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4 @uaejj | /UAE-Jiu-Jitsu /UAEJJFederation @uae_jiujitsu


15th-19th April, FGB Arena at Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi






Coded Technology is now such an essential part of our daily lives that we hardly even notice it anymore. We take much of it for granted, like our ability to be connected to others at all times. You could be stranded in the desert between Ajman and Sharjah and, with just a few taps on your touchscreen phone, arrange to meet friends; browse restaurants for dinner, or Google how many days you could survive without water (although, if you had signal you would be more likely to just call for help). It’s an incredible thing. Only 20 years ago hardly anyone even owned a mobile phone or desktop. Digital cameras were only just being introduced to consumers; the whole world wide web didn’t even exist all the way up to 1990, never mind Facebook and twitter. I could go on and on. It makes you wonder what kind of world we might be living in come 2034. Could anyone have imagined back in the early 90’s what would be available to us now? How will our world continue to change? So much hasn’t even been made available to us, yet. Browse the Internet for ten minutes and you will find countless examples: a smartphone app for eye tests; brain-computer interfaces; holographic telepresence – because Skype is so 2013 – and a robot that wrote an article for the LA Times. Domain names are being registered at the staggering rate of 1 million per month, and Moore’s law predicts that computer processing speeds double each year. The way that we connect to and relate to one another has been completely revolutionised with the advent of social media (p. 50). A month ago, Instagram announced that they now have 200 million users, and that 60 million photos are shared daily. Many Internet bloggers and vloggers have virtually become household names (p.6). Information is more widely available, and spreads faster, than ever before (p. 38). We can share our achievements (p.52) and keep up to date with everything on the move, watch films (p. 13) or read books (p. 48) with phones that have better resolution than most televisions had not so long ago (p. 36). We thought it only fitting to have a 'Technology’ issue of one8one. Enjoy!


Mohammed wears: Jacket: Dsquared2 at Harvey Nichols Jeans: Saint Laurent at Harvey Nichols Shirt: Mohammed's own Styled by: Hommam Arbi Photographed by: Seb Porter


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MEFCC, DWTC, Dubai (Apr 3-5)

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7th Gulf Film Festival, DFC, Dubai (Apr 9-15)

Fashion Forward, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai (Apr10-13)

GETEX Spring 2014, DICEC, Dubai (Apr 9-11)

Portrait Drawing workshop, SAF Art Spaces, Sharjah

One World. One Fight, Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi (Apr 15-19)

Traitors (Khawana) Film Screening, SAF Art Spaces, Sharjah

GITEX Shopper, DICEC, Dubai (Apr 23-26)

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The Square by Jehane Noujaim, SAF Art Spaces, Sharjah



by sara Qurashi

1. Happy

Pharrell Williams

2. All Of Me

John Legend

3. Dark Horse

Katy Perry ft Juicy J

4. Talk Dirty

Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz

5. Let It Go

Idina Menzel

6. Pompeii Bastille

7. Team Lorde

8. Counting Stars

Camera Plus

Any Do

Camera Plus is an app that offers nice control of your photography both before and after you snap your pictures. It is quick and produces images as good as other top-tier photo apps. It has what you need to take excellent photos by providing tools to help you align, focus and compose your images.

This swish, well designed, simple to use task-managing app packs in useful features that could see it become your planning app of choice. Think ahead and start planning.



If you wish to customise your iPhone’s UI, then look no further than Iconical. This app allows you to create custom app icons for almost everything from the home screen icons to the pictures of people you call.

A new game has hit the charts everywhere. I’ve witnessed and experienced the danger of this game and your eyes will not leave the screen for hours. The aim is to get to the 2048 tile and reach a high score by moving tiles so that the same numbers merge into one another.



Revisit your (often embarrassing) social media past with this straightforward app which shows your posts from the same day four to six years ago. Using this app is fun, funny, at time cringeworthy and, sometimes, even useful. Check it out on iOS.

This nifty app lets you overlay any photograph with graphic effects that are tasteful and minimal. The geometric shapes give awesome results, perfect for fun Insta-posting or just your personal photo gallery.


9. The Man Aloe Blacc

10. Turn Down For What DJ Snake & Lil Jon

11. Best Day Of My Life American Authors

12. Loyal

Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne

13. Timber

Pitbull ft Ke$ha

14. Not A Bad Thing Justin Timberlake

15. Show Me

Kid Ink ft Chris Brown

16. Hey Brother Avicii

17. Drunk In Love Beyonce ft Jay Z

18. Story Of My Life One Direction

19. Say Something

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera


The Chainsmokers

Hitlist Follow


by oliver Dalton-Mckeown




@BethesdaSoftworks Fans of the video game publisher, Bethesda Game Studios, can expect regular updates and pictures on the company’s newest releases and best sellers, such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series. There is also concept art and launch events for future game titles.

Joystiq ( Complete with commentary, screen shots and in-game footage of the last games, all with enthusiasm and excitement, Joystiq is a definitive source of news and information about the video game industry; going deeper than many other blogs and aiming for accuracy.

Polaris Polaris is a new collaborative home for amazing personalities and original content. They love comics, movies, and, most of all, games. They have the latest news on games for all platforms as they are released. As well as giving you your ‘daily byte’ of gaming news with videos of gameplay and podcasts from different gamers across YouTube for your amusement.

@StyleNDubai If you want to know what to shop for this season check out Style n Dubai. Excellent for staying on top of the latest fashion trends and getting your daily dose fashion inspiration.



Shacknews ( News, videos and podcasts for all gamers who are eager to be kept up to date with all the latest game releases. A nice addition is the blog's 'chatty' tab which gives you the chance to express your opinions. Want to know everything about a certain game? Look no further; every game on the site comes with videos, screenshots, news and reviews.

Inside Gaming A more informal YouTube channel brought to you by the gaming channel Machinima. The majority of their videos consist of gameplay and general messing around in the office, but while still providing you with your daily dose of gaming news and a few videos here and there showing you what it’s like behind the camera and gaming.

conel van zyl

The Terminator



Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger,Linda Hamilton,Michael Biehn

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox,Hugo Weaving

Cast: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a seemingly unstoppable cyborg assassin who has been sent back from the year 2029 by a collective of artificially intelligent, computercontrolled machines that are bent on the extermination of the human race. The Terminator’s mission is to kill Sarah Connor, whose future son, John Connor, leads a resistance against the machines. An absolute classic science-fiction action film.

Cybertron: a massive, powerful alien race divided into two factions, the noble Autobots and the devious Decepticons. They fight to claim the The Allspark, a cube which grants infinite power. Hidden by the Autobots in an unknown location on Earth, the Deceptacons come looking for it, hundreds of years later. If the Autobots don't find it first, the Earth will be enslaved or destroyed. Love technology? This is a must-watch.

This Christopher Nolan film is exciting, tense, and utterly confusing (in a good way). Revolving around Leonard, a man with short term memory loss, and you watch events unfold backwards as he tries to avenge his wife’s murder despite being unable to remember what he was doing five minutes earlier. It’s one of those films people have been trying and failing to make sense of for years – but it is absolutely fantastic and will stick with you long after.



