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Managing Editor: Jen Wechsler Photography: By Submission Page Layout: Duck Up Productions 503.701.7926 OMPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS James WilderHancock, President Government Affairs and Business Development Co-Chair WilderHancock Productions 503.245.7415 Lisa Cicala, Vice-President Membership Chair 503.260.2977 Tim Troester, Secretary/Treasurer Golf Co-Chair Hays Companies of Oregon 503.624.4770 Ryan Crisman, Past President Directory Chair Read Entertainment 503.501.5454

Grimm News Dear industry members: The positive development of Oregon landing Grimm overshadows very unfortunate news. As you know, the Oregon Production Investment Fund offers a rebate to large projects that choose to film in Oregon. Currently, OPIF is funded at $7.5 million. Immediate action is necessary to persuade key legislators, otherwise OPIF will be decreased by 30% to 60%, which means fewer jobs in Oregon. Jobs are more important than the legislature ending the session with hundreds of millions of dollars in reserve funds.

Find a link to the key legislators and the message at the top of

Kathleen Lopez Kathleen Lopez Production Services 503.780.2767 Damon Jones Talent Chair, Health Insurance Chair Actors in Action 503.762.2911 Michael Bard Golf Chair StudioBard Music and Audio Post 503.273.2273 Wayne Paige Scholarship Chair Digital Wave 503.227.9283 Robert Lewis New Media Committee Fashionbuddha Studio 503.490.4787 Kathleen O'Reilly KTO Studio 310.301.0023 Mike Ratoza Bullivant Houser Bailey PC 503.228.6351 The Film/TV credit is considered the most effective tax-credit funded program at immediately generating high wage jobs, and we’ve been told as much by the members of the “Tax Credit Committee.” The bottleneck is with the Ways and Means committee, who has not allowed enough budget for the Tax Credit committee to fund OPIF at the level it was last year – let alone at $12 million as originally proposed by Governor Kitzhaber. Be positive and persuasive with legislators, respect their time and intelligence. Take the time to send personal notes – not a “CC:” copy to the group. And listen to the legislator or their aid. This is about persuasive dialogue – not just “bugging them” with form letters or scripted calls. Please join us at the OMPA Roundup “state of the industry” event on June 15th for further discussion. Thank you as always for your support of OMPA through your dues, your commitment to inspiring excellence in yourself and others, and through grassroots lobbying activities such as this. Tom McFadden

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Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Golf Digest 4 star rating:

“Some of the best greens anywhere and a friendly staff that is one of the best experiences and most scenic courses in Oregon.�

Registration now open for individuals and teams




INDUSTRY News OMPA Roundup: The State of The Industry An industry-wide conversation to consider and plan for the future of the Film, Television, Animation, New Media and Visual Content industry in Oregon, with special emphasis on financing and Return on Investment. OMPA invites business and financial professionals, along with successful local filmmakers, to a special reception to discuss how to build on Oregon’s growing reputation as a world-class production center. The Oregon Media Production Association Roundup will present a State of our Industry in light of both public and private investment. We are reaching out to the legal and finance community to see who will take a leadership position, as Oregon’s media business moves forward. By June 15th, the House Bill 2167 (OPIF, i-OPIF and Greenlight Oregon) will have been affirmed by the Salem Joint Committee on Tax Credits and will be under final consideration by the House. June 15th might be a celebration or more likely it will be a “Call to Action” as 2167 requires more support before the Legislature completes its session on June 30, 2011. Whatever the outcome, disastrous or successful, it is widely accepted that we must make a case for a self-sustainable industry - soon! This is an imperative forward activity and one that OMPA is fully committed to. The OMPA Roundup will include a panel of speakers to address this core issue: creating self-sustaining

