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Winter - Summer 2013

Setting the foundation for your family to Thrive



Helping you focus on what’s most important, the well being of your family.


memories start at the kitchen table. Now there’s a company that offers products and services to

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s

strengthen families and help build stronger

where we gather to prepare and enjoy meals, help


children with homework, and share time with friends

One2Thrive brings people together to

and family. For many of us, our warmest childhood

share the best in nutrition, education and


ccess u S r pe fo i c e R family. r u o y The h it lity time w lthy meals. a u q d n e 1- Sp e table. are hea h h t s d d n n u a o r e a r 2- Prepa and communicate onment. te nvir 3- Educa healthy learning e to help your a ces 4- Create nd use the resour ea 5- Provid rive. family Th

other family-focused activities and milestones.

Whether you are starting a family or raising a family,

Several studies show that eating dinner consistently

One2Thrive takes a holistic approach to helping you

as a family has a long-term positive impact on the healthy development of our children. And it just

focus on what’s most important: time with the people you care about, access to the best possible education

makes sense that a good education

for your children, good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

is the pathway to their future success.

and the financial freedom to enjoy it all.

4 Have fun and earn rewards



Getting together with friends has never been so much fun… or so rewarding. One2Thrive makes it easy whether you’re an experienced party planner or a first-time hostess. Whether it is inviting guests, creating a menu or presenting products we are with you every step of the way. We even offer party themes to tailor each get-together to a specific set of friends, coworkers, neighbors and others. Fun ideas like “Girls’ Night In,” “Meals in Minutes,” “Baking Basics,” “Sports Tailgating,” and special bridal showers help guarantee a good time at every One2Thrive party.

My Host Reward Program Your Party Sales

Rewards Percentage

My Free Shopping Rewards

$1,050 & up


$262.50 and up!

$850 & up


Up to $210.00

$550 & up


Up to $127.50

$350 & up


Up to $55

My Half Price Shopping Rewards


Receive Half Price on One Item of your choice


Receive Half Price on Two Items of your choice


Just for hosting, you earn valuable rewards and discounts on the products

Receive Half Price on Three Items of your choice, Plus $50 Bonus Reward with $550+ Party Sales

you love. And the benefits don’t end there. By sharing your One2Thrive opportunity with others, you can earn income ranging from a little extra money to help with family expenses to a full-time salary. Whatever your goals, it’s always fun, extremely easy and incredibly rewarding.



Hammer Stahl’s fully forged and tempered X50 CrMoV15 high carbon stainless steel from Germany, delivers

m “Chefs select knives for steel quality, weight and overall balance. With Hammer Stahl you have the added advantage of unique design and beauty. It’s not just a knife; it’s a work of art.”

superior strength and durability. It’s quad tang design makes it one of the more balanced knifes in the world today.

– Chef John Folse

Chefs John Folse & Rick Tramonto owners of Restaurant R’evolution



21-Piece Classic Collection • • • • • • • • • • • • •

3.5” Paring Knife 7” Vegetable Cleaver 4.5” Santoku Knife 7.5” Santoku Knife 8” Carving Knife Carving Fork 8” Bread Knife 10” Ham Slicer 5” Utility Knife Sharpening Steel 8 Steak Knives 2 Removable Steak Knife Blocks V-Shape Display Block

Price: $995 OT21014

One2Thrive partners with some of

These premier knives are recognized

the world’s top brands to bring you

by celebrity chefs and home cooks

the best products for your kitchen.

for their stunning appearance,

Hammer Stahl is known for world-

comfortable grip and flawless

class German Steel cutlery with


exceptional design and superior performance at an affordable price.



With so many high-quality knives to choose from, you and your friends can enjoy building a cutlery collection that suits your kitchen, cooking style and personal preference.

The Bamboo Collections It’s not only what you’re cutting with but what you’re cutting on that counts. Our Bamboo Collection bundles some of our best-selling knives into practical sets suited to your particular kitchen and cooking habits. Each set is beautifully nested in a bamboo case with a bamboo cutting board cover, giving you the perfect surface for every perfect slice.

3.5” Paring Knife

An indispensable knife for everyday use including trimming and peeling vegetables, de-veining shrimp, removing seeds from a jalapeño, “skinning” mushrooms or cutting small garnishes.

Price: $55 OT21017

5” Cheese Knife

Large holes in the knife help reduce cheese from sticking to the blade, and a specially designed micro-serrated edge helps you make precise cuts of both hard and soft cheeses. A forked tip allows the knife to be used as a serving utensil as well.

