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Mission Statement To keep the Lord’s work alive by worship, fellowship, and caring for each other; witness to and welcoming all people; meeting the needs of children and families, and providing pastoral services to the community beyond our congregation. To make disciples for Jesus Christ by sharing the experience of God’s kingdom on earth.

Pastor Pastor Tim Cramer Cell: 641-640-7526 Email: Church Office 712-423-1115 Lay Speakers Dale Johnson Treasurer Onawa – John Lee Turin – Elaine Nichols Custodians Onawa – Dawn & Russell King Pianist Michael Johnson Turin Music Kathy Johnston Council Chairman Onawa – Kim Kunze Turin – Gene Broer Trustees Onawa – Karen Wiedenfeld Turin – Duane Fredrickson Staff Parish Relations Dale Johnson Janice Keller

Onawa and Turin, IA February 2018

1103 13th St., P.O. Box 57, Onawa, IA 51040 Office – 712-423-1115 Onawa Adult Fellowship 9:15 A.M. Onawa Worship 10:30 A.M.

Turin Worship 9 A.M. Turin Fellowship 10 A.M

The Circuit Writer

Greetings! I have always thought that February was a bit of an odd month, kind of a waste of a month with nothing exciting, and nothing much to do. The excitement of Christmas and the New Year is over, and spring is still a long way off. Usually the weather is terrible, and it just seems like there is not much going on. But as I grow older, I have learned to embrace February as a month of reflection, a time to take advantage of the opportunity of a "boring" season. It is a time to gather our thoughts, and contemplate important things, perhaps those things we have not allowed ourselves time to conseider during the busy-ness of the rest of the year. In February we celebrate Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent, that 40 day period leading to Easter in which we prepare our hearts, spirits, and minds to celebrate Christ's passion and resurrection. It is good that we do so. This Ash Wednesday we will be celebrating a service with imposition of ashes at the Onawa church. Both congregations are invited. In an effort to foster good relations between the two churches, we will have a Good Friday service at the Turin church, to which both congregations will be invited. Often Christians give up something they enjoy for the 40 days of Lent, as a means of joining in Christ's sufferings and as a means of becoming more spiritually aware. If this practice helps you to feel closer to Jesus during this season, by all means do so. But I have seen this abused, where Christians will brag to one another regarding what they gave up. That takes the whole meaning away from sacrifice, and is far from humble. It is not a picture of our Savior. However you choose to recognize Lent, do so in humility and in quiet reflection. Finally, I want to let you know that I am excited to begin a new year with you all, and I truly believe that we have not yet seen the potential for good that our churches posess. I am thankful to walk beside you as we take this journey together.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Pastor Tim

February Birthdays 1

Joanna Koenig Emily Koenig Shirley Hiller Eric Davis Jeff Blatchford Cora Fox Cody Stukenholtz Nancy (Waples) McPhillips Karen Wiedenfeld Marylis VandenHull Eugene Persinger, Jr. Dianne Ruch Robert Greinke Mary Kunze Heather (King) Wiggins Christina (Wakehouse) Timm Kryste Wiedenfeld Janet Wakehouse Dorothy Jepson


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February Anniversaries 14

Marlin & Kathleen Dugdale

*If any birthdays, anniversaries, or prayer requests are missing, please notify Pastor Tim so he can correct it.

UMC Prayer Tree

Prayer Requests Prayers of healing and wholeness for…… Kathleen Marvin Ed Wiedenfeld Burt Fender Ruth Jordan Sarah Meyer Darlene Hime Phyllis Claus For the Military For those imprisoned For Marriages & Families in Crisis For our divided country Secretary’ email address: Pastor Tim’s email address: Pastor Tim's mobile number: 641-640-7526 The Pastor is available during office hours and by appointment. Please call Pastor Tim to make an appointment or leave a message so he can return your call.

Pastor Tim 641-640-7526 Connie King 423-2594 Shirley Hiller 433-4191

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*Family Movie Night!* Family Fun Night

Family Night Come joinFun us on Saturday February 10, at Feb. 7:00pm for a fun Saturday, 10, 2018 movie in the sanctuary of the Onawa Canceled due towill the be coldOh God, church. The movie and forecasted snow. starring George Burns, John Denver and Teri Garr. Bring snacks to share and bring your own drinks. We hope to see you all there!

