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BUILDING: We design buildings that reflect the local areas unique qualities and offers a sophisticated immersive experience for visitors, employers, the local community and the residents.


One Works is a global design and consultancy firm, offering an integrated approach to architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering. We believe in creating dynamic, intuitive places where people and communities can connect with their environment, and with each other.

We have developed a proven ability to deal with a variety of complex commissions ranging from refurbishments and extensions, to new build and specialist infrastructure developments. One Works collaborates with a range of private and public-sector clients to deliver architectural and urban design services that address the precise needs of a project and have a positive impact on the natural and urban context. Over the years, we have developed a proven ability to deal with a variety of complex commissions ranging from refurbishments and extensions, to new build and specialist infrastructure developments. Our experienced multidisciplinary teams of architects, engineers and interior designers work side-by-side with other disciplines to deliver an integrated approach. We believe that successful projects a derived from a truly integrated approach to the design process, where the core disciplines are bound by creativity and innovation to produce a design that meets the needs for everybody involved.



With over 20 years’ experience and an Italian heritage, we continue to place high-quality design at the centre of our multidisciplinary collaborations. Our work succeeds because of our collaborative ethos and an understanding of our clients’ aspirations. It gives us the ability to offer truly integrated design solutions.

We work from six strategic locations around the world, with our headquarters in Milan and offices in Singapore, London, Rome, Venice and Dubai. From these locations, our 150 architects, interior designers, specialist consultants and engineers provide a flexible and stable approach to the design and delivery of projects.

Our approach is based on an extensive understanding of diverse physical, environmental, historical and social conditions. We have built our reputation on the quality of our designs and delivery of projects, our attention to detail and our passion for connecting people to their environment.

We invest heavily in technology and training, including BIM, to support our well-qualified, highly-skilled professionals to ensure the services we deliver are of the highest standard.

Our experience is extensive, covering the transportation, retail, leisure, commercial and urban development sectors of the market.




CES COMMERCIAL OFFICES Today’s top companies, no matter where in the world, face a number of challenges when it comes to providing effective offices. Workspace design and planning is coming increasing complex with real estate costs, ever-changing space requirements, evolving technology, talent retention and sustainability goals.

At One Works, we offer integrated design solutions built on the knowledge of the sectors ever-changing trends and the experience of designing unique working environments. Together, we design value-driven facilities that are not only flexible, adaptable and efficient, and enhancing work experiences, but importantly conveying a company’s vision and values through their space.

Location: Milan, Italy Client: Confidential Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design



to be rebuilt due to the low level of quality first introduced. However, the interesting framed façade pattern of the 50’s building will be preserved and enhanced to provide an elegant local natural stone cladding and slim performing steel window frames with huge single glazing areas. The design proposal of the 80’s building envisages the replacement of the existing façade with a high-quality and performing glazed double façade to provide views through to the inner green courtyard and to the high quality urban environment on the other side of the urban block. New terrace rooftops will also be introduced to provide additional space and break-out areas for both employees and visitors.

EXTENSIVE REFURBISHMENT OF THREE DIFFERENT OFFICE BUILDINGS, EACH WITH ITS SPECIFIC ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES. This complex project occupies a deep urban block plot articulated around a common private garden and is located above three levels of underground parking. The three 10.000 sqm buildings that form this interesting urban block have been built during different decades: the small, older building dates back to the seventeenth century; one facing the main street was built in the late 50’s; and the third was built in the 80’s and comprises of far fewer architectural features. A key part of the Client’s brief was to enhance the existing features and performances of each building in order to appeal to either a single tenant, or three different tenants spread across the campus. The façades of the two main, and most recent, buildings are planned


RESULT OF A CAREFUL INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY, CHARACTERIZED BY A CONTINUOUS SPACE DISTRIBUTED ACROSS TWO LEVELS. As an industrial restoration project, the building is a large continuous space distributed across two levels that makes use of materials such as iron and glass. The large openplan work space is the protagonist of the ground floor and is characterized by an dramatic seven-span structure with arches, barrel vaults and a large, bright central skylight. The character of the building has been maintained throughout with the use of simple materials that could efficiently support the functional and essential needs of the space. The iron and glass skylight dominates the open space and dialogues with the side windows; the arched structure is respected and amplified by suspended lighting fixtures with direct and indirect emission. The upper floor has been conceived as an exciting new meeting place: a space dedicated to encourage dialogue with the community and the profession in Milan, which is increasingly becoming a main player in the European scene.