Osse Greca Sinare

Mustafa Sami

Jai Rodgers

Want to see your photography in print? Submit your art at We’d love to share your talent. Emanuel Feruzi

Osse Greca Sinare

Vivek Raigaga




We’d be surprised if you hadn’t already heard of local rock band Nikotin. They have been making quite a name for themselves in the UAE recently, and you may have heard them playing at various big events, or at Hard Rock Café, where they performed for the launch of their first album, Panodrama. Featuring eight original songs, the album truly shows the band’s ability to create good rock music, and proves that they can hold their own against not just regional, but international talent. Tell us about the music and meaning behind your album Panodrama This album is very special to us, it was quite some time in the making and what you hear is the soundtrack of our lives between then and now. It sheds light on the very core of simple, yet powerful, human thoughts and emotions, and the search for hope. Panodrama is an exploration of these emotions – a panorama of drama. What do you like to think your genre is; how would you classify it? Rock! I would not even think of delving into the subject of sub-genres as we don’t really stick to a particular formula when we make music. We love to write guitar riffs that make your head bob; club that with some melodic guitar solos and soaring vocal harmonies – the result is what best describes Nikotin’s sound. At times, we do like stripping down to the bare acoustics and going right back to the raw and original composition. Where was your first ever gig and how did it go? Fresh out of our bedrooms, and with a few originals under our belt, we were ready to get out there! Out of nowhere we were struck with the golden opportunity to play at the Autodrome during one of the race days. We rented some speakers, set up our own equipment in the middle of the specified area (an empty parking lot) and just started playing. People slowly gathered around us and that was the birth of our very first live gig. We’d love to do something like that again! What would you say has been the best performance of your career so far? The launch of our album at the Hard Rock Café has got to be it. Winding up our final sound check at 6AM and having barely slept we were functioning on a crazy rush of adrenaline. Completing this record and organising its release to the world was not easy – we definitely have to thank the good folk at Zippo & Makshoof Music; the crew at Soundstruck Studios; Hard Rock Café Dubai; Wild Planet Entertainment; the Nikotin Street Team, and our amazing fans for all the support. How does the songwriting process work for you? Does it start with a melody line, or a lyric, or what? Our songwriting approach is very organic. It usually starts with a riff or a melody line that Charlie or myself comes up with, and that kind of takes the lead. Then I go back to my trove of lyrics and find something that fits with the theme of the song. Most of the lyrics I write are based on life experiences, and we’re taken back to those emotions with every performance. Once we are happy with the arrangement and lyrics we take it back to the rest of the guys and they start putting together their ideas and the finishing touches. Let us in on a Nikotin secret no one else knows. We started working on material for our second record before the launch of Panodrama. What is the weirdest place you’ve ever toured to? We’ve only toured in the UAE and I don’t think we’ve ever played in a weird place … yet! I guess it’s because we’re usually very informed about the venue and the promoter, so there haven’t been any surprises. We look forward to touring outside the UAE soon - hopefully we will have some crazy stories to share with you guys then. What are your plans for the future in terms of gigs or album releases? At the moment, we are looking forward to promotinging the new album and playing the new songs live on stage. Also a music video – that’s definitely next on the cards. by Antara Jaidev & Tom Webster


Album Reviews Lea Michele Louder

Lea Michele’s is blessed with a touching, yet strong and powerful, voice. However, is she better off a Glee star or a pop star? The Glee star has been through a tough year, and she shows us her emotions through her moving songs. Her first track starts with the word “breakdown”, ultimately showing her devastation over her tragic loss, conveying the message that she is still recovering. However, 'Cannonball' (Michele's lead single), and for good reason, is an uplifting pop song a tone of empowerment and strength. Although her voice is roaring and tasteful, her vocals didn't seem to fit all the songs, and a wider variety of song types would have made the album more uplifting. As it is, it is a tad too depressing… Overall her songs do show off her amazing voice. My personal favourite would have to be 'Cannonball' because it acknowledges the good which can come from difficult times. by Sara Qurashi

Pharrell Williams GIRL He has done it again! Pharrell’s new album G I R L is a must have CD. The album consists of ten songs, some of which include various singers who recorded additional vocals, such as duets with the likes of Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk. Not to worry, the album does include his award winning single 'Happy'. The central theme of the album, if not made obvious by the album title, is women. He deliberately spelled the album as G I R L, not GIRL or Girl. He explained his reason for this was, “because when you look at it, it looks weird… because society is a little unbalanced,” in an interview with Zane Lowe at the Brit Awards. This is a feel-good album. Pharrell depicts women in a positive and beautiful way, which is something that seems to be lacking in the music industry nowadays, and the retro feel will have your grooving in your car. by Azza Gasim

Now That’s What I Call Music! 87 Compilation Now That’s What I Call Music has been going strong for years, and last year's album, 86, sold over 1.2 million copies in the UK alone. This year, Sony Music Entertainment hopes for an even bigger success. Of the 46 tracks, eight are Number 1 singles, including the likes of 'Happy' and 'Wrecking Ball' the album has two and a half hours of hit music. Now has always been the go-to album for the year's favourite tracks, and 87 is no exception. Also available for digital download, it's safe to say that you will be playing this album whenever possible. by Oliver Dalton-Mckeown



Divergent If you’re a die-hard fan of the book, you won’t be disappointed by the movie; Divergent sticks as close to the book’s as possible. If you have read the book, you may have noticed that Shailene Woodley doesn’t really fit the physical description of Tris. Despite this, she has managed to capture the essence of the character perfectly, from her initial vulnerability at discovering that she is different from her peers, to her growing bravery and strength as she struggles to move up the ranks in the Dauntless initiation. The movie could have been better if the build up wasn’t so slow - viewers who haven't read the book could find it drags a bit - but overall it is safe to say that the character development, and the chemistry between the characters, manage to make the story all the more interesting. by Samantha Rose C. Malimban

300: Rise of an Empire 300: Rise of an Empire should not be dismissed as a gore-filled hack and slash film. There is a sense of panache that makes it an enjoyable movie. While the lack of machismo-induced, rage-shouting Leonidas (Gerard Butler) is a bit disappointing, Rise of an Empire shines with it’s amazing dialogue and the interesting lines being thrown by Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) and Artemisia (Eva Green). 300 was a movie about fierce warriors, but Rise of an Empire is more “Athenian”, balancing beautiful lines in the dialogue with all the fighting. The bravado of Themistocles’ plans against the Persian Navy also wins the day. His clever tactics keep the wow factor and have you guessing at what crazy plan he will come up with next. Some dramatic scenes did disappoint. When Scyllas (Callan Mulvey) gets killed by an arrow, he dies slowly but there seems to be no emotion, similarly Lena Headley lacks emotion as a bereaved Queen Gorgo, suffering from the death of her husband Leonidas. Despite this, the dialogue carries the film forward with some inspiring portrayals of men who will fight for their home, and make it more than a depthless action movie.

by Keith Perena


In Cinema by Naki Mustafa & Natasha aguiar

The Last Days On Mars Starring: Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, Romola Garai With 19 hours left of a six month mission on Mars, the astronauts find themselves facing a deadly threat as one of them finds evidence that may point to life on Mars. Soon the crew find themselves becoming infected one by one and facing the unknown, stranded on a harsh and hostile planet.



Starring: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell

Starring: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman

Snowpiercer is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snow Piercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a perpetualmotion engine. A class system evolves on the train, and a revolution brews.

A terminally ill artificial intelligence scientist, Dr. Will Caster, aspires to create an artificial intelligence machine. To save him from his illness his wife uploads his intellect into the system, making him the ultimate artificial machine, and providing him with unimaginable power which soon makes him unstoppable.

