

Maria V. Chatila is presently living in Dubai with her husband and three children. She works as a Family & Relationship Life Coach. She is dedicated to helping teens, families, couples and individuals to build personal and family awareness, while creating empowering personal relationships. Maria gives talks and workshops and also works privately with clients.

Unfocused Wow, that feels like you let a huge load off your shoulders. Although you didn’t tell me your age, I am guessing that job hunting is still years away for you. I want to start by normalising what you are experiencing right now. It is normal to feel confused about your future. Many adults in careers are still confused about their choices. Being a youth means that you have the opportunity to explore all of the things that you are curious about. If you don’t know what you are passionate about, then try lots of new things. The term ‘passion’ is over used these days. It seems like every-one is talking about their passions. The key to opening that door is to really clarify what ‘passion’ means to you and to your life in the future. Ask yourself, ‘what does passion mean to me?’; then ask, ‘how will I know when I am passionate?’; ‘What will I be expecting to see/hear/feel that will tell me that I am passionate?’ Clarifying these questions will guarantee that you are becoming conscious and aware of what you want. Also, remember that hobbies today do not have to become career choices tomorrow. What’s wrong with enjoying piano or any other hobby. My next suggestion is that you stop comparing yourself to your sister. Our life is our journey and there is no prize at the finish line. Some people seem to figure things out quicker but that is their story. You may need a little more time. Whenever we compare ourselves to others, we always add unnecessary pressure that doesn’t serve us in the long run. Listen to your dad. He’s wise. Stay focused on your studies. The rest will come. Finally, become curious about careers that exist in your circle and outside of your circle. What attracts your attention? What are you repelled by? Ask yourself why? Becoming curious about yourself will help you to discover the wonders that you have within you. Have fun during this time of your life. You are a star and you will shine....if only you just believe..

Smoke-free This is such an important topic and I thank you for sharing it with us. In your letter, I heard several things. First, that your friendships with the group are very special to you and that you are feeling left out. I also heard that you are projecting why they haven’t invited you to their smoking gatherings. Finally, you don’t want to change but you are considering it to get closer to the group. Take a moment to remember the nature of your friendship with the group. What were your hopes for them? What did you wish would continue? Now, reflect on what your biggest worry about the group is? What are you losing sleep about? Twelve years of friendship is a long and special time. Allow yourself to remember the highs and the lows. I imagine that you are living the lows right now. That is okay. It is normal and natural. Relationships always have peeks and lulls. Relationships are dynamic and not static. Remember this.

Q. I’m in grade 12 and I’ve spent my entire

school life with a really close group of friends. I’ve always felt comfortable around them because we all shared similar values. We used to hang out every weekend, but I’ve recently found out that my friends have been smoking behind my back. They never invited me to these ‘get togethers’. I don’t want to smoke, but I still feel left out. I feel like they don’t invite me because they think I’m too uptight. Am I too cautious about this whole ‘smoking’ thing? But I have no desire to smoke. What should I do?

Now, ask yourself, who/what is stopping me from being a part of the group at all times? How can you reconnect with them? How can you reach out to the group on an emotional level. Bond with them. Express to them how you are feeling. You said that you all share similar values so this should be an easy task. Next, be prepared to understand why they haven’t invited you. They may not have noticed or they may not being consciously meeting for a smoke and intentionally leaving you out. Only they can rest your mind at ease. Ask, and share with them how you feel. Great friends will care about your feelings. Finally, smoking is a dirty and unhealthy habit. I cannot describe it in any other way. Smoking is also a form of addiction. As all addictions, it is unhealthy and will cause you and those that inhale the smoke great harm in the future. If you really have no desire to smoke, then don’t do for any reason. If your friends care about you, they will bond and connect with you at other times. Don’t adopt poor habits in the hopes that it will help you connect with friends. Reach out and make new friends.

