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Welcome from the Editor Weddings don’t tend to be hugely eco-friendly events. There can be a lot of food waste, throwaway decor and plastic packaging, not to mention the carbon footprint from all your guests travelling to your chosen venue. Increasing numbers of couples are looking at ways of making their weddings more sustainable, but let us be clear ‘there is no such thing as a perfectly ethical wedding … the minute you pop that cork on that bottle of bubbly you can kiss goodbye to that idea. But the mere fact that you are looking at the idea of cutting back on some of the excesses that weddings can produce is a start. Planning an Eco Wedding doesn’t have to be hard. With a few tweeks here and there you can have both the wedding of your dreams and help to save the planet too. In this issue we have put together some of the ideas that we’ve found to help you on your way. Since originally planning my editorial for this issue at the beginning of the year we have been struck by the Covid19 virus. The outbreak of coronavirus is having an ever-increasing impact on people’s daily lives. As we approach spring/summer, those who have organised weddings in the coming months will undoubtedly be feeling uncertain as to whether their weddings will be able to go ahead, whether they are taking place in the UK or abroad. As expected we have been getting a lot of questions about this situation which as we all know is fast moving. While everything remains uncertain in the current climate, it is important not to panic and to take the necessary steps of speaking to your wedding suppliers and your insurance provider, if you have one. Wedding professionals are ready to help when the situation settles down and Matrimony UK® are here in the meantime to help with any questions you may have. In the meantime why not take a look at our feature on How to ‘Mark the Date’ by Lauren Poole. Take care of yourselves in these very strange times and remember we are here to help. Contact us at editor@matrimonymag.co.uk

Stay safe Wendy



Marking the Date … Feature by Lauren Poole There can be no argument that those couples who have had to postpone or cancel their weddings due to the current pandemic are feeling a profound sense of sadness and loss, and never more so than on the actual date they were due to say ‘I do’.

sections to the centre of the crown and then tie together. Pull on the tie to loosen and tuck away the ends.

So I’m not suggesting that you get into your ivory gown and Jimmy Choo’s, but maybe move away from the day time pyjamas and wear something that makes you feel chic, beautiful and confident.

If you’re not into crafting then Heidi has loads of items that would be perfect for your ‘stay home celebration’, but if you fancy a go yourself here are a few quick and easy hacks to create something special.

For an updo … create the half up half down as above, then with the remaining hair create two sections (one on each side of the head) and twist and fix each with a tie. Wedding suppliers (me included) feel like it is our mission Then tuck the ends of each twist into the sections of hair to make the ‘postponed date’ special. A day for tears of joy attached at the crown. Then accessorise. and excitement for the future date, with no sadness allowed. For accessories I look to the fabulous Heidi from So in support of this mission, and with the help of some of Glorious by Heidi and her advice is simple … the best suppliers I know, here are our tips on .

Using craft or fuse wire attach a pretty brooch to a hair slide For your hair Jen at Wildflower Hair Company, https://wildflowerhaircompany.co.uk/, has tips on simple hair styling for your ‘day that should have been’. For a laid back curl … divide your hair horizontally and clip the top section up. Create six curls with the bottom section and then six with the top section (once unclipped). Then brush through the curls for a soft romantic wave.

Use wire cutters to cut up a diamante bracelet, file away any sharp bits, and use a strong glue to arrange the pieces onto a hair comb, leave to dry before using!

Take a string of pearls or beads and use grips to pin them around your crown

For more inspiration or to check out Heidi’s own amazing For a half up half down … take two sections of hair from the top (leaving a couple of inches at the front), twist both creations have a look at her website www.gloriousbyheidi.com


Marking the Date …

. If you are already pretty confident with your makeup then go for it. If you are less familiar with a makeup application then my top tips are: -

Apply your foundation evenly all over your face, you want the whole face to look uniform


Use concealer sparingly but in areas that need more than just foundation.


You can’t go wrong with a neutral eye shadow and a thin application of eye liner. Brown liner for a natural look, black for more of a statement.


Use blush. A light pink or peach is often the best as you can slowly layer the colour until you get the look you want. Follow the contours of your cheek bones to make them pop.


Pick a lip colour you are comfortable with. That might be nude, it might be neon pink. Just be comfortable and confident.

Kate Bader at Florence and Vera Events www.florenceandvera.co.uk and www.instagram.com/floveevents/ has a few brilliant ideas for creating a romantic atmosphere whilst still in your front room. Kate says

So when styling the room consider: -

Bright and seasonal florals and settings for a pop of colour


Earthy tones and textures which are so on trend at the moment


Treating yourself to some new napkins or crockery which can certainly be used again


Candlelight is paramount when setting a relaxed and calming mood, so light up your surroundings with as many as you can find


Rekindle the excitement for the upcoming big day by placing pictures of some of your highlights as a couple around the room .

Just pick something you both love that won’t take hours of stressful preparation. You could even get a lovely take away or ‘dine in’ deal from a well known supermarket!


It’s not a special occasion without cake is it? Not being a baker myself I asked the wonderful Lisa at Urban Cakehouse, www.urbancakehouse.com, what she would recommend for a ‘marking the date celebration’ and this is what she told me.

For Lisa’s full and fabulous recipe click here, but to give you an idea … just take a basic Victoria sponge recipe, add a dollop or two of jam (whatever’s your favourite) and a batch of buttercream for the structure, then decorate with seasonal fruits and fruit coulis or chocolate drip. You may not want or need to make a three-tier creation like the one pictured, but even one tier will look fabulous for your mini celebration and, most importantly, will taste great. That said, if you do have the time to create a three-tiered masterpiece, Lisa told me that any leftovers can be double wrapped in cling film and thrown in the freezer. Or, why not leave some on the doorsteps of your friends and neighbours so they can share in the celebration too.

If wedding days and lockdown have anything in common it’s the fact that there are no rules as to what time of day it is appropriate to start drinking! So, on this date of marking the day that should have been, get drinking at whatever time you fancy (airport rules apply!)

Just to clarify, I am not suggesting that you flout the government rules. We all must stay at home even on the day that should have been. But, why not tell your friends that you are going to celebrate the day in style and invite them to attend (via one of the various video apps) whatever bits of the day you want them too. If you need inspiration for invites to this bespoke soiree check out the amazing creations of Natalie at https://jellypress.co.uk/. She can also help you with postponement cards.

So you probably don’t have the talent of the photographer you have booked for your actual wedding, but you will, I imagine, have a camera. Take selfies, use filters, be adventurous, have fun. You only need to get one or two great snaps. But I can promise you, those shots will mean the world to you and your kids/grandkids when you can tell them all about the date that ‘should have been’ during lockdown.

For more tips and inspiration have a look at my Instagram www.instagram.com/makeupbylaurenpoole/ for live interviews with some fabulous wedding creatives about how to mark you date with style. With all my love at this weird time. Stay safe x



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Indiebride London takes pride in being a sustainable bridal wear brand. It is important for us to not just create beautiful bohemian wedding dresses but also to take our nature’s wellbeing in consideration. The most important dress of your life can be made respecting the environment and people on it. At Indiebride London, you will know who made your wedding dress and where the materials came from.

All our dresses are made to order. This means we don’t hold any dresses in stock. When an order is placed, we will make the dress from scratch. This means we only make a dress when someone wants to wear it on their wedding day. This ensures that every dress we make has a personal connection.

When you choose Indiebride London, you work closely with the person who makes your dress. Instead of producing the dresses in a factory somewhere else, we make all our dresses ourselves from the first cut to the last finishings. Each dress and piece of accessory is handcrafted and hand-embellished in our London studio using the highest quality laces and silks. We also make the alterations ourselves if any is needed. Our dresses and accessories have a story behind them and we value the handmade nature and quality of our products.


Luxury Ethical Bridal Wear All our bespoke wedding dresses and bridal attire are designed and made to order in Cambridge

Professional dressmaker and designer, Clare Szabo, designs and creates custom made wedding dresses and bridal attire in Cambridge. All their wedding dresses and bridal clothing can be designed and custom made in a range of styles and fabrics to suit today’s modern spouse-to-be. Clare will work with you using your inspiration from pictures and sketches to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind custom made wedding outfit (from wedding dress to bridal suit) which nobody else will have but you. Ethical wedding dresses and attire are as luxurious as any other wedding dress and there has never been a more urgent time for kinder, sustainable bridal wear. Based in Cambridge, River Elliot Bridal specialises in designing red carpet-ready ethical garments and custom made wedding dresses and attire that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and cruelty free. River Elliot’s ethical wedding dresses and bridal wear are not factory made and are source certified, quality ethical fabrics. If you’re looking for a kinder, less harmful wedding dress or bridal attire for your special day, choosing to have your garment custom made using quality, organic and sustainable materials is a wonderful option. 12

Contact us on: www.riverelliot.com hello@riverelliot.com


17 Deopham Green, Kingsway, Gloucester, GL2 2HX Email info@infinitydresses.co.uk Call on 01452 912 655 Call on 07885 420 610

The average wedding in the UK currently costs upwards of £20,000 and trying to manage all of these factors while maintaining a disciplined budget can culminate in a stressful time for you and your partner. The dress itself is more than likely taking priority in your planning process, pivotal as it is in the entire experience. You have probably been to every boutique in your area, thumbed every Bridal magazine and gathered a considerable collection of soft focus dream dresses on your Pinterest board. Coveting other people’s dresses is par for the course but have you considered buying a pre-owned dress and making it your own? With the vintage clothing market booming, buying a brand new wedding dress is no longer the only way to go. Wedding dresses are typically worn for a maximum of 12 hours and after being dry cleaned, you would be hard pressed to tell that these dresses had ever been outside of the showroom. At Infinity dresses, we provide a wide range of pre-owned wedding gowns as well as new and sample dresses, so whichever way you’re inclined to shop we could very well have a style to suit you. That ever tiresome budget could be eased considerably should you find a dress that could save you hundreds of pounds off the original retail price. Furthermore, Infinity Dresses provides an outlet for those of you looking to re-home your own wedding dresses, giving them a chance to walk the aisle again in another couple’s love story. Rather than allowing your dress to gather dust in the loft or saving it for a daughter who will more than likely find it too old-fashioned in 25 years, why not allow it to be loved and worn again while ensuring a fair return on it in the process? The online marketplace can be a lengthy and challenging outlet, and your dress can be listed on a range of sites for months on end before finally selling for a paltry and insulting price. We offer you the chance to have your dress viewed and tried on by perspective brides in a welcoming, homely environment, allowing the dress to be appreciated in all its glory. Whether you’re on the hunt for your perfect dress or looking for a safe place in which to pass it on, Infinity Dresses offers the perfect marketplace to ease the ever-present pressure of modern day finances.


