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Talent, dollars, and locations make Oregon a world-class production center.  P. 19


A new wave of videogame artists in Oregon.  P. 30


Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed on the 2013 set of Wild, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and written by Nick Hornby. Almost all of the1,200-mile walk was filmed in Oregon. P. 22

Hire the right videographer for your budget.  P. 29



50x50x50 double-cove cyclorama with 35’ ceiling height Wardrobe, makeup rooms, bathrooms and shower Screening room Casting and rehearsal spaces o Production offices Large roll up door 15 offices ready for lease

Conference room with wireless internet Producers’ observatory area Events, projects and workshops are welcome: Commercial Government Art Non-profit Photo shoots


a to schedule

! y a d to

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Photos courtesy of Frank DiMarco, Bruce Lawson, Melody Saunders, and James WilderHancock

From the Governor


Welcome to this year’s issue of the SourceOregon Magazine and Directory. Inside you’ll discover why Oregon has become a haven for creative professionals and the ultimate destination for savvy media producers from around the globe. In addition, you’ll find a comprehensive list of companies, crews, equipment and support services, all with the talent and experience you need to make your projects a success. More and more, Oregon is being called home by this shining industry, and we will do all we can to help you to continue your work here. We are also committed to making sure Oregon is a film, television and digital media production destination in the future. With new efforts like the Oregon Story Board and the inclusion of video game production into our local filmmaker incentive, we’re certain this industry will be a bright spot for Oregon in years to come. I encourage you to visit “The Confluence” blog at to share news and events about Oregon’s thriving industry throughout the year. Thank you for joining us. Together we can make 2014 bigger and better.

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Governor John Kitzhaber

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139 Photo Courtesy of Bruce Lawson


In downtown Portland on the set of NBC’s Grimm, currently in Season 3. Grimm is an American police procedural fantasy television drama series. COVER: Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed on the set of Wild, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and written by Nick Hornby. The film is based on the memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail written by Cheryl Strayed. Photo by Anne Marie Fox




SourceOregon  2014





6 |  FROM THE GOVERNOR 14  |  WHY OREGON? Seven reasons why


16  |  NEW AND OLD? Gear up with

state-of-the-art and vintage gear.

filming here has never been better. 15  |  GOT GREEN? Connecting productions

with sustainable vendors, resources and services.


30  |  EMERGING ARTISTS Get to know

Oregon’s gaming talent.



19 | REGIONS Discover Oregon’s diversity

through current productions. 22 | GO WILD! A major scenic production

filmed almost completely in Oregon. MADE IN OREGON

Photo Courtesy of David Goodman for Polara Studio


Rocky Garrotto shares tips for finding the right person for the job. INDUSTRY GUIDELINES



Oregon’s best practices for production.

digital storytelling.



Basics of hiring minors in Oregon.


Bureaus and Liaisons statewide.

46  |  EMPLOYEE VS. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR Review of federal and state

employment guidelines.

Entertainment and Film Insurance Our team of experts service film clients and equipment providers including: • Documentary, Industrial, Commercial, Educational (DICE) Producers • Feature Film Productions • Short-term Film Productions – Apply Online! • Camera, Grip and Lighting Rental Companies • Post Production Services • Hired and non-owned Auto Coverage for Grip Trucks • Workers Compensation Coverage

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Portland’s turnkey soundstage production facility offering all of the amenities needed for success


Made in Oregon

Envisioning the Future

If you look past our highprofile projects you can see the catalyst for world-class digital storytelling in Oregon. Oregon’s film and television industry has seen tremendous growth recently. Highprofile projects like Grimm, Portlandia, Leverage, and animated projects from LAIKA have helped create hundreds of jobs for talented Oregonians. But if you look beyond these great projects, you’ll see quite a bit more happening that could become the catalyst for further growth and the establishment of Oregon as an epicenter for world-class digital storytelling. Now more than ever, Oregon’s creative and tech industries are cross-pollinating to deliver new models of visual storytelling. No longer are film, TV, animation, advertising, and software individual genres. In many cases, local companies are growing when they combine these proficiencies into one cross-platform company. The future of Oregon’s creative industry is ready for what’s next in digital storytelling. And growth will come from those who no longer consider themselves just filmmakers, animators or interactive designers; it will come from those who can combine those talents and tell a good story to engage their audience. Find a list of independent production companies who can tell digital stories on page 66. 12 SourceOregon  2014