4.5” Utility Knife

Great for trimming and cubing small portions of meats and vegetables.

Price: $59 OT21033

Price: $45 OT21027

3.5” Bird’s Beak Paring Knife

The perfect peeler. The curved “bird’s beak” blade rotates naturally with a peeling motion so removing the skin from fruits and vegetables is quick and easy.

Price: $59 OT21056

8” Bread Knife

A scalloped blade enables easy cutting of soft and hard bread.

Price: $90 OT21032

5.5” Santoku Knife

For a more precise cut this Santoku is great for trimming small pieces of meat or fish and slicing small fruits and vegetables. Perfect for those who prefer a smaller knife.

Price: $75 OT21024

8” Chef’s Knife

A “must have” for every kitchen, this all-purpose knife is curved allowing you to rock the knife on a cutting board for a more precise cut. Suited for slicing, chopping and cubing meats and vegetables.

Price: $109 OT21022

5” Cleaver

Smaller than a traditional cleaver, the flat blade makes this an ideal tool for chopping herbs, slicing vegetables, making a rough cut of hard cheeses and shredding meats and poultry.

10” Chef’s Knife

Price: $95 OT21025

Price: $119

This all-purpose knife is curved to allow you to rock the knife on a cutting board for a more precise cut. Ideal for slicing, chopping and cubing meats and vegetables.


2-Piece Bamboo Set

3-Piece Bamboo Set

A great set featuring a small all-purpose knife great for fruit, while the 7.5” Santoku is often the most used knife in the kitchen.

• 4.5” Santoku Knife • 7.5” Santoku Knife Price: $175 OT21015


5-Piece Chef’s Set

Three of our most popular knives. This set can tackle most jobs in the kitchen.

• 3.5” Paring Knife • 8” Chef’s Knife • 7” Vegetable Cleaver Price: $275 OT21016

Everything you need to experience the difference fine cutlery can make in your kitchen (cutting board not included).

• • • • •

4.5” Utility Knife 4.5” Santoku Knife 7.5” Santoku Knife 8” Carving Knife Carving Fork

Price: $375


10” Diamond Sharpener 7” & 9” Fillet Knife

A flexible blade works well for filleting fish, deboning meat, trimming fat and removing silver skin from tenderloins and other large cuts of meat. The 9” Fillet Knife has all the features of our 7” Fillet, but with a longer blade suited for salmon and larger fish.

Price: 7” Fillet $79 OT21019

A diamond-encrusted steel sharpener is a great addition to any cutlery collection allowing you to reshape and sharpen your knives with ease.

Price: $69 OT21028

9” Fillet $89 OT21041

9” Offset Bread Knife

A scalloped blade allows you to cut soft bread without crushing, and the offset handle lets you cut through bread completely without your knuckles reaching the cutting surface.

7.5” Santoku Knife

Price: $95


Price: $109 OT21020

10” & 14” Ham Slicer

With a straighter edge than our Chef’s Knife, this “go-to” knife is excellent for dicing and chopping vegetables, as well as slicing and cubing meats. The hollow ground depressions along the cutting area of the knife help reduce food from sticking to the blade. Instead of using a small knife that shreds your hams, turkeys and roasts use this slicer to make long, thin cuts of all your large meats. Look like a professional meat carver at your next holiday or family gathering.

Price: 10” Slicer $95 OT21023

7” Vegetable Cleaver

This Vegetable Cleaver features a curved blade edge that makes it perfect for rock chopping, mincing and dicing. The blade’s large, flat area is perfect for separating garlic and scooping chopped food. Great for cleaving large vegetables, shredding cooked meat and more.

Price: $109 OT21021

14”Slicer $106 O2T21057

8” Meat Cleaver

Perfect for chopping larger cuts of meat and poultry.

