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Advertise or Publish Ads on your website to earn money! Our Script Code is Easy to add to your site Start Earning Money and Ad Credits instantly Flat Rate Advertising (No bidding)

Simply put, you get way more with us. Cheaper Advertising, better Ads for you site, real time statistics, and top notch customer service. How do I earn money? When an Ad is clicked from your website you will earn money to your account.

When will I receive my earnings? Payments are automatically made on the 1st of every month with Paypal or Alertpay.

We do not charge any fees for payment, however Paypal and Alertpay standard fees apply. The minimum payment balance is $15, if your account does not reach this balance, your balance is carried forward to the next month. Can I click on the Ads? No! Clicking on ads must be done by your website visitors. Can I offer an incentive or tell my visitors to click on the ads? No! This is strictly prohibited. How many accounts can a household have? The CBeckAds platform only allows for 1 account per household. This is strictly enforced and any violators accounts are suspended and credits are given back to the Advertiser. Do I always have to log in on the same computer? No, you can log in on any computer you like. What websites are not allowed to advertise? We do not allow any adult content, hate websites, or other illegal content.

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