Captain America: Tinkerbell & The Winter Soldier The Pirate Fairy Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson

Starring: Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston

The sequel the world A misunderstood dust-keeper has been waiting for: the fairy named Zarina steals enigmatic and encapsulating Pixie Hollow's all-important pour my heart out sequel to Captain America: “...I just Blue Pixie Dust, and flies The First Avenger is finally and say whatever I feel, away to join forces with coming to the cinemas in the the pirates of Skull Rock. and I study rap � U.A.E. Once again, Captain Tinker Bell and her fairy To know more about Hopsin visit: America (Steve Rogers) friends must embark on the struggles to battle a new adventure of a lifetime to enemy from history, known return it to its rightful place. as the 'Winter Soldier', battles against, time and strength, and works with new allies.



inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) inFAMOUS: Second Son has come a long way from its comic-book style that we are used to. The new, and more realistic, style of characters will immerse you in the virtual world of Seattle and leaves you gaping at the brilliant, enticing visuals. The PlayStation 4 console is perfect for showing the marvellous lighting, making the gorgeous and striking city look extra brilliant and making you want to explore every nook and cranny of the city. inFAMOUS is an open-world, action-adventure, third person game. It takes place seven years after inFAMOUS 2 and we are introduced to a new protagonist: Delsin Rowe. He is thrown in at the deep end of the war against the remaining Condults after he mistakenly absorbs the powers and memories of a Condult. Delsin must decide whether to use his powers for good or evil, although Delsin does not come across as a character who would chose the evil route. For an open-world, action-adventure game, Second Son is spectacular. Seattle still looks beautiful, even after you blow up everything around you from testing every ability you gain. It is definitely a game not to be missed whether a fan of the genre, or a fan of games with amazing graphics. by Natasha aguiar

Octodad (PC, Mac, Linux) If you're looking for a tongue-in-cheek adventure with interesting mechanics, challenging tasks and a joyful aesthetic, look no further than Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The game centers around a loving husband and father - and secret octopus. The task is to perform Octodad's life tasks - get married, help his children, go shopping, and more, all while masking the fact that he is indeed an octopus, and avoiding the eversuspicious chef who constantly attempts to capture him as an ingredient for his next sushi roll. While it may sound childish, Octodad: Dadliest Catch is an enjoyable experience, complete with some rather blatant game references - particularly in the supermarket - and is well worth the money, in our opinion. by Jacob Jowitt

TitanFall (PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One) From the newly established gaming company Respawn Entertainment, the lead developers of Modern Warfare, comes a 6 vs 6 first-person shooter game. Set in the future, players have the choice of playing as a free-running, parkouring 'pilot', or from the inside of their very own 'Titan' (clearly inspired by District 9 and Avatar). The game itself has no single player campaign but rather a total of 18 multiplayer campaign missions. Single player elements, such as a small story plot as well as AI's to fight with and against you, are included. Starting this game only hearing the words 'FPS', 'Mechs' and 'no single player campaign' initially seemed a disappointment. However, that was soon changed as you wall-run though and along buildings to outrun enemy mechs, and complete missions. by Oliver Dalton-Mckeown

Democracy 3 (PC, Mac) Have you ever claimed that you could run your country better than the government? This game gives you the chance to prove it. With six default countries to govern including the UK, USA and Germany, you may never get bored of running your countries. It's your job to control tax rates, prices on oil and gas, deal with activists, decide laws, and implement new policies. You can make your country into literally any type of nation you like. Ever fancied the UK as a fully Liberal state with no age limits? Try it out. You'd like to see the USA as an authoritarian society? Go wild – you're the boss. Hire new staff, see how popular you are with farmers, trade unions, or youth – it all counts to the next election; how many terms will you survive? Play against friends or AI opponents, it doesn't matter – the political competition has never been stronger in a game, and the replayability is unparalleled. by Jacob Jowitt


Floral Fixation by Hommam Arbi

Stradivarius, AED 120 H&M, AED 179

Mango, AED 279

In Full Bloom “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!� As Meryl Streep, a.k.a Miranda Priestly, said sarcastically in The Devil Wears Prada. This spring, designers turned the runways into mystic gardens, introducing lively prints and bold colours in all forms from flowy skirts and exquisite gowns, to statement coats. With different techniques applied for full effect, including hand painted patterns and 3D application, you can always count on florals to channel the spring spirit.

Ted Baker, AED 180

Ted Baker, AED 215 River Island, AED 245

Nicole Miller SS'14

Topshop, AED 365

Carven SS'14

Miss Selfridge, AED 245

Diane Kruger in Peter Pilotto for Tagret

BCBG Max Azria SS'14

Givenchy, AED 5,930 at

Olivia Palermo in Valention Jacket

Bershka, AED 175

Men had their share of florals, as well! Spotted in full bloom at Gucci, Prada, Dries Van Notten and Alexander McQueen, to name just few, but you will see florals everywhere this season in both the high-ends and high-streets: tees and shirts; printed shorts and trousers; bomber jackets, and tailored suits. Don’t forget to accessorise with printed ties, pocket squares, and statement shoes. Welcome Spring!

River Island, AED 135

H&M, AED 199

Topman, AED 70

Blogger Justin from Prada SS'14

Gucci SS'14

3.1 Phillip Lim AED 1,350 at Bloomingdale's Zara, AED 350

Bershka, AED 149

Superglamourous, AED 1,632 at

Zara, AED 195

Dries Van Noten SS'14

Givenchy, AED 2,975 at


Men's Sunglasses by Hommam Arbi

Illesteva, AED 780

Burberry SS'14

Saint Laurent, AED 1,295

Jeepers Peepers, AED 110 at

Dior Homme SS'14

Gucci AED 1,840

Blogger Lorenzo from

Dries van Notten, AED 1,245 at

Thom Browne, AED 3,371 at

Ray Ban, AED 830

All Eyes On You Yes, their main purpose is to protect your precious eyes, but in terms of fashion they are a key piece in your wardrobe, adding a finishing touch to your look without any effort. So which shades are hot and on trend for this summer? Mirrored sunglasses top our list. Perfect for #selfies and favoured by many designers as well as the fashion crowd. They come in many colours and frames, so there is something for everyone. Keeping with the trend of plastic and perspex, clear frames are on trend. Opt for cool shapes and thick frames for maximum exposure. Aviators and rounded sunglasses are everlasting shapes; just pick what suits your face. Bring on the sunny days!

Versace SS'14

Zara, AED 145

Blogger Filippo from

Ksubi, AED 1,030 at WESTL.A.


Fashion for Her by Hommam Arbi

H&M, AED 129 Erdem AED8,630 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Reiss, AED 495

Maximum Exposure Sheer is on of summer hottest trends that can make you look edgy with a touch of femininity. This trend is tricky, and can shift from classy to trashy if you don’t know how to wear it. Make sure you don’t over show; always pick one garment which you can mix- andmatch with other items. Top buys will be a maxi chiffon skirt - perfect for the day and doubling as a remarkable silk dress for the evening. Details are the secret to mastering this trend; the sheer parts can be in the sleeves, hem, or panels. Always make sure to wear a skin coloured slip with transparent items. Blogger Gary Pepper

Balenciaga SS14

Topshop, AED 275

Zara, AED 425

River Island, AED 275

Dinz, AED 640 at the Zoo Concept

The Good Practice, AED1,335 at Sauce

Mawi AED2,995 at

Kate Spade, AED1,280 at

Clutch It Up When it comes to the accessories, they’re as important or equal to the outfit itself, so having the perfect bag is essential! Recently clutches have started to become unique pieces of art in terms of shapes, prints and colours, thanks to the likes of Olympia Le Tan, Mawi, Charlotte Olympia , Chanel, Sophia Webster, and Kate Spade. So if you’re looking for something to steal the show and finish your look, go for the clutch. Remember: the more unique and artistic the better.

