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Election Special

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Election time … Go Selecta!!

Yes indeed, it’s that time again. That time when you find strange 1 men and women at your door that won’t seem to go away until they’ve talked to you about 2 some leaflets they’ve got. That time when you see new posters of ugly balding men go up on billboards instead of the much easier on the eye near naked women you usually see. That 3 time when Tony Blair seems to have a stutter on the word ‘education’. Yes, it’s election time again.

Now, just saying ‘politics’ is usually enough to send most either into a rant, or to sleep. However, once every four or five years we are forced to take an active interest in it, whether it be because you have the right to vote in the actual General Election itself, or because you have to vote in your school’s own version of the election, a version which we here at Tallis will once again be holding soon. Our election here at Tallis will be involving only the three main

political parties: The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. For those of you somewhat in the dark about their policies, and lets face it, even some of the people who work for the parties themselves don’t seem to have much of a clue what they are, I have taken the liberty of making a basic outline for each. Please understand though, the key word is BASIC. If you wish to research each party’s policies in more detail go to their websites, listed below.

4 Conservatives: Party Leader - Michael Howard MP School Representative - Not Yet Confirmed • • • •

Tougher controls on immigration. More police on the streets and more discipline in schools Lower Taxes Against tuition fee’s, however supporter of war in Iraq. Oppose EU constitution but support a referendum on it

Labour Party: Party Leader - Tony Blair PM • • • •

School Representative - Not Yet Confirmed

Introduction of ID cards and tuition fees Keeping the economy strong Higher living standards and faster NHS treatment Propose introducing tuition fee’s, supporter of war in Iraq and want British people to back EU constitution in referendum.

Liberal Democrats: Party Leader - Charles Kennedy MP School Representative - Not Yet Confirmed • • • •

Higher taxes for those earning over £100,000 a year and replacement of council tax More personal care for the elderly Greater emphasis on cleaning up the environment Against tuition fee’s, the only major party against the war in Iraq and support EU constitution.

Party websites:

— Henry



Nick Raynsford MP Comes To Tallis On the 18th of April, Nick Raynsford, the Labour MP of Greenwich, visited our dear little Sixth form Centre and had a conference with quite a large collection of 6th formers, predominantly year 13. Expecting angel-like, future laboursupporting faces inquisitive of their new right to vote for their leader, Raynsford got almost exactly what he asked for. With

an excellent turn-out of students and staff alike, the common room at period 3 was buzzing with questions. Though not all being expected or happily answered, the ‘superb’ questions varied from the Israel and Palestine conflict, to the rebuilding of our school. Interesting debates were started by the fiery few, from which we were able to deci-

pher things we had never known before, particularly this being the first year that some of us have come of age to vote. In the heat of the moment, I was luckily able to briefly jot down some of the points that were covered in the discussion (below). But well done to all those who attended and really made the most of his presence as politics really does influence us all!

Nick Raynsford MP


If schools and hospitals are improving, what about MRSA?

MRSA has been exaggerated by the media and Greenwich has a very small amount of cases.

Firstly, the MP went through the current, future and past policies and projects of the Labour government. This included information on The Greenwich School Rebuilding Program, the development of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the fact that they have doubled the amount of International Aid to meet the UN’s target of 0.79 GDP. Nick Raynsford also Most importantly, he focused on the 3 policies of presidency in the G8 Group of nations. 1. Third World Debt 2. Middle East Peace Process 3. Kioto Agreement

Yes. But I would then have to leave the government. As all representing it should support the same views. How can a party like “Labour” propose things like ID Cards and House arrest, when these are typical hallmarks of a totalitarian regime? Firstly, ID cards are not a hallmark of a totalitarian regime. People have forged IDs in the past and this is an efficient way of making sure people are who they say they are and not terrorists. As far as House arrests are concerned, they are only justified in the most extreme circumstances. Many schools are becoming oversubscribed. We have a commitment to increase school places by means of reusing former industrial land and opening a new school in Woolwich. To contend with staff shortages, 20,000 teachers are being trained.

Why Vote Labour over the Liberal Democrats? Would you vote against the government if you dis- Liberal Democrats have only 50 seats. A party needs 300 to come agreed on something? into power, which only Labour and the Conservatives have.

Q&A ing each of the three main parties; Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Each leader will have a deputy and will be supported by a number of students from an AS Government and Politics class. The leaders of the elected party will have to carry out decisions using Firstly, there are 3 candidates actual policies, and will be from year 10 who will be lead- using posters, flyers, leaflets

As you may have heard, Tallis is holding a mock election during the period of the slightly broader general election. Quite a few people expressed a request for some information about what is going on. So here’s a basic round up of what you need to know!



and assemblies to propagate why they should be elected by you. Everyone will have 1 vote, and on election morning (May 5th) students will be sent down to one of the halls to be registered and given a ballot paper. When all the votes are in, it will be up to the AS Government and Politics class to count the votes. This should be very interesting to say the least!







Film John Travolta returns as Chili Palmer in ‘Be Cool’, a sequel to the original comedy smash hit, ‘Get Shorty’. In ‘Be Cool’ , Chili abandons the movie business to bring his signature brand of wise-guy skills and negotiation tactics to the music industry. This star studded sequel features A-list celebs such as Uma Thurman (Edie Athens), Harvey Kartell (Nick Carr) and Christina Millian (Linda Moon) with guest appearances from Danny De Vito (Martin Weir), Steven Tyler (as himself) and the ‘Black Eyed Peas’. It offers up a variety of genres which include comedy, crime

screen. With a fair amount of good but predictable humour, this looks to be an increasingly successful sequel despite not living up to the expectations of its original hit predecessor. Until next time, here’s the current UK Top 10.

and occasional musical performances. In our opinion, despite being slated by critics, this film is still worth seeing on the big

1. The Interpreter 2. The Amityville Horror 3. Sahara 4. Valiant 5. Hitch 6. Be Cool 7. Robots . The Ring 2 9. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous 10. Der Untergang (The Downfall)

Peter G + Jem + Sachin

Editor’s Note Hey people… Hope you’re enjoying this issue of the Peeping Tom - Election Special. I decided to add this section due to public request and so I can talk you lot directly! So, first of all, there are quite a few changes in this issue… For a start, every penny made from this issue onward, will go towards our end of year celebrations, and as I said last time, that really is something to look

forward to. Secondly, you may have noticed several columns from the last issue have been removed. Mostly this is due to this issue being an election special. However, some have been permanently removed due to inactivity. In other words, these columns either received negative feedback or no replies at all, so they seemed pointless, I guess. By the way, thanks very much for

Phortnight Philosophy

all the feedback received through our PT Diplo bag, it is very much appreciated and taken into consideration, as you see… We hope to receive a lot more where they came from in the near future as it isn’t all the time when you have such an excellent opportunity to voice your opinion. Don’t forget, we are always on the lookout for more writers and adverts… so GO FOR IT!


Uncommon Sense Absence Tip # 1

Democracy is like two wolves and ninety-eight sheep voting on what to have for dinner. The good news is that there are three or four choices on the menu. The bad news is that each dish includes mutton, although alternative methods of cooking may be employed. [The wolves' strategy involves writing the menu, bribing a minority of sheep for their support, making fraudulent claims, and relying on sheep acting like sheep...]

— Steve Withrow

To fake illness so as to be able to miss school the next day, drink a bottle of bleach...

More handy tips next fortnight from our intelligence correspondent

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