New friends I can feel your sadness and I really want to applaud you for sharing this with us. Your courage will help many youth in the same scenario. This is a challenging time of the year for many students such as yourself. The UAE is such a transient place and so many students move from school to school for various reasons. Being the new student is never easy and being a new student trying to ‘fit in’ with already tight groups is even harder. I want to tap you on the back for going out and trying to make new friends. You mentioned that you shared the same ethics. How do you know this for certain? What words did you hear that told you the ethics were similar? Many times, we hope and assume that people share our ethics and values but in fact, they don’t. If your new friends are bailing on you, it sounds like it may be time for you to reflect on what you really want from a friendship. What are your hopes? What are your worries? What can you bring to a new friendship that will best serve the group? What can they expect from you? Next, ask yourself what you are willing to do to find these new friends? It may mean that you must look in directions at school that you haven’t thought about. Perhaps the library? Maybe a bench on the field? Where are you most comfortable and look around that area? Next, Focusing on your school work is always important but school life is not just about the books; it’s an experience that teaches you how to interact with people just as you would in the real world. Socialising is an import aspect of school-life so take some time to make new and interesting friends. Although you moved to a new school, you can still reconnect with your old friends. Spend some time with them at the week-end. Moving on doesn’t mean the end of a great friendship. Finally, just as I told the reader above. NEVER change yourself to ‘fit in’ with a crowd. You are special just the way you are. Real and true friends will accept you for you. Change is hard but in the long’s rewarding and fun and exciting. Be strong and keep your chin up.

Q. I recently moved/switched school and

with that I lost contact with all my close friends. So I made new friends at my new school that have the same ethics as me. Sadly, those newer friends have bailed on me so many times and on so many different occasions. I’ve ended up sitting alone at school and waiting for the phone to ring on the weekends. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do now? Focus on pure schooling, attempt to make new friends just to possibly be rejected again, or change my ethics so I can ‘fit in’, which I’m strongly against. Help me!


Super Foods by

Dania chatila

Have you ever seen a recipe online or an item on a menu that involves something you can’t even pronounce? These foods may sound scary, but they’re actually amazing for you! (Hence the term “SUPER FOODS!”) Here is the crème de la crème of them all, broken down just for you!

TEMPEH Tempeh (pronounced temp-ay) is commonly used by vegans as a protein source; it’s actually fermented soy that’s easier on your digestive system than most proteins. It’s insanely good for you — packing 11 grams of fibre and 20 grams of protein! — It comes already cooked, so all you have to do is heat it up and flavour.

KALE Think of kale as an “upgrade” or swap for lettuce. It’s a dark, leafy green and is the vegetable if you’re looking to get tons of nutrients— it’s high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, and vitamins A, C, E, and K (nothing much really :p) Kale purifies your blood, strengthens your immune system, and improves organ function. One of the best parts about this green leaf is that it’s super easy to introduce into your everyday meal plan. You could throw a handful into your smoothie, use as a base for salads, or mix it up with olive oil, avocado and salt for a yummy kale salad.

For easy preparations, try sautéing it with veggies or grilling it to make a tempeh “burger.”

SPIRULINA This superfood, (pronounced spearuh-lean-uh), is technically micro-algae, (gross, right?), and is known as one of the best sources of protein. Despite its’ small size, spirulina contains 60 to 70% of complete protein, (meat only contains around 25% complete protein), and eight important amino acids. It also boosts your metabolism, balances mood swings, and controls sugar cravings! The most popular form of spirulina taken is in the dried powder — throw it in a shake or add it to any prepared foods for that extra boost!



Quinoa, (pronounced keen-wah) is yet another seed that’s fully loaded with protein and fibre Once again, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 to add it into your usual diet.

These little seeds are packed with minerals and fibre, and they give you tons of energy. Chia seeds are also one of the richest sources of Omega-3, which protect against arthritis and heart disease, and they improve your brain function and focus. These underestimated seeds are everything you could ask for!

You could boil it and swap it for rice in recipes, add to salads to make them more filling, and even substitute it for cereal or oatmeal in the morning. One of quinoa’s great factors is that it cooks very quickly and lasts up to a week in the fridge, so you can cook up a batch every week and have some ready prepared to make your favourite foods even healthier!