Hunt Library’s Emerging Issues Commons Portland’s Second Story Interactive Studios is a leader in the environmental media field. It prides itself as an innovation center pioneering new interactive experiences. Last year, Second Story unveiled one of its more expansive projects in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Emerging Issues Commons opened at North Carolina State University’s Hunt Library to rave reviews. For this project, Second Story was chosen as one of four finalist for the Interaction Design Association awards.

Made in Oregon Successfully Redeveloping for the Future Those who have done postproduction in Oregon know of Downstream, the place you went for film-to-tape transfers, editing, or ADR. Now the only remnant to that past is an old film-to-tape transfer machine that serves as the base of a conference table. Today’s Downstream is a global leader in the development of digitally augmented environments, and has offices in Portland, Amsterdam, and Monaco. Recently, the Portland office moved into a new building that features a 30-foot-wide, 24-screen array of touch-sensitive displays. The office headed by co-owners President Tim Larson, left, and CEO Tim Canfield is already bursting at the seams and they are poised for even more growth. Whether it’s a retail space, a corporate headquarters, or a sports arena, Downstream has the digital media tools to tell the story of the space.



Broadcast & Network Design


compels companies to grow Photo Courtesy of Oregonian photographer Michael Lloyd

Finding Your Sense of Place Another creative agency pushing the boundaries is Instrument. In addition to their engaging digital campaigns for companies like Nike, Red Bull, and YouTube, Instrument’s “Labs” team focuses on innovative digital storytelling. In 2013, Instrument Labs created several original endeavors including its immersive/experiential documentary called This Place. Described simply, it’s a film, a photo essay, and an invitation for others to share their sense of place. To get a feeling for Instrument’s sense of the Oregon coast, check out



3D Visualization & Visual Effects

Motion Graphics, 2D Animation & Explainer Videos




Architectural & Product Visualization

Post Production

Commercials, Infomercials & Sizzle Reels

317 SW Alder Street Suite 1200, Portland, OR 97204

SourceOregon  2014



Why Oregon?


magine producing with no permitting hassles… friendly, accessible contacts at all levels of city and state government… financial incentives that support your bottom line. You’re not dreaming – you’re in Oregon!

Oregon has a well-deserved reputation as a center for creative business and technology where talent and producers serve up engaging entertainment and enlightening business solutions. Recent changes in legislation have increased the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) and have made rebate opportunities available to additional types of projects. From film and television production to world-renowned animation, VFX, digital media and post production, Oregon has all the resources and talent that you need to make your next project a success. Behind the Scenes of NBC’s GRIMM -- “The Ungrateful Dead” Season 3, Episode 1. -- (Photo: Scott Green/NBC)



offered through the Oregon Production Investment Fund and the Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate. Enjoy a no per-production cap cash rebate on any cost related to production that is paid to an Oregon-based company. Labor rebate applies to production payrolls for work done in Oregon. It covers all employees for any film, television or television commercial production company spending $1 million plus over a calendar year (subject to availability). Call the Governor’s Office of Film & Television for the latest incentive information: 971.254.4020


Oregon is proud of our strong, professional and growing number of talented cast and crew who work year-round on feature films, TV and commercial production. Oregon is also home to a number of local talent agencies ready to provide a full range of talent services.

14 SourceOregon  2014






Oregon’s tech and creative industries are collaborating more than ever, resulting in new innovative digital-storytelling companies and initiatives like the Oregon Story Board.

With 27 cities and 3 counties around the state of Oregon charging no permitting fees, Oregon takes “film-friendly” to a whole new level.





No waivers to fill out. No paperwork. Oregon simply has no sales tax on anything! That means no up-front costs for your production, no additional records to keep and no administrative hassle trying to get a sales tax refund.