Uterque, AED 650

H&M, AED 49

Les Petits Joueurs, AED 2,375 at Sauce

Zara, AED 295


Stylist/Hommam Arbi Photographer/Anton Rodionov Sabrina Areosa wears Dress/ H&M Bracelets, Earrings, Shoes/ River Island George Collins wears Top, Shorts/ H&M Sneakers/ River Island

Sabrina Areosa wears Shirt, Top, Sneakers/ H&M Jeans, Headband, Bracelets, Earrings/ River Island George Collins wears Shirt, Sneakers/ River Island Shorts, Snapback/ H&M

Sabrina Areosa wears Top/ H&M Skirt, Necklace, Shoes/ River Island

Sabrina Areosa wears Dress, Clutch, Shoes/ River Island

Sabrina Areosa wears Top, Jeans, Shoes / H&M Belt, Earrings/ River Island George Collins wears Sneakers/ River Island Jeans, Sunglasses/ H&M

Mohammed Harib

Mohammed wears: Shorts : Dsquared2 at Harvey Nichols Sneakers: Valentino at Harvey Nichols Shirt: Mohammed's own Hardly anyone who calls the UAE home is unfamiliar with FREEJ. Created by Mohammed Saeed Harib, an animator born in Dubai with exceptional creative talent, FREEJ has become a renowned and much-loved pillar of not just UAE’s television and animation industry, but local life and culture. Mohammad has recently been working on countless other exciting projects, including a full-length animated feature called Al Naby (The Prophet) along with Roger Allers, director of the ultimate animated classic The Lion King, and Salma Hayek. Not to mention the fact that he has been the recipient of prestigious awards, like the "Majid Bin Mohammed Youth Media Award ", and was named “Young CEO of the Year”. We wanted to know the key to his success, and here’s what we found out. How did you start your career? I got started in the arts studying architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, and failed miserably. I didn’t really like the mathematical and physics aspects of the craft but fell in love with its artistic and creative side, so I changed majors to general arts and animation at Northeastern University and it was smooth sailing ever since. Back in 1998, art wasn’t really looked at as a “macho” degree in my culture and there weren’t really that many job prospects when I came back to Dubai; this was before the city’s major boom, after all. I worked at Dubai Media City as a marketing executive and that was my entry into the industry. So what would you consider to be your big break? I think my big break came when my management came to notice my skills and talents as a creative. I wasn’t just a marketing executive; I was a photographer, I designed logos (I designed Dubai International Film Festival logo), and I was someone who had a keen interest in making cartoons. At the time, locally produced cartoons were deemed commercially unviable. They were very interested to see if a cartoon industry could be created within the Middle East, especially in Dubai.

Mohammed wears: Top: Christopher Kane at Harvey Nichols Sneakers: Bottega Veneta at Harbey Nichols Trousers: Mohammed's own

So how did FREEJ come to be? FREEJ, which means “Neighbourhood” in Arabic, is an idea that came from a class while I was at Boston. We were asked to create a superhero based on our local culture. I thought this was easy because I come from the land of Aladdin, Sindbad, Ali Baba and such. I drew a guy with a cape and a turban but it was rejected because it had been done before. My lecturer asked me to draw inspiration from my native Emirati culture; preferably something that related to me. I began to notice that our local media tended to glorify our grandfathers’ travels and journeys across the sea and desert. That said, there was little coverage on our grandmothers. They had often lived a difficult life in a harsh environment. They were often charged with managing the house and raising their children while the men were away. They were the primary source of education for children and had to instill morals. They also had a unique look due to the mask that they wore, known as the “burqa”. To choose a female, Middle Eastern superhero in a male dominated genre blew my professor’s mind. That character’s name was “Um Saeed” who went on to become one of the main four ladies on the show.

So why not women in general? Why grandmothers? Emirati grandmothers are notorious for advising you and insulting you in the same sentence. In many cases, they’re the focal points of family gatherings and are renowned for their humour and banter. All four main characters are based on actual grandmothers that I encountered while growing up. Um Saeed was based on my own grandmother, for example. We don’t see that part of society nowadays, you have to go see your own grandmother to get in touch with that aspect of UAE culture. What would say was the key to FREEJ’s success? I think it was mainly due to a need in this region for shows like FREEJ. There was a need for good programming, and there was a need for cultural content updated for modern times (FREEJ is set in the present day). We managed to score a broadcasting slot immediately after the sunset Athan in Ramadan, and you just know that people are breaking their fast while watching television. The show’s short broadcasting time ensured that people will be able to watch it in its entirety while having Iftar. Initially, that time was viewed as unprofitable as it was believed that people would watch television later in the evening, but that broadcasting slot is considered to be one of the most expensive slots in the Middle East.

Mohammed wears: Top: Christopher Kane at Harvey Nichols Sneakers: Bottega Veneta at Harbey Nichols Trousers: Mohammed's own

Cover Story How has the industry changed? And how has FREEJ grown? Well, we actually have an industry now! With the success of an animated show that focuses on local culture, but in a comedic way, many have also risen to work on their own projects, which feature similar concepts and formulae. This has created more jobs for local youth such as directors, storyboard artists, voice over actors, scriptwriters, and so many others! As for FREEJ, we always look for ways to improve the show. We’ve been in the local media industry a long time so we have learned many tricks of the trade, which we try to incorporate into the show. We even had a musical episode, for example. We’ve also learned a lot about local tastes and viewing habits. Branching off from FREEJ, what other ventures have you worked on? We’ve started working with a lot of local entities, many of whom have actually been featured in the show as a result. The idea of product placement in local media used to be generally unheard of. We’ve mentioned various brands in subtle ways. As such, we’ve also done some work for those entities. For example, the safety demonstration video on FlyDubai features the main four ladies of FREEJ.

And your future plans? We’ve decided to broadcast FREEJ every other Ramadan instead of making it an annual thing. This gives people a chance to miss us and it also gives us an opportunity to recharge and think up ways on how we can improve the show even further. This allows us to study and branch out a lot more to work on other projects which we then see if we can translate what we learned back to FREEJ. What kind of projects have you worked on besides FREEJ? I have been busy! I was given the honour of directing the 42nd UAE National celebrations; I got to work with Roger Allers, Salma Hayek, and Liam Neeson on a movie adaptation of Khalil Gebran’s The Prophet; I got to work with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Kuwaiti legend Hayat Al Fahed on an art installation at Cannes which was the most bizarre experience of my life! I’m working as a song writer with regional artist Balqees, and I’m also working on my own live action movie. I like to keep busy! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully doing the same thing that I’m doing now.



Gizmos & Gadgets

Overall Rating: Hardware – 9.5/10 Software – 8/10 Camera – 9/10 Overall – 8.8/10

Overall Rating: Hardware – 3/10 Software – 5/10 Camera – 3/10 Overall – 6/10

Nokia Lumia 1520

Fly IQ431 Glory At this point in life, everything is about technology and the mobile market is flooded with big brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. This phone caters to lower budgets. Hardware Nice and lightweight at only 105g, the phone is compact and portable at 116.3 x 62.3 x 12.0 mm with a 3.5" display, which makes up for it being available only in black. This phone has a good battery life which allows you more than enough talk time and lasts quite a while on standby. However, memory space is relatively low with only 512 MB and the RAM is 512 MB, much less than the 1GB of most Smartphones. Camera Camera quality is important, and this one provides you with a 3.2 MP rear camera with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, but selfies are made trickier by the absence of a front camera.There is no flash so this phone shouldn't be relied upon to produce high quality photographs. Software The device provides all the basic, essential features a smartphone would usually have such as Audio, Video, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot. The OS, Android 4.1.2, allows apps to be downloaded from Google's Play Store where you can find all the essentials such as Facebook and Whatsapp, although, unfortunately, some popular apps are not available. Verdict Although this phone won't be making any major waves, it is lightweight with excellent battery life, comes equipped with all the basic features you need, and gives you access to a huge variety of Android apps for a fraction of the price of other high-end smartphones. by

