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Town Hall: A Film & TV Political Party! Thursday, October 21st 6:00pm Reception 7:00pm Presentation @Large Films 807 NE Couch Street Portland

OMPA Legislative Survey Results Inside

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Oregon’s Media Production Directory listings renewals now open - log on and renew today.





Dear OMPA Members,

Managing Editor: Jen Wechsler

It is a critical time for us to stay connected and organize. The month of October at OMPA is about just that, with two huge tasks to undertake.

Photography: By Submission Page Layout: Duck Up Productions 503.701.7926 _______________________________ OMPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ryan Crisman, President Read Entertainment 503.501.5454 Wayne Paige, Co-Vice President Digital Wave 503.227.9283 James WilderHancock, Co-Vice President WilderHancock Productions 503.245.7415 Lisa Cicala, Secretary/Treasurer 503.260.2977 Robert Lewis Fashionbuddha Studio 503.490.4787 Mike Ratoza Bullivant Houser Bailey PC 503.228.6351 Tim Troester Hays Companies of Oregon 503.624.4770 Erin Wiesner 503.702.3934 Kathleen Lopez Kathleen Lopez Production Services 503.780.2767 Kathleen O'Reilly 310.301.0023 Damon Jones Actors In Action 503.762.2911 Michael Bard StudioBard, LLC 503.273.2273 Don Rohrbacker Gearhead Grip & Electric 503.542.3990 OMPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Tom McFadden

Our “Call for Listings” in the 2011 directory is officially open. OMPA members get $35 off one listing, so make sure to log on and renew. This is the industry Rolodex, and we want to compete with LA 411 – so if some talented person is missing from the directory, let them know. Speaking of the LA 411, did you know that sets a higher bar than LA’s book? Only qualified and experienced crew, vendors and services are allowed to list. And we intend to keep it that way. There is no reason for us to show anything but the highest standards – for which Oregon is known and respected. Our second enormous effort this month is to work together with the unions, schools, the Portland Mayor’s Office and the state office of Film and TV, along with media production professionals around the state, to raise commercial, film and TV production in Oregon to the attention of our elected officials – and rally behind those legislators who have been supportive of our industry. This sector is one of the few bright spots for jobs and general economic growth. Why? Here are a few good reasons: • Media production is a 21st century industry. It’s green, which not only means it is better for the environment, but it isn’t dependant on limited natural resources. (As Charlie Carlson put it recently, “It’s easier to grow a film than to grow a forest.”) What kind of future do we want to grow? • Film/TV content is one of the few products that the U.S. continues to export to the rest of the world, without fear that the same products will be made by foreign workers. A few high-profile New Zealand productions aside, the vast majority of domestic films are and will always be “Made in the U.S.A.” (Kudos to Bob Wadden, who suggests that films made in New Zealand – or Canada – be disqualified from the main categories for Oscar nomination, and be relegated to “Best Foreign Film”. But that’s another subject.) • Our OPIF and Greenlight Labor programs are among only a few state incentive programs that return more money to the state in taxes than they take to operate. That’s why they were the only ! incentive programs increased by the 2009 Oregon Legislature. As every freelancer and business owner knows, growing business isn’t easy, and it takes hard work and ingenuity, especially in this economy. OPIF and Greenlight Labor are two fail-safe programs that have a track record for growing jobs for freelancers and small businesses. We’ll hear a lot about how tight the state budget is, and rightfully so. The bottom line question to legislators however is whether they would like to choose to have more jobs in Oregon’s economy in 2011, or less. Come to the Town Hall at @Large and find out how to lend your voice to this cause. Special thanks to OMPA’s Government Affairs committee, and several years’ worth of volunteer investment from TJ Civis, Maile Coad, David Cress, Michael Fine, C.K. Lichenstein, Kathleen Lopez, Tad Lukasik, Lyon Films, Dan Sanderson, Bob Wadden, James WilderHancock, Eric Wiler, Gary Kout of SOfAT, Stan Roach of FOA, and Deb McManman of MOPAN. We owe a lot to these folks. Let them know!

MEMBERSHIP ASSISTANT Jennifer Wechsler _______________________________ The CALLSHEET is published monthly by the Oregon Media Production Association, a 501c(6) non-profit representing Oregon’s film, video and multimedia industry. © 2010 OMPA 901 SE Oak, Suite 104 Portland, OR 97214 503.228.8822 / FAX:503.228.7099 •

Tom McFadden OMPA Executive Director



It’s the industry Rolodex. Get in it.



