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change the world Annual Report 2012

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

annual report 2012 3

change the world fuel the future

In our changing economy, igniting imagination and empowering our kids has never been more important. As school resources are cut and educational expectations are raised, OMSI’s role

• Set the stage for new partnerships that will greatly enhance our exhibits and programs — both in our museum and in our science camp communities across the Northwest.

as a center for exploration and learning for people of all ages has become even more crucial. We are

We’re proud of the role we play in the education of

committed to explaining the science behind the

students throughout the Northwest — helping them

issues, stimulating new ideas and equipping people

use science as a lens through which to understand

with the knowledge to make informed choices.

the world and become lifelong learners. Thanks to your support, OMSI will continue to build the

Your generous support of OMSI fuels these efforts

science and technology skills necessary to create

to turn today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders

and sustain thriving, healthy communities.

by supporting our mission to make science exciting and relevant. With your help, we: • Made OMSI classes and camps accessible to even more students through scholarships and financial aid. • Increased our investment in early childhood education with a new water play area. • Engaged the next generation of collegeaged engineers to collaborate and create our new Autovation exhibit.

Nancy Stueber, President

2012 highlights 5

change the world feed A curious mind

imagination, collaboration, and the spark of a new idea. Making positive change in the world starts with the individual. At OMSI, we believe it is our calling to cultivate curiosity in our community — because a curious mind knows no bounds.

Through eye-opening exhibits and partnerships with leaders in science, we educate our community about cutting-edge research and discovery.

To turn learners into leaders, we prepare students for the future’s most in-demand careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

To spark curiosity and a love of learning, we give parents the tools to encourage their children to play, explore, and engage in new ideas and ways of thinking.

By sharing sustainable solutions and ideas for making healthier choices for our planet, we help our community conserve important resources.

Our access-for-all philosophy is making it easier for students to experience our programs through scholarship opportunities.

2012 highlights 7

Curiousity, innovation, and lifelong learning. Throughout the past year, OMSI has

change the world KEEP LEARNING

deepened our commitment to providing experiences that will prepare the next generation of scientists, teachers, engineers, and community leaders.

OMSI’s traveling programs reach communities throughout the Northwest. We believe it is imperative to give students the opportunity to participate in science learning experiences — regardless of income or where they live. Thanks to the support of foundations, corporations, and individuals, in fiscal year 2011–12 we were able to offer financial aid to more than 26,600 students.

We continue to make investments

Our commitment to innovation and

in early childhood education. Our newly

engineering produced Autovation,

renovated water play area, located in

a new exhibit that shows how advances

Science Playground, is an accessible,

in automobile technology have improved

wildly popular place where parents

safety and fuel efficiency. This collaboration

and children can play and learn together.

between OMSI, Dick Hannah Dealerships,

Skillfully designed, the space encourages

and Washington State University

children to experiment, measure, test

Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital

ideas, and ask questions – all early

Culture program has propelled several

science learning skills.

of the students into engineering-related positions at companies here in Oregon.

2012 highlights 9

change the world Explore & Discover Education, exploration, and the thrill of discovery. Our efforts have focused on creating an environment in oregon where science, technology, and knowledge sharing come together to help our citizens thrive.

OMSI science camps are vital in the wake of cuts to outdoor school programs in the public schools. Enrollment in OMSI outdoor programs has grown, as parents and educators realize the value of camp experiences for promoting self-discovery, independent thinking, and stewardship for the natural world. Over 7,000 students participated in OMSI outdoor education programs to learn about Oregon’s unique ecosystems.

Exhibits and programs about renewable

OMSI engages visitors and our community

energy and sustainability are the

to explore health and wellness through

centerpieces of our newly renovated

exhibits like Gunther von Hagens’ BODY

Earth Hall. Thanks to generous

Worlds & the Brain, which featured

partners, the Clever Together and

stunning views of human anatomy. Through

Renewable Energy exhibits will provide

a partnership with OHSU’s Brain Institute,

people information they need to make

visitors had access to the most current

informed decisions about energy choices.

research in neuroscience, treatment, and

The exhibits will focus on the unique

brain health. Body Worlds & the Brain was

energy mix in the Pacific Northwest

one of OMSI’s most well-attended exhibits

and explore the opportunities and

to date, selling more than 189,250 tickets.

challenges associated with emerging and conventional energy sources.

future initiatives 11

change the world LOOK AHEAD

Fast forward: A look ahead To new horizons. With a clear strategic vision and a deep commitment to our community, we are advancing programs and priorities that will enhance the OMSI experience for the next generation of learners.