We’re conveniently located close to LA, with four Oregon cities (Eugene, Medford, Redmond/Bend and Portland) providing direct service to the LA area. We’re a mere two-hour flight away.



Oregon offers the diverse locations other regions can only dream about. We have the mountains, beaches, ghost towns, deserts, lakes, rivers, streams, small towns, modern cities and lava flows to prove it. Check out our extensive online location database to see how we can help make your vision a reality. Check out more locations online at

Got Green? The Governor’s Office of Film & Television wants to help green your next show! We make it easy to connect productions with sustainable vendors, resources and services in Oregon. We are now partnered with PGA Green, offering a searchable database for green vendors and services throughout the state.

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO START? Our comprehensive production Best Practices information can be found in our online “Guide to Greening Production.”

For more green production news, check out the green section of our blog: author/green-production

Through you can: • sustainably source everything needed from pre-production through wrap, from purchasing to recycling • locate biodiesel fueling pumps and EV charging stations • find energy-efficient equipment rentals

We invite you to visit our Green Resource page at to learn how our Oregon Guide To Greening Production can help green your show. Have green production goals? Talk to us! We want to help. Contact: SourceOregon  2014



New AND Old?

Michael Koerner, owner of Koerner Camera Systems, talks about new trends and renewed vintage equipment. Vintage Lenses Michael Koerner, owner of Koerner Camera Systems, says, “A great deal of production that used to be done on ENG and smaller sensor cameras is now being shot with larger image cameras using Cine-lenses that were originally used for shooting 35mm film. Today, digital cameras give everything the same look. Previously, you could swap out film stock to manipulate the shot. With digital cameras we can create different looks by using old lenses re-housed for modern cinema tools, or front elements coated or uncoated for various effects like flare.” 

Arri Amira Koerner is enthusiastic about the new Arri Amira. “It does what the Alexa does and more, and cheaper. Amira is a documentary style, ‘run and gun’ camera. With more than 14 stops and speeds up to 200fps, this camera can deliver natural color rendering with little on-set fuss.

GoPro Hail the small but mighty GoPro–you can wear it or mount it to just about anything. Anybody familiar with Reality TV can appreciate the multiple ways these cameras have been employed to get the shot. The newest GoPro HERO3+ features video resolutions up to 4K, 12MP photos up to 30fps, builtin Wi-Fi, and SuperView–all for under $400.

Freefly MōVI

16 SourceOregon  2014

You know about steadicams, but if you really want to go where no camera operator has gone before check out the MōVI. This customdesigned handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal uses brushless motors that allow it to move with smooth precision.

Koptr-cams! To capture highquality aerial video you need a highly-trained pilot and an experienced videographer. Enter Koptr–an aerial robotic cinematography company based in Portland. “Our multi-rotor camera rigs shoot in a multitude of formations on a 360-degree gimbal and transmit live back to the Koptr crew,” says Brian Lehmann, Koptr’s owner, “Our goal is to capture aerial viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots that add professional and cost-effective production value for clients.” Koptr’s multi-rotor hexicopters can carry various types of cameras, from lightweight GoPros to a 7-pound RED camera. Cameras running at 120fps filter out highfrequency vibrations from aerial drones, capturing an amazingly clear image. The technology is advancing rapidly, but ultimately, it’s more about the operators than the gear. Lehmann believes that while the industry is still emerging, the goal should be to license experienced pilots. An FAA regulation roadmap is likely to be implemented in 2015.




WE HAVE IT ALL. SourceOregon  2014



Clockwise from left: Anne Lundgren doing what it takes to get the shot. The British pub in Ashland, Black Sheep, has darts, Celtic music, English beer, and a London-style phone booth (above). The picturesque town of Jacksonville (top right) traces back to the 1850’s Gold Rush. The Redwoods begin near Grants Pass and stretch into Northern California (below). The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, located in Ashland, Oregon, offers 11 plays in two indoor stages and one outdoor Elizabethan Stage (bottom left).