Poppy Perspective create bridal wear with a classic vintage quality and a hint of modern cool. They are proud to make every dress by hand and use only a handful of British suppliers and mills. This is not your average bridal boutique. Your fittings will be at the studio, where the dresses are designed and made. They love you to see what they’re working on, and, the core of their brand is creating a unique experience for brides. Whether you have a bespoke dress made just for you, or choose from the customisable Portraits collection, or one off Cornucopia collection made in re purposed vintage lace your journey with Poppy Perspective will be fun, relaxed and enjoyable. “This is such an exciting time in your life and we are always so excited to be chosen to be part of it. Our aim is to make women feel gorgeous and confident on their wedding day and to have special memories to hold on to long beyond.”


Poppy Perspective 17 Chapel Place Ramsgate CT11 9RY www.poppyperspective.com

Hi I’m Phiney, the designer, maker and woman behind Poppy Perspective. I was born and raised in London but followed my dream of living by the sea a few years ago, to set up my own business and start a family. I’m now settled on the beautiful Kent coast and love being by the sea, the fresh air, long walks and beautiful scenery sparks my creativity! Originally I studied Womenswear design at London College of Fashion and over the last 13 years have gone on to work across all areas of the industry from design and manufacturing to styling and photography. I have always had a love of vintage and antique textiles and most recently worked in restoration, but something kept pulling me back to bridal. Poppy Perspective, named after a dear loved one, was born in 2016 when a friend asked me to make her a bespoke dress after an unsuccessful dress hunt. I worked on Poppy Perspective in my spare time to begin with, but now have a very small but hugely talented team working along side me. I am so excited to be launching my first official collection this year and can’t wait to see the future of Poppy Perspective.




www.makeupbylaurenpoole.com lauren.poole@outlook.com Tel:

Under eye darkness and how accepting that lengthy periods of best to conceal it … rest are less likely in the weeks before a wedding, what other Like lots of women I suffer with things can we do to try and darkness under the eyes, which minimise this obvious sign of only becomes more pronounced tiredness? when I’m tired. Focus on your diet The run up to a wedding whilst being full of excitement and Eating a healthy diet of anticipation, can also be stressful vegetables, grains, lean proteins and tiring, which means that even and good fats can visibly improve the most relaxed of brides can your skin from head to toe, and suffer with under eyes darkness as most brides are usually trying on their wedding day. to loose or maintain their weight in the run up to the big day this It seems a good idea then to take should be a pretty easy thing to this opportunity, my third article try. for Matrimony, to talk about under eye ‘bags’ and how to deal with Try to incorporate Vitamin C into them. your diet too. Vitamin C can Of course, getting as much sleep promote collagen, plumping the as possible will help. However,


07909 966 936

skin which ordinarily can be thin and transparent under the eyes. Wear sun cream Factor 20 or above is not just for foreign holidays. If you want to minimise the impact of darker pigmentation under the eyes then liberally apply sun cream if there is a glimpse of the sun and use the suns appearance as an excuse to wear your sunglasses.


And then … makeup! Although the above tricks will help, its unlikely all darkness will be fully eradicated by your wedding day. For me covering under eye darkness is a three step process. 1. Corrector To minimise darkness you are looking for a corrector with red/pink/coral tones. The corrector won’t delete the darkness entirely but it will diminish it significantly lessening the concealer’s job.

base. It applies easily and evenly, lasts reach for the concealer with a matching all day and covers easily. undertone. To apply the corrector tap it all the way along the under eye using the tip of your finger. Tap rather than wiping it on to ensure the maximum amount of coverage. 2. Concealer Use a concealer a shade or so lighter in colour than your foundation to ensure that you are lightening the eye. Again, apply the concealer with the tip of your finger and tap it in all the way along the under eye area.

When choosing your corrector take the thickness of your chosen concealer and foundation into account. If you wear a thick concealer/foundation then you will be able to get away with a thicker, more red corrector. However, if your foundation is more water based you will need to choose a corrector which is less startling in colour thus easier to cover.

3. Foundation If you are happy with the coverage of the under eye area after steps 1 and 2 then just apply your foundation to the rest of the face avoiding the under eye area. If more coverage is needed then apply foundation to the under eye area sparingly (you don’t want too much product in that area), set it with translucent powder and then use the tip of your finger to apply one more thin layer of concealer.

My concealers of choice at the moment are from ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face). They are really reasonably priced and provide If you follow those three steps then dark circles should be beautifully disguised brilliant coverage. for your wedding day. For more tips, When choosing a concealer ensure that tricks and wedding look inspiration it is the thickness that you want and the check out my website right tone for your skin. If you have makeupbylaurenpoole.com and/or my more yellow tones to your skin then you Instagram page makeupylaurenpoole. My favourite corrector at the moment need a concealer with a yellow underis part of the Corrector Wheel from Air- tone and if your skin is more pink then

Correcting concealers are designed to cover any skin imperfections like redness, sallowness and general discoloration. They are specially formulated to tackle those tricky areas like dark circles, scars, sun damage, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Under-eye concealers are the best way to combat dark circles and disguise any signs of late nights (or very early mornings). The best concealer for this delicate area will be feather-light but durable enough to combat shadows and conceal those pesky lines.


Used to cover imperfections, provide a more even skin tone, and give the desired finish - matte or dewy. It helps other products blush, concealer, highlighters go on much more smoothly. It can give the appearance of a light, golden tan without the damage of the real thing.



Healthy coral reefs are one of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. They provide billions of pounds in economic and environmental services, such as food, coastal protection, and tourism. However, coral ecosystems around the world face serious threats from a number of sources, including climate change, unsustainable fishing, land-based pollution, coastal development, disease, and invasive species. Recently, scientists have discovered that some of the chemicals found in sunscreen and other personal health products also threaten the health of coral reefs. We’ve discovered just some of the products out there that are eco friendly and kind to sustaining the health of coral reefs.

For those prone to burning during sun exposure, this highly effective, easily spreadable facial sunscreen balm provides the broad spectrum protection you need. Created for the most frequently burnt areas of the face, this handbag-sized pot is perfect for on-the-go sun protection.

This refreshing spray is real treat for sun-baked skin. Alongside the natural UV filters are a host of certified-organic ingredients that work to condition and cool, including aloe vera, cucumber and strawberry extracts.

Kind to Coral Reefs Enriched with grape seed oil and Caudalie's patented anti-oxidant polyphenol & Vitamin E complex, the luxurious formula provides unique nourishing and regenerating properties. This new formula also protects the marine eco-system, preventing the damage of coral reefs whilst simultaneously protecting the skin from freeradical damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

This refreshing spray is real treat for sun-baked skin. Alongside the natural UV filters are a host of certified-organic ingredients that work to condition and cool, including aloe vera, cucumber and strawberry extracts.

Aloe vera lends skin-soothing benefits, while organic green-tea extract boosts skin with an extra hit of antioxidant power.



SUSIE MA Susie was born in Shanghai, China in 1988, where she lived with her grandparents. From an early age she was strongly encouraged to use only natural ingredients by her grandmother, who for over 60 years studied homeopathic remedies alongside her career as a medicinal chemist. In their house, natural was always better, and it was this upbringing that inspired Susie’s belief in natural ingredients and eventually Tropic Skincare’s ethos. Susie moved to Australia aged 6, her family first settling in Sydney where they worked as street vendors selling novelty souvenirs. She had her first taste of business selling alongside her parents while in Sydney, and eventually moved to the city of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. Cairns was full of lush, tropical plants that Susie and her mum would grow in their garden and use to make natural skincare recipes. With plants like eucalyptus and aloe vera plentiful, Susie fell in love with the natural environment around her, and being so close to the Great Barrier Reef developed a particular passion for protecting the ocean. Moving to London at age 13, Susie and her mum struggled to make ends meet, so she decided to follow her mum’s example and start her own business selling at a stall in Greenwich Market. Armed with her favourite Body Scrub recipe packaged in jam jars (which still exists in the Tropic Skincare range today), Susie began to sell her own natural skincare with immediate success from her first day trading. This gave her the motivation to continue working evenings and weekends to develop the business, all the while achieving academic excellence in school. Eventually she saved enough money

to fund her own university tuition, and went on to study a highly sought after degree in Philosophy and Economics at University College London in 2007. Upon graduation, and after a brief period working in investment banking, Susie realised that she missed being her own boss and decided to concentrate her efforts fully on her Tropic business. Tropic has gone from strength to strength since then and Susie was able to buy her mum a house, something that she had always wanted to do. From working alone on a market stall, Susie now employs over 100 internal staff and has created business opportunities for over 12,000 Tropic Ambassadors throughout the UK, all from a desire to help her mum pay the bills. Today, she is one of only ten entrepreneurs aged 30 or under whose ventures will be listed in an upcoming ranking of the fastest growing companies in the UK by Virgin Fast Track 100. She regularly speaks at events around the country encouraging other entrepreneurs to believe that anything is possible, and to go after their wildest goals.