We’re working to give the next generation of students more outdoor science learning opportunities with a fundraising campaign to develop a new OMSI-owned science camp in Newport, Oregon.

We’re broadening our efforts to make our programs more accessible by offering financial aid to Title 1 Schools, providing opportunities for underserved students to develop critical skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

We’re bringing cutting-edge research to our community with a Living Laboratory partnership between museum educators and experts in child development from Lewis and Clark College to observe and study how children learn and grow.

We’re planning a Maker Space that will provide tools for people of all ages to design, build, make, and test their ideas and innovations.

We’re creating a new, sustainably designed eatery with reinvigorated, healthy menus, programs, events, and dining experiences. Diners will be invited to learn about our food sources and choices, while enjoying a delicious meal.


Board of Trustees Leaders from across the community serve as OMSI trustees and provide vital expertise, fundraising support, and guidance for the organization. June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012

Board Officers Don Vollum, Chair Vista Ridge Capital Partners Steve Cox Immediate Past Chair

April Sanderson Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group

JC Stevens Society

Penny Serrurier Stoel Rives, LLP

These generous supporters are creating a

Tom Sperry Rogue Venture Partners

Judy South, Secretary South Wind Development, Inc.

Andy Teich FLIR Systems, Inc.

Trond Ingvaldsen, Treasurer ScanlanKemperBard Companies

Carol Van Natta Oregon State University Foundation

Board of Trustees Tony Bacos Regence BlueCross BlueShield

Walter Weyler

Jean M. and Ray B. Auel

Robert Beal Oregon Iron Works, Inc.

Nancy Stueber President and CEO

Jennifer Bruml

Paul Carlson Senior Vice President Erin Graham VP Development Jamie Hurd VP Programs

Kimberly Cooper Fortuna Group

Tim Mack VP Finance and Administration

Consuelo “Yvonne” Curtis Forest Grove School District Brent Gale Mid American Energy Holdings Company/PacifiCorp Joyce Lynn Garrett Thomas Hutchinson Bullivant Houser Bailey Susan Keil Scott Kiever Benefitfocus Fritz Lake Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc. Jeanette Mladenovic Oregon Health & Science University

June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012


Museum Leadership

Marc A. Compton U.S. Trust, Bank of America

OMSI in their future giving and estate plans.

Grant Word JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Joe Barra Portland General Electric

Kurt Bruun Lorentz Bruun Construction

legacy of science literacy by remembering

Mark Patel VP Marketing, Retail, and Sales Ray Vandevir VP Exhibits

Craig Berkman Dela and John Burgess Nancy Dotterer William A. Furman Chris Iwai June C. McLean Claris and Corky Poppert Richard and Mary Raub

14 donors

Individuals At every level, our individual donors provide OMSI with the power to develop new ways of thinking and to provide science learning for children and

donors 15

$50,000.00 +

Jennifer Bruml

Christopher and Jill Hall

Teri and Paul Graham

John and Ginger Niemeyer


Rick Caskey and Sue Horn-Caskey

Jake and Linda Hopkins

Steve and Pam Grant

The John D. Gray Designated Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Steve Cox and Vikki Mee

Susan Keil

Jeffrey and Sandra Grubb

OCF Founder’s Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Mike and Katie Erickson***

Kristen and Alex Payne

Hayden Hamilton and Stephanie Brewer-Hamilton

Trond and Catherine Ingvaldsen

Mary Anne H. Peterson

John V. and Judy S. Harker

The Lynn Johnson Family

April Sanderson

Curt Henninger

Mr. Ray Kennedy and Ms. Marcia Jory

Barbara and Jon Stroud

Gretchen Holce**

Douglas and Leila Strain

families throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Christine and C.F. Swigert, Jr. Endowment Fund for the benefit of OMSI of The Oregon Community Foundation