Log on to today. Published by OMPA to advertise and showcase Oregon’s crew, resources and infrastructure to facilitate more jobs and more business. For details or advertising information, visit, or contact OMPA at (503) 228-8822,




Gary Lundgren teaches Directing for the Camera course in Southern Oregon Oregon filmmakers have an opportunity to enroll in two new courses this fall from Joma Films. Directing for the Camera starts on November 9th. The class will be held in downtown Ashland and is open to filmmakers of all skill levels. The six week course is on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm - 9:00pm and taught by Calvin Marshall Writer/Director Gary Lundgren. “We’ve been a proud supporter of this great film,” said Gary Kout, SOFaT Executive Director and Line Producer of Calvin Marshall. “Many of our members worked on ‘Calvin’, and we’re thrilled to partner with Joma Films to offer new, high-quality, continuing education opportunities for the Southern Oregon film community.” Baseball comedy Calvin Marshall, starring Steve Zahn, Alex Frost and Michelle Lombardo, opened in New York last week to strong reviews. The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “This quirky little gem represents a career best performance by Steve

Zahn. Lundgren’s screenplay beautifully juggles the story’s alternately comic and poignant elements and renders all three main characters with surprising depth.” Calvin Marshall screened at the Living Room Theaters in Portland in late August. The film is available on DVD and Blu-ray at It will also be available on iTunes, Netflix, Direct TV, Cable, and Amazon VOD. “We love Southern Oregon and want to help build a sustainable infrastructure here for feature filmmaking,” Mr. Lundgren said. “It’s our goal to offer exceptional instruction that is affordable – the kind of classes that inspire and truly prepare filmmakers.” Members of OMPA and other film associations in the state will receive a 10% discount on the course. For more information or to register for the class, go to

SOFaT Filmmaker Series Special Screening Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home will be followed by a discussion and Q&A with Harve Bennett, the film’s Writer and Producer on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. The screening will take place at the Varsity Theater in downtown Ashland at 6:30pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advanced at Varsity Theatre or on the day. A $2 discount will be offered to SOFaT members and students. Star trek IV is the fourth feature film based on the Star Trek science fiction television series, and it completes the story begun in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and continued in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Harve Bennett was asked to help reboot the Star Trek feature film franchise after the first film met with some dissatisfaction at Paramount Studios. After reviewing all of the original series shows, he conceived of the continuation of the “Space Seed” episode, an idea which became Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Following the critical and boxoffice success of that film, Bennett stayed at the producing helm for the next 4 films. He also wrote Star Trek III, cowrote Star Trek IV and Star Trek V. Bennett left the franchise before the sixth film and finished his long and distinguished career back in television. He is now a resident of Ashland, Oregon.




DSLR Workshop and Bootcamp by Filmmaker Shane Hurlbut Turning A Still Camera Into A Movie-Maker Friday, October 8, 2010 6:00pm to 8:00pm Cine Rent West $20 - non-members; $10 - OMPA, ASMP, PMPA, PPO, APA, Newspace, & AIGA members; free for Students with ID. Shane Hurlbut, ASC will lead a 90 minute discussion about his 21 months in the field testing, pushing and delivering images that hold up on a 60 cinema screen. Storytelling is one of Shane’s gifts and his passion is infectious. Get ready to accompany Shane on an exciting visual journey: jump out of a NightStalker helicopter, go under the Atlantic in an Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine, run on an op with an Elite Navy SEAL, travel around the world to show the scope and military might of the Marines, view the serenity of a wheat field at sunrise, and see the intimate life journey of one lonely Janitor. Shane will divulge secrets for success along with ideas that didn’t work. It will be an information packed evening filled with many funny stories.

