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BR-UR11S rrp £54.99 Soprano Ukulele Scale 340mm Neck width at nut 35mm BR-UR11C rrp £64.99 Concert Ukulele Scale 375mm Neck width at nut 35mm Top/Back/Sides – mahogany BR-V1S rrp £69 Soprano Scale 340mm, width at nut 35mm Top/Back/Sides – mahogany open pore Dawn Blue, Sunburst, Royal Red, Natural, Gothic Black * Natural SMILE (with colour-coded Boomwhacker strings) Nut/Saddle – Graphtech Nu-Bone Strings - Aquila, except * BR-V1C rrp £79 Concert Scale 375mm, width at nut 35mm Top/Back/Sides – mahogany open pore Natural, Gothic Black & Natural SMILE (Boomwhackers) BR-V1T rrp £89 Tenor Scale 430mm, width at nut 37mm Top/Back/Sides – mahogany open pore - Natural

BR-V2 SUN Top/Back/Sides – mahogany, arched back Finish matt open pore with Laser Sun soundhole Nut/Saddle – Graphtech Nu-Bone; Strings – Aquila V2 Sun Soprano - Scale 340mm, nut width 35mm rrp £79 V2 SW - as V2 Sun but with 37.5mm nut width rrp £79 V2 SE Sun as V2 S with pickup rrp £139 Concert - Scale 375mm, nut width 35mm rrp £89 V2 CCE & V2 CCE L/H Concert electro rrp £159 Tenor - Scale 430mm, nut width 37mm rrp £99 Baritone - Scale 510mm nut 39mm rrp £99 Uke Bass - silicon strings, pickup, rrp £199 Guitarlele - Scale 470mm, nut 43mm rrp £129 Tenor 5-string & 6-string scale 430mm nut 37mm rrp £129; 8-string rrp £139

BR-UR101ST, CT, TT All-solid spruce thinline body and neck, walnut fingerboard/bridge, ABS binding Soprano - Scale 340mm, nut width 35mm rrp £159 Concert - Scale 375mm, nut width 35mm rrp £169 Tenor - Scale 430mm, nut width 37mm rrp £199 BR-UR21S, C, T and B as V2 but with “circulon” rosette Soprano - Scale 340mm, nut width 35mm rrp £79 Concert - Scale 375mm, nut width 35mm rrp £89 Tenor - Scale 430mm, nut width 37mm rrp £99 Baritone - Scale 510mm, nut 39mm rrp £99 BR-V4 SUN as V2 Sun but in exotic/flamed mahogany Soprano rrp £89 Concert rrp £99; Tenor rrp £109 Tenor Cutaway Electro (Shadow JW-1 pickup/preamp) rrp £189 (also L/H £189)

All models have laminate bodies (solid tops on 100 & 700-series); Nato neck; Nubone nut/saddle (except 10-series); side soundhole port, strap button (gigbag included on 90, 100 and 700 series) Soprano scale: 34cm, nut 3.5cm, 12 frets - Concert scale: 37cm, nut 3.5cm, 18 frets - Tenor scale: 43cm, nut 3.7cm, 18 frets 10-series mahogany KSI-10 £59; KCI-10 £65; KTI-10 £69 20-series pacific walnut KSI-20 £69; KCI-20 £75; KTI-20 £79 30-series mango KSI-30 £79; KCI-30 £99; KTI-30 £109 90-series flamed maple KCI-90 £99; KTI-90 £109 100-series solid mahogany top KCI-100 rrp £109, KTI-100 rrp £119 700-series solid cedar top KCI-700 rrp £189; KTI-700 rrp £199







Student models: KSU-1 soprano £109 KSU-1L long-neck soprano £129 KCU-1 concert £149 all laminate African Mahogany

Eco Series FS-1 Famous soprano mahogany £269 FS-4PG pineapple soprano acacia koa £349 FS-5 soprano - acacia koa £349 FLS-1G Famous long neck soprano - solid African mahogany top £449 FC-1G lam. African Mahogany £379

Artist Series (High quality Vintage Style) KTS-7 soprano (solid Hondura Strummer Series (High performance Modern Style) Mahogany) £999 KPC-1K/HGConcert - solid Hawaiian Koa £999 KTC-2 concert (solid African KPT-1M Tenor solid African Mahogany £779 Mahogany) £749