Photo courtesy of

What do the Smithsonian, Broadway World and MovieMaker magazines have in common? They all rate Ashland, Oregon one of the “must see” places in the country. MovieMaker touts the annual springtime Ashland Independent Film Festival as one of the “Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World.” In 2014 AIFF will show more than 80 films to over 700 film-goers. Ashland is home for Film Producer Anne Lundgren. She was the producer of 2007’s Southern Oregon production of Calvin Marshall (featuring Steve Zahn), co-producer of 2012’s Redwood Highway (with Shirley Knight and Tom Skerritt), and a key location manager for the movie Wild (starring Reese Witherspoon). Lundgren is well-acquainted with the many administrative processes of producing a feature film. In her experience, Lundgren has found working with Southern Oregon public agencies, such as permitting offices and security and traffic control agencies, relatively easy. As liaison between Wild’s production company and the local Ashland community, Lundgren oversaw venue rentals and worked with the 40-50 businesses that were affected by the closure of Ashland’s main plaza for 18 hours. Wild, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club), came up from California to film almost entirely in Oregon. “It is probably the largest budget film to be shot, even partially, here in Southern Oregon. There was a professional crew of 120, some from L.A. and some local, and about 80 extras who all needed to be transported,

Photo courtesy of Ashland Daily Photo (




in the country, Ashland, Oregon. 20 SourceOregon  2014

REGIONS “The logistics were huge, but the results were excellent, and I think everyone—cast, crew, and locals— had fun being part of this film.” —Anne Lundgren, Key Location Manager, Wild

Differentiate Solid and established, yet progressive enough to be bold. Scene Stealing Law.

housed and fed.” Lundgren added, “The logistics were huge, but the results were excellent, and I think everyone—cast, crew, and locals— had fun being part of this film.” Producer Debbie Preston had a similar experience in the winter of 2013 while filming the Christmas movie, By God’s Grace, slated for release in November 2014. Locations for this film were almost entirely set in Medford and Jacksonville. The picturesque town of Jacksonville traces back to the 1850’s Gold Rush and is designated a National Historic Landmark with over 100 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. When Preston was scouting locations for her production, historic Jacksonville had the look and feel she sought for many of the film’s wintry small-town scenes. In fact, the warm rapport between Jacksonville’s Mayor Paul Becker and Preston led to he and his wife landing cameos as a minister and wife team in the film! Although main cast members came up from L.A., including lead Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect), John J. York (General Hospital, All My Children), and young Savannah McReynolds (Alice in Wonderland, 2010) who played the title role in By God’s Grace, many supporting roles were cast through IMD out of Medford. Local actors who have gained invaluable experience through Ashland’s well-known Shakespeare Festival were cast as extras. As for the crew, almost all were hired locally, and nearly every piece of gear was rented right in Southern Oregon. Other locations used were as diverse as the local hospital, airport and cemetery, an insurance agency, and several area homes. Preston concludes, “Everyone who agreed to filming access was incredibly gracious – smooth sailing all the way. I hope to do my next film in Southern Oregon.” Lundgren is currently working on her new Indie, Black Road, slated for production in Southern Oregon in 2014. Lundgren adds, “In addition to Southern Oregon being film-friendly, it’s a great place to raise a family.”

Oregon Casting Directors of Grimm, Wild, Leverage, Twilight, and more.


SourceOregon  2014



Oregon Goes Wild!

Photo Courtesy of Mark Fristad

In the fall of 2013, Oregon hosted Wild, the feature film starring Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon as author Cheryl Strayed in the big-screen adaptation of the NY Times best-selling memoir of the same name. As a young woman Cheryl Strayed believed she lost everything, and made the impulsive decision to hike more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State—alone, with no experience or training. Wild captures the powerful story of one woman’s terrifying and beautiful journey that ultimately healed her. That journey, both metaphysical and arduous, required locations from scorching desert to rain forest to snowy mountains. Strayed’s trek along the PCT included picturesque Crater Lake to her final destination in Cascade Locks at the Bridge of the Gods, and everything in between. From the director of Dallas Buyers Club, Jean-Marc Vallée and Screenwriter Nick Hornby and Fox Searchlight Pictures, with a cast that includes Laura Dern who plays Strayed’s mother, a large swath of Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon was utilized during filming. Smith Rock (pictured left), near Bend (also used as a location for Kevin Costner’s 1997 movie, The Postman) did duty for Strayed’s desolate trek through barren wilderness; Lake Paulina passed as Northern California; and Portland doubled as Minneapolis. The only aspect of the PCT 1,200-mile walk Oregon could not duplicate for this film and its 15 million dollar budget was the Mojave Desert with its singularly unique Joshua Trees. The release date for Wild is tentatively in 2014. For a list of location managers and scouts see pages 84-85.

