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RETAIL DESIGN: We create unique destinations that reflect the local areas qualities and offers a sophisticated immersive experience for visitors, the local community and exciting brands.


One Works is a global design and consultancy firm, offering an integrated approach to architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering. We believe in creating dynamic, intuitive places where people and communities can connect with their environment, and with each other.

Our expertise in the retail sector ranges from refurbishment and extensions of traditional shopping centres and open-air schemes, to complex commercial interventions and urban destinations. Combining our understanding of the fast-paced retail market, our experience of detailed masterplanning and technical expertise in movement flows, we design sustainable solutions that help enriching the overall customer experience. We employ an open and collaborative approach, together with an innovative thought process to produce welldesigned environments that meets the client’s needs, whether it be to enhance an inclusive shopping experience or to increase asset values. Working across Europe and other regions around the world, we have a strong understanding of various markets. Europe, in particular, is a saturated and regulated environment and we are working with a range of clients focused on readdressing existing premises. Elsewhere, retail activity is largely focused on new developments within a dynamic real estate market.



With over 20 years’ experience and an Italian heritage, we continue to place high-quality design at the centre of our multidisciplinary collaborations. Our work succeeds because of our collaborative ethos and an understanding of our clients’ aspirations. It gives us the ability to offer truly integrated design solutions.

We work from six strategic locations around the world, with our headquarters in Milan and offices in Singapore, London, Rome, Venice and Dubai. From these locations, our 150 architects, interior designers, specialist consultants and engineers provide a flexible and stable approach to the design and delivery of projects.

Our approach is based on an extensive understanding of diverse physical, environmental, historical and social conditions. We have built our reputation on the quality of our designs and delivery of projects, our attention to detail and our passion for connecting people to their environment.

We invest heavily in technology and training, including BIM, to support our well-qualified, highly-skilled professionals to ensure the services we deliver are of the highest standard.

Our experience is extensive, covering the transportation, retail, leisure, commercial and urban development sectors of the market.

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ATIONS SHOPPING DESTINATIONS We understand the ever-evolving retail market, as it continues to keep up with customer expectations and behaviour, as they are now seen as social destinations where shopping, leisure activities, and other services come together to serve the community. With over 15 year’s experience in designing innovative and inspiring shopping centres and unique destinations across Europe and the Middle -East, we bring a deep understanding of their complex physical, social and economic environment.

With increased retail competition in a crowded property market, rethinking existing Shopping Centres and creating unique environments has become a key priority for many developers, investors and asset managers. Which is why we employ an open and collaborative approach to help clients extend and refurbish existing facilities in order to create a sense of place, maximise footfall and increase their asset value, whilst minimizing impact of the daily operations.

ocation: San Marino Client: Borletti Group, DEA Services: masterplanning, architecture, structural engineering



Finally, the context is the subject matter, its articulation and variation within a common register, and the choice of materials and their ability to innovate. The four squares at the extremities, connected by fully equipped escalators and elevators, allow for quicker alternative routes within the shopping centre. All buildings and their individual shops face onto this path, configured as a sequence of common spaces, typically urban, which can host numerous events of various nature. The public realm on which the buildings overlook and have access, undoubtedly, is where the shopping experience is shared most. In this context, the height, the material and the articulation of the buildings becomes a fundamental element of the construction of this new destination.

A NEW LUXURY SHOPPING DESTINATION DESIGNED TO REFLECT LOCAL TRADITION, WITH SHAPES, MATERIALS AND COLOURS THAT SYMBOLISE THE SAN MARINO CULTURE. The distinctive topography is of contextual importance; the hillside allows the insertion of a “vertical” complex, in part nestled below grade. The design concept, an unusual solution for a shopping mall, permits one to read the site topography and at the same time drastically reduce the building footprint. Context is also the topological nature of the intervention, where space is generated and given form by: buildings whose historical references are those of hillside constructions, the scale of the public spaces in relationship to the built volumes, the “overall picture” recognizable in the local panorama, and the prevalence of collective space over individual buildings.