While looking for investment for her business, Susie beat out 73,000 applicants to appear on BBC’s The Apprentice, which aired in May 2011. She became the youngest ever Apprentice candidate and after finishing in 3rd place, officially entered into a 50/50 partnership with Lord Sugar in December 2011, where her already thriving skincare company reached new heights. She became the first runner up candidate ever to receive investment. ​


‘Beauty with a conscience’ In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, we promise to never test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. That's why we stand with Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.

We believe in being a force for good beyond beauty in everything we do. From sustainably sourcing our ingredients to bringing you freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin, our brand beliefs reflect the impact we want to have in the beauty industry and beyond.

This weightless, long-lasting powder, blended with mineral microspheres, diffuses the appearance of fine lines and pores and mattifies skin for a flawless complexion.

Warm peach for medium skin tones with neutral undertones.

Add a radiant burst of colour to your look with our satin-smooth cream blushers, available in three versatile shades to give a natural lustre to every complexion.


Give your lips a luscious, glossy sheen or a vibrant burst of colour with our range of super-smooth lipsticks that nourish and plump for an irresistible pout. Available in sheer, satin and moisture-rich matte finishes.

Ensure all eyes are on you with our versatile range of satin-smooth, richly pigmented pressed eye shadows, perfect for creating high-impact or everyday looks.


Enhance the length of your lashes with these innovative nylon fibres, providing an instant, long-lasting false-lash effect. Boost both length and volume with just a few swishes of the wand.

Honeystone Hair by Annie Russell

ABOUT ME & HONEYSTONE HAIR I am Annie Russell, a bespoke, mobile bridal and special occasion hair stylist with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. I am a perfectionist by nature. Having worked in luxury salons and resorts across the UK and abroad, I delight in providing a personal and indulgent service for you.

small changes to help the environment, I quietly and politely campaign for companies, that I use, to adopt eco-conscious alternatives. I have long endeavoured to support products, business’s and people who are also making a positive to difference to our home – our beautiful planet.

I work with some of the best stylists in Gloucestershire to prepare you and your wedding party so you can relax, as your hair is styled with exquisite care. Honeystone Hair stylists are passionate about looking after every client and seeing that you reach your wedding in perfect condition, inside and out. Honeystone Hair cares passionately about the environment and this is at the core of all the choices I make. I do all I can to limit impact, in business and in everyday life.

You and your party will be treated with delicacy and professionalism. You will be listened to throughout. A relaxed and enjoyable collaborative process is what I strive for, to help you achieve your perfect bridal look. No detail is too small.

As well as offering opportunities for Pre-planning and preparation are others in the community to make vital so that you have an effortless


hair styling experience. I strive to exceed expectations every time, taking pride in how easy it is to work with me on what can be a hightension day. Every bride is different. Many come equipped with images or visions boards. Others are unsure as to what will suit them best and want to be guided. I delight in finding the perfect look based your unique personality, hair type, looks, and wedding style, considering every little detail. I help you to achieve the best condition for your hair by providing you with detailed advice on how to care for your hair and, if you choose, I can provide you with luxury hair care products to suit your particular hair and expert cutting, especially for your wedding style.

Eco Hair Products by Emily Bowen of Insation As an always developing trade, the hairdressing industry is changing by the day, particularly when it comes to sustainability and using products that are eco friendly. I have tried and tested a few brands to help promote eco friendly products when I am carrying out services and have found a few brands I would recommend; - they have a great choice of products from shampoo and conditioner bars to shine balms. They promote 100% vegan products and always have the environments best interests at the core of their products. This is a brand that is readily available to myself as a professional but also to the public if they wanted to purchase the products themselves. - this is a company that has a variety of eco-friendly hair brushes to suit every hair type. The bamboo brushes are perfect for creating any hairstyle, a perfect tool for professionals and client use. They are biodegradable & eco friendly. - this company offers eco friendly colours and a wide range of hair products. Perfect for clients that like to go to a salon but still have eco friendly products used to create their perfect colour and style!

Olivia Garden Eco Paddle Brush - £10.99

Lush Shampoo - Cynthia Stout Liquid Shampoo - £10

Aveda - Colour with a Conscience - Price not available


100% Vegan products from shampoo Bars to liquid shampoo and from hair treatments to Henna hair dyes.

Cruelty-free and at least 92% naturally derived. You can feel good about what’s going on your hair. All our products are manufactured with 100% windpower through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

Olivia Garden EcoHair Paddle Detangler Brush has ion charged bristles & cushion that hydrates the cuticle & adds shine to eliminate frizz & flyaways. Bamboo is stronger, lighter & more durable than wood Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource.



HELLENS Hellens is a beautiful historic manor house in Much Marcle, Herefordshire. A totally unique and exclusive venue for a tailor-made wedding in an idyllic setting. It has beautiful gardens, acres of wildflower meadows, ancient woodland, apple orchards, a labyrinth and a dovecote. We think you won’t find a lovelier venue for your wedding ceremony and reception! You can choose between two fabulous venues for civil ceremonies. Our oak-panelled Music Room in the Manor House is licensed for 60 guests, whereas there is plenty of room for up to 120 guests in the Great Barn. With its beams and vaulted ceiling, the Great Barn is just right for you to add your personal touch – so your wedding can be as individual as you are. What’s more, our beautifully renovated Georgian Stables is ideal for your overnight stay. We can provide the perfect venue and professional planning so that all you need to bring is your imagination!


Weddings at Hellens Manor 26

HELLENS We have two fabulous venues licensed for civil ceremonies. Our oak-panelled Music Room in the Manor House is licensed for 60 guests, and if you need more space, the Great Barn comfortably seats 100.

As the wedding breakfast comes to an end we will transform the top end of the Great Barn into a dancefloor area. The lights are lowered and the party begins. We have a fully integrated sound system and can recommend a variety of entertainment and music to suit all tastes for a great evening

Our award-winning Georgian Stables was converted from a stable block to a fabulous retreat location in 2014. It sleeps sixteen people. There are three double rooms with en-suite facilities, seven single rooms with shared shower rooms and one triple room also with shared facilities. A large kitchen and common room with piano and table football, combined with wonderful outdoor spaces makes it ideal for short stays or residential courses.



At Hellens we work together to grow an environment where everyone who lives, works and plays here is warmly encouraged to be curious, learn and enjoy through our cultural, educational, social and outdoor activities. We strive to do this in a way that celebrates and respects the legacy of this beautiful home and we aim to do this in a way that is evergreen, collaborative and cooperative. In our actions, endeavours and choices we try to always make sustainability our first priority. Our ancient woodland, Hallwood, which is listed as part of the Hellens estate in the Domesday Book (1086), is a site of great historical, archaeological and scientific interest and is designated SSSI status. In spring the woods are full of daffodils, orchids, anemones and bluebells. The woodland is managed sustainably and yields an annual supply of timber for our wood-fuelled biomass boiler which provides the heating and hot water for the estate. The Wild Flower Meadow to the East of the house provides a rich display through the summer months, and is home to our bee-hives, managed with as little interference as possible, allowing the bees to swarm and set up new colonies, in tree-hollows around the grounds, and also one colony that have lived in the walls of the manor house for years!

Photographs: Courtesy of Hellens & Natalie Jolley Photography

We have been successfully composting for years, more recently using a Bokashi system - our kitchen garden and the glorious blooms throughout the gardens are proof of this.


As a historically significant building Hellens is Grade II * listed, which poses all sorts of challenges to our sustainable ethos. We have worked to improve the energy efficiency of the house without compromising it’s appearance, such as using natural fibre insulation. Our award-winning Georgian Stables, converted into a beautiful living space in 2014, gave us the opportunity to really innovate. Here we use a WET (wetland ecosystem treatment) for our water. Rainwater is collected for use in the toilets and the waste-water is taken into soil banks and purified by microbes produced by closely planted wetland species, such as willow. The willow is harvested for creative projects. This amazing system uses natural ecologies to treat waste simultaneously creating resources and enhancing the environment.

Having such a diverse and multi-use environment makes us great user-uppers! The joy of having lots of space is being able to store things that might be useful one day - the challenge is getting the balance right! Our own 'war on waste' had a very successful campaign at Hellens Garden Festival last year. With 2500 people visiting over one weekend in June and fantastic food and drink stalls, we were very conscious of the amount of waste generated at this one event. With the help of the Worcestershire ‘Let’s Waste Less’ team, volunteers and an innovative Bokashi composting system we were able to minimise the festival’s impact by composting and recycling as much as possible. Yet more significant were the conversations that took place at bin points, the lessons learned, the infor-


mation shared through the process. Hellens Garden Festival is a great vehicle for demonstrating our sustainable ethos and is justly celebrated for doing so. We recognise the opportunity and the responsibility that we have to share our ethos as widely as possible. As a wedding venue we find that some couples choose us because we are an eco-venue, other couples choose us for a myriad of other reasons and then jump on board with our sustainable ethos. A Hellens wedding can include a toast of sparkling perry, pressed from our own pears in our traditional stone mill; our own organic apple juice - our orchard surrounds our 16th century Tithe Barn; natural daffodil confetti produced by our neighbouring partners at Kempley Produce Market.

FREEZE DRIED Stain free and natural. There are so many companies that will provide beautiful assortments of freeze dried flowers. Some will even create your own special mix for your wedding.

