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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certificate 4 2 year programme (HLT41202 Registered Training Certificate)

• A powerful symptom-based diagnostic model. • Guided tests, including a comprehensive pulse test. • Comprehensive Ayurvedic iridology and tongue test • An extensive intelligent treatment database. • Lifestyle advice: dietary, daily and seasonal regimes for you to customise for your patients. • Customise treatment protocols for Ayurvedic massage, musculosekeltal treatment and Panchkarma protocols. • Ayurvedic counselling approach model.

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Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies Training Programme 2008/09

Ayurvedic Musculoskeletal Treatments & Shirodhara

Why study with the A.I.A.S.?

You will study a programme designed, guided and assessed by an accredited B.A.M.S Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. S. Ajit (B.A.M.S degree is the only qualification in Ayurveda recognised as bonafide by the Central Council of Indian Medicine) You will study authentic Ayurveda in its totality as a holistic science with the requisite theoretical and practical skills. You will get the opportunity to do an internship in Australsia’s best equipped Ayurvedic centre - Planet Ayurveda, under the guidance of Australsia’s most clinically experienced Doctor. All Ayurvedic subjects are traditional and are not “padded” with filler subjects. You will get the opportunity to improve and influence your own personal life while studying with A.I.A.S. under the guidance of a teacher who believes in preaching and practicing the same principles. You will experience the atmosphere as of a Traditional Ayurvedic College in India. Maximum contact hours with a qualified, highly experienced clinical Ayurvedic Vaidya (physician) Dr. S. Ajit B.A.M.S. This provides ample opportunity to ask questions and understand the concept from first hand information. Dr. S. Ajit B.A.M.S, P.C.A.S, graduated Ayurvedacharya from the University of Patiala. He served the Government of India for almost 20 years. In 1996 Dr. Ajit relocated to Auckland, New Zealand, and since that time has served his students in New Zealand and Australia, and transformed the lives of many patients.

Previous Students Comments “I have been transformed from a confused student to a confident practitioner. The secret – Dr. Ajit’s powerful teaching and knowledge of Ayurveda. He is the most helpful, understanding and knowledgeable teacher I have ever had and I am proud to be his student” – Yolande Manson, New Zealand. “Because of Dr. Ajit’s passion and pure intention I feel I have taken so much of what he has patiently and often repeatedly taught us. I know I am where I am because of the integrity of my teacher. He delivers everything with such discipline and strength yet also has so much compassion and sensitivity.” - Arihia Latham – Coates A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 1

The module provides students with necessary knowledge and skill of unique Ayurvedic musculosekeltal technique known as BASTI. Students will get the chance to do practical training on each other for basti such as – katibasti, greeva basti, vaksha basti . Students will also learn the principles of shirodhara – most profound Ayurvedic treatment for mental imbalances . students will practically learn by performing shirodhara treatment on each other under supervison of drajit . (Time table - 15 days in house training)

Pulse Diagnosis

Module content includes examination of Prakriti & Vikriti through Pulse assessment & integrating qualities of the pulse with signs & symptoms in case history taking. (Time table - 5th weekend &15 days in house training)

Ayurvedic Clinical Diagnosis

This module provides students with the knowledge of Ayurvedic clinical assessment, diagnostic techniques & skills required for client evaluation & prognosis. (Time table - 15 days in house training)

Ayurvedic Clinical Pathology

This module will provide students with knowledge & understanding of various common disorders relating to various channels according to Ayurvedic pathogensis & the management of these disorders, utilising principles of Ayurvedic Ahara, Vihara & Aushadhi. (Time table - 15 days in house training)

Introduction to Panchakarma, Rejuvenation & Revitalising Science

This module will provide a very basic but clear understanding of the theory & objectives behind Panchakarma therapy (Ayurveda’s famed science of physiological detoxification & purification) at a level appropriate to the ALC course. There will be no practical involved for this. A.I.A.S. Advance Diploma Students will lhave more practical involvement with Panchakarma treatments. ALC students will also underst& about Ayurvedic Rasyana therapies. This module will require no assignment. (Time table - self study as distance learning)