22 SourceOregon  2014



Imagine trying to pass off your home town as Paris. That’s the challenge resident filmmaker Al Kline gave the City of Eugene when he needed city offices and parkland that could double as outdoor cafés … and wanted permission to paint a building to suit his film’s backdrop. Pam Berrian was able to help Kline find what he needed for his production. As Telecommunications Program Manager for the City of Eugene, streamlining the production permitting process is a major goal of Berrian, “Our purpose is to make it as easy as possible for filmmakers to use public rights of way or city-owned property.” Berrian also works closely with other Lane County officials for economic development. Says Berrian, “If we can provide one-stop film location assistance, it facilitates both local commercial work as well as attract business from out of state.” Jeff Johnston is president of the Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network (MOPAN), an association for media production professionals in Lane County, and is also a chapter of the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA). Johnston explained, “The area has recently seen significant activity on ‘pitch pieces’ for possible TV shows. These ‘sizzle reels’ are designed to capture the flavor and diversity of Central Oregon–from the coast to the mountains to the rolling farmlands–all close-in to a versatile urban center.” The hope is that these pitch pieces will capture the business of those TV producers seeking diverse natural and urban locations. This year, Eugene will see the release of a culmination of films that have been produced these last three years. St. Ruby, a black comedy feature about a nun supporting orphans by acting as a bookie for nursing home shut-ins, is scheduled to wrap in early 2014. In addition, a documentary called Animal House Blues is set to film. It is a retrospective look at how the local blues scene influenced John Belushi, and the making of the iconic Animal House filmed in Eugene and the University of Oregon in 1978.


Photo courtesy of G. Cecere Photography

Photo courtesy of Rachell Coe

Clockwise from left: Sweet Cheeks winery (left). The Oregon Dunes located on the coast are just over an hour away from Eugene (top). Eugene waterfront trail (middle left). The Barnlight on Willamette Street (middle right). Eugene is home to Gerlinger Hall at the University of Oregon (bottom). SourceOregon  2014 23



Photo Courtesy of Frank DiMarco

Producer David Cress (with director Jonathan Krisel) on the set of Portlandia in North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood (top). On the Willamette River in Portland (middle right). Dean Devlin editing at Electric Entertainment’s studio (bottom right). Looking towards Portland and the train yard (bottom left).

Photo Courtesy of Brian Libby

Photo Courtesy of Brian Libby

24 SourceOregon  2014

“At some point during filming of the shows, Leverage and Grimm, production companies from L.A. started calling this area ‘Clackywood’… and the name stuck,” says Clackamas County Business and Economic Development Coordinator, Jamie Johnk. Johnk added, “We work hard to promote the beautiful diversity of our area, which includes Mt. Hood, and have worked even harder to streamline the permitting process for productions.” For Clackamas County Business and Economic Development, the effort is paying off. A myriad of applications have crossed Johnk’s desk from healthcare commercials to an episode of Reality TV’s Rodeo Girls. Johnk says, “production companies can find everything they need, from amazing landscapes to equipment, and this has brought in a variety of national commercials. Nike and Cabela’s both filmed in our county, and Coca-Cola Vitamin Water filmed a spot in Boring, Oregon.” Electric Entertainment, which just wrapped the TV series, Leverage, has maintained all of its sound stages in the area. Rachel Olschan, Partner/Producer at Electric Entertainment told us, “Stay tuned for some really good things brewing from Electric in 2014. We have several projects in development.”

