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Little Frankie Eco-Dark Brown


We are proud to present a brand new leather colour, Eco-Black, created exclusively for O My Bag.

Dirty Harry Eco-Black Article No: OMB-91004B

Little Frankie Eco-Black Article No: OMB-91006B

Frankie Fierce Eco-Black Article No: OMB-91003B Frankie Fierce (without chain) Article No: OMB-92003B

Laptop Sleeve 13” Eco-Black Article No: OMB-51406B

iPad Sleeve Eco-Black Article No: OMB-51401B

Cardholder Eco-Black Article No: OMB-51407B


Fly Violet is an uptown girl with a downtown flair. She’s a sophisticated, multi-function satchel – an elegant workbag large enough to fit your laptop, which can be transformed into a statement bag by adding a chain and comes with a cross-body strap and short handles.

Fly Violet MIDI Eco-Black Article No: OMB-90001B

Fly Violet MIDI Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-90001A

Fly Violet MIDI Eco-Milled Article No: OMB-90001C

Fly Violet MIDI with chain Article No: OMB-90003B

Fly Violet MIDI with chain Article No: OMB-90003A

Fly Violet MIDI with chain Article No: OMB-90003C

Fly Violet MAXI Eco-Black Article No: OMB-90002B

Fly Violet MAXI Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-90002A

Fly Violet MAXI Eco-Milled Article No: OMB-90002C

Fly Violet MAXI with chain Article No: OMB-90004B

Fly Violet MAXI with chain Article No: OMB-90004A

Fly Violet MAXI with chain Article No: OMB-90004C


SLEAZY JANE is the fashionista’s bag, with her sassy chain and indulgent butter-soft feel she is simply a stunner, and O My Bag’s number-one best seller season after season.

Sleazy Jane Black Article No: OMB-006J

Sleazy Jane Camel Article No: OMB-006I

Sleazy Jane Nude Article No: OMB-006H

All O My Bag’s schoolbags are designed for easy access with straps that pop off at the front, so there’s no need to undo the buckles, and a genius time saving zipper at the back which opens into the bag’s main compartment. DIRTY HARRY is the perfect vintage inspired schoolbag. The original that started it all.

Dirty Harry Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-014A

Dirty Harry Eco-Indian Article No: OMB-014C

Dirty Harry Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-014B

FRANKIE FIERCE is rough, tough and ready for action! Frankie’s quirks are all about the chain hanging on the front, the quick-grab handle on top and her perfect size: big enough for (most) 13” laptops, but small enough to carry all day.

Frankie Fierce Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-006L

Frankie Fierce Eco-Indian Article No: OMB-006M

Frankie Fierce Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-006K

LITTLE FRANKIE is a mini Dirty Harry, right down to the last detail!

Little Frankie Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-015A

Little Frankie Eco-Indian Article No: OMB-015B

Little Frankie Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-015D

Not your ordinary bag.

Fly Violet MAXI Eco-Camel

Dirty Harry XL Eco-Chrunch Red - Sleazy Jane Nude - Fly Violet MAXI Eco-Camel

Bringing fashion and sustainability lovers together.


POSH STACEY is sleek yet functional and fits everything you need – your files, laptop and lunch, plus a pair of emergency flats, whilst still looking chic! LOU’S BIG BAG is bottomless! Perfect for overnight trips and girls on the go.

Posh Stacey Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-021A

Posh Stacey Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-021B

Lou’s Big Bag Article No: OMB-016A

CANVAS QUOTE TOTES feature beautiful inspiring designs exclusively created for O My Bag by Rafaella Wang, Amsterdam graphic artist.

Cream - Good Day Article Number: OMB-021-2

Cream - Homies Article Number: OMB-021-4

Cream - Magic Article Number: OMB-021-3

Cream - Peace, Love, Happiness Article Number: OMB-021-1

COMING SOON THE DIRTY HARRY XL! Soon our signature Dirty Harry will also be available for 15’’ laptop owners. With his scaled up size and extra space, our signature bag becomes even more appealing for men!

Dirty Harry Eco-Chrunch Article No: OMB-014D

THE ACCESSORIES COLLECTION Miss Moneypenny Nude Article No: OMB-007E

Miss Moneypenny Camel Article No: OMB-007D

The Betsy Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-032C

The Betsy Black Article No: OMB-032E

Betsy Petit Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-023C

Betsy Petit Eco-Indian Article No: OMB-023D

Laptop Sleeve 13” Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-019B

iPad Sleeve Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-018A

Miss Moneypenny Eco-Indian Article No: OMB-007G

Betsy Petit Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-023A

Laptop Sleeve 13” Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-019A

iPad Sleeve Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-018B

Miss Moneypenny Black Article No: OMB007F

Cardholder Eco-Camel Article No: OMB-017A

Laptop Sleeve 15” Crunch Red Article No: OMB-51405C

Cardholder Eco-Dark Brown Article No: OMB-017B


Keychain Eco-Indian, Eco-Camel & Eco-Dark Brown Article No: Eco-Camel OMB-020A Eco-Dark Brown OMB-020B Eco-Indian Brown OMB-020C

All our products are handmade by producers in Kolkata, India who receive a fair price for their craft. O My Bag’s are made using a mix of eco-leather, supersoft naked leather and canvas. Eco-leather is a unique type of leather that has been tanned without harmful chemicals and gives the leather a vintage, distressed finish.


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