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Two Sides of One Coin- Web Designers and Developers Websites as we all know plays an important role in selling our products among various people around the world. And hence every business owner of Colorado today wants a website for his business. So he hires a web developer to make his website but the main thing that most of the people are not aware of is the designing and developing of a website is two different things.

Although Web Designing and developing are the two sides of a coin but they have different meaning. Firstly, web developers are the ones who develop a website through their technical skills and knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Net and so on. So we can say they are the mother of websites who develop them make them live.

On the other hand, web designers are those people who make the website look the best of all. These people need to creative and innovative in their imaginations. Web designers too know few back end technicalities which help them to provide the appropriate look and feel to the website according to the target customers. And surprisingly both the web designers and developers of One Resolution are best at their job.

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Two sides of one coin web designers and developers  

One-resolution offers consulting including website designing, website development and online marketing. Our Colorado technology consulting s...

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