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Letter from the Founder RCOM Monthly is an online magazine compiling the latest RCOM news, all in a single document. The magazine will consist of monthly issues through the year, covering official happenings on and off the track. As this is the first issue, it will be free access to all RCOM members as a preview of what's to come. From the second issue onwards, the magazine will cost 10,000 CR per person to buy. So why does it cost? Well, all profits from magazine sales will be put towards new World Tour developments, meaning that the money earned will be spent on building cars, testing cars, and... More cars. As RCOM is a non-profit organisation, none of the Community Management make any personal profit from this at all; the money that goes into the organisation goes straight on what I call “research”.

This magazine is designed to be an accessible, simple, easy-to-read update document which reports on the things that happen around this site, which people may not have noticed yet. With my experience running places like RCOM over the last two years or so, I know for a fact that everyone doesn't look at every topic, and certainly that people aren't aware of the small things going on in this community that have big meanings in the future. This online magazine covers a range of current affairs in our association, including: • • • • • •

Current events on the RCOM World Tour. Hot topics/threads on the forum boards. Latest news, reviews, and previews on official events. Future interviews with staff, drivers, and of course, the Community Management! Guides on drivers, teams, cars in current WT events. Quotes of the week, promotional media, full reports on races.

As probably the most underestimated Forza site out there at the moment, I feel proud to have built a community that has been completely from the ground up. RCOM has lived a young life so far from the day I founded it in May 2009, and the people who joined up with me in June/July have been proud to be part of what is still a growing community. As an owner, founder, manager, whatever you want to call me, I have witnessed what has been a quickly-developed association. Almost one year ago, I would have never of said that I would gain the amount of activity and the amount of great people on the site that I have done at present. I see it as rather a personal goal rather than a forum target, having the patience and sticking with it when nobody else would [at the time]. The gradual growth of this site has actually made me enjoy Forza again, and made me enjoy being part of something special, something I haven't felt on the Xbox in a long time. I don't have much else to say on that, the rest as they say is history.

AzR Velocity, RCOM founder.

Lotus 2-Eleven Trophy Star-studded line-up plus a few new threats

By AzR Velocity: The Lotus 2-Eleven Trophy is the next Spec event in line, hoping to produce even more exciting racing, following in the footsteps of the Dodge Ram Cup. This championship will have tracks that are slightly longer in comparison to the previous event, encouraging free-flowing racing. In addition, the races will last inbetween 15-to-20 minutes, providing only more action for the fans. The event schedule also hands debut races to Sedona Raceway Park, and Laguna Seca. Yes, the next Spec event in the World Tour is here! After the big success RCOM had in the Dodge Ram Cup, the next car on the list is completely different in every way possible. A feather compared to the Ram, the 2-Eleven brings something new to the RCOM circuit. As the first series which focuses on a fast car(s), the 2-Eleven is the free sample in the Autoweek DLC pack on Forza 3. In what has been the quickest ever sign-up to an event in terms of all spaces taken, everyone knows this is where the best racing is. The Spec events on the World Tour involve 100% skill, nothing more, nothing less. However, that doesn't mean drivers don't need to practice and get in their car on race day; as some people found out participating in the previous event. In these events, you cannot take the car itself for granted. Practice is still needed, and self-motivation is still needed to succeed. I myself found that half of the grid in the Dodge Ram Cup didn't practice before the race without even asking; I intend that as a tip to all other drivers who step into this one. The Dodge Ram Cup winner, BBULL89 of Speed Dynamics, will not be participating in this event, so I suppose all eyes will be on the big guns who raced in the last event, namely myself and AzR V DOG, as we both shared five poles and four wins out of twelve sessions including qualifying and race. With a few decent drivers also involved in the last event, the main majority of the grid actually consist of new names. This includes TCR Polaris JS and DarkestUnicorn who have quickly become respected names in other events. What's more interesting is that nine of the eighteen-driver grid are actually debutants waiting to get their first appearance on the World Tour. I, personally think this is only great to bring some new drivers in what has been a pressure-free environment so far in the Specs. With the signup closed and completed [you can still name your sub-driver before the February 7th deadline], I can now officially confirm the line-up we have in store for this wonderful racing-to-be [in no particular order]: AZR: AzR Velocity and AzR V DOG. JSR: TCR Polaris JS and chloke83. SPD: RogueStarVandal and laxmofo24. WPR: Nico Butcher and SnF Aero. OFR: SANTAS EVIL ELF and driver99. RMG: Dren Throwdown and TG Gist Hunter.

GTI: OffsetArrows29. DNA: DarkestUnicorn. THR: MrMcWoolyNipple. SPR: SPR NAPALM. SMR: J FRANDSEN. HJR: EarAcheMyEye66.

On show we have a record twelve teams participating in a single event, another milestone in the RCOM World Tour. It will be simply glorious to see twelve stunning liveries of all colours on a single track. We have six two-man teams who are more likely to win the Teams' Championship than the one-men armies. But nevertheless, I said from the start that this would be in great demand, and in the space of fourteen days, every last space has been taken. What's better is that it's a pain for me to circulate loads of new number-boxes! Let's hope it's worth it in the long term!