Photo Courtesy of Apple and Electric Entertainment

REGIONS And to help feed the steady stream of crew needed for the work created by the industry, Clackamas Community College (CCC) is offering a new degree program. The Digital Media Communications (DMC) program at CCC offers a two-year Associates of Applied Science degree with focus areas in Video Production and Motion Graphics & Computer Animation. According to Andy Mingo, director of the DMC at CCC, “We also offer one-year certificates for Video Production Technicians and Entry-Level Multimedia Journalists.” CCC currently has an internship requirement for their AAS degree called Cooperative Work Experience where students earn college credit while working in a professional environment. Last year they had four students do internships for Portlandia. Students worked in the production office in a variety of capacities, from hunting down possible rentable locations to supporting the production staff. Mingo notes, “Just being present and observant on such a production is invaluable. It allows students to see how things work and to network with leaders in Portland’s film and television industry. “ CCC is currently working closely with the video game design studio, SuperGenius, who has helped design their motion capture curriculum and is helping teach a new motion capture class. Mingo envisions qualified CCC students can ultimately be placed as interns with SuperGenius in the future. Overall, the unique advantages of doing production in the Portland Metro area include full-service education; diverse locations; great facilities–like sound stages and production studios suitable for any size production; and all the necessary talent needed–both onscreen and behind-the-camera.

“Through a generous grant from the Clackamas County Cable Division, our program purchased a 16-camera, PhaseSpace Motion Capture system. There’s no other system like it in the state of Oregon, and while we are currently training students to operate and create motion capture projects for our MoCap class, we will be looking for ways to partner with the Film and Media studios and productions that might benefit from the use of our system while allowing our students further educational opportunities by doing internships on professional projects.” –Andy Mingo

SourceOregon  2014





There’s nothing normal about the activity that’s been filmed for the show Ghost Mine near Sumpter, Oregon. For two seasons, the SyFy Channel has documented paranormal activity at the Baker County gold mine owned by Larry and Stacie Overman. Abandoned for over 80 years, Crescent Mine has been re-opened, bringing not only work for local miners and production crews, but yielding episodic TV full of mysterious Masonic connections, links to Native American culture, and a spirit named Joe. The Ghost Mine lies in the remote woods of Oregon, and Larry Overman has no doubt that the mine is indeed haunted. “It’s also been nice to uncover the history and flavor of the local town and its characters on the show,” relates Larry. SyFy’s season two Ghost Mine finale aired in late 2013. Next season, the Overmans are planning to bring more information to light (while hoping to hit the mother lode!), with new technologies in mining, paranormal, and tv production. This includes using the online Ustream platform. Whatever happens next, this Reality TV promises to be real and exciting!

Photo Courtesy of Silversprings Photography

For a list of location managers and scouts see pages 84-85.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Hamell (

26 SourceOregon  2014

Photo Courtesy of Brian Libby




Rage Films is the action/sports arm of Rage Productions, who has been blending business with pleasure since 1994. They provide extraordinary action footage for clients from all over the country. Although the core of their video production is capturing original footage for advertising agencies, they’ve also compiled an extensive library, resulting in footage licensed to all the major broadcast television networks. The company’s deep collection of gear allows them to showcase retailers’ sports equipment in their natural environment. To do that, Rage Films has a plethora of equipment and a 3-axis gyrostabilizer mount for use on boats, trucks or helicopters. And with a recently acquired Phantom camera that enables extreme slow motion, their equipment package can capture it all. Sky Pinnick, owner of Rage says, “We thrive on a challenge.” Recent winter challenges have taken them on ski journeys across Oregon. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding have been highlighted by Rage Films alongside the skiing. Whenever special use permits or safety equipment is needed, all details are handled by Rage Films. They have a 100% safety record and use local stunt talent from around Oregon. “We have a lot of fun doing this, and we get the shots. It’s a win-win for us and our clients,” states Pinnick. “It’s what I love. I feel lucky to work where my passion is.”