Clinical Training

Will provide & further enhance student’s knowledge & skills to assess individual cases. All clinical training with B.A.M.S Ayurvedic Doctor. Additional unsupervised study will be assigned. Each student has to complete 20 case studies for each programme advised by the tutor. (Time table - 15 days in house training & self study) This A.I.A.S. course covers nationally endorsed units of competency, such as: HLTAYV6A ; HLTAYV4A ; HLTAYV14A ; HLTAYV12A ; BSBCMN204A ; HLTCOM4A ; HLTCOM5A ; HLTCOM6A ; HLTCOM8A ; HLTH1R1A A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 10

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Module content includes classification of foods according to the 5 elements & 6 tastes. Detailed understanding of the selection & properties of foods & their effect on our health. Detailed understanding of aharvidhividhan and its importance while planning a diet for client to achieve optimum balnce. Students will also learn basic cooking skills through demo by Dr Ajit. (Time table - 3rd weekend)

Ayurvedic Clinical Nutrition 1

Provides students with the knowledge & skills to prepare Ayurvedic sattvic meals, recipes for different seasons, & the significance of Ayurvedic cooking in Ayurvedic psychology, yoga & meditation sciences. (Time table - 15 days in house study)

Ayurvedic Clinical Nutrition 11

Module content includes selection of foods & recipes for children, during pregnancy & for the elderly; recipes to nourish the Sapta Dhatu (7 tissues) & recipes for different ailments. These are practical cooking sessions where students will cook undersupervison and than taste and comment on the effect of dishes cooked by them. (Time table - 15 days in house study)

Women & Children

Will provide students with the knowledge & skills to apply Ayurvedic programmes for conscious conception, improved maternal health, better parentage through Ayurveda; introduction to Ayurvedic infant massage. After ay infant massage no practical students will also gain understanding of womens problems such as pms, menopause, and how to structure lifestyle plan to deal with such problems. (Time table - 3rd weekend)

Ayurvedic Psychology & Spirituality 1

This module provides the essential knowledge of non-physical aspects of Ayus (life) that play a critical role in physical & mental health & enhance our consciousness. (Time table - 4th weekend)

Ayurvedic Psychology & Spirituality 11

Ayurvedic Counselling is a method unique to Ayurveda, having developed out of knowledge of three gunas, the Antahkarana (mind, ego, intellect & consciousness) & aahara, vihara & achara (life supporting diet, lifestyle & conduct). This module also stresses the psychological development of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. (Time table - 15 days in house training)

Ayurvedic Massage 1

This module provides knowledge & skills of the theory, principles, sequences & oils used in Ayurvedic massage. Of special importance is the ability to identify & select appropriate Marma points & strokes to promote the balance of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. (Time table - 5th weekend) A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 9

HLT41202 Registered Training Certificate

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Training Programme 2008/09

Ayurveda is the life science, healing science of the ages and assuredly of the future. All over the world awakened healers, physicians, yogis, researchers and home makers are being drawn to the perennial wisdom of Ayurveda – seeking to complement and expand areas of learning still incomplete. Ayurvedic Consultants, Therapists and Practitioners will stand strong in the future as representatives of this timeless system. Their range of healing tools is practically unlimited, their training will be thorough and their role in holistic healing invaluable.

What is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant? An Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant is trained to effectively assess a clientÂ’s: Body type (Prakriti) Ayurvedic psychological profile, and Current condition (Vikriti) According to the methods advised in traditional Ayurvedic texts; and to select strategies from food therapy, meditation, massage, yoga, herbs, lifestyle modification and Ayurvedic counselling to promote healing and balance. The strength of this approach lies in its highly individualised /specific to the client recommendations and deep acting psycho-somatic (mind/body) programmes. The Australasian Institution of Ayurvedic Studies was founded in 1999 in New Zealand as an educational and promotional Institute, following the traditional Vedic Philosophy of life. The A.I.A.S. is the only institute in Australasia that offers approved Ayurvedic courses in both Australia and New Zealand together thus providing a purely Ayurvedic environment for students to learn and serve. A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 2

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certificate 4 Training Programme Structure The training programme is 2 years in length and is comprised of the following components:-

1) First year 5 weekends face to face programme Choose the venue site closest to you (Melbourne, Brisbane or Auckland). Dr, Ajit will personally lead an intensive weekend of lectures at each venue every 8 weeks, during the first year with 5 weekend long, face to face training sessions. Additional home study and group study will be set, including assignments – for the period between visits.