REFURBISHMENT AND EXTENSION OF A POPULAR REGIONAL SHOPPING CENTER This regional shopping center well is a testament to how the close relationship established between the client, architect and tenants determined a highly successful radical transformation that called for over 50 million Euros of contracted works through planning, design, and site supervision. The new food court is based on three specific themes concerning quality: environmental, dimensional, and retail offered. It is a covered plaza where skylights flood the 12m high space with natural light.

Location: Carugate, Italy Client: Eurocommercial Properties Services: Planning, Architecture and Site Supervision With: Dunnett Craven



REDEVELOPMENT OF A FORMER INDUSTRIAL SITE TO PROVIDE A NEW LEISURE-ORIENTATED RETAIL PARK CHARACTERIZED BY THE LOCAL AREA AND ITS HISTORY AS A FORMER BRICK FURNACE. The masterplan for this exciting new retail park has been designed around elements of urban leisure to provide a range of family focused activities for leisure and well-being. The introduction of these urban leisure functions will allow the local community to consider the commercial park not only as a destination to

Location: Sestu, Italy Client: Minoter Services: Architectural Design With: J+S


make quick purchases, but as an environment for entertainment and aggregation even after opening hours of core commercial activities. The “court” type style of the new retail project, which takes into account the existing volumes, is enriched with a commercial promenade along three sides of the site.


Location: Curno, Italy Client: Eurocommercial Properties Services: architecture, landscape



COMPLEX REFURBISHMENT OF AN EXISTING SHOPPING CENTRE TO OPTIMIZE THE CURRENT COMMERCIAL FLOOR SPACE AND AN EXTENSION TO INTRODUCE A NEW CENTRAL FOOD COURT. Located in a wealthy catchment area on the western edge of the city of Bergamo with a catchment area of nearly 600,000 people, Curno Shopping Centre is becoming an increasingly popular destination for shoppers. With approx. 75 commercial units, the project focuses on optimisining the existing commercial floor space, as well as introducing a new central Food Court. Therefore, all restaurant activities are to be concentrated in a leasable area of nearly 3000 sqm defined as a vast interior plaza accommodating food and beverage services, diversified in type and size. The central space, completely free of pillars, is filled with natural light by a large stained glass domed roof. Stationing areas are configured as separate green islands in order to create a multitude of spaces for a wide variety of experiences.

EXTENSIVE REFURBISHMENT OF A POPULAR TOURIST DESTINATION TAKING INSPIRATION FROM THE LOCAL TERRAIN, MATERIALS AND COLORS TO CREATE A SENSE OF PLACE. Les Atlantes, a shopping center of approximately 40,000 m2, plays an important role as part of a major infrastructural hub in the southeastern outskirts of the city. The project concerns an extensive renovation of the shopping mall’s interior spaces, in particular the false ceilings, shop fronts and floors. Given

Location: Saint Pierre des Corps, France Client: Eurocommercial Properties Services: Architectural Design and Site Supervision


the strong link with the territory and its resources, the project takes its inspiration from local forms, materials and colors. The continuous shop fronts are interspersed with three covered plazas whose large roofs, partly in stained glass, have been redesigned using materials and colors which emphasize the natural light flooding the interiors.




S PUBLIC SPACES We understand the value of this continuously growing trend as retail destinations continue to respond to the evolving customer expectations and behaviour: the effective integration of public spaces and retails. In these spaces, we help brands, developers and owners to incorporate immersive experiences and entertainment attractions with the purpose of drawing guests in, increasing their length of stay and inspiring repeat visits.

We believe that successful retail developments must balance commercial viability and retail convenience with well-designed public spaces to draw customers, serve the local community and attract exciting retailers. For this reason, we are working on a number of projects whereby developers and owners to design retail destinations that offers a unique and sophisticated immersive experience for customers.

Location: Milan, Italy Client: CityLife Services: Urban and Landscape Design With: Gustafson Porter



open spaces at different levels. Retail functions, strongly characterized in part by the fashion mall at the base of the Hadid tower, and the outdoor commercial activity distributed around the plaza and along the pathway towards Piazza VI Febbraio, permit the public square to open itself up to the city and the surrounding park. The public plaza’s configuration highlights three important aspects. Firstly, the plaza links the park’s southern and northern parts. Secondly, it establishes an East-West relationship, which correlates Piazza VI Febbraio with the fashion mall and park to the west. Finally, the central Tre Torre Plaza is an urban fulcrum and integral part to the pathway system described.