industry growth - and how to finance it. Whether we have the luxury of an enhanced 6-year State incentive fund, have been cast adrift – or somewhere in between this panel will empower and illuminate. Speakers include business people from the production industry and the ‘best bets’ for ROI among Oregon producers. Dean Devlin: His testimony in front of the Joint Committee described Electric Entertainment’s huge investment in Oregon. Dean will reiterate his belief in the unlimited growth potential of the Oregon industry. Dean explained, for example, that in the first season of “Leverage” shot in Portland, “We were one [Television] crew deep, and now we are four crews deep.” Vince Porter: Vince will update the meeting, with the latest from inside the Salem ‘Beltway.’ Neil Kopp: Neil will explain how a “Meek’s Cutoff” can create a ROI. How we can all benefit. Kevin Curry and Eric Doebele: A case study of “Angel Punk” as the new trans-media model. Local Oregon financing supports Lyon Films to create a superexciting multiplatform blockbuster. Gretchen Miller: Partner and Executive Producer of HIVE-FX, she is also involved as a leader of the newly founded Grechen will draw upon her superb testimony in front of the Joint Committee, describing how Portland is becoming the National Second City in creative animation, visual effects and digital 3D rendering. Roger Wood and Todd Freeman: Their film “Wake Before I Die” was the first to receive rebates through i-OPIF. With two more Features close behind, this team proves that the local industry, with local financing, can sustain and grow a 100% local cast and crew to completion. The Scottish Rite Center: A new member of OMPA - featured in “Leverage.” Check out this exceptional centrally located venue for auditorium and/or ballroom events (with full projection/screen capabilities), meetings, location filming and VIP receptions. It also has a historic collection of painted back-drops flown in a full theatre environment with a proscenium arch. This Roundup will speak to the same audience that attends OMPA’s Northwest Film Finance series, which shares contemporary practices in distribution and marketing with Oregon producers. What is important about this event, and the Northwest Film Finance seminars, is that we make connections between the serious business interests of Oregon’s production industry and the broader financial community that fuels Oregon investment. This event is produced by Christopher Toyne and Jena Bodell, the event’s Production Manager. RSVP at or by visiting



INDUSTRY News “Grimm” Confirmed to Shoot in Oregon By Vince Porter It’s official – NBC has committed to shoot the first season of “Grimm” in Oregon. It was a great win for the local industry, and I want to congratulate all of you who worked on the pilot and those who have been so supportive for the entire industry. With “Grimm” now confirmed, Oregon will have three television series in production over the summer (“Leverage”, “Grimm”, “Portlandia”), which is a first for the state. Needless to say, the film and video industry is firing on all cylinders right now. Whether it’s live action film and television work, animation and digital media, or commercial production, things are on the upswing. I hope we all make sure this is not the peak! We can still grow even more! So many people deserve thanks for this success as it was a collaborative effort. I would like to single out Governor Kitzhaber, the legislature, Gordon Sondland and the whole film office board for being so supportive over

the past several months. The local community including organizations like OMPA, MOPAN, and SOFAT also deserve a lot of thanks. I hope we all can take a moment and celebrate the success that so many of you have had over the past few years – and then let’s get back to work and grow! For those of you interested in working on “Grimm,” they are currently accepting resumes for all positions. You can view the crew call here:

Oregon Animation Website Launched Following the successful effort to create a voice for the Oregon Film and Television community in the Oregon Confluence, we recently convened a group of Oregon animation and visual effects professionals that we know, and asked them how a site dedicated to their segment of the industry might be received. After lots of lively conversation and great ideas, it became clear that there was great interest, and that it would be very helpful for drawing attention to the fact that Oregon has more than

just great locations, amazing acting and crew talent, and not to mention, a terrific film incentive program. As a result of this collaboration, the blog premiered on May 25th, and features postings from people in the local animation, visual effects, and digital media community; as well as several case studies of recent projects that have utilized Oregon’s animation and visual effects talent.,  like “The Confluence,” is a community driven blog.  If you are an animator, visual effects professional, or a firm that offers these services visit and find out how to contribute.


06.2011 INDUSTRY News

Dick Reizner’s Mixed Bag of Tricks Production Workshop

The Hollywood Theatre Presents Project Youth Doc

By Rick Phillips

Project Youth Doc (PYD) is a summer video documentary program for youth ages 13-16 years old taught at the Hollywood Theatre on June 24th -July 22nd as well as August 1st - August 22nd. Students accepted into the program complete an intense course in documentary video taught by professional filmmakers, using pro production equipment, industry standard lighting, sound gear, HD cameras and Final Cut Pro equipped Macs. PYD students create documentaries focusing on the most powerful force in our society today, their own voices, turning the camera inward to explore issues important to their lives and the lives of other project members. Working in small teams, students go through the process of producing, filming and editing a short documentary from start to finish. All students will receive a copy of their completed work on DVD. PYD Alumni Anoush Shirzadegan now attends Film School at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and had this to say: “Participating in Project Youth Doc was a great introduction into using professional level equipment. I was also introduced to local independent filmmakers, and got to meet other young people in the area interested in making movies. I am preparing to make a career out of filmmaking. PYD was a great introduction into what this lifestyle could be like, and I use things I learned there even now. PYD really made me start thinking about film more at a professional level as opposed to just something I would do for fun.” Completed projects will have a formal premiere on Friday, September 9th at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Apply for Project Youth Doc by visiting