Another bonus of the little seeds? They grow and expand in your stomach, therefore keeping you full for a longer period of time. When added to liquid, the seeds can expand to ten times their size! The best part about this superfood is the fact that they’re tasteless, so you can add them to anything for some extra nutrients. Throw a teaspoon or two in your smoothie, or sprinkle the seeds on your morning cereal.

Astro September 2012


(21 September - 20 October)





Celebrate the little things that have been happening in your life. You can see that things are getting better in every aspect of your life. Your friendships have faced some difficult times lately but that is why you are now finding out who your real friends are. You are connecting with people more and are happy to lend a hand to those who need help with work or studies.

You will be walking around with a great aura around you which will attract people to you. When someone asks you to do something out of your character you will not be able to say “no”. Go for it, as long as it’s nothing dangerous. You may have to make some serious decisions this month that involve you taking on bigger responsibilities.

A crazy month! You will just want to be with people all the time, which is great most of the time, but may lead to some silly arguments. Have patients, otherwise things may not turn out too well. You are strong and usually overcome obstacles easily. You will need to make a decision where money is involved so take your time and find the right balance between your dreams and reality.

This month you will get a preview of what things are going to be like for the next few months. You will get lots of attention and your energy levels will shift positively but you will not be willing to compromise when it comes to things closest to your heart which may cause some frustrations. There is a lot of work to be done and people are relying on you to be strong when there is an emergency and make fast decisions.





Adventure is what you need but do your research before you sign up for any crazy activities. If your mood is not right it may lead you to rush your decisions and make silly mistakes. It may even effect your finances, health and relationships. Use your communication skills to your advantage and take on exciting projects you normally would not be interested in. You may discover a new passion.

Happy, happy days this month. This month life will seem so amazing and beautiful. You have a great capacity to give love to everyone around you which makes you shine. Call an old friend and find out why you lost touch, it’s the perfect time to rekindle relationships. Doors will open and you will get great chances to do extraordinary things.

You are on fire; running around wanting to do everything. Though being enthusiastic does not mean that you are satisfied. The way to success is clear to you and you need to follow it. You will notice how much your friends mean to you and specifically why. Someone will tell you a big secret which you will have to take to your grave. You will make great progress in general this month.

There is some action going on but slightly less than last month. Intellectual conversations will take place which is what you’re good at whether you realize it or not. Take on some group projects in order to find more friends that you think may relate or understand you better. There will be temptations that are difficult to resist but you are strong and you will overcome them.





You have loads of physical energy. Let it out; go jogging, running or participate in a sport you’ve always wanted to try out and never had the time to. You will have the need to express yourself and prove something to everyone around you. Just do what you think is right, keep going and asses the risks before you plunge into the unexpected.

Peace is what is in store for you this month. You will prefer to hang out with people that are more intellectual, cultural or spiritual. You’re done with all the difficulties you’ve been having and can finally relax and take it easy for a while. All the obstacles you have been facing made you the person you are today so do not regret anything.

You are very active this month. Take every opportunity that comes your way and great things will happen. Let your instincts guide you. You will have a challenge which you will need to deal which will test your patience. Take it one step at a time and don’t rush into things. You will get involved in a great project which you will enjoy. You will be financially rewarded for a job well done.

The month won’t start out too happy but will get better in the end. You thrive on challenges. Set a goal, figure out your objectives and go for it. Nothing comes easy so don’t get disappointed when things don’t go exactly the way you had planned. You will reach your goal if you push hard enough. You have the need to stand out and get ahead of people and you will.

(21 March- 20 April)

(21 July- 20 August)

(23 November- 20 December)

(21 April- 20 May)

(21 August- 20 September)

(21 December- 19 January)

21 May- 20 June)

(21 September- 20 October)

(20 January- 18 February)

(21 June- 20 July)

(21 October- 22 November)

(19 February- 20 March)


Supernatural by


WHICH MYTHICAL CREATURE ARE YOU ? Tick the answers in the quiz: 1: What is your favorite color? a. Black or grey b. Red c. Brown, maroon and beige

2: Can you tolerate loud noises?

a. I don’t really care b. Yes c. I hate them!