Price: $ 119




MAKE YOUR MEALS DELICIOUS, HEALTHY‌ AND SAFE Elevate cooking to much more than an everyday chore

manufactured in the United States at our facility in

with cookware that celebrates the sensory experience of

Clarksville, Tennessee. Designed for flavorful, low-fat

making meals. At every step, from mixing ingredients to

cooking this cookware is made with multi-ply surgical

simmering on the stovetop to the sink for a quick cleanup,

stainless steel that distributes heat quickly and evenly.

this beautiful cookware makes your time in the kitchen a

This cooking system helps retain more vitamins and

pure pleasure.

minerals in every recipe by cooking the food in its own

One2Thrive is proud to offer the highest quality cookware




• Surgical Grade • Heat Responsive • Lifetime Warranty

Special Features:

• 7-ply multi-clad stainless steel transfers heat evenly and efficiently. • Surgical-grade stainless steel with titanium is durable, easy to clean and will not react chemically with your food, making it safe for food storage. • Three layers of heat-responsive aluminum are sandwiched between layers of stainless steel to transfer and distribute heat quickly. • Ferritic steel is sandwiched between layers of stainless steel to retain heat.

• Safe for all cooking surfaces. Oven Safe. Induction ready. • Edges are designed for dripless pouring. • Dishwasher safe. • Pan size is etched on the outer side wall for easy identification. • Lid handles are easy to grip.

7-ply multi-clad layers


COOK LOW FAT WITH ECO-SAFE, HIGH PERFORMANCE THRIVESHIELD You work hard to feed your family healthy meals. Shopping for the best ingredients, limiting snacks, and including fruits and vegetables in your diet are important steps toward a healthy lifestyle. But did you know your cookware can also impact your family’s health?

Fry/Sauté 8.5”, 10.5” & 13.5” Fry Pans – Ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. These pans are ideal for pan frying, sautéing, searing and browning. The flat bottom and curved sides make tossing and flipping food easy. The 13.5” pan features a side helper handle for easy lifting.

Many pots and pans use a non-stick coating that contains the controversial PTFE, which some studies have shown release a toxic gas when overheated or

8.5” Fry Pan

Price: $129 OT22011

as they begin to degrade. Imagine all the effort you put into your meals and you could be inadvertently feeding your family foods laced with toxins. Fortunately, you can enjoy the convenience of non-stick cookware without dangerous chemicals. ThriveShield is a highperformance mineral coating that offers

10.5” Fry Pan

Price: $156 OT22012


numerous benefits: • Guaranteed healthy and safe for cooking • Extremely durable and scratch-resistant • Environmentally friendly • PTFE-free • High heat rating without releasing toxic fumes

13.5” Fry Pan

Price: $ 284 OT22013


BEAUTIFUL, DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN Saucepans These beautiful saucepans are ideal for sauces, liquids, vegetables and grains.

Dutch Ovens & Roasters Prepare stews, roasts, soups, chili, chicken or a small turkey. Great for braising, stewing and slow cooking.

Made in USA

Featuring two side handles that make lifting easy.

4 Quart Roaster

Price: $226 OT22020

1.5 Quart Saucepan Price: $159 OT22015

6 Quart Roaster

Price: $247 OT22018

2 Quart Saucepan

• Cook with Precision • Dishwasher Safe • Lifetime Warranty

Price: $162 OT22016

8 Quart Roaster 2.7 Quart Saucepan

Price: $182 OT22017

Price: $280 OT22019


COOKIES, CAKES, CASSEROLES–THE SWEET SMELL OF HOME Nothing says home more than the warmth and

duty, stainless-steel pans designed for a

fragrance of baking. Bring your family together

lifetime of use and guaranteed to never chip,

for soul-soothing casseroles and satisfyingly

crack, break or rust.

5-Piece Bakeware Set

Satisfy your sweet tooth with pies cakes and cookies. Cookie sheet has a flat edge, allowing you to slide cookies off with ease. Dishwasher safe.

• Two 9” Round Cake Pans • Two 9” Pie Plates • Large Cookie Sheet Price: $289

sweet desserts cooked to perfection in heavy-


3-Piece Milano Double-Walled Bowls 14x10” Covered Bake Pan

Cookie Sheet

Price: $94.50

Price: $96

This heavy-duty, stainless-steel pan is suited for cakes, casseroles and lasagna. Use it at home or take it to your next event. Cover is oven safe. OT23012

Heavy-duty stainless-steel with a flat edge allows you to slide cookies off with ease. OT23022

4 Sophia Small Double-Walled Bowls 9” Round Cake Pan

9” Round Pie Plate

Price: $52

Price: $46

A heavy-duty stainless-steel cake pan for perfect layers every time. OT23021

A heavy-duty stainless-steel pie plate that bakes true every time. OT23024

Insulated mini bowls keep dips cold and soups warm without frosting with cold contents or showing moisture with hot items. Also great for snacks or decorating. Price: $38


These bowls provide great insulation for hot and cold foods. The .75 Quart, 1.5 Quart and 3 Quart bowls nest for easy storage. Great for mixing, storing or placing on your table for entertaining. Price: $85


4 Quart Tapered Bowl

Beautifully crafted double-walled, stainless-steel bowl is ideal for entertaining and maintaining temperature of hot and cold foods. Price: $59


15 3-Piece Rectangular Bake Set

5-Piece Rectangular Set

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and great for casseroles, cakes, brownies and more.