Sara Qurashi

Just under a decade ago, Nokia’s definition of a (internet) tablet was a device with a 4.1" WVGA (800x480 pixels) display. The Finnish company’s latest entry into the international smartphone market is home to a massive 6" screen with the resolution of today’s average big screen TV (1080p, 1080x1920 pixels), as well as the ability to display over 16.7 million colours. So, how does the first phablet running Windows Phone fare against the competition? Hardware The Lumia 1520 takes advantage of the latest Windows Phone 8 update (GDR 3). The phone is running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, backed up by 2GB RAM with 32GB of internal storage. The 1520 is a stretched out version of the Lumia 925. The unibody slab made out of polycarbonate plastic that comes in four different colours: black, white, yellow, and red. It packs a 3400mAh battery which is standard amongst other tablets - it should last the entire day. Software Lumia 1520 is running the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform, GDR3. App ecosystem essentials are all there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more. Nokia specialises in mapping technology. Using Here Drive + you can download maps of over 95 countries with voice-guided navigation that can be used offline, and it’s all free! Camera Nokia is renowned for their stellar cameras that are unrivalled by any other, It has a 20MP 1/2.5” sensor that allows you to zoom without losing clarity. Nokia Camera is the most useful camera app on any platform, hands down. There are many options to adjust different settings, such as ISO, exposure, white balance, shutter speed and aperture. Verdict The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a great phone and a perfect fit for those looking for a larger phone or tablet. The hardware is great, the operating system is smooth, stable and lag free. I would recommend this phone with the warning that newer apps may take some time to arrive on Windows Phone, if at all. by

Jonathan Lahdo

Overall Rating: Hardware – 8/10 Software – 6/10 Camera – 5/10 Overall – 7.5/10

Nokia Lumia 1320 The first thing you notice about this phone is the size - an aspect with pros and cons depending on what you are looking for. At 164mm tall and 9.79mm thick, it is not on the portable side, however, it runs a 720p resolution, 6" screen making it ideal for compiling documents on the move, browsing the internet and using apps. Hardware Surprisingly, the orange colour looked pretty slick, rather than cring-inducing, and a nice option aside from just black or white, which some may find boring. In terms of the design itself, the smooth cut edges felt great to hold. It has a 3400-mAh battery, and performance is fluid, although compared to the 1520 performance it is a little slower due to the 1.7GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. It also supports LTE, has 1GB of RAM, and comes with 8GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 64GB through an SD card. Software When using apps with high definition graphics, or when viewing images, the 720p resolution becomes more noticeable. One thing which is a minor nuisance is the fact that you are forced to create a Microsoft account to download apps. I also found that apps downloaded relatively slowly which was off-putting. The downfall of the phone is also the Windows Store, which only has 20% of the amount of apps that the App and Play Stores do. The actual interface of Microsoft, however, was easily the best of any OS out there. I personally fell in love with the beauty of the obvious, bright and simple colours. Camera Honestly, the camera quality is a bit of a let-down at only 5MP. The camera is where this phone shows itself as mid-tier, which is a shame considering all it's redeeming qualities. Verdict If you have a lower budget but are a fan of Windows phones, this is the one for you. Additionally, for screen quality at a lower price look no further. The screen is fantastic - ideal for watching movies on the go or simply for keeping up with work, for those with busy lifestyles. by

Aditya Prakash

"If you have a lower budget but are a fan of Windows phones, this is the one for you”


What Makes an App Go Viral by

Jacob Jowitt, Shams El Mutwalli, Conel Van Zyl & Shehryar Harris

So, What makes an app go viral? What is it exactly that induces such mass obsession and hysteria? What is it about apps that drives everyone to download a little pixelated piece of the virtual world? You’re probably reading this article and trying to beat some high score or another, but if you still don’t know what makes an app, APP-rehend your attention; don’t worry we’ll help you out. I only discovered how much of an impact apps can have on us recently, when I was left fascinated by Sound Cloud- an app that lets you stream music. I spent hours listening and adding music to my playlist until it was after 3pm and I realised I still had a pile of work to do. According to TIME magazine’s article: “Candy Crush Saga: The Science Behind Our Addiction” 32% of people secluded themselves in order to play Candy Crush. Over 30% of people confessed that they were addicted to the game. So what is it that makes an app stick? As app users, we instantly judge something within the first 20 seconds. Don’t try and deny it, you know its true! For an app to make a good impression, it must have a distinct value, something that diversifies it from all the other apps out there. It is really important that an app achieves its value immediately to avoid people labelling it as common or boring. Simplicity is key when try to make an app go viral, complications scare people away, and so if app users are unable to decode the value or understand the aim of the app quickly, chances are it won’t be very successful.

“... 32% of people secluded themselves in order to play Candy Crush. Over 30% of people confessed that they were addicted to the game”

We know its cruel, but using people’s weaknesses against them can actually increase the popularity of an app. People are slaves to their emotions: whenever things don’t go the way we choose, we surrender to feelings of demotivation and perhaps agitation. Designing an app that triggers strong emotional responses will make the experience more memorable, increasing the chances of the user revisiting the app in the hope of feeling a certain way. For example, Flappy Bird is intriguing to users because the intense frustration at its difficultly makes way for such extreme happiness when a higher socre is finally reached. It pushes people to keep trying, to reach that feeling time and time again, and oversome the irritation that comes with continuous failure. As we have evolved, our minds have grown more stubborn and we aren’t convinced of something's value as easily. A study by Lawrence Wilson, suggested that a “hypnosis and manipulation” was a method that could alter a person’s views. This particular suggestion intrigued me, because it states that hypnosis and manipulation requires “seduction”. You’re probably thinking: why is this even relevant? But weirdly, it is. In order to manipulate or hypnotise someone, you have to find out what a person wants “on a deep emotional level”, and this is the exact method app makers have acquired today, and like clueless children we fall for it over and over again. But at the end of the day who really knows why we give in to such simple things? We really are a complex generation.

eL Seed



French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed is known for his beautiful and intricate Arabic calligraphy work – a style which he calls ‘calligraffiti’. His work was born on the streets of Paris, and has steadily made its way across the continent, eventually to North Africa and his own country, Tunisia. In 2012 he made waves in the art world with his painting on the minaret of Jara Mosque in Gabes, Tunisia, which sparked his most recent project ‘Lost Walls’. During a month long trip across Tunisia last summer, eL Seed painted his calligraphy onto ‘lost or ‘forgotten’ walls that he encountered along the way, finally documenting the results in a book, and providing a unique insight into both the world of calligraffiti and the Tunisian people. He painted 24 walls, spanning the entire country, creating thought provoking work that is deeply personal and insightful. Naturally, we wanted to know more.

“The difficulty with creating caligraffiti is finding balance”

What began your career as an artist, and what has led you to become the artist you are today? I used to paint and draw. I never decided to be an artist it was just a natural evolution. It is the different circumstances in my life and a bit of luck that have led me to be the artist I am today Tell us a bit about the process of creating each of your artworks for ‘Lost Walls’ and what you hope to portray through them? The process went something like this: I go to a place; meet the people; they tell me about their fears, theirs hope, their future; I come up with an idea from everything they have shared with me, and paint a message that reflects the people I met there. I discovered a lot of things I didn’t know. The goal at the beginning was to have other people discover Tunisia, but it was actually me discovering it, too. That was the cool part. People should spend more time discovering their own countries. The beauty of it, and the things you can discover, will amaze you. I want people outside of Tunisia that have never been to go and visit, and discover its beauty. Maybe this alone could even have an economic impact on the country. I also want the Tunisian people to be proud of what they have.

To get more info on el Seed and his work go on:

What is your personal favourite piece from the project? I don’t have a favourite piece. Each wall has its own story and I can’t choose or distinguish between them as they are each special. I would say, however, the most personal piece was the house of my uncle. What has been the most challenging piece you have worked on? And what are some of the difficulties of creating graffiti art? The minaret in Gabes was the most difficult. It was in my home town and it was the first big wall that I had worked on. The wall was not touched for 18 years; it was not a new wall and it was part of the landscape. It was difficult to come up with the right design and the right message that could speak to everyone. The difficulty with creating caligraffiti is finding balance; there has to be a choreography of the letters so that each letter can speak to the other one without taking over the wall. How do you think graffiti, and street art in general, fit into the wider arts world? And expanding on that, how do you feel it competes, differs or interacts with the more ‘common’ versions of contemporary fine arts? Street art is the longest art movement in history. We don’t have the same curriculum of the artists that study and perfect their art in school, but we still have the talent. We are the art movement of the present. I think people can relate more to art in the street than art sitting in a gallery. What’s ahead for you? I am full of surprises and you will have to wait and see.