June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012

$25,000.00 +

Heather Killough

Andy and Laurie Teich

Jolene Hunter

Jean M. and Ray B. Auel

Gordon Strain Memorial Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

John and Traci Wheeler

Jon Jaqua and Kimberly Cooper


Multi-year gift

** In-kind *** Cash + In-kind

Gray Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation Wes and Nancy Lematta Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Hank Swigert and Marlene Koch Marian and Don Vollum Virginia and Robert Walters

Jessie Jonas Charitable Fund $1,000.00 + Thelma Adkisson

John Mosser Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Janice Orloff Claris and Corky Poppert William and Anne Rasnake Bloor and Patricia Redding Julie and William Reiersgaard Sham and Theresa Rockove Greg and Lisa Rudisel Eric and Elizabeth Schneider Lois Seed and Daniel Gibbs

Robyn L. Johnson

Elmer and Linda Seeley

Leonard and Brenda Aplet

Monroe A. Jubitz Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Penny and Peter Serrurier

Joe and Jackie Barra

Susan L. Kem

Judge Michael Simon and Representative Suzanne Bonamici

John and Robin Jaqua Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

$2,500.00 +

Lawrence S. and Susan W. Black Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Scott and Kathleen Kiever

Scott and Judy South

Terry Aarnio

Patty Boday and David Estes

Tim and Kris Lachenmeier

Tim and Ann Stout

Jane Kenney-Norberg**


John and Kim Braddock

Fritz and Jennifer Lake

Nancy and Daniel Stueber

Joan and Wayne Kingsley

Keith Lee and Sharon Barnes

Krista and Rex Breunsbach

Barbara and Aaron Lance

John and Jan Swanson

Nancy Lematta

William and Kathleen Berg

Luther Brisky and C. Wayne Schuler

Mr. and Ms. Scott C. Langley

The Jean Vollum Fund of The Vanguard Charitable Endowment

Tagmyer Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Kim and John Bradley

William and Linda Brown

Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of The Oregon Community Foundation

Reginald Breeze

Ronica Bruce

Kurt and Kristine Bruun

Mark and Susan Cooksey

Holly and William Coit

Michelle and Mark Dorman

Marc and Jody Compton

Jane and John Emrick

$5,000.00 +

Marc Davidson and Elizabeth Allen

Barbara and James Gaffney

Anonymous Fund #16 of The Oregon Community Foundation

Dan and Sallie Dutton**

Brent and Kimberly Gale

Liz Fuller and Brent Barton

John Gastineau

Rob and Marian Griffiths

Thomas and Elizabeth Gewecke

Jay Haladay

Lynda and Mark Gordon

$10,000.00 +

Richard and Barbara Wollenberg

Truman Collins

Robert and Deborah Zagunis

Albert Glowasky and Beth Cardwell

Nancy and Walter Weyler

Linda and Stanley Barnwell Bob and Diane Beal


Drs. Dolores and Fernando Leon Marsha Livingstone Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner Mr. Neil Martin

Thomas and Sarah Tanner*** Curtis Thompson and Joe Mitchoff The Thornton Family Charitable Fund

David E. Mazzocco

Ronald E. and Ivy L. Timpe Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Sir James and Lady Anne McDonald Fund

Greg, Junel and Elliot Unrein

June McLean

Wally Van Valkenburg and Turid Owren

Adele Morgan

Robert and Katherin Voll

Jeffrey Morgan

Steve and Patricia Vollum

Cynthia and John Morgan

Ward Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Deborah Mrazek and Michael Niquette

16 donors

Individuals (cont.) Charles Watkins and Hongli Feng Kim and Kristy Wayson Ben and Elaine Whiteley Clifford and Donna Wilson Jeffrey and Lynn Wolfstone Mr. Bradley A. Zenger Tom Zinser and Kelly Cartwright

$500.00 + Norma Alberthal Harriet R. Anderson Peter and Julie Aronson Kendall and Christy Auel Jerry Baker Phil and MaryAnn Barnekoff Carlotta Beck Patricia H. and John C. Beckman Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Neil and Marjorie Dreiseszun