2) Clinical training;(second year in New Zealand)

This compulsory 15 day practicum will be practically oriented, covering crucial subjects including Ayurvedic Cooking, Shirodhara, Pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic Counselling, Herbal preparations and supervised clinic. All practical subjects are taught in such a way that every student will get opperunity to give and recieve each time thus gettiing more confidence in all treatments.


there will be five tutorials during the second year.

4) Self-paced Distance Learning; Will be undertaken in the 2nd year – including modular notes of the lectures with directed home study and assignments to be completed for each module. Students are encouraged to have group study in this year as well as keeping in touch with their teacher via email. There is a final exam at the end of two years study in November 2009. This will be a closed book exam and will cover the whole course structure. All Study material will be supplied on CD in printable format.

5) Final exam Dates for Face to Face Training 2008 1st wknd

Brisbane: Melbourne: Auckland:

2nd wknd

3rd wknd

4th wknd

5th wknd

22, 23 Mar 24, 24 May 26, 27 July 20, 21 Sept 29, 30 Nov 29, 30 Mar 7, 8 June 2, 3 Aug 4, 5 Oct 6, 7 Dec 5, 6 Apr 31 May, 1Jun 9, 10 Aug 11, 12 Oct 13, 14 Dec

Times – 9 am to 6 pm Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm Sunday. Venues – (To be advised) phone 1300 557 487 (AUS) or 09 623 2651 (NZ) In House Practicum In Auckland, New Zealand to be held in April 2008 (For all Students). Exact dates will be given to students during the course. A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 3

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Certificate 4, 2 year programme (HLT41202 Registered Training Certificate)

The Science of Life

Will provide the knowledge of Ayurvedas origin, the 6 Darshanas (philosophies) & their role in Ayurveda; Body, Mind & Soul considerations in achieving perfect balance; Dhi Dhriti Smriti – how this ancient principle helps to reawaken cellular intelligence. (Time table - Distance study & 1st weekend)

Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology1

Will provide students with the knowledge of how the Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) work in our body, the assessment of body types; understanding the physiology related to the sub-doshas. Students will also learn how to corelate qualities , function and places of dosha in our body. (Time table -1st weekend)

Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology11

Will provide students with detailed understanding of Prakriti & Vikriti (constitution & present condition), assessment of doshic imbalances, determination of subsequent methods to rectify imbalances. Clinical understanding of 7 Dhatus (tissues), their metabolic function & their affect on well-being. (Time table -1st & 2nd weekend)

Ayurvedic Physiology 111

Will provide students with a working knowledge of Srotas (channels)& their role in health & disease. Students will also learn the importance of Dincharya & Ritucharya to achieve optimum balance in our life. The role of Agni in Clinical Physiology & Pathology. Students will also learn what Ama is & how it takes form in our body, plus the factors responsible for causing physical & mental Ama. (Time table - 2nd weekend)

Ayurvedic Materia Medica 1

Will provide understanding on Ayurvedic Herbology, the importance of 20 Gunas in Ayurvedic herbology, & the role of kitchen herbs in maintaining our wellbeing as well as their use in various imbalances. (Time table - 15 days in house study in Auckland)

Ayurvedic Materia Medica 11

Will provide students with more understanding of Ayurvedic herbs, their Anupana (herbal vehicles), preparations & usage in different conditions. (Time table - 15 days in house study in Auckland)

Ayurvedic Materia Medica 111

Includes detailed study of Tailam (medicated oil) & Ghritam (medicated ghee) & their selection for different conditions. How to prepare Tailam & Ghritam. (Time table - 15 days in house study in Auckland)

A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 8

Distance learning Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant certificate 4 programme is also offered by the A.I.A.S. as a distance learning programme. The A.I.A.S. offer the same course as the distance learning programme for those Australian students who are unable to join the face to face option and live far from Brisbane and Melbourne. In this programme students will be able to study at their own pace but still have the same course material plus audio tapes and they still have to do 15 days inhouse programme in New Zealand. Read more about this programme on our website: or email: or phone the A.I.A.S. head office: 00 64 9 623 2651. This programme is only offered through the A.I.A.S head office in New Zealand.

