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THE DORSET ARMS Buckhurst Park, Withyham, Hartfield TN7 4BD 01892 770278 1 Scotch egg and mustard mayonaisse

The Pantiles Food Festival 7

2 Trio of minature puddings


3 Terrine of Foie Gras, duck and chicken liver with spiced plum chutney


4 Bloody Mary 5 Pint of Harveys 6 Brownie Pieces


Royal Tunbridge Wells

7 Cappucino

stalls featuring local, regiona and international food & drink

8 Haunch of venison steak with stilton mashed potato, glazed parsnips and red currant jus 9 Buckhurst park sausages and mash 10 Warm pigeon salad


The realisation of these twin aims seems to be closing the gap as intended. Sally Black said: “We’ve got eight trays of millionaire dessert here all going to one cafe. They don’t even put up a sign telling customers it’s gluten free.” And millionaires could be the key to future riches. Oast to Host’s latest venture is a delivery service which will bring an individual, personalised ‘millionaire’s mistress’ to your door. “They’ve got longer shelf life than a cupcake and can be posted as a large letter,” Mrs Forster explained. “No more going to the Post Office to collect a cake only to find the buttercream all over the place!” Despite their investment and belief in gluten-free treats, Mrs Black and Mrs Forster are keen to point out that cutting out gluten isn’t always the solution. “Wheat requires a lot of energy to process,” said Mrs Black. “I’ve always suffered from asthma and hay fever. Since I’ve cut wheat and dairy out, I’ve been a completely different person. My eyes don’t itch, I can walk the dog through fields and I’ve got more energy. “But going gluten free isn’t a universal miracle cure. There are vitamins you miss out on. You have to be careful to get that balance. Oast to Host will be appearing at the Allergy and Free From Show in London in July, and the products are available online or from any of the 20 local cafes, delis and farm-shops they supply. “We don’t want to sell to supermarkets”, said Mrs Forster. “We prefer to supply places where people really value what they’re getting.” And they’re hoping that a second instalment of government funding, in the shape of Growth Accelerator coaching, will help them reach even more people. “We want to take this to the next level”, said Mrs Black. We’d like to start making some money. We haven’t earned anything yet!”


GOING GLUTEN-FREE 1888 coeliac disease was clinically recognised by Dr Sameul Gee. He described its clinical attributes and suggested the role of diet in the condition. 1924 before gluten had been identified as the culprit, the restriction of carbohydrates and fat was advised for coeliacs. The ‘banana diet’ was popularised by Dr Haas with his famous paper ‘The value of the banana in the treatment of coeliac disease’. 1944 paediatrician Willem-Karel Dick pioneered the gluten-free diet. He was the first person to demonstrate that coeliac children relapsed after eating certain types of flour. 1978 American company Energ-G produced the world’s first gluten-free bread. 2015 At least one in every 100 people is affected by coeliac disease. One in ten new food products emerging on the market is gluten free, and the global gluten-free market is estimated to be worth £2.6bn.


cooking demos on the bandstand, beer festival in the corn exchange, street food, comedy with the King Elvis

The Pantiles

Chefs, live music, children's entertainments

Food Festival Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Pantiles Food Festival Royal Tunbridge Wells

Friday 15th, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17th May 20

stalls featuring local, regional and international food & drink cooking demos on the bandstand, beer festival in the corn exchange, comedy with the King Elvis street Stallsfood, featuring local, regional and Chefs, live music, children's entertainments

international food & drink

Cooking demos on the bandstand, beer festival in the corn exchange, street food, comedy with the King Elvis Chefs, Live music, children’s entertainments WWW.OASTTOHOST.COM

Friday 15th, FridaySaturday 15th, Saturday16th 16th & and Sunday May 2015 Sunday 17th May17th 2015

Don’t forget the Pantiles food & craft market on the first and third Saturday of each month!

MAIN IMAGE Sally Black, left, and Claire Forster INSET A selection of Oast to Host goodies

Wednesday 6th May 2015

Times of Tunbridge Wells Issue 10 May 6th 2015  
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