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You’ve been lazy over the past couple of months and looks like resentments and conflicts will peak during the course of the month. Start burying yourself in work and school in order to catch up with all that you’ve missed.

Try and take things easy at least till the 15th of August in order to relax after a particularly intense period in your life. The latter part of the month will see excitement building once again as romance will most definitely be in the air.

Scorpio Taurus

Charlize Theron Born on August 7

August is going to see your social calendar thriving. With social invitations and work piling up, you must ensure that you find time to finish everything you start alongside enjoying yourself. While the early days of the month will see you pinched for cash, expect the financial strain to ease up soon.

Gemini Relationships may suffer due to minor misunderstandings. However, a new love interest may mark the start of a new and potentially long lasting relationship. Explore this opportunity as it may be what you have been looking for all along.

Cancer If you steer clear of impulse buying, the end of the month should see you looking financially strong. This added increase in income will allow you to fulfil some ambitions that have long been on hold. Friends and family will be proud of you for your perseverance as long as you remain transparent about future plans.

Leo Your dreams reach far beyond your means this month, but the unexpected arrival of an old friend may see you accomplishing more than you had realistically expected to. Pairing up with a loved one to realise your dreams will prove spiritually fulfilling.

Virgo Emotional conflict is unavoidable this month, but you will find yourself repenting, and being forgiven later. Latent frustrations will come to the surface. Resolution may take time, but will eventually materialise. A little patience will go a long way in alleviating your worries.



Scorpians will find this month particularly volatile with the start of the month seeing a marked rise in conflicts. A closed mouth and open ears will go a long way in seeing you through the troubled times. The latter part of the month sees travel opportunities open up. Availing these opportunities may help you realise long term financial gains.

Sagittarius The influence of Jupiter on your sign ensures that you will want to pursue physical activities this month. Steer clear of conflicts involving others. Minding other people’s business for them is not going to do you any favours. Concentrating on your own life will prove much more beneficial.

Capricorn Key changes in your life at the start of the month will see you dividing goals and tasks with a loved one to make sense of the decisions that need to be made. Positive changes in your life at the start of the month will be emotionally uplifting. Honesty in your relationships with others this month will serve you well for the rest of the year.

Aquarius Look before you leap this month. A chance to make a quick buck or a too good to be true job opportunity may be just that! Too good to be true! The fog surrounding your life may clear up by the end of the month however.

Pisces You may be required to treat a particularly vexing problem with intelligence this month. Tread with caution as indiscreet behaviour may result in seriously negative ramifications. Financial difficulties abound this month.


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