Serena Umer


Art Week by


For Art Week, the city of Dubai was painted with colours in the most fabulous combinations. Lines were curved and cut on canvas in the uncanny compositions, and objects were used as they have never been used before; from carpets to car seatbelts and dilapidated old carved wood, everything was given an artistic twist. The third edition of Art Week brought together Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai and the Sikka Art Fair along with various other activities and events which happened throughout Dubai and Sharjah. It was impossible not be completely blown away by the work on display...

Design Days Dubai “First, lemme take a selfie (with exquisite art in the background)!� It was encouraging to see a lot of students and young people thronging the art fair. Selfie or no selfie, everyone was inquisitive and eager to know more about the displayed art and the gallery owners were more than happy to talk about their collections. We were lucky enough to meet Design Days Dubai director, Mr.Cyril Zammit, who emphasised that there is no need for young people to be intimidated by high profile art fairs. Entry was free for students to encourage this, and enable all to take advantage of such high-end design pieces coming under one roof. One of the stalls was worth equivalent to the cost of a beach facing penthouse in Miami!

Art Dubai “Art Dubai was inspiring and simply fabulous�

The 8th edition of Art Dubai displayed contemporary art that was as exquisite and rich as one could expect. Art Dubai has a new feature called Art Dubai Modern which is section where Modern art is the theme of paintings. Art Dubai also has the Campus Art programme, which students can enrol in to learn more about the art on show - a great initiative helping those less familiar with the art work to understand more about the ideas behind the incredible artwork. Art Dubai was inspiring and simply fabulous; a fair no art enthusiast should miss. As the fair has grown the quality and the variety of art also has enhanced. It was truly a visual treat.

Sikka Sikka is a ten day art fair in the city’s most historic locale. One of the best things about the fair is its location: shadowed sikkas opened onto squares which were transformed into shaded lounging areas, and every house has its own story to tell. Workshops and events happen throughout the day; there is always something new to experience, and the new eateries in dotting the fair will keep you well fed for an active day of fantastic art and culture. It's a fair better experienced than described, and a wonderful experience for everynoe - and I mean everyone.


Taste of Dubai

The Taste of Dubai is an amazing - and delicious - annual food festival held in Dubai. This is its seventh year running, and it has consecutively been my favourite time of the year, especially as I am a food fanatic. This year many famous chefs attended, such as Eric Lanlard and Jean-Christophe Novelli - both of whom are stunning chefs. Many new companies also registered this year, making it an even more varied experience.

The liveliness of the environment hits you from the minute you walk through the gates. The smell of the scrumptious food began to fill my nose and the anticipation began to build. I was mesmerised by Magnolia Bakery's eclectic array of cakes, and took a cupcake decorating class, led by the bakery's chef (by far the best part was getting to keep and eat the cupcakes). Followed by the hard work I made my way over to BiCE which served me a rich Spinach and Ricotta Tortellacci in a Light Truffle Sauce; that pasta was amazing beyond human imagination. By the end of these tongue twisting tastes I made my way to the stage where Virgin Radio put on very entertaining performances. To put a perfect ending to the night it started to drizzle, bringing along a swirling breeze which paired miraculously with my hot chocolate. All in all, my weekend at Taste of Dubai was perfectly seasoned, and the most flavourful yet. writing by

Anusha Goyal

photos by Anton Rodionov

“This year many famous chefs attended, such as Eric Lanlard and Jean-Christophe Novelli - both of whom are stunning chefs�



The Trial Author: Franz Kafka The world of any Kafka novel is bound to be significantly distant from our own, tarnished with the Absurd and under the shadow of uncanny madness. Yet this horrific ugliness of Kafka, this shift in morality, is where the beauty of his style and setting lies.

Solo Author: William Boyd Your perspective on Solo, the new James Bond novel, will most likely correspond to your views on the Eon production films: do you prefer all-out action, “shoot first, ask second” affairs, or diplomacy with sophistication? If the latter, you'll more than likely enjoy William Boyd's attempt at rekindling the fires which Jeffery Deaver arguably dowsed in Carte Blanche. Of course, formulaic Bond is still present: the hero is a tactical genius; a swindling and charming mastermind, much like Pierce Brosnan back in 1995, but more thoughtful and calculated. Boyd has managed to overwrite the typecast set by Ian Fleming constructively, and to great effect. Some claim that the Scottish Boyd understands his fellow countryman better than the former American, and so uncovers his motives with subtlety. The reader certainly struggles to comprehend who is indeed the main antagonist. The enigmatic Jakobus Breed seems too simple to be the mastermind; Hulbert Linck too apathetic; and Blessing Oglivy-Grant too good to be true. Combined with the quirky Bryce Fitzjohn, Boyd has written a riveting span of relationships for the otherwise cool and collected Bond. Boyd combines Fleming's previous themes of James Bond, along with some new, untouched aspects, and gives Bond a new vulnerability to keep the pages turning. Solo is a must-read for all Bond fans, even if you do prefer Roger Moore. by

Jacob jowitt

The Trial opens with the arrest of our protagonist, Josef K, for his right to exist. He must defend his freedom against a clandestine, invisible court of which he can obtain little information. The novel has no clear-cut plot with conflict or resolution, yet in Josef’s attempts to achieve acquittal we are witnesses to the insanity of modern bureaucracy and an eerie lack of human shape in any character. As with Metamorphosis, this Kafka work is like a painting of the real world, yet one painted with surreal, unnatural colours, or colours you never even knew existed. The dream-like atmosphere of the novel helps elevate the reader's philosophical sense of what is truth and what is not. This is where Kafka has his edge against other writers. Kafka did not use his novels to write stories, but to convey the introverted, idiosyncratic view of the world he had. Kafka is one of those Marmite writers either detested or worshipped by his readers. It is the license of the reader to make sense of the nonsense and the allegorical mystery we are presented with - the clues to which can be interpreted many ways. Such is the sinister nature of Kafka that makes him so, well… ‘Kafkaesque’. by

Tom Webster


Generation Dilemma

“With new and complex apps being developed for kids on a daily basis the world is beginning to seem easier in this new dawn of technology�

A recent observation led me to realise something about upcoming generations. It was a Friday - a completely regular Friday with nothing out of the ordinary. A lazy, relaxing morning, followed by some procrastination from homework followed by some guests coming over for dinner in the evening. As usual, me being the youngest in the family, I had been handed the responsibility of entertaining the younger kids who aged between four and seven years. As easy as the task sounded, it wasn’t. I tried a few things at first: board games, stories, hide and seek. But nothing seemed appealing to this lot. After about an hour one of them stumbled upon my iPad. As the screen lit up so did their faces and, to my surprise, I found all three of these guys sitting in their little corner gazing at the screen while playing a game. That's when it hit me just how much technology is changing the course of young minds - cliche as that may sound. While parents may find it less of a headache just to hand their kid an iPhone or an iPad, many people don't realise that although the bright screen and colours catch the eye, the body remains in idle state for hours that just fly by. Isn't it better for kids to be running and playing outside with friends, and using up their sudden bursts of energy? Now, I don't mean to make it sound as if the rise of technology is a completely bad thing. And herein lies the dilemma: now, kids can have a teacher right in their bag. I myself have seen kids on the school bus able to answer math questions and spell words ahead of what would be considered the average because of this. With new and complex apps being developed for kids on a daily basis the world is beginning to seem easier in this new dawn of technology. It is a dilemma which should not be looked at lightly. Instead, the pros and cons of advancing technology should be considered carefully, so that more young people learn to balance an active life, with a virtual one. So that they become more astute at learning from technology by being able to sort through and evaluate the reems of information available to them, and so that they balance learning from a screen with learning from real life. by

