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College Planning: Managing the Financial Pinch

OnCamp us College Planning

Just how much will a college cost? The estimated price tag for 1 year at a public college is currently $22,000 and $42,000 at a private institution. Will Pena, Financial Aid Advisor of Madison College, offers a three-prong approach: plan , prepare and compare. “Plan ahead by researching the career choice , employability and earnings,” he says. “Then prepare for what it could cost to make it happen”. And also compare colleges’ program offerings, financial aid packages and assistance before committing to any school. This strategy can pay-off. Many families take time to meet with a high school guidance counselor about the search and application process. “Families need help making sound decisions, from building the right list of prospective colleges and visiting campuses, to ACT and SAT preparation, and assembling a compelling application package,” says Tom Kleese , an independent college planning expert. OnCampus College Planning, Kleese’s Madison Company, is one of the newest ways to receive guidance through the process. “It can no longer be about the college your child is in love with, or where their friends are going,” says Tom Kleese.

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College planning- Managing the Financial Pinch  

Plan, prepare and compare college offerings, financial aid packages before committing towards any school. Make sound college planning decisi...

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