Originating in Italy, the throwing of confetti symbolised prosperity and fertility. But with many venues now thinking about the effects of paper confetti on the environment, which type of bio-degradable confetti should you choose? …

SEEDS This definitely depends on your venue. But if you are allowed to throw confetti on the lawn, or field, or patio you might be able to use seeds which will flower long after your wedding and provide a much needed habitat for insects and bugs.

LEAVES Leaves are a perfect way to stay true to the environmental feel of your wedding and are totally free. Why not spend an afternoon gathering leaves with your bridal party, family or children. If your getting married in the autumn the colours will vary. A great idea is to use a paper cutter to cut shapes such as hearts out of the leaves.

LAVENDER Easy to source, and is the traditional herb to provide good luck to the bride on her wedding day. With it’s wonderful scent … what’s not to love about lavender!

REAL FLOWER PETALS This one comes with a word of caution if you are wearing a white dress as they can stain. But fresh flower petal s can add elegance and grandeur to your wedding day. Why not use petals that match your bouquet or choose petals that add scent or contrast.


OUR STUDIO Address: Suite 4b, Peel Hall Business Village, Peel Road, Blackpool, FY4 5JX Phone: 01253 312725 Email: info@adamapple.co.uk Website: www.adamapple.co.uk


Join the #Horrayrevolution When you choose Adamapple you are guaranteed to receive 100% biodegradable, guilt free, beautiful confetti.

Our team can guide you through the minefield of confetti ..... who would have thought there was so much choice!

Our natural petal ranges are all bleach and dye free too, just like nature intended them to be.

Follow our regular social media live videos and order through our website, give us a call at our studio


or pop us over an email. We would love to hear about your plans. We can literally talk confetti until the cows come home and could even be on your guest list by the time the big day comes!

The Confetti Bar® is a magical place where you can create a confetti mix as personal and unique as your wedding day. Here you will find all of our biodegradable confetti, available to order in single colours and varying quantities. The Confetti Bar® is an unique experience that our expert team will guide you through using our blog & social media. Mix with us during our social media live videos from The Confetti Bar®. Once you have your perfect confetti recipe, you can order up to 12 months in advance and we will store it for you. This means that even if the petals you love then go out of stock, they have been reserved for you and you don't risk your petals fading through incorrect storage. Once your Hooray Mail arrives, you can be a petal mixologist in your own home. Being ever Eco-Conscious we have designed and created a stunning range of Earth Friendly Packaging. All our Confetti Packets are Biodegradable and plastic free, our printed packets are created in store to reduce the carbon footprint. Our lidded Cones have been designed for us by a local artisan and are created using an Eco-Sustainable Card. Confetti Flingers are made with Recyclable Plastic and can go on to be used again or recycled. We really do try and follow our Eco consciousness right the way through our product ranges and services. Anything that you purchase from Adamapple Confetti is created with the environment in mind. But being Eco normally means making compromises on design doesn’t it? Absolutely NOT. At Adamapple Confetti our expert team has been studying wedding trends for almost 10 years and we know how important it is that you have something that represents your taste and vibe. We have a beautiful range of packaging for all tastes and budgets. If you would prefer your own design incorporating in your packaging give us a call and we will help make your vision, reality.


Eco Friendly Favours Hessian Bagged Coffee

Tea in a Corked Bottle Favour



Natural hessian bags filled with a cup’s worth of cafetiere coffee make brilliant wedding favours and there’s no plastic involved. The beans come from trusted farms in Brazil and then are hand-roasted in Perkulatte’s microroastery in the UK.

Paper Roses Place Card

A unique stunning wedding favour for your guests with a choice of tea carefully packed into a corked bottle. Includes tag to add message.

Glassine Cooke Bags



Paper rose personalised wedding favour which is also a pretty table decoration and name place all in one. The paper rose comes with a blank tag, it can be personalised with guest names (60p extra per tag).

For the perfect favour why not bake your guests cookies and pop them into these eco friendly glassine cookie bags. 92 x 68mm or 114 x 162mm 33

Best Eco Friendly Decorations Rice Paper Lanterns

Cotton Bunting

#2 #1 Much more eco friendly than balloons these rice paper lanterns are perfect for Weddings to give that ‘pop’ of colour to your venue. Once you are done with them they are fully biodegradable.

English Cotton Bunting is the perfect way to celebrate a garden wedding. Made from 100% cotton so can be re-used again and again for any party. Available in 3 lengths

Available from Amazon £12.99

Available from The Cotton Bunting Co £12

Bamboo Plates & Cutlery

Hessian Runners



Sturdy and elegant, this bamboo tableware can be used all year round for weddings, picnics, outdoor parties, gala events and for home entertaining. We have two sizes of plate for you to choose from, dinner plates and side plates,

Available from Little Cherry from £24.99 for 25

Hessian burlap fabric is perfect for country rustic weddings. Add a hessian table runner over standard white linen cloths to add a rustic touch to your wedding tables.

Available from The Wedding of my Dreams £7.50 for 5m 34

Eco Venues & Marquee Weddings


The Longhouse About Us Every wedding is different and individual. At our unique wedding venue, we give you the freedom to plan every detail of your day including the decorations, wedding suppliers and even the wine; this will ensure your wedding is completely unique and just the way you want it. We can provide our experience to support you through the planning process and make sure your day is as special as it can be.

ceremony. For larger ceremonies, we use the stunning Longhouse venue which can host up to 140 guests.

To give you time to enjoy the wedding preparation, we provide full access to The Longhouse and grounds in the late afternoon of the day before the wedding. This will help to ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable wedding day.

We don’t charge for corkage! You can provide your own wine, champagne and pimms free of charge up until the end of the wedding breakfast. Our cash bar will be open for the entire day.

We are licensed to have wedding ceremonies in three locations The gazebo, the vaulted Wine Cellar and The Longhouse. Our beautiful oak Gazebo, nestled below the vineyard, is perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships. The wine cellar is situated under the adjoining Victorian farmhouse. It can seat a maximum of 55 guests and is perfect for a beautiful and intimate

We understand how important it is to capture your perfect day, so your photographer will be with you every step of the way. The Longhouse is set in beautiful surroundings with 25 acres of beautiful idyllic scenery, making the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

The wedding reception will be held in our beautiful Longhouse venue, suspended above the treetops amongst stunning views with up to 140 guests. The interior is decorated with muted tones so that couples can create their own colour scheme for a unique venue.

We know that catering is an extremely important part of the day, therefore, we have four fantastic wedding caterers that we can recommend or you can select your own.


Cornish Tipi Weddings ,

About Us Once upon a time we started a tipi campsite - the first one in the UK - and then about 10 years later you started asking if you could have outside weddings here. It took us a moment, but then it was crikey why didn't we think of this before! A tipi wedding, woodland wedding, camping wedding, festival wedding - it could hardly be more perfect! The idea of you using our beautiful woods and glorious lake for your day of days was clearly spot on, and now nearly 10 years later we're established as one of the UK's top outdoor wedding venues. Hurrah! So what we didn't do was jump on a bandwagon; we were in at the off with outdoor weddings, and we're actually from here (farmers - too long to mention) & have grown our family business organically over the last 20 years (yes, sometimes slower than we'd have liked) into something to be proud of. Our long experience of Glastonbury & other festivals means the festival vibe is real - not a marketing phrase although we'll always balance carefully what you want to do with our responsibilities to our neighbours and

the wider community. This means when you get married here you are dealing with real people in a real place, and we'll respond to you personally in everything we do. We're all about the wildly romantic outdoor wedding and we're the closest you can get to a legal outdoor wedding in the UK. If you're dreaming of a green wedding, wedding by water or the best outdoor venue you can find then you've come to the right place. Our wood, willow and canvas Pavilion isn't on a manicured lawn but really outdoors; by a clear brook & under a canopy of oak and ash. Our secret valley is 5 minutes from the wild Atlantic coast with a matchless backdrop of woodland and sky, shimmering lake water and magical Cornish earth. Declaring your love in front of family and friends is big stuff; whether you choose to make it country boho or festival cool is up to you - you do the pretty stuff & we do all the rest...


Tree Top Escape About Us Welcome to Tree Top Escape, a luxurious hideaway haven and unique wedding venue perched above and amongst the trees on a beautiful private estate in North Devon. Surrounded by glorious rolling hills and valleys, patchwork fields dotted with sheep and leaves of green in every hue, Tree Top Escape offers a matchless setting that is the perfect place for a intimate wedding and honeymoon. If you are looking for privacy and tranquility you’ve just found it. Drive through the discreet gateway and up a private track through the meadows to Tree Top Escape, expertly designed to complement and co-exist with the landscape. With nothing to see but hills, fields, meadows and trees you’ll feel encompassed by nature. Here boundaries blur; outside becomes inside as the mesmerising view is perfectly framed by floor to ceiling windows and a frameless glass balcony. Unique”, “Exclusive” and “one of a kind” are just some of the words guests have used to describe our intimate and exclusive wedding venue “The Nest” at Tree Top Escape. Adjoining the Tree House, The Nest is approached via wooden walkway which doubles as a very romantic and picturesque aisle. Inside, calm and muted colours give way to dramatic floor to ceiling glass doors on two sides which can be fully opened. This, together with the wrap-around clear glass balustrade, gives an illusion of floating above the ground - an apt feeling for your special day, we think you’ll agree. You can enjoy a wedding for just you and your partner (we are always happy to be a witness) or invite up to 14 guests. With doors opened or closed, whatever the season, the glorious countryside provides an exceptional natural backdrop to your unique destination wedding. You can stay at Tree Top Escape, arriving Monday for a 4 night mid-week stay or arriving Friday for a 3 night weekend stay. Your wedding ceremony can be booked on the day of your choice (except day of arrival / departure).