The greatest thing about Central Oregon is


Photo courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of Rage Films

Snow Hoodoo Mountain Resort in Sisters is said to be, “Cheaper, Deeper, and Steeper.” The summit of Santiam Pass is Oregon’s most centrally located destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Filmmakers take advantage of Hoodoo ski slopes’ big, rounded butte, with lots of wide-open terrain. Mt. Bachelor’s nearly 3,700 acres of lift-accessible terrain, 71 runs, and close proximity to Rage Films makes for an accessible film location.

For a list of commercial production companies see page 61.

Dirt Alvord Desert is a large dry lakebed flat enough to drive across, or even land a small aircraft. The Oregon Field Guide calls it the best place in the world for land sailers. Steens Mountain has 428,156 acres of public land offering deep glacier-carved gorges, wilderness and wild rivers to create extraordinary recreation shots, including biking or moto-crossing on rugged mountain roads.

Sand Winter is certainly not the only season in which to capture amazing sports action footage in Oregon. Beautiful forests and the dazzling Pacific Ocean are the backdrops to some of the world’s largest and most beautiful dunes, located on the Central Oregon Coast. Pinnick has been there to film the vast hills of shifting sun-bleached sand that scream, “Dune buggy!” Photo Courtesy of Dan Kinto

Photo courtesy of

SourceOregon  2014





email: tel: (206) 282-2506 fax: (206) 282-7073

Hiring a Videographer

Rocky Garrotto of Southern Oregon’s R&B Productions gives advice on achieving a vision. Define your project. Do you need a small-budget local commercial? Are you beefing up your web presence with embedded videos? Are you hiring for a wedding or other live event? Do you need a director of photography or videographer?

AND Define your scope. Do you want a one-stop shop for your production? Do you need a videographer/editor? Does this person have the right connections for lighting, sets, talent, script-writing, or other special equipment needs–like film, special effects? Do they include still photography as part of their services?

CREW Some projects don’t warrant a fullfledged production company. Rocky Garrotto has worked on everything from feature films to music videos. He knows the importance of finding a videographer who can work with a client’s budget and timeframe.

Check out the videographer’s reel. The old saying, “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” holds a lot of weight. Take the time to educate yourself. Go to the SourceOregon web site and review the professional listings of vetted videographers and their reels. Beyond that, referrals are also a good way to help you decide on the right person for the job. Once you’ve defined your project’s needs, conducted interviews, and reviewed reels, Garrotto advises, “It’s important to find someone you have a rapport with, someone who ‘gets’ it when you describe your idea. Besides being talented and professional, are they a good listener?”

Talk to the candidate. Fifteen years of experience has taught Garrotto something about synergy. “You want someone who can understand your vision and help you achieve it.” A good videographer will know how to manage expectations to control expenses. Asking someone how much it will cost is like asking, “How tall is a girl?” There are many variables and each project is unique; set a budget and work within it. Once you’ve determined the scope, write an agreement that includes budget and payment terms (see Industry Standards and Practices on page 40 for more info). And remember, any production is a collaboration between you and the people you hire. “Is this person flexible as well as having a ‘good eye’?” asks Garrotto. “Having a solid working relationship goes a long way toward achieving excellent results.” 

EDITOR’S NOTE Look for the right all-around videographer in the directory on page 77. Broadcast commercials, may need a commercial production company, page 61. Digital & web production companyare on page 64. Find the right writer on page 68.

SourceOregon  2014



Emerging Artists

Recently, the Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund (iOPIF)–a local filmmaker tax credit program–has been modified to include post-production services and interactive video game development. This opens a new level of opportunity throughout Oregon. Below is a brief roundup of what’s happening in Oregon’s Game Industry, aka “The Silicon Forest”.

Get Your Game On! Bend Studio

Unleashed is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Based on the original Backyard Monsters, the top-rated real-time strategy game has over 25 million players worldwide. On Facebook, this popular real-time strategy game offers exciting new features such as Tribes, battle replay, achievement badges and more.