4 Hour Hands-on DSLR Intensive BootCamp Saturday, October 9, 2010 1:00pm to 5:00pm Cine Rent West $69 - non-members; $49 - OMPA, ASMP, PMPA, PPO, APA, Newspace, & AIGA members. Shane Hurlbut, ASC brings a mini HDSLR BootCamp to Portland. Working with the Hurlbut Visuals Moviemaker, he will instruct how to turn this small little still camera into a movie-making machine. Tips, quirks, picture styles, shutter speed, camera motion, rolling shutter, and everything that he has learned shooting with this technology in the field for 21 months will all be discussed. We will review lighting techniques, choosing exposure settings, setting up a camera package, and discuss how and when to use specific rigs to increase speed. Bring your notebooks and cameras so that we can dive deep into menu settings and you can take pictures of rigs and configurations. It will be a dynamic learning environment with time for questions throughout the afternoon. These workshops are sponsored by Pro Photo Supply and Canon with support from ASMP, OMPA and Cine Rent West. To register for these courses go to

Roads of Oregon Microsite OMPA members met with the Film Office and asked for the development of a program to promote Oregon as a location for car commercials. The result? A website dedicated to the variety of looks of Oregon roads. This stunning site was generated by Bob Schmalling at the Oregon Film office, showcasing ‘’The Roads of Oregon,’’ and beautiful enough to compel you to go for a drive.

Shane Hurlbut on location with DSLR rig

Check out Roads of Oregon at



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OMPA’s Political Candidate Report Card Prepared by the OMPA Government Affairs and Business Development Committee

Guide: An asterisk (*) means we consider these our “Champions” in the Legislature; people who can help champion favorable bills for our industry. District If you don’t know your District from your voter card, look up “Find Your Legislator” on the Internet, or go to Voting Record refers to the 2009 Legislature’s votes on Indigenous-OPIF (863) and OPIF (621). (Candidates who didn’t hold a seat in 2009 won’t have a voting record.) Survey Grade is our committee’s grade of the candidate’s supportiveness of our industry based primarily on their survey results and voting record. A lower grade means the candidate or legislator deserves more education on our topics to ensure that they will vote favorably. DNR means Did Not Return the survey. But don’t jump to conclusions. There are some DNR legislators who have been very supportive of our industry. With fundraising and campaigning, legislators have a lot on their plate. One staffer told us she received 7 or more surveys a week and just couldn’t keep up. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to candidates in your district. Ask them about their job, and tell them how you make a living. The point is to be nice. We’re making friends in the Legislature, not enemies. If our research uncovers a candidate you can support, then do so. Vote for the candidate, campaign for the candidate, and raise money for the candidate. They need your help – and we need theirs. You can find a candidate’s contact information fairly easily on the Internet. To contact a candidate visit


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OMPA’s Political Candidate Report Card >*!+'#?&:=@/AB

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OMPA launches Add-On Membership to embrace Actors When OMPA was formed 28 years ago, Oregon’s media production association advocated for the crews, locations, equipment, services and infrastructure that make Oregon an attractive place to produce. Since that time, our acting pool in Oregon has grown to such a level of professionalism that Oregon fields actors for all manner of television and film roles, not to mention the commercial and new media projects that Oregon regularly enjoys. In consultation with actors, agencies and performers’ unions, OMPA has created a means for actors to join the industry association either on their own, or as an “add-on” member on behalf of their union, talent agency or manager. What this means for actors is that they can now receive crew calls and other industry news and participate in the networking events and workshops that OMPA members enjoy. And for the first time, principal and supporting actors are listed on the industry’s professional directory,, which, like the 411 guide in Los Angeles, is considered the “industry’s Rolodex” for film and video production. As with the crew and other services listed in the directory, listings are vetted to include only experienced, professional actors as a showcase to the world of what Oregon has to offer. “Actors are a big part of what makes Oregon a great place to produce. You are smart, you are professional, and you deserve to be able to participate. We get that,

“ says Damon Jones, owner of Actors in Action, to the 300 in attendance at the association meeting at Indent Studios on September 17, 2010. Goals for adding actors to OMPA’s roster include producing actor-oriented events and mixers and to use OMPA’s increased membership numbers as leverage to pursue group health plans to cover the contractors who serve the industry. Actors who are not represented by an agency or a union can join OMPA at the Individual rate of $175. Represented actors need only pay $60 per year to join the association when their agent is an OMPA member. Both options include a listing in for those qualified, and while actors will not have an individual listing in the printed directory which is bound and published each year, they will receive a headshot in the online directory. To maintain a high level of professionalism in representing Oregon’s industry, all agent-affiliated actors will be listed publicly with their agent’s contact information, rather than the actor’s personal contact information. For more information on joining OMPA as an actor, a small or large business, or an industry freelancer visit Special thanks to the presenters, Kathleen Lopez, Justin Habel and Damon Jones, and sponsors DTC Grip & Electric, Catering by Caprice, SAG, AFTRA, Oregon Film, Honest Tea, New Belgium Brewing, Peter Corvallis, and Indent Studios.

