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Signature Collection O My Bag

O My Bag – Not your ordinary bag Sure, an O My Bag is a bag. A beautiful bag, that is. Classic, practical, fashionable. Made of the best leather, but with that authentic vintage feel. Sophisticated, but not boring. Laptop-proof, but not too big. The bag you can wear to work and when you are hitting the town. In other words: the bag you’ve always wanted. That in itself is reason enough to be cheerful, but an O My Bag is not your ordinary bag. An O My Bag is so much more… It is a bag that helps to protect our precious planet. Made from a unique kind of eco-leather, an O My Bag is a leather bag hat you can flaunt without guilt. A new kind of eco-leather is tanned without the usage of harmful chemicals like chromium. The skins come from local Indian cow. All this adds up to a cleaner and safer tanning process, a reduced carbon footprint and leather that is made with respect for the environment. Exactly as it should be. But it is also a bag that gives people a chance to a better life. I a small town not far from Kolkata in India, every O My Bag is born in a pool of inspiration. The local fair trade producer E.M.A. offers education and jobs to the economically and physically challenged. With the choices we make as shoppers, we can change the world. With these choices we can create a worldwide demand for products made with respect for the environment and take a stand for a fairer trade. O My Bag brings sustainability and fashion lovers together. And shows them that there is only one thing more precious than a leather bag: a leather bag with a good story behind it. A story with a deeper meaning, but with a cheeky twist. That is O My Bag. Not your ordinary bag. Paulien Wesselink



Dirty Harry Vintage

Dirty Harry Camel



Dirty Harry Indian Brown

Dirty Harry Dark Brown



Frankie Fierce Vintage

Frankie Fierce Mid-Brown



Frankie Fierce Camel

Frankie Fierce Dark Brown



Frankie Fierce Indian Brown

Sleazy Jane Nude



Sleazy Jane Camel

Sleazy Jane Black


Madame Rose


Posh Stacey



Canvas „O My Bag is made with Peace, Love & Happiness”

Canvas „O My Bag loves Fairtrade”



Canvas „those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Canvas „O My Bag”



Signature Collection  

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