Cornish Tipi Weddings About Us Farm South

The choice of programme, food, drinks, decorations and entertainment rests with you. Both a shabby chic wedding venue and organic smallholding, our food is outstanding, widely acclaimed, home grown and organic. Uniquely, booked couples are treated to an impressive complimentary food and wine tasting evening with over 40 different dishes to taste.

for barn weddings and outdoor weddings, rain or shine, there is a perfect array of lovely spaces to use and enjoy.sketch-tuktuk 24 guests can sleep in comfort, the more adventurous can camp or stay in one of our restored Gypsy Caravans whilst the bride and groom are treated to our luxury Bridal Suite.

The Tudor Barn seats 146 guests for a formal Wedding Breakfast and holds 220 for an evening reception.

Whether you’re local to the area or not, our unique charm is something that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. However, if you live close by or in a neighbouring county, our location is a bonus. South Farm offers the ideal setting for outdoor weddings in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire.

Ceremony options are varied and plentiful, outdoor weddings are held in the Summerhouse (146), or indoors, in the Drawing Room (up to 35), the Old Dairy (100) or the splendid Tudor Barn (146). The house leads onto the lawns, the Sunset Terrace flanks the Old Dairy and the Barnyard sits at the heart of the property beside the Tudor Barn. A beautiful location

You can find further information on our ceremony spaces here: South Farm Ceremonies


With West Country Marquees you can be sure that all the planning for your wedding marquee and its interior is taken care of as we have a variety of options for almost everything. Our aim is to exceed your expectations, so meeting with you to gain an understanding of your plans and ideas is really important to us. This is why we offer no obligation site visits to all our customers. We can also produce accurate 3D CAD layouts for any style of marquee you’ve chosen to give you an insight into how your wedding marquee will look before we begin the build. All our marquee hire services come complete with accessories, including tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting, heating, carpets or solid flooring many of which are displayed in our gallery. Additional facilities we offer are luxury toilet hire and the latest silenced generators. We will ensure that your marquee offers nothing less than the perfect setting for your special day. Having branches in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and The Cotswolds means we are perfectly placed to provide marquee hire in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester and the surrounding counties. Get in touch so we can start planning your perfect wedding marquee together.


Having been in the wedding business for many years now, we know how important it is that all of the little details are covered so that your Wedding day is perfect. From initial enquiry through to the big day our dedicated and efficient team will be available to help you create, refine and deliver the wedding day of your dreams that everyone will remember. We have a number of marquees available for varying number of guests and can assist you with catering arrangements, entertainment, flowers, dance floor and bars. We can help you source heaters, toilets, electrics & PA systems, generators and furniture.


Ethical/Sustainable Florists & Cake Makers


Ethical/Sustainable Floristry Flowers are wonderful, they are full of scent, colour and leave you full of delight about he wonder of nature. But have you ever thought about their journey from field to wedding or home? There are many ethical issues with flowers as with vegetables or fibres. Here are just some of the issues to think about when planning an ethical/sustainable wedding and choosing your flowers. 1. Did you know that Britain only produces about 10% of the flowers you see in flower shops? Nearly all of our flowers are imported from countries such as the Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador, and Vietnam where there is better growing conditions.

Pesticides are one of the major issues when it comes to growing flowers; because we don’t eat them there is far less legislation when it comes to the pesticides used in flower production. The flower industry is one of the biggest consumers of pesticides in the world. The workers are rarely trained in how to use them thus resulting in multiple health issues and damage to the local eco system. Pesticides pose a threat to water systems, as run-off from chemicals in growing fields often ends up in neighbouring waterways.

The floriculture industry in these countries employs tens of thousands of people, mainly women, on plantations. In Colombia, for example, one in 100 citizens work in the flower industry, while hundreds of thousands indirectly depend on the sector around the world. Unfortunately, the quality of these jobs is exploitation at best, and slavery at worst. 4. Once flowers have reached our sellers and florists, there are other questions of waste to consider. It is estimated that for Valentine’s Day alone 163 km of plastic wrapping is used on bouquets of roses. Another But an even larger issue is, undoutedly, floral foam. A chunk of foam that can be cut into any shape, it is often found at the base of bouquets as an anchor, keeping flowers in formation and soaking up water to help them last longer. Unfortunately it is also a non-biodegradable, oil-derived plastic material that is made with carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde, phenol, heptane, barmium sulfate, and carbon black. Floral foam is always sent to landfill, (some people claim it’s compostable. It isn’t!) and will only ever break down into smaller pieces of plastic.


How you can help

for example), but it is very much doable, all you need is a good pair of shears. Other options you could look into include joining a community garden, starting your own flower beds, or investing in flowering houseplants instead.

In the UK you can use Flowers from the Farm, a network of farmers, gardeners and small scale growers bringing together the best of British flowers. You can navigate by choosing the type of flowers you’re looking for, or use the growers’ map to find a flower farm near you, and from there you can check the There are florists out there who individual farms for things like acknowledge and are passionate pesticide use and environmental about sustainability. When looking practices. for florists to work with look for those who don’t use floral foam or plastic, who source local or ethically certified flowers, and who are There are several methods you can transparent about the ways they’re use to take control of what you’re working to be ethical and growing and putting in your home, sustainable in their industry. including looking into locally grown, seasonal flowers, or If you’re a florist the British Academy foraging in your area. Obviously of Floral Art also has clear there’s a responsible way to do this guidelines and suggestions on how (no climbing into people’s gardens,


to make your sustainable here.



Herbs make a fragrant – and unusual – option. Particularly when bought as seedlings, they can be a speedy, space-saving way of growing your own, and make great ‘living’ centrepieces – edible too! Ask guests to bring one along, and take a different one away with them.

Instead of cutting stems, keep them in pots. Bulbs grown in glasses look particularly elegant, but any old pot can be concealed with ceramic ones that you can beg, borrow or steal, depending on your budget. If you are growing your own, use unusual planters, from vintage teacups to wellington boots.

Camomile & Cornflowers, Pear Tree Cottage, Worcestershire, WR6 6RJ T: 01886 812184 M: 07887 706147 E: kate@camomilecornflowers.co.uk

From the beautiful Teme Valley in Worcestershire, Kate grows unusual flowers, herbs & foliage to tease into exquisite, fragrant & natural arrangements to ensure your wedding is truly unique. I guess it was the 3 acre mature garden, long forgotten and slightly wild that beckoned me to embrace its undulating, wooded nature and discover its treasures. A garden like ours should be shared and that’s what my floral arrangements are all about, a reflection of our garden, wild, fragrant, beautiful and slightly quirky. Your wedding flowers will be completely unique, very natural and something special to discover. I have a passion for flowers (and my garden) and can provide all types of floral arrangements from hanging flowers and floral runners, to DIY buckets. I can also dry flowers for confetti in your preferred colours. For the more modern bride my husband makes wooden test tube bud vases.


who would love to have lawn free of hums all summer with the sound of mole hills, badger scrapings and bees. The lake is the home for breeding moorhens, frogs, fish and newts. And I only use British flowers, most grown in breeding moorhens. the wood provides hiding holes for Worcestershire. I avoid using floral foam badgers, rabbits and mice. All in all a wherever possible and use natural pretty busy garden for wildlife and a pesticides like sheep’s wool to deter constant source of work for me and the Our garden is a hidden gem in the those pestilent slugs. part time gardener. Teme Valley – an undulating garden I love to use herbs and wildflowers (from featuring a stream, lake and fairy wood. I occasionally open the garden to the my garden) wherever possible most Created in the 1980s by keen public – when it’s looking particularly grown from seed in my polytunnel. I gardeners, it is full of mature shrubs, believe we should use and grow the unusual trees and perennials. Even now good and I’ve managed to get most of the weeds under control. I also host flowers and plants that thrive in our after 7 years tending to the garden I floral workshops in a marquee in the country and encourage our much spot a new plant I hadn’t seen before. garden, where aspiring flower arrangers needed pollinators and their natural can forage for foliage and learn how to predators (like moles, badgers, The trees and shrubs provide a haven arrange flowers. Check out my hedgehogs) – all of which thrive in my for a diverse selection of insects and workshop page for upcoming dates. garden much to my husband’s disgust birds – the huge lime tree constantly


I'm Jo Wise, I'm an artisan florist combining my background in theatre and event design with a love and understanding of garden-grown flowers to create unforgettable weddings, innovative events and creative floristry workshops. Combining my background in theatre and event design with a love and understanding of garden-grown flowers I create unforgettable weddings, innovative events and run creative floristry workshops. I work throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and sometimes beyond I source my flowers from local growers with gardens we can meet at if you would like to see your wedding flowers growing. I will work closely with you to ensure the whole experience will be fun, relaxed and with arrangements that will exceed all expectation. I have a huge vintage china and glass collection available for hire alongside pails, jars and bottles. I’m also happy to supply buckets of flowers for DIY brides alongside private tutorials in floristry and flower arranging hen do parties.


I have worked with garden grown flowers for the last eight years. In 2008 I co-founded one of the first organic grower florist partnerships in the UK. Over the years I spent there I taught workshops on how to arrange with garden grown flowers and arranged 100’s of weddings. In 2014 I decided to spread my creative wings and set up Floral Circus. I am no longer tied into to using flowers from one garden, but still source the majority of my flowers within a 10 mile radius. My two main suppliers are Babylon Flowers in Watlington and Bosley Patch in Henley on Thames. Both Cutting gardens are run by extremely experienced growers, who I know very well and their websites are listed below. www.babylonflowers.co.uk and www.bosleypatch.com If I need to buy from further a field, I source from various growers across the UK, mainly in Cornwall. My love and understanding of garden grown flowers has deepened with time and personally knowing the growers and how the flowers are produced is very important to me. Seasonality and sustainability is at the heart of my floristry.