Mandy and Kerry Padrick

Bruce and Annie Larsen Duncan

Pollin Family Fund of The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Kathryn Everts Chris and Lana Finley

Gayle and Carol Post Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Doug and Jennie Goe

Andrew Rice

Richard and Judith Gordon

Dale and Alba Rouse

Taffy Gould

Wayne Schweinfest

John and Pamela Harmon

Steven and Elizabeth Sipe

Howard and Molly Harris

Susan Sokol Blosser and Ross Rosner

Christopher Herz

Gloria and Paul Swick

Thomas Hickman

Lewis and Susan Van Winkle

Eric and Ronna Hoffman

Kishore Varma and Subha Pathial

Christine Hotchkin

David and Christine Vernier

Beth and Jerry Hulsman

Ted and Julie Vigeland

Jon Inouye

Larry Vollum

Robert Jensen

Christine Wallace and Gregory Caldwell

Richard and Jean Josephson

Max and Gina Williams

Emily Karr and Terese Brockmueller

Jason Zidell and Crystal Lamb

Lance and Amy Koenders Cindy and Curt Larson

Cliff and Kathy Berry

Jim Lewis and Susan Bladholm

Brian and Shirley Bevens

Eric and Hollie Lindauer

Selwyn Bingham, Jr.

William and Rosella Lindblad

Nancy and Wendy Black

Christopher Logan and Cheryl Vandemore

William and Nancy Blount

James McBride and Daphne Clifton

Gregory A. Chaille

Patrick and Margaret Mead**

David Chen and Jill Price

Neilsen Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Suresh and Aruna Chittor Colleen Chun and Richard Carr Gretchen Stahmer DeMoss and Clyde DeMoss Brady and Diane Downs

Jean and Verne Newcomb Michael and Gloria Olds Dolores and Nick Orfanakis

18 donors

Corporations and Corporate Foundations Partnerships with our corporate supporters provide OMSI with the tools, technology, and talent to create world-class exhibits and programming.

donors 19

$100,000.00 +

Total Outdoor**


Northwest Control Company, Inc.**

$500.00 +

Clear Channel Radio**

Vernier Software & Technology

Durham and Bates Agencies, Inc.**

Apolloni Vineyards**

Community Newspapers, Inc.**

Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc.

FEI Company

Spanish Yellow Pages**

Ascentia Wine Estates**

HNTB Corporation

The Ohio Willow Wood Company**


Entercom** Fisher Interactive Network**

$10,000.00 +

Hubbub Health

Union Bank

Canas Feast Winery**

Investors XII, LLC**

Bank of America / Bank of America Foundation**

Union Pacific Foundation


Portland General Electric*

Christenson Electric, Inc.

Kiewit Infrastructure West

Deschutes Brewery**

Diageo North America**

Lane Powell, PC

$1,000.00 +

DFV Wines**

$50,000.00 +


Lorentz Bruun Construction

American Metals and Steel, LLC

Epson Portland, Inc.

American Honda Foundation

Henry V**

NW Natural Gas Co.

Bullivant Houser Bailey

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum**

** In-kind

Autodesk, Inc.***

Hoffman Corporation

Oregon Public Broadcasting**

Carlton Cellars**

GSF NSF Tornado Alley, LLC

*** Cash + In-kind

Bon Appétit Management Company***

Intel Foundation

Phenom-World, NA**

Froelick Gallery**

Hewlett-Packard Company

Clear Channel Outdoor**


Portland Spirit***

Geffen Mesher & Co., PC

Hopworks Urban Brewery**

Coast Products**

Lufthansa German Airlines***

Providence Health & Services

Girardet Wine Cellars**

Jensen Investment Management**

Dick Hannah Dealerships***

Mentor Graphics Foundation

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Informal Education Products

Kuni BMW**

Frontier Communications***

Oregon Iron Works

Stoel Rives, LLP


Lange Winery**

Iberdrola Renewables*

Pacific Power

TY Lin International

Lago Di Merlo Vineyards and Winery**

Leverage 4 Productions, Inc.

KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8**

SagaCity Media

US Bank / US Bancorp Foundation

Moreland Veterinary Hospital**

Montage Restaurants**

KPTV - Oregon’s 12**

Seufert Winery**

Moss Adams, LLP

Montinore Estates**

Portland Monthly**

The Boeing Company

$2,500.00 +

NBC Universal “GRIMM”**

Oregon Sandblasting & Coating, Inc.

The Standard


Oregon Agate & Mineral Society, Inc.

Portland Timbers**

$25,000.00 +

Wells Fargo

ARC Oregon**

PCC Structurals, Inc.

Rose City Astronomers

Chevron Corporation

Wells Fargo Private Bank***

Art of Catering**

Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Seven of Hearts**

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Willamette Week**

Beam Global Spirits & Wine**

Rain or Shine Coffee House

ShiftPlanning, Inc.**

Bend Radio Group**

Rex Hill Vineyards**

Siltronic Corporation

June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012 *

Multi-year gift

JP Morgan Chase & Co. / JP Morgan Chase Foundation Lamar Transit**

$5,000.00 +

Easystreet Online Services, Inc.


Sokol Blosser Winery**

McMenamins, Inc.***

Alaska Airlines, Inc.**

EMP Museum**

Simpatica Dining Hall and Catering**

Walnut City WineWorks**

Pepsi Bottling Group


Everts Holdings, LLC

SK Northwest/Watercraft Rentals**

Wentworth Foundation


Capital Pacific Bank

IBM Matching Grants Program

Travel Portland

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company**

Tektronix Foundation

Coaxis, Inc.

Metro Parent Publishing**

Wine by Joe** Your Own French Home**

20 donors


Foundations and Government Agencies

$25,000.00 +

$2,500.00 +

Bonneville Power Administration

Coit Family Foundation

Demorest Family Foundation

Leo Adler Community Fund

Grant funding and strategic partnerships help

JFR Foundation

MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation

Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Mackworth-Mendoza Foundation

power key areas of OMSI’s operations, including

Miami Science Museum

exhibits, programs, outdoor education, and more. June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012 *

Multi-year gift

$10,000.00 +

Mason Charitable Trust

Carl O. Peterson Memorial Fund

The Autzen Foundation

Edwards Lienhart Family Foundation


Raymond Family Foundation

Wildhorse Foundation

Volunteers Volunteers are one of OMSI’s greatest resources, and we extend our gratitude to these unique individuals who donate their time, knowledge, and passion. This year, volunteers contributed 117,500 hours of service to OMSI. June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012

55 years or 12,000 hours

Bob Scheuchenpflug

10 years or 3000 hours

Jim Berger

Tom Prewitt

Gareth Wilson

Jim Birchard

Johanna Blackford

Richard Burt

Steve Brown

45 years or 10,000 hours

15 years or 4000 hours

Francie Casey

Bill Bryan, Jr.