Location: Milan, italy Client: One Works Services: Architectural, Interior Design, Structural Engineering and Site Supervision






Location: Milan, Italy Client: Confidential Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design

The 7.500 sqm office building sits on a relevant commercial gallery directly linking the main street to the neighbouring commercial square, whereby works are currently ongoing. The purpose of the building refurbishment was to create a new office space that would attract a new generation of tenants and the introduction of effective placemaking. However, the main focus of the project is the refurbishment of the existing building and the enhancement of the internal courtyard and rooftop terraces. The domestic inner courtyard has been designed to become a modern and peaceful “secret garden” that is full of greenery and seating places, as well as a flexible space for events and private exhibitions. The rooftop terrace, has been redesigned to include an impressive glass pavilion to be used for meetings, events and/or as a private office.



RESIDENTIAL The most successful residential developments reflect the ever-changing needs for space, sustainability, health, comfort and the integration with key amenities to enhance market appeal. Our integrated design process for large-scale developments includes strategic planning, programmatic

efficiency, sustainability and effective cost drivers to suit the needs of investors, developers and the residents. We use our expertise and experience to design unique spaces that enhance the meaning of home and community that fit the local culture.

THE LOT BEGINS TO INTERFERE WITH THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT SYSTEM CHARACTERIZED BY LARGE WOODLANDS ON LAKE MAGGIORE AT THE MOUTH OF THE MAGGIA RIVER. Located in Locarno’s urban confines and the large woodlands on Lake Maggiore, this project required a two-fold design approach. Firstly, urban design aspects introduce the block as a morphological unit with an interior space, recognized and treated as a garden-courtyard. Second, the landscape design considers the intervention as part of a larger park area making sure that each apartment enjoys a natural setting on all fronts.


Commercial retail and services have been designed on the ground floor and are accessible by garden pathways and public sidewalks. The apartment layouts offer a great degree of flexibility for the realestate market and can easily adapt to different customer requirements. The interior design follows new standards of contemporary living with large sliding glass doors that open onto terraces overlooking the lake and woodlands sheltering the units.

Location: Locarno, Switzerland Client: Renzetti & Partners SA Services: Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Landscape Design & Urban Design





Location: Torino, Italy Client: Confidential Services: Architectural Design, Masterplanning

The brief for this redevelopment project has been outlined considering a series of data and analysis related to this specific part of the city in terms of needs, services, transportations, planning forecasts, market trends, city development plans and requirements. The proximity to an existing urban university campus, suggests including a percentage of student housing, a student hotel and a new public square with retail spaces on the ground floor. High end residential building blocks, the gas holders re-use, a new public pocket park and a series of semipublic functions, such as a media library and a sport training centre, complete the project programme. As this was formerly an industrial area and excavations could be complicated, the parking areas have been located above ground within the building blocks and with rooftop gardens above.



HOSPITALITY Impressive hospitality design anticipates what will be trending for both consumer behaviour and travel. At One Works, our agile team of architects and designers deliver creativity and intellect with a personalized service that will keep our clients guests coming back for more.

Together, we design memorable experience that surprise and delight guests from around the work, whether is a city centre hotel or a remote seaside resort.

Location: Milan, Italy Client: Confidential Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail Design, Site Supervision



The project aims to establish a sort of dialogue with the existing building, enhancing and re-revealing some of its features from one side, replacing elements that somehow in the years altered the consistency of the original design from the other side. Extremely thin and thermal insulated steel window frames will restore the original façade design, currently affected by existing huge aluminum window frames installed in the past years. A new spectacular cantilevered glass canopy, following the rounded design of the main façade, will cover the new huge roof terrace. The interior design of the common areas reinterprets decorative elements from the 50’s, mixing more contemporary trends.

FAÇADE AND INTERIORS REFURBISHMENT OF AN IMPORTANT HOTEL BUILDING IN THE CENTER OF MILAN Hotel dei Cavalieri occupies part of a wedge-shaped building situated in the city center of Milan within a 1 minute walk from the Duomo, designed by Emilio Lancia in the 1949. The rounded main façade, facing Piazza Missori, represents a main landmark feature of this eleven-storey well-known massive Milanise urban block. The project is about the renovation and the extension of the existing Hotel dei Cavalieri. A series of workspace areas located on the right half side of the main façade will be dismissed and 71 new rooms, on 7 different levels, will be build and connected to the existing hotel. Aesthetic, acoustic and energy efficiency issues determined the necessity to provide new window frames for the main façade. The existing roof-terrace will be renewed and extended, including a new light roofing system.


LAVENO TOURIST RESORT AND RESIDENTIAL MASTERPLAN REDEVELOPMENT OF A FORMER INDUSTRIAL AREA HAS NOW BECOME A NEW WATERFRONT DESTINATION One Works was appointed to develop the Ceramica Lago masterplan including the transformation of a former industrial site sitting on Lake Maggiore’s shores. The strength of the masterplan lies in the reconfiguration, of the major part of the accommodation services that occupy the site’s western section. Part of the development included the introduction of the highly anticipated Laveno Tourist Resort and Residential development. All apartments enjoy direct views of the lake, the terraces are conceived as true open-air rooms, and public services face the new waterfront. Great attention has been paid to climatic and environmental issues by adopting active and passive strategies, resulting in high energy efficiency.