5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Cake For those of you wishing to have a Wedding Cake that is both sustainable and beautiful, here are some tips to help you.


- Locally made cakes, seasonally made cakes, and locally acquired ingredients are much more sustainable than shipping in a cake or ingredients. If you’re making your own wedding cake, you can even make the filling with berries found at local pick-your-own farms which will also cut down on packaging, because all you’ll need is a reusable bucket. One of the most unique aspects of each wedding cake is the design of course. You can use natural design aspects such as organic candied flowers or fresh organic flowers. You can use safe edible herbs and leaves, pretty branches, or even decorate a wedding cake with some jewellery that means something to you … like grandma’s pearls Why not consider growing some of your own flowers for the cake.


With chocolate, nut, or be still my heart, a coffee-based wedding cake, Fair Trade is a sustainable decision you can make. Sugar, bananas, berries and many other cake-minded ingredients can be certified Fair Trade.


An eco-friendly wedding cake topper is a must and it’s super easy to find one you love. There are tons of choices for sustainable wedding cake toppers out there, such as sugar topper, organic flowers, sustainable wood and more.


When you really think about it, do you really need a wedding cake at all Why not go small and try ideas such as a eco-friendly dessert table filled with macaroons, mini cheesecakes, cookies, mini fruit pies … the scope of ideas is endless


Hello, I am Poppy, I grew up in Suffolk on a farm where life outdoors foraging, home brewing and rearing sheep became second nature. I started experimenting with cakes as a little child with my Granny Betty with home-grown and picked ingredients and my love for baking has not stopped since! My cakes started their life as offerings to family and friends and from their spread organically by word of mouth further afield. Since then, I am very proud that I have now managed to create a thriving bespoke home wedding cake studio where my eye for flavour, design and personal service are upheld in equal measure. I love using seasonal and where possible home-grown ingredients and take pride in exclusively using home-grown eggs from my mother-in-law’s free range chickens. Look out also for Suffolk home-grown raspberries, blackberries, apples, elderflower cordial and edible flowers!


I am striving to be an eco-baker and I try to ensure my cakes have as little detrimental impact to the planet as possible. These are my promises to the planet: • Always source raw materials with as little packaging as possible, and always recyclable • Source raw materials from the UK, where possible • The only animal produce I ever use are British butter and home-grown eggs • Use home-grown and homemade products where possible • Strive for zero landfill and if not, recycle • Always use 100% natural and refillable cleaning products • My own packaging is all recyclable and all boxes reusable.


Cannock Staffordshire Email: hello@thebakepod.co.uk Mobile: 07493 053280

About The Bake Pod THE BAKE POD The Bake Pod is renowned for beautifully designed contemporary wedding cakes that not only look wonderful but taste delicious too. My passion lies in creating the most memorable wedding cake and providing you with a stress free and highly enjoyable process. I take the time to get to know you and your wedding and only work on a small scale basis to ensure that you get something personal to you and utterly distinctive. Your cake is made to bespoke requirements and I only use the finest ingredients and fresh produce, wherever possible for the ultimate taste experience. Eco-Friendly Changes Like many others I continue to become more environmentally aware and have made several changes within the Bake Pod to be more planet friendly. Some of these changes I’ve made have been with the equipment I use, the suppliers I work with or the processes I use to create my cakes. Many of the changes I’ve made have been virtually effortless but others have needed many hours of research and have also been a cost to the businss, which I am of course happy to absorb. I share many of these changes on my social media accounts to help other fellow bakers. Of course, this continues to be a journey for me, I am by no means perfect at all . There are other changes that I’d like to make that are just not viable for me at the moment but for now I’m just happy to be moving forward. Here’s my journey so far….. Ingredients My ingredients, wherever possible, are all either, fairtrade, produced here in the UK or by local suppliers. For instance, my main ingredients such as eggs, butter and flour are all produced here in the UK. The cocoa and Callebaut Belgian chocolate I use within my ganache is fairtrade certified. My jams and curds are produced by local Staffordshire company Cottage Delights and the fruit I use is sourced my local greengrocers.


Equipment I have swapped from plastic dowels to bamboo dowels used with my tiered cakes which are just as robust, easier to cut and also much better to recycle. My brand of choice is PME. My cake tin liners I now use are all reusable. Prior to this I would use parchment paper which is difficult to recycle once it has become contaminated with cake mixture. I source these from Planit Products but if you’re a regular baker I’d recommend the heavy duty ones. Wedding Favours I now use glassine envelopes for my wedding favours which are sourced from 100% sustainability-managed forests and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. In my view they’re just as pretty, especially when styled up with tags etc. I also now wrap my cake samples in glassine paper rather than cellophane which, after a trial period of testing was found to be just as good at keeping the samples fresh through the postage system. My envelopes are sourced from World of Envelopes. Energy The energy used to power my oven and my trusty mixers now comes from 100% renewable resources such as the wind, solar and biomass. Carbon Footprint My ultimate aim is to swap to an electric car but in the meantime I carbon offset the miles I use to deliver cakes. This means that I pay for trees to be planted in my local area, mainly schools, and also for each tree planted an additional amount of CO2 is offset through global projects. There are several companies you can choose to do this through and in basic terms for me it means that for every 1000 miles, one new tree is planted. I hope you’ve found this useful. As I said at the beginning, I’m just at the start of my eco journey, I still make mistakes and also convenience and expense sometimes means that I don’t always make the right choice. However, for now I’m happy that I’ve started the journey and that I’m slowly changing things and making conscious decisions for our wonderful planet.


Maddocks Farm Organics, Aller, Kentisbeare, Cullompton,Devon EX15 2BU Tel: 07935 268744 | maddocksfarmorganics@gmail.com www.maddocksfarmorganics.co.uk

Edible Flowers ECO CREDENTIALS Edible flowers are something that can’t be washed or peeled to remove any chemical residue. Commerial flowers from florists, supermarkets and garden centers are sprayed with chemicals unfit for human consumption and cannot be eaten.

a natural reed bed system. Our edible flower packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. This means our carbon footprint is almost negligible. No other edible flower specialist goes to these lengths to have such a green organic business.

Growing organic edible flowers is about so much more than simply removing chemicals from the growing process or meeting the strict standards of the Soil Association. It is about developing an understanding of the plants that we grow; working with the seasons; improving the soil structure and letting plants mature at a pace which allows their full flavour, colours and perfume to develop.

Maddocks Farm Organics produces edible flowers, leaves, herbs and wild foragings for wedding cake decoration. Based in Devon we are the only organic licensed edible flower specialists in the UK. We can offer a selection of seasonal organic edible flowers or just one particular variety if you wish. Perfect for wedding cakes and salads.

Our electricity comes from photovoltaic cells on the barn roof. Our water comes from a natural spring and is sterilised using UV filters so no chemicals, even chlorine are present. Our waste water is filter through


Empathy Catering & Grazing Creations Reviews: “Had the most fantastic picnic box today, many thanks Penny, we could not fault anything, the food was scrummy and we grazed happily on it, there were very generous portions!” “They are amazing! Top Class catering you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended” Empathy Grazing Creations specializes in exquisite other dietary needs, we can provide for your entire party grazing tables and stylish platters, boards and boxes. in one table. Our tables are specifically created for you and your event, being tailored to each clients’ specific theme. We take pride in our attention to detail, enjoying making every table a showstopper. These tables are particularly visually striking at weddings, but can bring style to any occasion.

Empathy Grazing Creations can be flexible too; as kitchen facilities are not essential, we are able to provide for all events, whether indoor or outdoor. Charged by the metre, grazing tables are often more cost effective than a traditional meal, and allow for your guests more food freedom.

Adding florals and foliage brings an extra dimension to the table, creating stunning visuals; these tables really are edible art. We are passionate about sourcing the finest local, fresh ingredients and produce. Our tables include delicious cheeses, deli meats, antipasti, nuts, crackers, dips, grapes, figs, and fresh and dried fruits- perfect for your grazing needs!

We also provide bridal party grazing boxes to snack on before the wedding, as well as breakfast boxes for the happy couple the morning after. Located in rural Gloucestershire, we are happy to travel and set up tables across the shires of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire.

We are able to cater for all dietary requirements, whether that be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or any


Photography: NEJ Wedding Photography

Grazing Tables & Boxes Contact Penny Fletcher Tel: 07778 610435 Email: empathycatering@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empathycaterers/

Eco Wedding Rings & Accessories


ETHICAL JEWELLERY/ RINGS Much like clothing items, high street brands are struggling to guarantee ethical manufacturing processes when it comes to their jewellery pieces, and even high-end options are not free from concern: gold and diamonds in particular have long been mined and treated under questionable conditions. There are however, a lot of brands selling sustainable jewellery products at a good price, which are sourced and manufactured to highly ethical standards, with a focus on treating the environment – and their workers – as best they can.

Photograph by Basswoodcraft

Photograph by NEJ Wedding Photography - Ring on Left by Basswood and Ring on right from Love 2 Have



Handcrafted wooden rings made in Cornwall from carefully chosen woods with various inlays such as cornish beach sand, acrylics wood or silver with wood inlays.

Based in rural Herefordshire Love 2 Have are an online jeweller, making unique pieces of both of metal and wooden rings which cannot be found on the High Street.

Suitable for men, women and children.

‘We promote jewellery only made in the UK to help keep our UK jewellery industry alive. There are many great designers in the UK that get very little or no recognition from the large retailers. Our mission is to provide the discerning shopper with more choice at a higher quality but still at an affordable price.’