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and ideal for casseroles, cakes, lasagna, brownies and more.

• • • •

18”x12” Cake/Casserole 15”x11” Cake/Casserole 14”x10” Bake Pan with Cover 8”x8” Square Brownie Pan

Price: $329

• 18”x12” Cake/Casserole • 15”x11” Cake/Casserole • 8”x8” Square Brownie Pan Price: $249




2-Piece Hammered Double-Walled Bowl Set

1 Quart and 2 Quart insulated stainless-steel bowls are great for keeping salads crisp or soups warm for serving without showing moisture. Price: $69


SimpleKut V

The ideal non-electric food processor. The 5 interchangeable cones allow you to shred, julienne, large julienne (french fry), slice and waffle most fruits and vegetables. Price: $219

4 Quart Hammered Double-Walled Bowl

Hand-hammered stainless-steel bowl provides great insulation for hot and cold foods. Price: $54


6 Quart Hammered Double-Walled Bowl

Hand-hammered stainless-steel bowl is as functional as it is beautiful. Price: $56



Handheld Sharpener

Easily sharpen your Hammer Stahl cutlery with a specially designed ceramic wheel. Price: $9.95


ESSENTIAL Stainless Steel Powder Cleaner

Specially formulated for surgical stainless steel cookware. It removes food residue, heat stains and discoloration easily. Price: $9.95


Multi-Purpose Shears

Uses include opening packages, quartering chickens, snipping herbs and much more. The shears separate for easy cleaning, include a jar opener and bottle opener. Price: $49



THE AFFORDABLE WAY TO CREATE YOUR ULTIMATE KITCHEN Cookware as beautiful as it is functional. Cutting-edge cutlery that simplifies every chopping chore. Bakeware that looks as sweet as your tasty confections. Start your collection today to make your dream kitchen a reality. Start with: 7.5” SANTOKU KNIFE Only $109 OT21020

Once you start experiencing the difference of cooking with the finest cutlery, cookware and bakeware you’ll want to outfit your entire kitchen with the very best products. Imagine a kitchen where every item you cook with is not only beautiful but also performs flawlessly. One2Thrive makes it easy and cost-effective to create and enjoy your Ultimate Kitchen. Simply sign up for the Ultimate Kitchen plan or

Everyday meals become culinary creations when your kitchen is outfitted with cookware that looks beautiful and performs flawlessly. Move recipes seamlessly from mixing bowl to sauté pan to elegant serving dish. Start with: 10.5” COATED SAUTÉ PAN with ThriveShield Only $156 OT22012


Celebrate the joy of baking with a collection that gathers your family together in the kitchen. Designed for a lifetime of use … destined to make a lifetime of memories. Start with: 14” X 10” BAKE PAN WITH COVER Only $81 OT23012


any of our Ultimate Collections and receive every month a beautiful item from our cutlery, cookware, bakeware or education collection directly to your door. At One2Thrive we feel everyone deserves the opportunity to own beautiful cookware by building the collection on your schedule over time. You can enjoy the luxury of top-quality products that may have previously been beyond your budget.

Chop, slice and dice like a professional chef with knives designed specifically for each cutting task. You and your kitchen will look sharp with cutlery that delivers precisely cut ingredients for superior overall results. Start with: 7.5” SANTOKU KNIFE / BLOCK Only $149 OT21058

How this amazing program works: • Select the Ultimate Collection that is best for you • Purchase the first item to enroll* • Each month via email receive a recommended special offer for your next item • Purchase 6 consecutive items and receive the 7th FREE! • You may cancel at any time • 30 day money back guarantee

When learning is fun, homework time is a pleasure for the whole family. Set your children on a path to success with a proven effective program that complements every curriculum.