A large crowd of Actors soak up the limelight at Indent Studios. Photograph by Jeff Amram

INDUSTRY News Northwest Film & Video Festival in November The 37th Northwest Film & Video Festival opens Friday, November 5, with a screening of Festival Shorts, followed by an Opening Night Party. The Festival continues through Saturday, November 13, with a full schedule of screenings, workshops, discussions, and social events celebrating this year’s outstanding work and illuminating the resources available to Northwest filmmakers. The full Festival schedule will be available October 18 at Northwest Film Center Screenings: Whitsell Auditorium Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park Avenue. Admission: $9 General; $8 Members, Students, Seniors

Ashland Independent Film Festival Call for Entries The Ashland Independent Film Festival is now accepting films for consideration for the 10th Annual AIFF scheduled for April 7-11. More than 80 documentary, short and feature films will be shown at the Varsity Theatre and the Historic Ashland Armory. For more information and entry forms, visit Entry Deadlines are: Early: October 29th Regular: November 19th Late: December Withoutabox extended: December 17th Southern Oregon filmmakers only: January 14th No fee is charged for Southern Oregon filmmakers (Curry, Coos, Douglas, Klamath, Jackson, and Josephine counties) entering their film for consideration in the festival’s Locals Only program. The Ashland Independent Film Festival will also feature The Launch, another free competition for Southern Oregon student filmmakers in four age categories: elementary, middle and high school as well as higher education undergraduate. Films are eligible for submission to the festival if completed after January 1, 2009. The Ashland Independent Film Festival continues to gain national attention as a successful regional festival. Last year, the 9th annual event was the largest ever with over 6,000 filmgoers purchasing 16,800 in ticket sales. Shawn Levy, of The Oregonian newspaper, said the AIFF “offers movie lovers that same sense of being in a magical place...Southern Oregon doesn’t have anything else like it -- nor, in fact, do most places on Earth.” For more information visit



Eastern Oregon Film Festival Eastern Oregon Film Festival is excited to present this year’s film programming line-up. This year EOFF will be presenting 8 award winning feature films along with a handful of spectacular short films. All films will be screened at the historic Granada Theater in La Grande, Oregon over the course of 3 days, October 21, 22, & 23rd. The films at this year’s festival include “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, “Putty Hill”, “Daddy Long Legs”, “Open Five,” and more. Additionally there will be an after party each night of the festival spotlighting some amazing musical acts from the region: Finn Riggins (Boise, ID), Yeah Great Fine (Portland, OR), and Hillfolk Noir (Boise, ID), and La Grande/Seattle Band Sons of Guns. The second annual Eastern Oregon Film Festival marks a huge evolution in bringing film and music to Eastern Oregon, a place in which these arts have not been fully appreciated. Eastern Oregon Film Festival and the La Grande Community look forward to welcoming the audiences from East and West, North and South. For more information visit or you could find us on Facebook & Twitter for continued updates.


MEMBERS at Large


Red Door Makes a Night of It At Spirit Mountain (Well, three nights, actually). Red Door Films wrapped a 3-day production of a campaign tentatively titled “Make A Night of It” for client Spirit Mountain Casino. “I always feel lucky working with Oregon’s amazing talent on homegrown projects like this,” said Red Door Films writer/director David Poulshock. “Great team, greatcast, great location and a great client. I’m just not so lucky at blackjack.” Apparently Poulshock dropped a few bucks at the roulette and blackjack tables after production wrapped, while other members of Red Door’s crew had better luck. Shot on the Canon 7D, the project was filmed on location at Spirit Mountain in a high-energy handheld POV creative. The :30 TV commercial and long form webisode are set to air later this fall, and feature Oregon talents Gary Cash as a “Mr. Casino” master of ceremonies, Jared Roylance as the hands of “POV Guy,” Delilah Anderson as the camera’s “Lucky Girlfriend,” and a large cast of extras. Red Door’s excellent production crew included: David Poulshock (Writer/Director), Joe Meade (DP), Heather Harlow (Producer), Bruce Lawson (1st AD), Devan Linforth (2nd AD), Matt Barbee (1st AC), Clayton Knapp (2nd AC), Baker Poulshock (Still Photographer), Ron Skrasek (Art Director), Sarge Fleskes (Gaffer), Scott Walters (Best Boy), Matt May (Best Boy), Chris Steele (Electric), Ken Riddle (Key Grip), Jim Davis (Best Boy), Brian Lawson (3rd Grip), Anna Rieke (Sound Mixtress), Shannon Hall (Stylist), Patty Harding (Stylist Assistant), Mary Manix (Script Supervisor), Kale Jessen (VTR), Peter Hurteau (Production Coordinator), Catie Bull (Office Coordinator), and PAs Nathaniel Boggess, Josh Johnson, Zach Jones, and Erica Montgomery. Dennis Fitzgerald is editing, with sound design by Richard Moore and Randy Johnson at Tag Team Audio. Equipment provided by: Koerner Camera, Pacific Grip & Lighting, Cascade Video Systems, Terry Hoffman.