Location: Laveno, Varese, Italy Client: Valore Reale SGR Fondo Whitestone Services: Architectural Design & Site Supervision, Structural Engineering



Date: 2019 Location: Como, Italy Client: Confidential Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design


RETHINKING OF THE OUTER SHELL OF THE LUXURY SPA RESORT ON THE EASTERN SHORE OF LAKE COMO. The project concerns the rethinking of the outer shell of the Luxury Spa Resort, on the eastern shore of Lake Como. The moodboard and the resulting design concepts proposed derive from the specific request of the client to obtain a look & feel in harmony with the Lake’s identity characters. The analysis of the architectural and material peculiarities of the place and its historical buildings have therefore led to their contemporary reinterpretation but, at the same time, faithful to the genius loci.



CATION CULTURE & EDUCATION At One Works, we believe that cultural destinations should not only be an impressive architectural statement but should be designed to enhance the performance or art on display and create a unique and desirable guest experience. Our teams of architects and designers create impressive hubs that allow communities to gather and share experiences, whilst delivering places that encourage people to immerse themselves in culture.

The same applies to our approach to educational design. It is well known that physical environments have a direct and measurable impact on student and teacher performance. We design places of education that foster learning by adapting to various learning styles, whilst enhancing optimism, promoting community and belonging to allow students, teachers, and faculty to take pride and ownership in their environment and education.

Location: Doha, Qatar Client: Qatar Rail Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Detail Design



Park, an open air public space which surrounds the main building. The park will not only host the outdoor exposition, with a part dedicated to mass transportation that over time have accompanied the nation’s development, but will also provide a public place tightly integrated in the overall public realm network. The space will be experienced and transited by citizens following avenues and footpaths suitable for the most diverse means of personal transport - from bicycles to rollerblades and skateboards. From the TEC park grounds, visitors will also invited to take in the panorama and admire the major transport infrastructures surrounding the centre: from the subway to the highway.

A NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART EDUCATION CENTRE FOR DOHA CELEBRATING THE PAST AND FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION The new Transportation Education Centre (TEC) will rise between Lusail Boulevard and the Al Qassar Metro Station. As well as a source of education, the new centre will also provide exhibition space and recreational facility. The combination of these three major functions into one harmonious whole, will interpret the vision of Qatar Rail while enhancing the environmental factors and characteristics of the area, to represent the project’s real innovative approach. The Transportation Education Centre is designed to create a direct relationship with citizens and visitors, making them a pro-active and vibrant component to the museum complex. The exhibition is spread through the Transportation Education Centre


THE GONZAGA INSTITUTE COMPLEX REDEVELOPMENT OF ONE OF THE OLDEST PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN MILAN TO PROVIDE STATE-OF-THEFACILITIES FOR STAFF AND STUDENTS. The school now offers a new sports center and conference hall, large outdoor spaces, and a multi-story car park. The facilities are open to students and the city at large. The courtyard is the heart of the school, the neuralgic center, both physically and functional wise, around which revolves the scholastic organism. The three new volumes overlook the courtyard and complete the fourth side. A low construction hides the car park access ramp. A long narrow glass building contains the new distribution system thereby resolving the complex connections between the various functions. Finally, a translucent volume contains sports facilities, swimming pool and a sizable gym, which hosts official basketball and volleyball games. One singular element, the independent entrance to the new sport complex that opens onto Via Settembrini for the public, formally externalizes this radical transformation.

Location: Milan, Italy Client: Vitruvio Immobiliare Services: Architectural Design, Civil & Structural Engineering, Cost Consultancy and Site Supervision.


Location: Confidential Client: Confidential Area: 17.000 smq Services: Schematic Design



THE NEW NATIONAL OPERA AND THEATRE WILL ADDRESS THE LONG-IDENTIFIED NEED FOR A PURPOSE-BUILT, LARGE-SIZED PERFORMANCE VENUE. The new cultural facility will accommodate a wide range of different indoor and outdoor performances, lectures, events, conferences, and some of the many festivals periodically organized in town. An inspiring conceptual design for this cultural facility aims to interpret the institution’s mission to provide the community and the whole country with educational and immersive opportunities in culture, entertainment and nature. Creating a distinctive global institution for a growing country, with innovative spaces for experiencing performances, along with new opportunities to learn, create, discover and engage, is the objective of this design proposal. The new project, with all its new functions and destinations, will act as a bridge between the past and the future of the Country: activating the nearby institutions and the whole extended area while projecting at the same time the city and the country into a more contemporary and international scenario, thereby responding to the updated needs and aspirations by the people and the Country.



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