Syed Murtaza

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Kristen De Sousa by Phil Cha

“Kristen De Sousa embarked on a global challenge that saw her run seven marathons on all seven continents in just 88 days”

by Phil Cha

by Phil Cha

After only starting to run about a year ago, 15-year-old student Kristen De Sousa embarked on a global challenge that saw her run seven marathons on all seven continents in just 88 days. Kristen’s strength of character led her to become the world-record holder for “Youngest female to complete seven marathons on seven continents in the fastest time”; all while running to raise money for her charity Children of the Mountain. We wanted to know more about her incredible experience. Why did you decide to do the marathon challenge? My mum got together with some friends and they wanted to do a marathon challenge, and they offered me the idea. My first response was “absolutely no way” because I couldn’t even run 800 metres on Sports Day at the time. But then I thought about it thought it would be a shame to pass up such an amazing opportunity, so I took it. How difficult was it fitting in training and the actual marathons with your school and social life? Well I tried to balance it all out as much as I could. It was quite difficult and I ended up very tired because I had no sleep each night, but it was definitely worth it. What kept you going during the marathons, and what motivated you throughout the challenge? I just kept focused on the goal because I knew that if I gave up I would regret it so much, and that if I was able to complete this challenge I would be helping loads of kids in Nepal. How much did you raise for your charity, Children of the Mountain, and what sort of work do they do? I’m not sure at the moment. Online I think it’s 24,000 dirhams, or something like that. I’m not sure how much Dubai College has raised but I think it’s about 30,000 overall. Children of the Mountain are a charity in Nepal which builds schools, trains teachers, and educates children. How did it feel to be famous for a while and to appear for a live interview on Canada’s City TV? It felt kind of strange and surreal because you always see other people on there and I’d never have expected myself to be in that situation. What have you learnt about yourself from the marathon challenge? I learnt that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was and that if I put my head to something, or if anyone puts their heads to something, they really can do it. Are you keeping your fitness up? Will you run marathons in the future? Well, for a while I’m just going to let my injuries heal fully because I’ve got two knee injuries and an Achilles injury. Once I’m fully healed I do plan to go back into training and doing marathons. But not normal marathons, I mean fun and crazy ones.

by Imran Ahmed/DRIK Majority World


Tom Webster


Ten Things You Didn't Know by

Hamzah Shahid

Google was named thanks to the misspelling of the word googol, which means a one followed by one-hundred zeros.

Every minute, 10 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube.

Alaska is the only state that can be typed using only one row of the QWERTY keyboard.

About 1.8 billion people connect to the Internet; only 450 million of them speak English.

One third of the world's population has never made a telephone call.

The first laser was made in California in 1960.

The Internet’s first search engine, Archie, was created in 1990.

Facebook reports over 1 billion registered users. If it was a country, it would have the 3rd largest population in the World.

Sweden has the highest percentage of internet users at 75%.

Douglas Engelbart made the first computer mouse in 1964 from wood.

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Looking for Employment

Kirsty is a 21 year old university student. She is presently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business. She attends classes in the morning and studies in the afternoon. Her parents have encouraged her to start applying for a job so that she can gain business experience and so that she can begin to understand the pressures of working life. Kirsty is very excited about earning some extra cash because she is uncomfortable asking her parents for spending money. Thus her journey begins……

The Starting Point…. Kirsty’s story is not uncommon. In my work with young adults, I hear Kirsty’s story very often. Although they may be in their early 20s, financially they are still dependent on a parent or guardian. As well, many more university students are keen to stay on the learning journey longer than previous generations. They tend to complete a Master’s degree soon after the completion of their Bachelor’s degree. From an academia’s point of view, this is very impressive, but from the employer’s point of view it does not give the applicant any leverage with work experience. So, the dilemma remains the same: where does a young adult commence their journey of employment? First: get your credentials down on paper. Write an award winning CV and upload it onto a professional social platform like LinkedIn. Many potential employers look to LinkedIn as a sound scouting platform for potential employees. If you already have a profile set-up, the next step could be to get recommendations from past internships and other work experience that you may have. Recommendations show the skills and achievements that you accomplished in specific roles on your CV.

What If….? Work experience, in my opinion, is not only the ‘job’ that you had a few months ago. I believe that it is also the small jobs that you did whilst at university, or even high school. What charity work did you participate in? What was your role? Did you do any unpaid internships? Did you take part in a part-time tutoring programme for younger students? Did you co-coach a football team? All of these responsibilities are work experience. Add them to your CV and describe the roles that you played for each. Most employers today want to see that you have transferable skills. Show them that you do! If you find yourself lacking in this department, get busy. Find ways to gain work experience!

The Internship Route… Internships are a wonderful way to get your foot in the door, gain work experience, and potentially walk away with paid employment. Think about your ideal career position. Where do you want to be in 10 years? 20 years? Walk backwards from that place. What internship TODAY can help you take a baby step towards that dream career position? Remember, even Richard Branson had a first job….he was a budgie breeder! Although the act of breeding budgies may not have aligned with his ultimate career path, being an entrepreneur did! He learned the skills of owning his business and those skills were transferable on his path towards his empire. Discuss internships with friends and relatives. Sometimes, organisations may not openly advertise their internship opportunities but a staff member may be able to let you know if they are looking. Another option is looking at sites like Gradberry. They openly advertise internships for many jobs in many industries.

Patience is a Virtue… Discover your passion and find out how to get paid doing it. If there are no openings, make an opening! Become your own boss. Get creative and never let anyone tell you that you are unemployable because you don’t have enough experience. Step outside the box and put into practice everything that you have learned on your academic journey and your life journey. Get inspired and work with a mentor. Most importantly, have fun and stay active.


When in Doubt… If all else fails, there is always the old fashioned way of applying….recruitment agencies. Bring your CV to an agent and let them help you find employment. Another approach is to apply directly to organisations via their websites. Most, if not all, organisations have a ‘vacancy’ or 'careers' tab on their website. I encourage you to send your CV regardless of any present openings. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They say ‘thank you for applying but we presently don’t have any openings available’. Big deal! Send your CV anyway!

Maria V. Chatila, Owner & Creator of Teens Talk Middle East,


The Rise of Phubbing by

tanish jain

Last month, I had gone for a monthly gathering of about ten families. Like always, all the ‘kids’ would naturally go and sit in one of the rooms together. I was there slightly earlier, and there were only two other girls in the room. All of us knew each other, yet for some reason no-one really wanted to initiate a conversation. The awkward silence continued for some time until one of their mobile phones beeped, to their great relief. Soon, all of us were on our phones, texting. The number of people gradually increased, and I took to talking with some of the people I was very comfortable with. However, I noticed that more than half of the people in the room were on their mobile phones at any given time, ignoring the people around them and escaping from a real conversation. They were indulging in the act of phubbing.