These wood rings make popular choices for Wedding rings, 5th anniversary gifts, friendship presents as well as cool accessories for everyday wear!


www.emmaaitchison.com www.emmaaitchison.com T: 07825 159649 British born and based designer and maker, Emma Aitchison, has creativity running through her soul. Emma is no happier than when she is busy making, tinkering and creating, using her practical thinking to produce unique and bespoke designs. Growing up in the countryside in South West England, Emma developed a firm attachment to nature. After many years working in the creative industry in London Emma decided to turn her passions for design and protecting the natural world into a business. In 2016 Emma Aitchison Jewellery was born – a conscious jewellery brand that produces designs inspired by the natural world, and which shares real messages about our world and the impact we have on it.


As Emma Aitchison herself has said, ‘it is a microbusiness that is learning fast, and making changes through thorough research to ensure the business is sourcing the most efficient materials and using the most sustainable production methods as possible. The brand’s goal is to be able to call itself a 100% sustainable business, to do that the brand is working hard to improve the following things’:

Sustainable Jewellery

We offset our carbon footprint for 2018. We are now working hard to reduce these emissions into a tighter structure to reduce them even more. new for 2019 we now offer a system where the customer can offset the emissions of the jewellery they buy.


The brand is working towards using bicycle couriers within the local area, as well as collaborating with carbon neutral shipping companies.

As of 2019 we have decided to only use antique or vintage stones already in circulation.

In the near future, Emma hopes to be able to build an eco studio using recycled reclaimed materials, solar panels and wind to power the studio.

Gold plating is done by an outsourced small business in London. They are environmentally friendly where possible and always working to guidelines for the handling and storing of chemicals. Due to the complicated chemical process, the gold is not 100% recycled or Fairtrade. Emma Aitchison Jewellery is working towards using solid gold or brass rather than gold plating.


Who we are: Hey there! My name is Jenna, and I am the Creative Director here at Wonderland Invites. I wasn’t always a wedding stationer...a Manchester girl born and bred, I actually started out my career working for ITV in London following my graduation from the University of Huddersfield. I had wanted to be a television director but, after a stint working at Emmerdale, I decided that the early mornings and late nights weren’t for me! So, I ended up working in advertising and marketing, with a gap year living in Thailand and Australia sandwiched in between, before eventually quitting my job to work on Wonderland Invites full time. I now live in Adelaide, Australia with my partner and our two beautiful children. I am super proud to maintain studios in both the UK and Australia, and I work with couples around the globe. I spend my days balancing the wonderful challenge of motherhood, and my love for weddings and all things paper. And the late nights and early mornings? Well, they crept their way in anyway...


Website: www.wonderlandinvites.com Email: hello@wonderlandinvites.com Tel: 07446 654 454 (Based in Essex)

Our Eco Credentials At Wonderland Invites, we are committed to reducing our footprint. We outsource print to an FSC approved printer and ethically source all handmade papers that we use. Our studio is based out of our home, so we don’t have to heat and light a separate space, and equally, we adhere to our local council’s commitment to recycling and reducing household wastage.

Additionally, we recycle all the boxes that come into the business when posting out stationery to our couples...it may not look as glamorous from the outside as some other companies packaging...but you know that what’s on the inside will be beautiful!


is a small design studio based in East London. Inspired by her love of paper and all things stationery, Lucy specialises in personal, thoughtful and original design. Through a mixture of carefully chosen typography, pretty illustrations, hand lettering and pattern, Lucy designs and makes beautiful cards, eclectic personalised stationery, paper goods and prints that are perfect for an original wedding. I work with a number of different printing processes to produce my paper goods including; Digital Printing, Letterpress and Screenprinting, and I only use the highest quality cardstock to showcase my designs. All of my designs are printed and carefully finished in the UK, and recycled materials are used wherever possible. Inspired by my love of print and stationery, I started Lucy says I do with an emphasis on thoughtful design, playful pattern and illustration. My little team and I love creating beautiful wedding stationery for couples looking for something personal.


All of our paper and material products are printed in the UK and assembled and finished by hand to ensure they are of the highest quality. We have spent a long time researching the highest quality, environmentally friendly supplies and suppliers. We use FSC-certified paper stock and environmentally responsible printers and we use recycled materials wherever possible. If you’re not quite ready to make a decision, why not order a sample pack. That way you can see the beautiful designs, colours and papers for yourself. Each sample pack includes the following items from your chosen collection: Save the Date Invitation RSVP Information card Reception Stationery Thank You card Envelope samples



Lilythefish offers personalised printed gifts led by textile educator Nancy Nicklin based in Ledbury, Herefordshire. I have a great selection of products and am more than happy to assist you if you have any printing ideas for personalised gifts. I have two main services. I can print your child's drawing on to a product or you can choose from one of my own designs to personalise.

CONTACT US Ledbury HR8, UK lilythefishtextiles@gmail.com 07421743241 www.lilythefishtextiles.co.uk




You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fabulous wedding. In fact we held our Spring/Summer photoshoot back in mid-March using high street names and supermarket flowers (see photo above) so why not take a look at some of our money-saving tips!

Before you contact a single supplier or go dress hunting, sit down and decide on your list of guests. This will give you an overview when it comes to your choice of venue. Make a savings plan ….including contributions that family may wish to make. Take into account your personal savings and your monthly budget. Determine how much money you can save over the period of your engagement to put towards your wedding.

Did you know that choosing a wedding date during the off-season can save you tons of money on your wedding? Choosing a winter wedding date can save you some major cash, as most venues don’t do as many events during that time. In fact, choosing an off-peak date can save you money on your other vendors as well – so be sure to inquire about seasonal discounts!


TOP 10 TIPS This might be your first test in marital compromising, but it’s important to take both of your wants and desires into consideration! Hopefully, there will be overlap on your lists, and you can set those items as your top priorities, budget-wise. For you it may be that a dream wedding dress is at the top of your list, but an epic honeymoon is at the top of your partner’s. Or perhaps great food is at the top of your partner’s list of wedding priorities, but photography is at the top of yours. Once you decide what’s most important to you, you can start to prioritise and allocate your budget accordingly.

It may be that you have talented friends … think of all the talented people in your life who could possibly help out with your wedding day needs. Who’s a great baker? Do you know a graphic designer or artist? A florist or a photographer? Getting your friends or family to help with your wedding doesn’t take much. Our tip — just ASK!

This can be a great option to save money on your wedding — especially if you have your eye on a designer frock that would otherwise bust a modest budget. Buying a second hand wedding dress can easily save you over 50% off the price of your gown. Buying a used wedding dress is a great opportunity to get a high-quality designer gown at a fraction of the cost of buying new. It doesn’t get more budget savvy than that!Check out our earlier piece in the Eco section.

NEJ Wedding Photography Samantha Alicia Sissons Emily at Insation Paige at Perfect Imperfections Bon Prix (Summer wear) £51.99 Mason Blue Designs Lily the Fish (see page) Aldi


As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this feature, our feature shoot was achieved using High Street brands for both dresses and shoes. The wedding dress of your dreams is out there and it may be that it comes from the High Street.

Upcycling is a great way to save money and create custom, personalized decor items for your wedding day. Just think of all the items you have around your house that could be reused or repurposed for your wedding day. Items like tin cans, glass jars, wine bottles, coffee cans, and other items you might toss in the recycle bin can take on a new life with the help of a little DIY. Spraypaint, adding fabrics or lace, or even glitter can totally transform your household items into gorgeous centrepiece vessels and decor.

It's so important to remain focused on the priorities of you and your partner, rather than letting obligations or other opinions impact your decisions. Do what actually feels right to you, not just what other people expect.

Big, elaborate, or ornate cake designs come at a premium cost because of the time and artistry required to create them. Choosing a simple and chic cake design can save you hundreds on your wedding cake!

Opting for a wedding venue that doesn't require a ton of decoration will save you on rentals and decorative elements. Outdoor locations with beautiful views allow nature's beauty to do the work for you!

T E E R T HIGHASVVY S NEJ Wedding Photography Samantha Alicia Sissons Emily at Insation Paige at Perfect Imperfections Debenhams £40 : Debenhams £30 : Mason Blue Designs : Aldi


For our Spring/Summer photo-shoot at Hellens Manor we chose the Rainbow Lace Dress in Ivory. As you can see the boddice has a very structured/fitted look to it giving an elegant silhouette. A cami strap dress with a lace shell and a midi length skirt. 100% Polyester. Length approx. Also available in 120 cm. Neckline: V-neck Mulberry. A beautiful ankle length dress with a flattering V-neck, a full A-line skirt and a sheer net shell. 100% Polyester. Length146 cm Neckline: Round neck Also available in powder blue and dusky pink

Ideas for shoes from Bon Prix

A sweeping ankle-length dress with a lace covered bodice. Lined. 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane, Lining: 100% Polyester. Length approx. 146 cm. Neckline: Round neck Also available in navy blue


Dresses shown: ÂŁ499 This ARTISAN piece includes intricate handembellishment. This highly skilled technique involves hand needle work to add beads and sequins to the fabric, giving our garments a unique look.

ÂŁ349 Like something out of a fairy-tale, our Hannah dress is made from luxuriously heavy satin with a long, voluminous skirt. The floor-length gown has a Bardot neckline, a twisted detail on the front and a concealed zip back fastening. The bodice is boned and has a mesh, corset-style lining for added support, and the hem can be altered easily by a seamstress for the perfect length.


A beautiful choice for modern brides, our Genova Wedding Dress comes in the subtle and soft shade of old rose, a sophisticated alternative to classic ivory. Crafted in a sleeveless silhouette that's perfect for spring/summer weddings, Genova is delicately decorated with hand-placed pearl beads, an embellished detachable satin tie belt to accentuate the waist, followed by a voluminous tulle skirt that creates enchanting movement as you walk. The bandeau bodice, framed by a mesh panel, is softly boned, to give a flattering fit.

