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Never engage in negative talk and rumour-mongering. Be the employee everyone People will trust wants on their team you if they know you n today’s increasingly competitive and ever- ant, cordial and cheerful even in times of stress and are not the type to changing marketplace, it is important to dif- making the effort to understand other people’s viewundermine them or ferentiate yourself and build your own unique points even when they are sharply divergent from your engage in negative brand as a star player within your company own. People want to work with people they like and banter behind and industry. Here are some basic guide- respect, so make sure you treat people well and in a lines to help you establish yourself as the employee manner that conveys that you respect them and value their backs


everyone wants to have on their team.

their professional judgment, skills and contributions.

Treat others with respect at all times

Be an expert in your job

The golden rule – treat others in the organisation as you would like to be treated yourself. This includes respecting yourself and others at all times, being pleas-


August 2010

There is no substitute for being an expert in your field to get the full positive acknowledgement and recognition you need for a firm foothold in your profession. Knowledge, skills, training rapidly become obsolete

in selfpity. Instead, become known as a cool-headed, creative thinker who can rise to a challenge, think on his/her feet, assess a difficult situation and make concise, impactful decisions that save the day and positively affect the team’s overall performance. Make sure you go through the proper channels of command in making and implementing decisions and take time to think it through. Don’t make hasty decisions you will regret later. People who can think outside the box and find versatile, cost-effective pertinent solutions to both common and uncommon problems, are invaluable in any job.

Be a team player In almost any job, your work will necessitate working with others and you need to perfect the skill of being a team player who can contribute to the welfare of the organisation and the company’s bottom line by working closely, fluidly and cohesively within a team. Essential team dynamics include taking responsibility for your actions; giving credit where credit is due; listening attentively and respectfully to others’ viewpoints; contributing and being accountable for your own efforts and viewpoints; and being pleasant and professional to all team members at all times. Good team players are adaptable, collaborative, committed, dependable, disciplined, enthusiastic, solutionoriented and tenacious. They are also knowledgeable, well-informed and always prepared when working on team projects. in today’s ever-changing marketplace and it is essential to stay ahead of the curve by constantly reinventing yourself, updating your skills and maintaining your edge in the marketplace. Take personal control of your ongoing education. If the company won’t fund your self-education, find alternative ways to avail yourself of the training you need. Attend courses, seminars, read the industry literature and make sure that your skills never become redundant or obsolete and that they continue to give you an extra edge over your competitors.

Develop a reputation as a problem solver Problem solving is key to succeed in any job. Don’t be the person who gets mired in difficulties and wallows

Perfect your communication skills Good communication includes talking as well as listening. You need to be able to communicate effectively with superiors, peers and subordinates. Learn to give feedback that is constructive, motivational and conducive to bolster team spirit, productivity and morale. Be attentive and polite when others are giving feedback and advice; acknowledge you understand what is being said; reiterate key points and articulate what you believe are next steps that need to be taken. Clear, respectful communication is key to professional success in the long run. Making an effort and taking the time to show others appreciation for their work and effort is a key component of sound communication; make sure your positive feedback is sincere, heartfelt

and specific to a certain project, task or behaviour so that its full motivational force and benefit is felt.

Be professional at all times – Don’t be a ‘Gossip- Girl’

The workplace is not the place to vent your frustrations or air your private troubles whatever they may be. At all times maintain a pleasant, professional demeanour and try to limit your discussions to matters that pertain directly to the workplace and the industry. If the team engages in light banter about the weekend football games, seasonal sales or upcoming weddings, by all means don’t be the party pooper who puts a damper on the discussions; but do not be known as the employee who always starts or feeds the office gossip. Never engage in negative talk about management or colleagues and avoid backstabbing and rumour-mongering at all costs. People will trust you and value you more if they know you are not the type to undermine them or engage in negative banter behind their backs.

Have a strong work ethic It may not do too much for your popularity in the short run if you are the person who works a 8-7 workday when everyone works 9-5 but a strong work ethic coupled with a pleasant work style, team spirit and all the other attributes we mentioned before will win the day in the long run. Employees ultimately look up to those who are consistent and dependable, and see them as indispensable members of the team. Nothing attracts success like success, so aim to shine and make the rest of your team shine with you to get the credit and credibility you need to succeed.

Love your job This may be easier said than done but nothing is more attractive and contagious than sincere outright enthusiasm. Sure, some days are better than others for everyone but employees who are doing what they love to do and are sincerely excited and enthusiastic about their job, project or tasks will generally infuse the organisation with a certain vigour and energy and will almost always be a joy to have around provided they remain modest team players and don’t outright boast or gloat about their job satisfaction and/or results.

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