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Crisis care on the night van From February to May 2014, police ran an intensive crackdown on Bristol’s street sex-work scene. While we noted benefits for residents and in the police signposting some hard-toreach women to One25, we also saw an increase in violence and chaotic behaviour on the streets. Volunteer, Jo Ritchie, describes an attack during this time: “It was a quiet night due to the increase of police cars persistently circling the streets. At midnight we were doing one last scoop of Fishponds Road when I spotted Tara in the darkness. She looked tired, scared and in deep pain as she struggled to get onto the van. As she got closer, I noticed heavy bruising around her eyes. She disclosed that she’d been brutally assaulted.

Police launch crackdown

“Tara was shocked as her attacker was a regular punter she’d known for years.” Tara was shocked as her attacker was a regular punter she’d known for years. He’d stabbed her with a screwdriver and beaten her with a pan so hard that the handle bent. She was trapped in his flat and thought she was going to die. She winced as she showed us the bruises that mapped out the attack.

Volunteer, Jo Ritchie

Ugly Mugs build evidence

“I thank God for the van. When no-one is out there with you on those dark streets, the van ladies are. Thank you.” Emma

One25 Annual Report 2014  
One25 Annual Report 2014