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Frederick Lutheran Church

A replica of the U.S. Liberty Bell in Emancipation Park

after the Danish King Christian V, the fort has served over the

original Georgian-style structure was rebuilt in 1825 after a fire

years as the governor’s house, a church, the police station and

and reconstructed once again in 1870 after it was damaged in

the local prison. Today Fort Christian is a National Historic Site

a hurricane. Today the historic church is in active use.

currently under renovation.

Continue east along Norre Gade to Lille Taarne Gade and

Walk a short distance up Tolbod Gade to the intersection of

turn left. As you climb to Kongens Gade, you will pass a handful

Norre Gade, where the busy Central Post Office stands. While

of law firms before reaching Government House, the official

waiting to purchase your stamps, peruse the pretty murals painted

residence and administrative offices of the island’s governor.

by Stevan Dohanos, a former Saturday Evening Post artist.

This three-story building with wrought-iron balconies was built

From the post office, walk east along Norre Gade and you will

in 1867 for the Danish colonial council. The reception rooms

come upon the 18th-century Frederick Lutheran Church. The

on the first and second floors are open to the public. Visitors can see several small paintings by former

Of all the Caribbean islands, St. Thomas is the richest in pirate history. Perched just above downtown Charlotte Amalie’s outstanding shopping area, Main Street, on what is called Blackbeard’s or Government Hill, is the well-known Blackbeard’s Castle. Legend has it that it was from here that Blackbeard the pirate spied upon unsuspecting ships that he planned to plunder. Also located on the hill is the world’s largest collection of lifesize pirate sculptures, several restored 17th- and 18th-century manor houses, and the famous 99 Steps. Blackbeard’s Castle


St. Thomas resident and French Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro on display in the second-floor ballroom. As you climb the 99 Steps to the top of the hill, do not be surprised if it feels like you are tackling more — there are at least 125 steps in all, comprising one of the city’s oldest “streets.” Atop Government Hill sits St. Thomas’ Haagensen House. The restored 1820s town house is now a museum featuring authentic West Indian period furnishings and accessories. Adjacent to the museum is a landmark building, Hotel 1829. The original town house has been extended behind to enhance this hotel, which has accommodated many of the island’s most famous guests over the years. You’ll want to go back down the hill to Main Street for shopping. The old warehouses that once stored pirates’ booty today hold many of Charlotte Amalie’s trendy boutiques and shopping arcades. —L. S.


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Carnival FUN ASHORE  

Fun Ashore -- POC (ports of call) book, which includes Carnival Cruise Lines marketing, regional articles and port information.

Carnival FUN ASHORE  

Fun Ashore -- POC (ports of call) book, which includes Carnival Cruise Lines marketing, regional articles and port information.