The Uke-Solid-is probably the world’s smallest electric ukulele. Made in Europe to RISA’s unique design, all Uke-Solids are equipped with banjo style geared tuners and Shadow piezo bridge and come with gigbag and strap. UKS363MP Soprano Maple body, scale length 363mm (14.3”), 14 frets, dot inlays - also available in black stain finish (UKS363MPBK) UKS385MP Concert stained Maple body, scale length 385mm (15.2”), 15 frets, dot inlays UKS432MP Tenor Walnut body, scale length 432mm (17”), 17 frets, black inlays

UKS363MP rrp £209

UKS385MP rrp £239

UKS432WA rrp £259

Electric steel strung LP-style ukulele handcrafted in Europe. Scale length: Soprano 363mm, 19 frets Tenor 432mm, 19 frets Body: solid mahogany with archtop Neck: solid mahogany, block inlays (dot inlays on MH-TS) Bound body and neck (no binding on MH-TS)

UKELP363MH-TS rrp £479

UKELP363BK/CS rrp £499

UKELP432MH-TS rrp £499

UKELP432BK/CS rrp £549

MAGIC FLUKE COMPANY Proudly made in Sheffield, Massechusetts, USA including features such as polycarbonate back and sides coupled with polycarbonate fingerboards and laminate birch tops.

M30/M40 M10/M20


M30 Flea Soprano £219 M40 Flea Concert £229 M10 Fluke Concert £239 M20 Fluke Tenor £259 M80 Firefly Soprano £219 (with hardwood f/board £299) M90 Firefly Concert £309




M70 Firefly Tenor with tunable head £359 M50F Firefly 5-string banjo 19" Scale; Overall length 28"; Rim diameter 9.75" Weight 2lbs £399 MV1000 Cricket Violin B-Band U1.0 pickup £499 (inc gigbag)

MV1000 Fluke SB


Fluke SB Misi Tenor £399 MB2000 Timber E-Bass with B-Band U1.0 pickup £599 (inc gigbag,) fretted version £649 ASK about ugrades and options on most models

Ronny Bennett is well known in the steel-guitar world both as a player and maker of over fifty years experience. From his workshop near Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, he still produces pedal steel and lap steel guitars which exhibit an incredibly high degree of engineering quality, much of the hardware being individually machined to fit the purpose. We've been distributing his 6- and 8-string lap steel models in the United Kingdom since 2003. Specifications: 8-string & 6-string scale length: 23 5/8" (600mm) Solid Ash Body thickness = 1.5” (40mm) Colour-coded position markers Upward-facing tuners Hand-wound Bennett single coil pickup Hand-made rectangular hard case

BEN06 (inc case) rrp £475 BEN08 (inc case) rrp £525

LUP10 Jumping Cow leather ukulele pick - various colours £3 (packed in 10s)

FSP25/FHP25 Jumping Cow ukulele pick available in natural wool or synthetic felt - £2 (packed in 25s)

LUP02 Jumping Cow leather ukulele picks in leather pouch - £7.99

USL1 Jumping Cow 1/2” leather ukulele strap - £12.99

LUP03 Jumping Cow leather/felt ukulele pick keyring - £7.99

USL2 Jumping Cow 1” leather ukulele strap - £15.99

JCKR10 Jumping Cow leather ukulele keyring - various colours £4.99 (packed in 10s) GSL6 Jumping Cow leather single linkstrap - £29.99

JCCST04 Jumping Cow leather drinks coasters - various colours 10cm £11.99 (set of 4)

USLX1 Jumping Cow leather ukulele strap extender - £4.99

The spacers supplied with the Pub Prop allow its use with violins (note the neat bow-hanging feature), ukuleles, banjoes and other instruments. Longnecked, heavier instruments should be propped, while lighter instruments may be hung. Care must be taken to ensure that the neck profile and/or weight of the instrument is able to be supported safely. If in any doubt, don’t leave it unattended!

Dual-clamping system allows you to attach it to a horizontal edge (e.g. pub table) or a vertical edge.