Planet Ayurveda

The Planet Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Mt Eden, Auckland is AustralasiaÂ’s best equipped Ayurvedic centre where Ayurveda's most profound purification and rejuvenation programme, Panchkarma, is offered under the guidence of AustralasiaÂ’s most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor; Dr Ajit. Plant Ayurveda now offers a residential Panchkarma programme where clients can enjoy a quiet calm atmosphere and eat specially devised food cooked by Ayurvedic chef. Learn more about Panchkarma and the Planet Ayurveda wellness Centre at:

Merchandise available

The A.I.A.S. offers Ayurvedic books, therapeutic products, herbs, oils and traditional Ayurvedic equipment for students and practioners.

Dr Ajit has also produced various learning tools that are helpful for students as well as practioners: Ayurvedic therapeutic massage interactive CD - $125 Ayurvedic tongue chart - $45 Ayurvedic marma massage chart(3) - $45 Ayurvedic pulse diagnostic chart - $35 Snapshots from one of our intensive wekends...

to purchase any of these items please contact: Richard Clark (Aus)1300 557 487 Planet Ayurveda (NZ) 09 623 2651

A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 7

A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 4

Course Costs

Registration Form (Copy for your records & send original to A.I.A.S.)

The A.I.A.S. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Training Programme costs $5,400 in total (please note that this price does not include air travel, lodging and meals in Auckland for the15 day practicum). Registration is by payment only.

A non-refundable deposit $250 is required to secure your placement. Registration closes 31/8/2008, or earlier. Balance of payment may be made by the following methods: One payment of $5,150 due two weeks prior to course commencement Two Installments - $2,950 due 1/3/08 and $2,550 due by 1/11/08 Three Installments - $2,500 due 1/3/08 and $1,680 due by 1/9/08 and $1,570 due 1/3/09 (Please make cheques/ money orders payable to the A.I.A.S.)

Name Address State


Phone (H)


ID (Drivers Licence/ Passport Number) E-mail I understand the programme structure, payment refund policy and course requirements and wish to register for the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant programme in:

Important Points

(note: please tick the city in which you would like to attend our course below )

Students are expected to attend Face to Face Training at their chosen venue, participation in one Clinical Practicum in Auckland, New Zealand (cost of air travel, lodging and meals are not included in the course cost) and complete and pass all set assignments and home study in order to graduate from the course. This programme has been designed for students with no prior experience in Ayurveda, as well as for current practicing therapists, physicians and health practitioners. Those students with no prior training in health sciences will need to complete the following subjects with a recognized (RTO) provider in order to gain professional membership in an association: Anatomy and Physiology

Senior First Aid

Infection control policies and procedures

Implementation of OHS policies

The above subjects may be commenced after the completion of the Ayurvedic study components. Students may also apply for recognition of prior learning.

REFUND POLICY: course cancellation with at least 7 days notice prior to course commitment are refundable, less administration fee of $500. ONCE COURSE COMMENCES – NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE. CANCELLED COURSES: In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled, your money will be refunded in full. A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 5

A.I.A.S. Ayurvedic Consultant Training Programme 2008. please print clearlyÂ…






I am forwarding a registration fee of $250 and will submit balance of payment by the following method: One payment of $5,150 Payment of $

By 2 installments

By 3 installments

is attached

(Please make cheques/ money orders payable to A.I.A.S.) Post to A.I.A.S., PO Box 4010, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland 4113, Aus. Payment options by VISA or MASTERCARD are also available.

Card Type



Card no. Exp date





Name on Card

Please send this completed form with your registration fee to: A.I.A.S. PO Box 4010 Eight Mile Plains Queensland 4113 Australia

Amount $ Signed Date

A.I.A.S. training programme 2008 | page 6


AIAS 2008 programme