Will Fessler

David Baerwald

Laura Davis

Marilyn Burns

Martha Brady

Jerry Dodson

Sebastian Carty

40 years or 9000 hours

Gerry Breese

Bill Dolan

Eric Chavez

Dean Abney

George Brennfleck

John Fessel

Lynn Churchill

Larry Abney

Fred Carneau

Sandy Frederick

Todd Cooper

Scott Carneau

Ray Haag

Wayne Crook

35 years or 8000 hours

Genie Currier

Keith Holmes

Jason Crowder

** In-kind

Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust

*** Cash + In-kind

The Park Foundation

$1,000.00 +

Darrell Desper

Nancy Dotterer

Marie Hopper

Cindy Cunningham

The Wollenberg Foundation

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund

Collin Kaeder

David Dunham

Abe Kamerman

Stu Daily

Brian Hamilton

Jonathan Leung

Don Daly

Frank & Margaret Bitar Foundation

$1,000,000.00 + Hedinger Family Foundation*

$5,000.00 +

JEZ Foundation

25 years or 6000 hours

Michael Holst

Chuck Macaluso

Abby Dawson

National Institutes of Health*

Anne A. Berni Foundation

Keller Foundation

Hank Becker

Joni Jones

Janice Moore

Marvin Dawson

National Science Foundation*

BetsWest Foundation

Leotta Gordon Foundation

Roger Eiss

Randy King

Margie Rikert

Julie Deters

C. Giles Hunt Charitable Trust

Ludke Foundation

David Herzog

Dave Koch

Hal Smith

T G Doddathimmaiah

$250,000.00 +

Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation

Malu, Ltd. Foundation

Janet Kretzmeier

John Kovach

Mel Stearns

Margo Edinger

Institute of Museum and Library Services*

Jackson Foundation

Mario & Alma Pastega Family Foundation

Bob Wyant

Ed Lee

Ralph Strom

Carol Farr

James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation*

Norman F. Sprague, Jr. Foundation

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

B J McIntosh

Lance Thompson

Doyle Forister

National Aeronautics & Space Administration*

Oregon State University

20 years or 5000 hours

Vince Meyer

Lamar Tilgner

Maya Garcia

OSU Foundation

$500.00 +

Garret Abney

Harriet Myers

Merlia Tilgner

Ian Gard

$50,000.00 +

Plum Creek Foundation

Holland Family Foundation

Don Bardel

Ed Nusbaum

Otto Tzevelekos

Erick Grandmason

The Collins Foundation

Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust

Swigert Foundation

Al Beale

John Purrett

Gary Webb

Hedy Griffiths

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration*

Saint Louis Science Center

Fran Hein

Nina Rust

Oregon Health & Science University

The Campbell Foundation

Ray Hein

Mike Salmon

5 years or 2000 hours

Sharron Heinrich

The Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

Eric Johnson

Terri Seiler

Frank Anzalone

Herb Herman

Walters Family Foundation

Sarah Kaeder

Chris Stafford

Heidi Austin

Karen Hier

Wheeler Foundation

Don Kendall

Stephen Summers

Linda Babcock

Punahele Hier

Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation

Ted Liljeholm

Lewis Van Winkle

Lois Beilke

Jim Hutchins

Dick Pyne

Bob Walters

Ronald Bell

Marion Jangula

Melissa Halstead

22 donors

financials 23

Volunteers (cont.) John Jennings

Anna Richardson

Estin Kiger

Ann Rodriguez

Chris Knoll

Charlotte Rogers

Priscilla Kostiner

Steve Ryan

Bill Lindblad

Jonathan Sandy

Molly Looney

Kurt Schweitzer

Sam Louke

Liana Schweitzer

Karen Lundeen

Mark Simmons

Mark Manzer

PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUES Year Ended May 31, 2011 Year Ended May 31, 2012 OMSI is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

that receives no state or local tax support and relies on Revenues

admission, memberships, and donations to continue our







Educational programs



Auxiliary activities



Exhibit fees



Contributions and grants



educational mission, programs, and exhibits.


Interest and other income


Susan Spangler

Gain/(loss) on sale of property, plan and equipment


Betty McArdle

Michael Stephens

Bob McCutcheon

Michelle Stupek

Total public support and revenue $23,410,577 $26,013,136

Patrick Mead

Bob Thacker


Janet Mills

Mary Theirl

Kevin Mills

Ron Tipper

Bill Mitzel

Audrey Vogelpohl

Kerry Montgomery

Lyle Vogelpohl

Will Muzzall

Michelle Wilson

Steven Nelson

Tax # 93-0402877

Contributed services of volunteers and in-kind donations


319,650 -80,171

Program services Museum activities Educational programs Total program services

12,055,021 3,347,696 $15,402,717

14,972,883 3,526,702


Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising

2,897,730 859,659

1,674,658 1,062,311

Maureen O’Neal

1000+ Hours

Colby Parrott

Ellen Anderson

Jack Paulson

Nick Conroy

Nick Pawliczko

Lyle Hubbard

Carolyn Poutasse

Arthur Hull

Dave Powell

Pops Johnson

Noble Powell

Linda Pace

From Operating Activities: $3,136,154 $3,369,929

Susan Powers

Neil Rosenberg


Dick Raub

Ken Vanderkamp

Net assets, beginning of year

George Reichard

Total support services Auxiliary activities





Total expenses $20,274,423 $22,643,207


Net assets, end of year







Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 1945 SE Water Avenue Portland OR 97214

OMSI 2012 Annual Report  
OMSI 2012 Annual Report  

OMSI 2012 Annual Report