Gone in 60 minutes! Info, previews and hot picks for this Sunday's big race By AzR Velocity: It's not so often I get prepped up for a big race like this, and my, this is big indeed. The 60 Minutes of Sunset Infield is the first long-waited Endurance event to appear on the RCOM World Tour calendar. With this in mind, I have put all other events I'm officiating to one side, to focus on this. I've never seen a one-hour race so hyped in my entire Forza experience. That's because of what's at stake here. A place in the Endurance World Finals, as well as all the bragging rights. This all started out when forum members saw a teaser video cheekily appearing on the Portal. A grid of thirty drivers may have been ambitious then, but it's definitely possible when RCOM hosts it's next endurance race. So, what's the hype all about? Well, we have eighteen drivers who signed up in the end, the minimum number I would have actually expected. This means the lobby system with be a 6-6-6, with six drivers across three lobbies. I will be hosting one of the lobbies depending on how qualifying pans out, this gives me a good opportunity to take a spin in the RCOM Safety Car I painted a while ago on an Audi R2 car. The race itself will have a fully simulated qualifying weekend. This means that in the qualifying, simulated damage and full collisions will be enabled, regardless of how many people are qualifying at once. When more than one person will be qualifying, fifteen second staggered starts are in order to prevent any further collisions. With collisions being on, you can get away with drafting an opponent and having your lap certified by myself in a replay, although it has to be done in a clean, challenging way, as I won't be tolerating any race fixing from team-mates drafting each other. The race itself will be 60 minutes long, exactly an hour, which will be fast-paced in the R3 cars the drivers will be using. Here in this article I will pick the hot favourites, dark horses, and teams that I think will excel in this tournament: Hot favourites: First of all I want someone to win who hasn't been in the spotlight yet. Someone other than the obvious candidates who have been winning the races recently. In my head the big names come up such as AzR Wildcat, Jam 13UN, Vengeance INC, BBULL89, etc. Now saying this, I feel a few threats are being overlooked. My team-mate SRI Cruiser x may be a dark horse, I also think DarkestUnicorn has a good opportunity to build on his Rally of Fujimi accomplishments. With all these names and many more in the bag, I just cannot predict who will come out on top.

Under-performers: This is usually the part where I hate writing most, about a few things that could let certain drivers down. There are some drivers in there who I don't know so well, such as RMG's WibbleFish and THR triplet ToxicHunter95, smidge1995, and UnderDogx95. I hope I'm wrong as I would love to see a change in terms of the teams and such, but I don't think it will happen for these guys this race. The best thing, is that these drivers will learn from this experience and take it into other events. The Circuit: Sunset Infield, as a course, is a potential banana skin for drivers who come into the race weekend being over-confident and taking for granted that they'll be in the first lobby or the podium. Some drivers I find in and outside of the RCOM forums who dismiss the skill necessary in oval-oriented tracks. Sunset Infield is very unique to other tracks in the game with just the oval section alone. What I want to re-iterate though is the claustrophobic feel the track has if you're that kind of person who hates being in small spaces. The circuit isn't like Sebring or Silverstone where it's very open and grassy, Sunset is the opposite, with walls sticking out and awkward sharp turns in the lap. Top Teams: ‌ No comment!

Other news headlines Latest news from other corners of the RCOM galaxy AzR V DOG books his place in the Time Attack finals AzR V DOG booked his place in the Time Attack World Finals by winning the Rally of Fujimi. V DOG was consistent throughout the whole of the tournament, capitalising on an AzR Velocity mistake on Stage D. Velocity, who won three out of four stages on the night, fell on the last hurdle, and team-mate/close rival V DOG took the plaudits and the championship. The Fujimi win places him at the pinnacle of the Time Attack Order of Merit, the official RCOM leaderboards which monitor drivers' performances in respective events. To check out the Order of Merit on the World Tour, click here.

Vengeance INC and TCR Polaris join the staff roster Just a quick note that Vengeance INC and TCR Polaris JS are now Race Organisers. This prestigious position is second to the Community Management in terms of the World Tour. Polaris, who has been in the association for seven months this Thursday, fully deserves the position. Vengeance INC has been extremely helpful to other members during the 250hp International Series to other teams, regardless of rivalries, and helpful to the community in and around the boards. Thus, the two members were the only candidates for the job. We wish Vengeance and Polaris the best of luck with their new positions. Go here to see for any vacant positions on the RCOM staff team.

Two Touring events taking in signups With the opening of the Sub-compact Showdown signups this week, the DTM Masters tournament is also taking signups. The two tournaments, which have differences of hundreds of horsepower and bags of weight, should suit different types of drivers, so pick the right event that you want to compete in if you're interested in signing up. During this publication, the ScS has had no signups as of yet and the DTM Masters has a 13-car grid thus far. To see the latest on both tournaments, navigate to the Touring events on the RCOM forums!

Nico Butcher takes full-time control of WPR Formerly Ice Cold Racing/ICR, Nico Butcher has now taken full-time control of the former B-team of AZR. Nico, who has one win to his name so far from the Dodge Ram Cup, hopes to take the Spec tournaments by storm by participating in the Lotus 2Eleven Trophy. With new member SnF Aero joining the Pack, the community wishes the khaki-coloured team the best of luck in future races. For the latest news on Wolf Pack Racing, click here.

Stock Car event on the way? On the RCOM forums, a poll is currently underway to see whether people want to partake in a Stock Car event on the World Tour. On the WT, the Stock Car category is the only place where there hasn't been an event taking place as of yet, although that could be about to change. The tournament, by the poll's results so far, will be ran with the default stock cars in game and be ran on a mixture of Forza's finest ovals and road courses. To put in your votes on the poll, go here and tick the required boxes in the thread. Whatever you do, don't start on us like the person below if there is no stock car event!

As this is a pilot issue of RCOM Monthly, the future of the magazine will be uncertain until it has been confirmed there will be a March issue published. This issue may not reflect the quality of future issues due to lack of driver interviews, etc. To register on the RCOM forums, you can do so by clicking this link. That's all for now! RCOM Monthly – Online Magazine in PDF format Best opened in Adobe Reader

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