2018 ONAWA LEADERSHIP TEAM CHURCH COUNCIL: Council Chair Kim Kunze Vice Council Chair Jim Jordan Council Secretary Ann Crawford Church Treasurer John Lee Assistant Church Treasurer Vicky Madsen Financial Secretary Connie King (2016) Lay Leadership Committee Pastor Tim Board of Trustees Karen Wiedenfeld Lay Leader Connie King Finance Chair Ron Ruch SPRC Committ Janice Keller Outreach Committee Chair Phyllis Persinger Fellowship Committee Chair Chana Lee Lay Delegate Ann Crawford Memorial Committee Chair Vicky Madsen Church Historian Michael Johnson UMW Presiden Ann Crawford Youth Ministries Jim Jordan Members at Large: Russell King (2020), Dawn King (2020), Ann Crawford (2019), David Nagel (2019), Patty Hobbs (2018), Courtney Cox (2018) BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Class 2018: Michael Johnson Karen Wiedenfeld Kim Kunze Class 2019: Tim Blatchford Roger Blatchford Keith Morton Class 2020: Dawn King David Nagel STAFF PARISH RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Class 2018: Onawa: Chana Lee Turin: Gene Broer Class 2019: Onawa: Janice Keller Turin: Troy Johnston Class 2020: Onawa: Jodie Jordan Vicky Madsen Turin: Dale Johnson Lay Leader: Onawa: Connie King Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Ann Crawford FINANCE COMMITTEE: Chair Ron Ruch Church Council Chair Kim Kunze

Trustees Chair Karen Wiedenfeld SPRC Chair Janice Keller Lay Leader Connie King Financial Secretary Connie King Treasurer John Lee Asst. Treasurer Vicky Madsen Members at Large: David Nagel (2018), Tim Blatchford (2019), Vicky Madsen (2019), Peggy Kunkel (2020) OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Class 2018: Shirley Hiller Phyllis Persinger Class 2019: Annette Warren Clara Jean Hanline Class 2020: Ann Crawford Peggy Kunkel

Patty Hobbs Dick Warren

Dianne Ruch

NURTURE: Worship Committee: Members: Jim Jordan - Chair Ruth Jordan, Michael Johnson, Connie King, Jim Jordan, Tim Cramer Communion Stewards: Clara Jean Hanline, Peggy Kunkel Membership Recording – Michael Johnson Fellowship Committee Chana Lee- Chair John Lee Adam and Mary Sutton YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY – Jim and Jodie Jordan Youth Ministry – Jim and Jodie Jordan Vacation Bible School Coordinator – Clara Jean Hanline LAY LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE: (Nomination Committee) Pastor Tim Cramer - Chairman Class 2018: Chana Lee Russell King Class 2019: Ann Crawford Jodie Jordan Class 2020: Dawn King Vicky Madsen Lay Leader: Connie King MEMORIAL COMMITTEE: Class 2018: Bessie Sorenson Class 2019: Russell King- Treasurer Class 2020: Peggy Kunkel Bunny Johnson Vicky Madsen - Chair Auditor: Dave Radke

Spinning Tops

How strange- we are all so ardent in our piety so careful not to slip up so intent on making our individual lives count in the scheme of things tyrannized by overful diaries driven by the echo of our 'well done'. And where does it all lead? Spinning around like tops we spiral down before You in now grubby, tattered clothes Out of breath. Deal gently with us, Lord. --Kathy Keay

United Methodist Women

February 7, 2018 Esther Circle- Noon- Valentine Potuluck Program: Pledge Service Serving: Marlene Knoff & Bunny Johnson Sarah Circle- 7:30pm Lesson: Ann Crawford Serving: Shirley Hiller

February Calendar of Events February 7 February 10 February 14 February 21

Turin Admin Board Meeting Esther Circle at Onawa Sarah Circle at Onawa Family Movie Night at Onawa Ash Wednesday Service at Onawa Onawa Admin Board Meeting

7:00 PM 12:00PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM

Ash Wednesday Service Ash Wednesday service will take place at the Onawa Church on February 14, 2018 at 7:00pm. Come celebrate the beginning of Lent with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are excited to announce that the television project in Onawa is nearing completion. Just a little minor wiring and we will be done! The use of technology in Turin and in Onawa has been a popular and meaningful addition to our worship services. Thank you for all of your support!

Onawa /Turin United Methodist Church P.O. Box 57 Onawa, IA 51040

The Circuit Writer - Feb. 2018  

Onawa-Turin United Methodist Churches' Newsletter - February 2018

The Circuit Writer - Feb. 2018  

Onawa-Turin United Methodist Churches' Newsletter - February 2018