Let our Avianna Wedding Dress be part of your big day. Beautifully crafted throughout in our signature hand-taped tapework and embellished with light-catching sequins and beadwork, this full-length style exudes classical elegance. Designed in a fitted silhouette, this style will flow with the body and the sheer cape sleeves create wonderful movement.

Each of our wedding dresses comes with a blue ribbon that you can sew into your dress, if you wish, for good luck.


Groomswear on the High Street

M&S www.marksandspencer.com Marks & Spencer has been a British high street staple since the Victorian era and they’re still producing high-quality fashion today. From suits, ties and socks to cufflinks, M&S can kit you out from head to toe, all at a competitive high street cost. Plus, you’ll find an extensive range of fits so there’s something to suit every man.

www.next.co.uk Next dominates the high street wedding market as you can kit out your entire bridal party, all under their roof. With an excellent range of menswear and an instinct for wearable styles and a great fit, it’s no wonder their groom suits are so popular.


Renowned internationally for her intricate detailing and innovative approach to couture shoe design, Freya Rose is fast becoming regarded as one of the UK’s leading shoe couturiers. To find stockists go to https://freyarose.com/stockists/

Shoes shown: Empire, Celine Blue & Aurora Champagne


Created for brides who want to feel confident and look sensational on their big day, The Wedding Collection is the ultimate in modern bridal style. Designed in-house, each expertly made style focuses on enhanced comfort, while adding luxury to your walk down the aisle. Whether you've got your heart set on a barely-there sandal, an embellished heel or statement-making platform, each style is designed with current trends in mind to keep things feeling contemporary - and did we mention accessories?

www.dunelondon.com Shoes shown, Ballroom, Billi and Mary Prices from ÂŁ96 - ÂŁ140 Available in Debenhams, John Lewis and Dune Outlets (Portsmouth, Swindon)


www.libertyinlove.co.uk Founder Siu's wedding story was just that - and much more besides. It was the inspiration and heart behind Liberty in Love. Back in 2010, upon falling for all things bridal while planning her own wedding, self-confessed accessory lover Siu turned her back on her marketing career in a creative agency to launch her business. Happily, with its careful edit of accessories and jewellery, the website that sold 'everything but the dress' was an instant hit, and has been featured in countless magazines and blogs since (as well as the odd celebrity or two).


Wedding Photography is where Award Winning Cave Studios originally began and have continued to excel by offering a truly bespoke service, with packages to meet every desire and budget. We specialise in telling the story of your Wedding, and pride ourselves on this very relaxed and natural form of Wedding Photography. After all, it's about capturing your memories, not making them. How we do this? We become a friend, rather than just a photographer, as this helps your guests relax around us to ensure we can capture your day from the inside out, not the outside in.

‘Steve did a fantastic job of our wedding photos! We absolutely love our photos of such a special’ day.

Website: www.cave-studios.co.uk Email: info@cave-studios.co.uk T: 07972917906 www.facebook.com/CaveStudiosPhotography www.instagram.com/cavestudiosphotography

High Street Wedding Cakes COVID 19 - At the time of writing this article Marks & Spencer have suspended all of their orders for Wedding Cakes and Wedding Food. As the situation unfolds we are hopeful that the British Government will make the position clear on events such as weddings and receptions.

MARKS & SPENCER Wedding costs can easily spiral out of control with many weddings costing couples an average of in excess of £15,000 in total. While the average couple spends a minimum of £350 on their wedding cake alone. We have put together a look book of the best Wedding Cakes to be found from two of our High Street Brands - Marks & Spencer and Waitrose

Shimmering Hoop Cake

This stunning chocolate wedding cake looks seriously impressive thanks to the chocolate icing and white and pink decorated hoops that cover each of the four tiers.

Naked Wedding Cake

Naked wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular, and this confection from M&S is an ideal way to incorporate one into your big day on a budget. This three-tier all-butter sponge cake is filled with buttercream and can be decorated to fit your theme with anything from fresh berries to flowers.


Celebration Cheese Cake

A good option to serve at your evening reception, this cheese celebration cake will go down a treat and features five different cheeses – from goat’s cheese to Double Gloucester

High Street Wedding Cakes COVID 19 - At the time of writing this article Waitrose have suspended all of their orders for Wedding Cakes and Wedding Food. As the situation unfolds we are hopeful that the British Government will make the position clear on events such as weddings and receptions.

Just a small sample of what is available out there from Waitrose and Partners.

White Vogue Cake

An elegant i white iced wedding cake with a different flavour on each tier; fruit cake with a layer of marzipan, all-butter sponge with buttercream, and chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache. Each tier is covered in white icing and has been decorated with white ribbon to add a decorative touch

Triple Chocolate Cake

This rich chocolate sponge cake is covered with chocolate fudge icing and a combination of dark, milk and white chocolate buttercream hand piped into roses.


Victoria Four Tier Cheese Cake

A selection of cheeseboard cheeses, ready to stack for a savoury cake. Perfect for weddings, dinner parties or family get-togethers, it includes: Cambozola, Cricket St Thomas Brie, Cornish Yarg and to top it off a Godminster Heart. Bigger Cheese cakes are available.

HIGH STREET STATIONERY IDEAS www.weddingstationery.whsmith.co.uk

Every design is available as a full matching stationery collection, including everything from save the dates and invitations through to orders of service, table plans, and thank you cards. You can coordinate those little extras too, like RSVP cards, favour tags, envelope seals, and gift poem cards. Order everything in one place, perfectly matched - that’s one less thing to worry about in the run-up to your big day!



We have options for every wedding theme, from rustic to elegant, each customisable to include your preferred colours, language and even paper stock. And with our collection of RSVP cards, enclosures and envelopes, you can create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding invitation suite without a high-end budget.

Vistaprint™ are now offering a new service. Gleaming metallic foil for a glamorous, high-end look. (See below) Want your wedding to look super cool? Use the same style or design on your wedding-day essentials, such as order of ceremony, place cards and menus. Not only does it give your celebration an extra touch of polish, it makes the design process easier. We have options for every wedding theme, from rustic to elegant, each customisable to include your preferred colours, language and even paper stock. And with our collection of RSVP cards, enclosures and envelopes, you can create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding invitation suite without a high-end budget. 83



sual u n 5 U ding Wed inment rta Ente deas I

5 UNIQUE IDEAS TO KEEP YOUR GUESTS AMUSED Your guests are going to be with you right through from ceremony to reception and on into the evenng party so you need something with the WOW factor. Here are 5 great ideas to get people talking!


One of the best Jack Sparrow lookalikes we’ve ever come across. Matt Harris has been performing as Jack Sparrow for a number of years and appearing at events such as Tall Ship Festivals, Rum Festivals, Sea and Maritime Festivals, Weddings and Corporate Functions. We guarantee he will provide memorable fun for all ages with his characteristic voice and mannerisms. jsparrowbookings@gmail.com




With spectacular costumes & choreographed routines, our Multi Award Winning Brazilian Carnival Dancers will create an authentic Latin & Brazilian dance experience which will dazzle your guests!. The dazzling colours and infectious carnival rhythms will have your guests entranced and on their feet in no time. Rest assured that this will be the most energizing and entertaining moment of your celebration! We have performed at dozens of Western, Asian and African wedding reception always gathering rewarding feedback.


If you have planned your Wedding venue and want more control of the entertainment and catering, we would be happy to help. Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when they see their very own Ferris wheel to entertain them for your special day! It’s a traditional favourite with both young and old. It offers a high visibility factor. Once seated on the ride, guests will be able to see the whole venue. Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. You want to make it perfect, and we can help with our traditional Ferris wheel. We have Bumper Cars, a Carousel, a classic and beautiful Ferris wheel, Catering and more…



From singing waiters to flash mobs all our Secret Singers have been trained at some of the most prestigious theatre schools in the UK. A theatre training background gives the performer the correct technique, discipline and professional attitude to make them stand out in comparison to any other singer. Many of our performers have starred in some of Londons best West End shows including ‘We Will Rock You’ ‘Wicked’ ‘Jersey Boys’ ‘Beautiful’ ‘Blood Brothers’ ‘Phanton of the Opera’ ‘Les Miserables’ and many more. Other experiences include lead vocalists for several luxury cruise liners, pantomimes and leading UK number one theatre tours. We as Matrimony Awards have actually used the Secret Singers for our Awards Evening and all we can say is WOW what a night we had. The secrecy was well worth it.


Lick Me I'm Delicious is the home of all the awesome contraptions you could ever want and need. From liquid nitrogen ice cream to edible mist, instant logopops or candyfloss whizzers, we make your events delicious. Bookable for cool parties, events, weddings and nasa shuttle launches. The Edible Fragrance Factory …. Perfume that you can sniff and lick From the creative heights of our flavour laboratory we bring you the Edible Fragrance Factory. Enter our our perfumers' secret world and choose from our selection of hand crafted edible scents to spray, sniff and lick. Will you leave in a cloudburst of cool mint, pure nectar or pickled onion? There's only one way to find out.


‘Game of Thrones Sumptuous Decadence’ With features on bridalwear, flowers, jewellery, Shoes. Plus much much more



Here at the Three Counties Hotel we have a wealth of experience in creating your special day. You’ll find a warm & friendly welcome where your needs are carefully attended to in a relaxed and flexible manner. We have newly refurbished elegant facilities, all creating a perfect back-drop to the happiest day of your lives. Call or email to arrange a viewing, you won’t be disappointed!

01432 299955 • www.threecountieshotel.co.uk ·• Belmont Road, Hereford, HR2 7BP