PUB001 RRP ÂŁ12.99p





GSL2 Deluxe leather 2” wide shoulder pad with narrow ends rrp £29.99 GSL3 Deluxe leather strap Ladder & Tail adjustable - 64” long!! rrp £29.99 GSL4 Standard Ladder & Tail adjustable 2.5” wide leather strap rrp £16.99p GSL4DLX Padded Ladder & Tail adjustable 2.5” wide leather strap reversible, two colours, rrp £19.99p GSL5 Soft Leather Linkstrap - introduced in the 1980s rrp £54.99 GSL5XL Heavy Leather Linkstrap - longer, wider and heavier than the original GSL5 rrp £64.99 GSL7 Standard Vintage-style adjustable 1” wide leather strap with 2” shoulder pad RRP £16.99p Stones Music have been making guitar straps since 1979. All our goods are made in the UK by experienced craftsmen with the emphasis on simple designs and great value.

BSL7 Classic style leather banjo sling - 20mm wide sling threads through tension rods for even support. Adjustable by means of simple buckle RRP £14.99

GH1 Simple, secure leather hanging strap - a great storage/display solution for most stringed instruments. Attach to tuning pegs and hang on your hook of choice RRP £2.99

HP1 Leather Harmonica pouch with belt loop - fits standard 10-hole blues harp RRP £6.99

LOGJAM01 -The MicroLog 2 Mini stomper will fit on your guitar FX pedalboard, gigbag, or even pocket - £59.99p LOGJAM02 - The TraveLog 2 Compact stomper fits in your guitar case, gigbag or even pocket. Comfort profile - £69.99p LOGJAM03 - The Logarhythm 4 New cartridge position offers tonal variation, combined with comfort profile - £79.99p LOGJAM04 -The ProLog - the Ultimate Stompbox, featuring ergonomic integral kickboard - £109.99 LOGJAM05 - The Rattlebox Sapele frame, 4mm Baltic Ply percussion surface. Internal snare produces snare/cajon sound - £139.99 LOGJAM99 - The Logpile display stand, laser etched acrylic - ask for details

Timber Tones Luxury Picks TT54 (54 pcs display); TT108 (108 pcs); TT18 (18 mixed pieces in tin): RRP £4 each



















Timber Tones picks can be bought in 4-packs. These can be sold as Player Packs, or split and sold individually

TT4PKBT Bone Tones £3 ea

TT4PKBLT Blues Tones £4 ea

TT4PKJZ Jazz Tones £4 ea

TT4PKJY Jazzy Tones £3 ea

TT4PKZT Zone Tones £5 ea

TT4PKJTM Jazzy Tones Max £4 ea

TT4PKGT Groove Tones £4 ea

TT4PKGTM Groove Tone Mini £4 ea

TT4PKTR Tribal Tones £5 ea

TT4PKST Star Tones £4 ea

TT4PKTT Tri-Tones £5 ea

TT4PKGVY Groovy Tones £5 ea

TT4PKGYP Gypsy Tones £4 ea

TT4PKUJ Flag Tones £5 ea

TT4PKGR Grip Tones £5 ea

TT4PKFK Funk Tones £6 ea

Shell, Stone, Fusion, Crystal, Gifts

TT4PKSH Shell Tones £8 ea

TT4PKSN Stone Tones £8 ea

TT4PKACO Acoustic Mixed Pack rrp £16 (1 each Mimosa, Thai Cassia, Almond Wood & Burma Padauk+

TTPP06 Timber Tones Plectrum Pendant RRP £8 - exotic wood pick on long leather necklace (6 pcs)

TT4PKFU Fusion Tones £7 ea

TT4PKCT Crystal Tones £12 ea

TT4PKELE Electric Mixed Pack rrp £16 (1 each Lignum Vitae, African Ebony, Indian Chestnut & Bloodwood

TTKR18 Timber Tones Plectrum Keyring RRP £5 (18 pcs)

Boogie Juice - an all natural cleaning product designed specifically for the care and maintenance of instrument fingerboards. BOOJU01 RRP £7.99

Boing - the bendiest stand around for your ukulele, mandolin, violin, tablet - available in red, white, blue and graphite grey BOI01 £24.99

The Rhythm Ring offers you automatic maraca-style accompaniment, in time with your strumming hand! RR01 - Rhythm Ring RRP £5.99

Stones music catalogue 2018  

Current catalogue from Stones Music, featuring Stones Straps, Jumping Cow ukulele accessories, the Pub Prop, ukuleles from Baton Rouge, RISA...

Stones music catalogue 2018  

Current catalogue from Stones Music, featuring Stones Straps, Jumping Cow ukulele accessories, the Pub Prop, ukuleles from Baton Rouge, RISA...