*see program details on enrollment form

You are on your way to outfitting your Ultimate Kitchen

Coming Soon Spring 2013


The most effective forms of parent involvement are those which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home. – U.S. Dept. of Education



We all want to see our children do their best, and we

know that an excellent education isn’t possible without parental involvement. That’s why One2Thrive makes it

easy for parents to bridge the gap between home and school, make learning fun and prepare children for their future. We offer exclusive access to best-in-class educational programs for elementary through high school students that are easy, affordable and produce proven results. Working with top educational publishers, we find the

19 • Fun • Curriculum Based • Targeted Instruction

Get Invvoollvveeddparents are mnroollreinlihkigehlyer-to:

with in res and e Students nd test sco a s e d ra g r he • Earn hig ms rn credits gra ro p l ses and ea e s v la le c ir e th oted, pass r and • Be prom ol regularly ed behavio v o h ro c p s im d n w e o tt • A kills, sh tter social s • Have be l o education on & Mapp, ) to scho tsecondary s adapt well o p (Henders to n o nd go a te a u d ra • G

best-in-class programs for your children. Through fun games

from desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. The

and activities, these programs cover a range of skills and

One2Thrive Educational System was created using the most

knowledge that help children develop creativity, problem-

advanced learning programs available, and covers all the

solving skills, visualization abilities, deduction skills and a love

educational needs your student may have, from Pre-K to

of learning that lasts a lifetime.

college prep.

To appeal to today’s Internet-savvy kids, we offer online programs and software applications that can be accessed



BECOME A THRIVEBRIDE AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Life is sweeter when you take the time to celebrate every day

joyful. Our exclusive, world-class collection of cutlery, cookware

together. Whether you’re entertaining in fine style, hosting your

and bakeware features quality craftsmanship and beauty that will

first holiday meal or cooking a weeknight dinner, a well-outfitted

last as long as your love for each other.

kitchen makes everything more efficient, more healthy and more


ThriveBride Rewards Program

and let your friends and family shower you

offers 4 & 5 star resorts that cater

with exceptional gifts you’ll cherish for many

to your every need. Here are just

anniversaries to come. Along the way, you can earn

a few examples of where you can

valuable rewards… even a free honeymoon!

spend your dream honeymoon:

Creating and managing your ThriveBride Rewards Program is quick, easy and fun. We’ll help you plan parties that bring your friends and family together which add up to big rewards for you. With online

Exclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Enjoy white sand beaches of Florida. Skiing in Colorado.

ordering and a

Island hopping in Hawaii.

large variety of best-in-class products across many price points, everyone is sure to find a gift they will love to give and you can’t wait to receive. Enjoy each party surrounded by friends and family, imagining your dream honeymoon as the first step toward your happily ever after.


Destinations are also available in France, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong and much more. With over 1,300 destinations to choose from, there’s something you’ll absolutely love.

Make sweet memories on your ThriveBride Honeymoon.


TOP TEN REASONS TO JOIN ONE2THRIVE 10. One2Thrive, launched in early 2013, is one ground floor opportunity that’s for real. Become one of the first in your area to spread the word and reap the rewards. 9. One2Thrive products are best-in-class, bringing professional-grade quality into your home at a tremendous savings. 8. Many of our products are MADE IN AMERICA from our factory in Clarksville, Tennessee. 7. Top chefs love One2Thrive products and provide valuable celebrity endorsements that increase visibility and enhance your business. 6. Our ThriveBride Rewards Program and strong presence in major bridal shows help you grow your business rapidly.

As seen at the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival by FOOD & WINE 2011

23 Set your own hours. Easy to learn, easy to earn. Join the movement. 5. Our management team is second to none. Our founders have more than 100 years of combined experience and a proven track record. 4. Enjoy unlimited earnings potential with a program that rewards you when you attract new customers, share the business opportunity and help others succeed. 3. You have nothing to lose. One2Thrive has the systems, products, compensation and training to help you succeed. And with our three BizBags, we have a plan that works for everyone. 2. We are there every step of the way to help you reach your personal goals.

GET STARTED TODAY! When you become a One2Thrive Consultant, you will start enjoying your freedom, spending more time with the people you care about and using products that help create a healthy lifestyle for your family.

1. There is no better feeling than participating in a worthy cause. Add more value to your own life by helping other families thrive.

Our mission is to bring people closer to those they cherish most. Whether you are starting a family or raising a family, One2Thrive helps you focus on what’s most important: time with family and friends, access to the best education for your children, good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and the financial freedom to enjoy it all. Call 800-358-2138 today to get started! Item # O2T-L001E1

One2Thrive Catalog  

One2Thrive Catalog Winter 2013

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