Talent: Gary Cash (Option Model & Media), Delilah Anderson (Arthouse Talent & Literary), Jared Roylance (Arthouse Talent & Literary). For more information on Red Door Films, please visit Director David Poulshock and actress Delilah Anderson work through a scene on the casino floor. Photograph by Baker Poulshock

David Poulshock explains a few dance steps to the Spirit Mountain cast for the night club scene. Photograph by Baker Poulshock Director of Photography Joe Meade (center), A.D. Bruce Lawson, and David Poulshock test their luck at craps. Photograph by David Barker

3 Leg Torso’s Courtney Von Drehle gets Nominated for an Emmy Courtney Von Drehle, co-founder and co-artistic director of the Portland-based world chamber music group 3 Leg Torso, and Joe Janiga (KLEZMOCRACY, VONIGA) have been nominated for a 2010 Emmy Award (in the News & Documentary division) for their original score to the THE FINAL INCH, a film about the current attempts to eradicate polio once and for all. The News & Documentary Emmy Award ceremony was held on September 27th in New York City. The award title “Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Music & Sound,” and the nomination also included Drew Canulette (Music Mixer), Lance Limbocker (Sound Design and Mix), and Spence Palermo (Field Sound).

Courtney Von Drehle with accordion.




Emily Peterson Actor represented by Q6 Model & Artist Management

Kristin Coleman 503/703-4559 Actor represented by Q6 Model & Artist Management

Full Brain Films Greg Kerr 503/621-2028 A short & feature length film production company

Harold Phillips 503/936-4266 Actor represented by Arthouse Talent & Literary

Brian McKenzie Brian McKenzie Insurance Agency Inc. 503/289-4923 Production Insurance Agency

Helena de Crespo 503/516-4316 Actor represented by Arthouse Talent & Literary

Mt. Hood Community College Janet McIntyre 503/491-7589 Dean of Integrated Media, Performing & Visual Arts program

David Freedman 503/281-8893 Actor and Singer represented by Actors In Action Benedict Herrman 503/939-0466 Actor, Voice Talent, Writer represented by Actors In Action Laura Duyn 971/570-3192 Actor represented by Arthouse Talent & Literary Shelly Lipkin 503/803-6576 Actor represented by Ryan Artists

Rhyan Schwartz 503/233-4244 Actor, Writer, Producer, Composer represented by Option Model & Media Rob Harris 918/812-1753 Actor represented by Arthouse Talent & Literary Kari Fosse 206/612-1980 Student at School of Visual Concepts

Pro Photo Supply Lori Carruthers 503/241-1112 Camera & Video, Computers, Printer & Photo Lab Jeffrey Babcock 503/358-3589 Actor represented by Ryan Artists

Harold Phillips

Kenneth Paul Jones 503/493-0494 Actor represented by Actors In Action Pat Lach 503/747-7989 Actor & Singer represented by Dangerfield Talent & Literary

Susan Jonsson 503/421-9498 Actor & Singer represented by Dangerfield Talent

Mad Martian 503/713-3171 Actor represented by Actors In Action

Nena Honkanen Botto 503/358-9054 Actor represented by Actors In Action

Tim Christensen 503/332-9031 Actor represented by Actors In Action

Laura Duyn

Helena de Crespo Photo. by Ken Salaman


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OMPA Callsheet October 2010  

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