3: Do you like darkness?

a. It’s ok b. Love it! c. Not really

4: Where do you like to stay?

a. Anywhere b. In a normal house c. In the forest

5: What do you like eating?

a. I’m not that picky b. Nothing really, I prefer drinking c. Meat, meat and more meat

6: Do bright lights annoy you?

a. Not at all, light is light b. Sometimes c. Definitely!

7: Can you imitate other people well?

a. Yes, I totally love doing that! b. No, people mostly imitate me c. I never tried because I know I could never do it well

8: Do you care for your appearance?

Mostly A’s: Congratulations, you are a shape shifter! Shifting can be done in full form or parts, as in changing the leg muscles to be able to run faster, or growing animal ears while leaving the rest of the body human. This covers so much that most shape shifters don’t need further powers. Beware though, you may even be an “alpha” shifter, this is where you can shift into any form at all, including duplicating anything perfectly! Mostly B’s: You are a vampire! Your powers and abilities involve: strength and speed much higher than that of a human, complete with incomparable grace. Whether you’re old or new, you possess senses much greater than anybody else! If you didn’t think those features were good enough, vampires are resistant to almost everything! (Except for garlic *wink, wink*)

Mostly C’s: You are a werewolf! Not only do you have

elongated, sharp fangs and claws with enhanced sight and smell. You can also infect others with just one bite from your incisors! Watch out though! You turn into this beast every full moon!

a. No, because I can change it when I want b. Not at all! I look perfect! c. Yes, a lot.







2 The most popular candy passed out in Halloween 6 She can fly on a magic broomstick 7 Count Dracula’s hometown 11 Horror stories by R.L. Stein 12 A werewolf’s weakness 13 Gaelic harvest festival that is a precursor to Haloween 15 Risk turning into stone if you gaze into her eyes 16 The most common superhero costume 18 Blood-drinking supernatural creatures 19 Colour of an unlucky cat

1 Casper the Friendly _____ 3 The most popular candy given out in Halloween 4 The scientist from Mary Shelley’s novel who created a monster 5 Wailing woman from Irish mythology 8 Immortal creatures made of fire that originate from Arabic lore 9 Shrek was an ____ 10 An animated corpse that craves for your brain Easy 14 Orange Fruit that you carve 17 A clove of this will keep a vampire away

Brain Food









4 5



5 8 7







12 13

6 1 4 2

2 9 4

1 4

3 5

4 7




8 7

5 4 2


7 6



1 2


16 17 18

6 4

6 7 9 8


9 7


7 1


2 3

4 19


8 1

8 5




2 3

5 9

Answers from the previous issue 0 L Y M P I C U R I R V I B R A D L E Y C L U U L L G E E U A U M H I G G S N V U N E I T E S G R A S E

S E S I R T P E 0 0 P E R M W E R I B 0 S 0 N F B S 0 I N T U D U A T I 0 N T D R S K Y S

Easy 8 2 1 9 5 3 6 7 4

5 9 3 4 7 6 8 2 1

7 4 6 2 8 1 5 3 9

1 5 4 7 9 8 3 6 2

2 6 9 1 3 5 4 8 7

3 7 8 6 2 4 1 9 5

4 3 2 5 6 9 7 1 8

6 1 7 8 4 2 9 5 3

9 8 5 3 1 7 2 4 6

Hard 4 1 3 7 9 8 5 2 6

7 8 2 5 6 4 9 1 3

5 6 9 3 2 1 4 8 7

3 2 5 8 1 6 7 4 9

8 9 4 2 7 3 6 5 1

1 7 6 4 5 9 8 3 2

2 4 7 6 3 5 1 9 8

6 5 1 9 8 2 3 7 4

9 3 8 1 4 7 2 6 5


Hilarious Dog Costumes

In the month of dressing up many of us often get carried away and dress their pets. Here is what we found...

Editor in Cheif Maria Rousan Graphic Design/ Production Anton Rodionov How does this work?

Deputy Editor Dina Hassan

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