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Feeling grateful that you made the first step of reading this booklet. You’ll find here all the important information that will hopefully convince you to come for BRAVE 2018 Alumni Track! :) Trust me, you won’t regret it. We will bring you back in time & fill you with positive vibe. Don’t believe me? Join and try it for yourself… Conference BRAVE is a unique place, where you can meet the current members of AIESEC in Slovakia, guests from abroad, Alumni members and the ones that will be certificated as fresh Alumni during the Gala Night. Together around 170 people having one thing in common… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Me and my colleagues Veronika and Katka (Koreň) are working hard to prepare everything for you, every detail. We hope to see you there! The choice is yours… Be brave and join us at BRAVE 2018 in Radava.

Pavol Hriňa, Coordinator of AIESEC Alumni Slovakia

Radava 471 941 47 Radava 48°04'43.5"N 18°18'36.3"E




Do we have some masters in the house? Stay tuned for Friday night. Will Alumni team remove BoseNohy from the throne?

Ladies & gentleman, turn into your dresses & suits and welcome our new Alumni members!

How will our Alumni Global Village table look like?

1.) There is more to life than to increase its speed (regardless how old you are)

1.) Purpose Counseling 2.) Life Mentoring By Dieter Langenecker

* Why it all started * What is the technology behind * Future of crypto currencies * How to get involved * Open discussion

Peter Solฤรกni

* Why it is so important * How to connect Digital Marketing & Business Development * How to create engagement through LinkedIn * Sharing good case practices & concrete tips Jirka Jambor


EARLY BIRD DDL 28.2.2018




FRIDAY to SUNDAY - Regular Fee = 62,-eur SATURDAY to SUNDAY - Regular Fee = 46,- eur

FRIDAY to SUNDAY - Regular Fee = 67,- eur SATURDAY to SUNDAY - Regular Fee = 49,- eur



*For AAS Paying member fee use code aasBrave


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DARE 2017 was my first conference where I was as alumni. I enjoyed that I could meet with other alumni and new interesting people. I really enjoyed agenda and learnt new things. It was really inspiring for me. Only thing I would change is the location.

Alumni track at the National AIESEC Conferences is a great chance how to meet friends from AIESEC times, have fruitful discussions, learn something new, have fun at the same time. And sometimes to win TOPALKY or dance ROLL-CALLS. It is weekend full of energy and inspiration. I definitely recommend it

Veronika Ondrovičová +421 907 603 495

Katarína Korenková +421 903 189 456

Pavol Hriňa +421 944 581 282

[AAS] National conference BRAVE 2018 - Final Booklet [Alumni]  
[AAS] National conference BRAVE 2018 - Final Booklet [Alumni]  

Hey AIESEC! See the Final Booklet for conference BRAVE 2018 with all the information you need (Agenda, Key note Speaker, Workshops, Consulta...