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Wed 31 Oct I 1pm I Adam Smith Film Theatre, Kirkcaldy

The Crown Jewels (15) Dir: Ella Lemhagen I Sweden I 2012 I 2 hr I Swedish with English subtitles

Fragancia has apparently shot and killed Richard, an industrialist’s son. Or has she? Ever since they were born on the same day in a small Swedish town, their lives have been inexorably entwined. As a child, Richard is at the mercy of his powerful, tyrannical father, who is determined that his son become a top ice hockey player. Fragancia comes from a poor background. She takes care of her disabled brother and worries about her father, a failed inventor in search of his fortune. Young and desperate, Richard falls in love with Fragancia, but she meets and seems to favour another… Soon after, her little brother disappears, leaving Fragancia faced with a dark mystery. Has he drowned in a lake because, as her mother says, children with a heart of gold cannot swim? Or has Richard committed a terrible crime? Ella Lemhagen’s thriller is interwoven with the little brother’s otherworldly, fairy-tale-like commentary.

Scotland’s International Film Festival for Young Audiences

Young Audience comments: “Weird but I enjoyed it… hooked right from the start… dark and funny but also sentimental… fairy-tale like, but very dark… accessible but quirky… a weird, modern take on a fairy tale… very original… powerful and incredibly sad… murder story not new but has a new spin on it. ”

01592 583302

Bennochy Rd, Kirkcaldy KY1 1ET

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01383 602302

East Port, Dunfermline KY12 7JA

01592 583303 Bank St, Lochgelly KY5 9RD

Sun 28 – Wed 31October 12/09/2012 15:24

Fife Discovery Cinema 2 pp A5 QX7:ON at Fife discovery 4pp A5



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Tickets: £3.50 for under 21s. £5 for adults. Education Screenings: Pupil tickets: £3.50; Teachers/supporting adults go free

Discovery Film Festival is now in its 9th year. Based at Dundee Contemporary Arts, and touring to partner venues throughout Scotland including ON at Fife’s, the festival screens films from all over the world which have been specially programmed for young audiences. The festival includes exciting films, creative activities, and gala events, as well as screenings and events for schools. Discovery aims to develop new audiences for the best in international film, improve media literacy and offer young audiences an insight into the lives of children and young people in other cultures.

Mon 29 Oct I 10am I Lochgelly Centre I DVD Presentation

The Gruffalo’s Child & Other Stories UK/Germany I 2011 I Digital I 50 min I Ages 5+ I English Following in the footsteps of the enormously popular Gruffalo film (shown at Discovery Film Festival in 2010) comes this terrific sequel in which the Gruffalo’s child must now face the other members of the forest community – the fox, the owl, the snake and the (big, bad) mouse. Julia Donaldson’s enchanting story is given the full five star treatment, and this wonderful animated film will not disappoint fans of the original storybook. This programme will also feature two other short stories that will complement the themes of the Gruffalo’s Child, and provide fresh perspective on the well-loved Gruffalo tales.

Tues 30 Oct I 10am I Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline DVD Presentation

Sun 28 Oct I 1pm I Adam Smith Film Theatre, Kirkcaldy

Shorts For Wee Ones

Norway I 2009 I Digital I 1 hr 15 min I Ages 5+ I Norwegian with

Various Countries I 2010–2012 I Digital I 50 min I Ages 3+ I English

English subtitles read aloud in the cinema

The Shorts For Wee Ones package remains, for many people, the highlight of Discovery Film Festival! This collection of colourful stories is a treat for children age 3+ and a fantastic introduction to the cinema experience as well as moving image literacy.

Poor Junior has plenty of time to play, but no one to play with. His family has just moved to a ramshackle house in the country and he doesn’t know anyone. His father is a travelling underwear salesman and his mother is busy at the shop with her grumpy boss. Junior is pretty lonely, until he finds a very special twig called ‘Twigson’ – a twig who can talk! Before long they’re getting into all kinds of scrapes in the woods with the oddball neighbours. This is an adorable quirky film about friendship, families and moving home.

There will be a fun art workshop for little ones and their parents before the film at 11.30am. Places are limited, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Sun 28 Oct I 3pm I Adam Smith Film Theatre, Kirkcaldy

Wed 31 Oct I 10am I Adam Smith Film Theatre, Kirkcaldy


A Cat In Paris (PG)

Dir: Boudewijn Koole I Netherlands I 2012 I 1 hr 21 min I Ages 10+

Dirs: Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol I France I 2010 I Digital 1 hr 12 min I French with English subtitles

Times are hard for Jojo. This ten year old boy lives alone with his father, a bear-like night watchman, in a rural part of Holland. And what about his mother? Is she really touring America as a country and western singer? Jojo’s only solace is a young jackdaw that has fallen out of its nest, and which he secretly takes in. Rearing the little bird, which is even more vulnerable than himself, gives Jojo a feeling of happiness and responsibility. A girl from his swimming club also becomes interested in him. But when the truth about his mother can no longer be denied, he is still at risk of losing his fragile hold on life. Winner of the Best First Feature Award at the Berlin Film Festival 2012.

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Dino the cat leads a double life. By day he is a loyal tabby to Zoe, a police officer’s daughter. By night he joins the nocturnal adventures, an actual cat burglar, with a surprisingly big heart. Zoe has not spoken a word since her dad was murdered by gangster Victor Costa. One night she follows Dino as he slinks off to join Nico, only to stumble across Costa’s gang. The chase is on as they slip across the rooftops of Paris, ending with a thrilling finale on top of Notre Dame. Charming and visually unique, this is a warm and humorous film with a nod to the stylised wit of the Pink Panther cartoons and with fun wordplay that is great for young language learners.

12/09/2012 15:24

Discovery Film Festival  

ON at Fife are part of the 2012 Discovery Film Festival.