Bend Studio, founded in 1994, has over 40 veteran engineers, artists, designers, and support staff dedicated to excellence and innovation. In addition to its intimate studio setting, they enjoy the stability and security of being part of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Bend Studio’s mission is to produce AAA, award-winning games. Titles: Uncharted: Golden Abyss; Resistance: Retribution (IGN’s 2009 PSP Story of the Year, and GameTrailer’s 2009 Game of the Year); Syphon Filter, released in 1999 on the PlayStation, which helped create a new genre of video games. This game led to Syphon Filter 2 and Syphon Filter 3, as well as The Omega Strain, Dark Mirror, Logan’s Shadow (IGN’s 2007 PSP Game of the Year), and Compat Ops.

Chroma Games This recent iOPIF recipient offers a range of simple but exciting online games to play for free. Titles: Jig Vid, Click Trick, and Chromis.

Liquid Development

Beyond an amazing array of big-name console games, Liquid Development creates social and mobile games like Fashion Story.

Mad Otter

Draconis Development Provider of Windows-based application development/ support, web-based development, project guidance, and 2D/3D art and visual effects. They are committed to creating high-quality, innovative games and software. Their specialties include Fantasy RPG Game Design.

Kixeye This online gaming company is responsible for popular titles like Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, War Commander, VEGA Conflict, and Desktop Defender. Backyard Monsters: 30 SourceOregon  2014

An industryleading production resource for the video game industry for over 12 years, with recent work expanding into social gaming. Their work spans the spectrum of modern game art production including mobile and web-based games, 2D concepting and production, 3D modeling, cinematics, animation and environment creation. Titles: Batman Arkham Origins, Firefall, Halo 1-4, Borderlands, Mass Effect, Kinect Adventures and many social/mobile games.

In this 3D web-based game you fight monsters and do more casual activities including mining, fishing, cooking, blacksmithing, and farming.

Founded in Eugene in 2007, Mad Otter’s founder says, “Good gameplay is achieved by lots of play testing and listening to the community. After all, it’s the players that bring the game to life.” Their principle is to get a game to players during development and as early as possible. Titles: Villagers & Heroes, Ace of Aces simulates air combat with biplanes in the golden age of flight. Mad Otter is also partnering with to bring back the classic Red Baron series.

VIDEOGAMES Pipeworks Around since 1999, you may not know them, but you certainly know their clients: Sony, Microsoft, Activision, the US Department of Defense and many others. Backed by Foundation 9 Entertainment (the largest independent game developer in the world) Pipeworks cranks out innovative, best-selling, games-as-aservice like World Series of Poker: Full House Pro for Zynga, Dancing with the Stars, Zumba Fitness, and the Deadliest Warrior Series.

SuperGenius Located in Oregon City, they help bigname game developers make some of the best games in the world. Clients include Double Fine, Tell Tale Games, Gazillion and Activision. They are best known for their work on the award-winning Walking Dead, Broken Age and Wolf Among Us.

The Fullbright Company An independent video game studio founded in 2012. In a recent podcast, co‑founder Steve Gaynor described their first title, Gone Home, “…you explore an

At SuperGenius, they showcase about 15 pieces, including the robot (left). They are created by local sculptor, Chris Truax, who makes many of his pieces out of classic Firebird parts.

occupied version of the house your family lives in. Objects in the house reveal more of the story, but most importantly examine aspects of life we don’t see very often in games.” This story exploration video game is available for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms, and is 2013’s Independent Games Festival Finalist for “Excellence in Narrative.”


World Series of Poker: Full House Pro gives players the authenticity of a live WSOP event, delivering a realistic poker experience to TVs and Windows 8 devices. TM


Zynga Games recent releases include CoasterVille and Riches of Olympus. TM

Gone Home was a 2013 Independent Games Festival Finalist for “Excellence in Narrative.”

Their mission is to connect the world through games, which are crafted by game gurus, visionary creatives and virtuoso engineers. They are a leader in social game services with more than 240 million monthly active users playing its games. Titles: World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, CityVille, FarmVille, Words With Friends, Empires & Allies, Scramble With Friends, Café World, The Pioneer Trail, Indiana Jones Adventure World and Mafia Wars. Zynga’s games are available on various platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Tencent, Apple iOS and Google Android. 

For a list of game developers see page 136.

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