“What started off as merely a means to escape social awkwardness has grown into a habit, perhaps an addiction, for some”

Phubbing. I hadn’t heard about this word until about a month ago. Now, it is one I use all the time. It’s not because I like the word, or because I find it ‘fancy’, but because I have to use this word to accurately describe certain situations that have become common. The term ‘phubbing’ was recently coined by Alex Haigh from Melbourne, defining it as “The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.” It’s used to describe the kind of person who bursts out laughing mid-conversation, making you think you've cracked a brilliant joke, only to say: “Sorry, I wasn't laughing at you, I just saw something really funny on Twitter.” Or the sort who think it's appropriate to check their emails in a restaurant, when you only have each other for company. It’s happening everywhere: from my monthly gatherings to formal soirees, sleepovers and dinners. What started off as merely a means to escape social awkwardness has grown into a habit, perhaps an addiction, for some. People would rather interact with others over the internet or via text than have an actual conversation with people sitting right next to them. Phubbing has become an increasing source of annoyance for people who are left out in social settings because they are ignored by others who are busy on their mobile phones. Moreover, people have lost interest in socialising with people around them because they would rather talk to people away from them. Some have now begun to actively campaign against it. The “Stop Phubbing Campaign Group” posts various downloadable “Stop Phubbing” posters for restaurants and “Stop Phubbing” place cards for weddings, on its website. It even has a "Shame a Phubber" section where people are able to upload incriminating photos from their own social circle of those who are caught texting instead of talking. Nowadays, I ask my friends to drop their phones into a basket during any social gatherings at my home before entering my room. Unsurprisingly, I have had better conversations with my friends ever since. Whether we like it or not, with our mobile phones separated from us we actually converse with other people, share ideas and socialise better. Phubbing is destroying our social skills and we should all make sure to reduce it. So the next time you take out your mobile phone at a social event, think twice — the next day you may find a photo of yourself phubbing on social networking sites.

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Astrology by

Sara Qurashi & Shaikha Al Salman

April 2014


Aries 20 March-19 April You are a born leader; you never shy away from new experiences, rather welcoming them with open arms. You are a bundle of excitement and energy that goes along with your charm and charisma. You are like a magnet; people are instantly drawn to you. You are strong willed and never lack energy or vitality. Your competitive nature means you get things done. You use your setbacks to take you further. You are fearless and headstrong, maintain a happy spirit, and you always take the initiative to make sure everyone around you feels the same.





This month is your month. You will have an amazing feeling of energy, increasing the strength of your personality. Ensure that you don't lose sight of common sense in all the excitement, and remember that sometimes moderation can be a good thing. Remember to be patient, above all. Good things come to those who wait.

You enjoy your comfortable life, although it may seem a little boring to outsiders. But in the second half of the month you feel inspired to take on more energetic passtimes. You will be full of new ideas and extra strength. You shouldn't face any major obstacles, this month, so look forward to a smooth-sailing April.

April is going to be a busy month for you - expect a jam packed social calendar! You will enjoy the company of your friends and family, and take part in some exciting new ventures. You seem to have nailed the balance between work and play, so enjoy your free time while it lasts. You may be feeling nostalgic so get back in touch with an old hobby or friend.

This month you will probably want to spend most days down under your feather blanket. But don't shy away from taking opportunities to get out there and socialise, as this is a great month for meeting new people. You will be glad you made the time, and could make a new life-long friend.





This month you are feeling comfortable and full of energy. There is a renewed sense of positivity in you. You will be feeling secure and able to stick to your roots and concentrate on any work that comes your way. Your relationships with loved ones will flourish this month, don’t forget to stop overthinking and enjoy it.

You will feel that it is difficult to set your mind to challenging tasks this month, but don't worry - you will find a way to get it all done. Use your sharp intellect to get you through any given situation and do not feel discouraged by the events circulating around your social life, you are allowed to take a break from all the riff raff and focus on yourself.

You feel refreshed at the beginning of the month and have and conscious awareness of all the beautiful things in your life. Spend your time giving back and being thankful, as this will continue the streak of positivity. What goes around comes around so focus on the good this month.

Practicality and reasoning are your top priorities this month; you will do whatever your gut tells you to do as you long for adventure and experience. However, you should not confuse your dreams with reality as it may throw you off course. Set your goals and stick to them to feel a bigger sense of achievement.





This month you'll be in the mood to seize every opportunity, and enjoy the present to the full. You may feel some doubt over the decisions you make, but remember that this can be a good thing, and that this month it's in your stars to turn ideas into reality. You will be particularly articulate, so it's also a great time to voice your ideas to friends, family or co-workers.

This April will bring you the opportunities to break down barriers and oversome some of the obstacles that have been facing you. With this, you are able to move into a new chapter of deeper understanding of who you are and what you can do with your life. Positivity is key, this month.

Your creative energy is on fire at the moment. You will find your ideas are overflowing, but might struggle with the actual execution of these ideas. Do not push too hard, rather live in the moment and carefully consider your present situations, and how you can adapt your ideas to them. It will benefit you more in the long run.

It's a busy month for you and, understandably, you may have been feeling a little more tired than usual. Don't let this stop you from getting things done, though, as your friends and family will be more than willing to help you out. This is also the ideal month to spend some quality time with them, as you will be feeling especially sensitive and connected to those you care about.

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S’cool News ChoirFest ME 2014

Nine high school choirs gathered at Dubai College on the 20th of March for the second annual Choir of the Year competition. Organiser Joanna Marsh created the event as a way "of getting young people together to share their love for singing". The diversity of repertoire made the experience all the more enjoyable and unique. Songs from the modern genre such as 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus to the more classical music 'With drooping wings' by composer Henry Purcell showed the singers' diversity and ability to engage in any language, era or genre. At the end, judges Sarah Tenant, Pete Churchill and Lars Levin chose a winning choir 'that made them feel something'; the choir with musical precision and the ability to move and engage the audience: Dubai English Speaking College. Their incredibly well rehearsed pieces impressed not only the judges, but all theother schools. by

Pooja H.K.

Skyline Organises International AGU, Dubai Organises Conference on Tourism an Open Day AGU held it’s 14th Open Day Celebration of rich cultural diversity. It allowed the students to show their talents in planning and executing large cultural events in a professional fashion. The student-led cultural clubs of a large number of countries, including Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Arabian Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Sudan and more, presented their cultures through a series of entertainment such as dances, folksongs and cultural traditions. It also involved a rich display of unique cuisines, distinct costumes, and rare handicrafts from different countries. Overall AGU’s opening day was a true learning experience: “it provided a rich opportunity for the students not only to sharpen their technical, conceptual, and people-related skills, but also to learn practical lessons in the domains of management and leadership”, said Dr. Ameer Al Bayati. The Open Day resulted in mutual understanding, harmonious relationships, and true global connectivity.

The three day International Conference: “Tourism Milestone – Preparing for Tomorrow”, organised by Skyline University College in Sharjah commenced today with its first ceremony held at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce. More than 200 guests from all over the world, attended the ceremony. The keynote speaker, Prof. Jafer Jafari from the University of Wisconsin, spoke on the importance of the science of tourism studies and how it is now a research driven field which has moved beyond the concept of famous monuments and hotel infrastructure. Overall, the conference was a delight and a new experience for everyone. Dr. Mohit Vij, conference convener and Associate Professor at Skyline University stated “The response has been overwhelming and more than 70 delegates from all over the world shared their researches in the field of travel and tourism at the conference”

Students Leading Upcycling Scene In Dubai The Canadian University of Dubai launched a new environmental scheme in which students created chairs, lamps and loungers out of every day trash. Fourteen second-year students from the School of Architecture and Interior Design have been turning secondhand objects and trash into something altogether more beautiful as part of a competition called ‘Furnitrash’. Upcycling involves individuals combining waste material to make something completely new and bespoke. It has sparked a trend among young people across Europe and North America. The students’ pieces - which include a chair made out of old cassette tapes and a portable lounger made from plastic bottles, were judged by a panel of experts on their design, function and the creative use of materials. The winner, 19-year-old Cobra Jahani, designed a visually stunning lightshade from second-hand plastic spoons. She said: “I almost withdrew from the competition because I thought I had no chance of winning. People persuaded me to keep my entry in and when they called my name in first place, I couldn’t believe it. I was delighted”.

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