DESIGN OF A NEW RETAIL PLAZA STRONGLY CHARACTERISED BY THE ACCOMPANYING TOWERS AND PART OF A WIDER ICONIC URBAN REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT IN MILAN. The commission included two different exercises: address the strategic retail planning approach for 40.000 sqm of GLA, and the new plaza design with high street shopping facing the public spaces. The double story plaza reveals itself at the two principle levels of the public domain, one being the towers’ ground floors and the other in correspondence to the hypogea level, acting as a junction between the park and the pedestrian axis Domodossola. The revision of the plaza’s layout stems from variations in its functional program, or rather of its spatial distribution, and the desire to create a single public place made up of two




Created in 1914 in conjunction with the construction of the railway embankment, the Magazzini were designed to house, at street level, spaces for the storage and distribution of goods and materials

The project concept envisages the reopening of these spaces, through commercial activities and spaces for socializing, to give new life and a new vibrant environment to the growing city of Milan.

The warehouses have hosted for many years commercial activities of wholesale foodstuffs and numerous craft activities. Since the 70s the warehouses have been progressively abandoned.

The design also includes increasing the pedestrian spaces by approx. 7.50m allowing the placement of outdoor areas, sitting areas, green areas with trees and a range of different kiosks.

Location: Milan, Italy Client: Grandi Stazioni Services: Architectural Design, Feasability Studies





Location: Valletta, Malta Client: Townsquare Development Ltd Services: Architectural and Urban Design

One Works has been asked to redesign the public realm and retail spaces of three lower split-levels. The new design will provide approx. 5,000 square meters of semi-public spaces and the design of all the retail façades, as well as the renovation of ‘Villa Drago’ - an early 20th century listed historical building included in this project development. The wider Masterplan, designed by a local Maltese architectural firm, includes a 36 high end residential tower, a boutique hotel and two office buildings.



L TRAVEL RETAIL As consumer transactions continue to rise online, retailers are now looking at how to create a shopping experience that is more focused on convenience. Together with a range of developers and operators of airports, stations and ports, we help to design, develop and implement the most coherent retail experience for their strategic objectives.

As operators continue to capitalize on the commercial opportunities available whilst minimizing impact of the daily operations, we are able to work closely with our clients to help extend and refurbish existing facilities. Together we take a desgn-led approach to help maximise profitability and increase asset value, whilst creating a unique sense of place for the traveller.

BERGAMO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - RETAIL & FOOD DEVELOPMENT AND EXTENSION OF ONE OF THE BUSIEST AIRPORTS IN ITALY Well known through out Europe, due to its impressive growth rate, Bergamo has become the third most active airport in Italy and a recognized low-cost gateway for Milan. In this fast-growing scenario, attentive management of the functional demand has identified the need for development, whilst preserving airport operations, through diversifying revenues and the introduction of commercial spaces. As part of the overall re-design and extension of the Orio Passenger Terminal, One Works also reexamined the shopping experience at the Airport. While introducing or replacing 12.000 sqm of GFA, high priority was given to retail and a new food court, increasing ceiling heights and opening vistas onto the surrounding landscape while bringing in great quantities of natural light

Location: Bergamo, Italy Client: SACBO Services: architecture, civil and structural engneering, site supervision


REDESIGN OF THE EXISTING STATION LAYOUT TO IMPROVE THE OVERALL VISITOR EXPERIENCE AND INCREASE COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES, WHILST IMPROVING VISIBILITY OF THE MONUMENTAL ARCHITECTURE OF THE CENTRAL STATION. One Works is providing architectural and consultancy support to Grandi Stazioni for the reconfiguration of various station layouts. Milano Centrale Station, built in 1931 and one of the main rail stations in Italy and Europe accommodating 320,000 passengers a day, we are currently working closely with the client to carry out the following; ensure

Location: Milan, Italy Client: Grandi Stazioni Services: Architectural Design


execution of works throughout the terminal do not effect daily operations; improvement of passenger routes to improve operations and overall visitor experience; identifying and creating potential increases in the value of capital assets; and expansion of existing destinations to facilitate an increase in commercial opportunities and passenger numbers.






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