Dick Reizner, editor of Videography magazine’s “Tips to Clip” column, is a veteran cameraman and long-time supporter of the industry. He has offered his wisdom and experience to newcomers and seasoned professionals for many years. Dick will be in Eugene working as cameraman on the “Antiques Roadshow.” The folks at Mid Oregon Production Arts Network have seized the opportunity to have him put on one of his well-known workshops Sunday, June 5th in Eugene. I first attended one of his workshops at an ITVA conference in the early 90’s. As president of the local chapter (later known as MCA-I), I encouraged my board to invite him to present an all-day workshop. His premise is that “it does not have to be, it just has to look like it,” or something to that effect (sorry if I have misquoted you, Dick). The morning session is generally a bit more basic with the afternoon providing more advanced tips. He offers a wide range of great ideas and techniques that inspire the use of less expensive equipment in a variety of ways. I believe he attempts to motivate people in the direction that one does not have to purchase every piece of equipment available to get the shot, or “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” For more information and to register go to

In partnership with Providence Hospital, PYD students make a film about combating teen smoking.



INDUSTRY News Art Institute Graduate Screening at the Hollywood Theater When you started your film career, were you struggling to finish your projects with little or no budget? Were there people that stuck with you when everything went wrong? What did it take to get the attention of industry professionals? Are you supporting

the local emerging filmmakers in Portland today? Show your support by attending a screening on June 16th that showcases graduating seniors attending the Art Institute of Portland. Among the films being shown is, “Continuum”, a short written by Ai grad Doug Young and directed by graduating senior Tyler Carey. “Continuum” involves a character interacting with himself via a time loop. Carey’s vision was to shoot this practically… using no special effects, no hidden cuts, no twin actors, with a Panasonic AF 100 with a Sigma 15 mm lens... AND he wanted to do it all in one take. Attend the event to see if AD Tommy Harrington’s detailed choreography and the work of DP Cameron Carey made this implausible task doable. Also visit for more information and a teaser. There is a great deal of excitement when projects come to Portland, but let’s not fail to show the next generation of local filmmakers our support in the “continuum” of their careers.

Multnomah Climate Short Film Contest Multnomah County and its partners the Oregon Environmental Council and Americorps are working hard to stop climate change and we need your help to engage the community on this important issue. Students, professionals and amateur filmmakers are encouraged to submit documentaries or fictional shorts that examine these key questions: How will climate change affect Oregon? What can we do to prevent the worst impacts? What can we do to adapt to the inevitable changes? Submit a short film to this contest by June 10th by uploading your submission to Youtube or Vimeo and submitting the online application form. Winning films will be selected by a panel of judges including: Bill Bradbury - Former OR Secretary of State, Jeff Cogen - Multnomah County Chair, Mark Orphanides - Nike Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Thomas Phillipson - NW Film Regional Service Manager, and Jana Gastellum - Oregon Environmental Council Global Warming Program Director. Winners receive generous gift certificates from Professional Video and Tape, Koerner

Camera, Whole Foods and People’s Co-op, annual memberships to Zipcar, Audobon Society and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, as well as a bicycle tune-ups at Metropolis Cycles. Be shown on the big screen at McMenamin’s Bagdad Theater on July 31st, 2011!



MEMBERS at Large Member to Member: Chris Sisson of Dawson Media Group By Kathleen O’Reilly One of the selfish pleasures one may enjoy being an OMPA member is the opportunity the association provides to discover what matters most to fellow members. Specifically, what motivates their passion? Most recently, I sat down with Videographer/Editor Chris Sisson to find out more about the path that led him to live and work in Portland. Chris holds a BA from the New Media Program offered at Oregon State University. After graduation he moved to Bend, OR to intern as a videographer. It was in Bend that Chris got his first job at the ABC affiliate KOHD, a high definition news broadcasting station. Originally hired to work audio in the production booth for the newscasts, Chris quickly assessed the learning potential provided by the station. He asked for, and received, training in various technical capacities. By acquiring skill and know-how, Chris was eventually able rise up through the ranks to eventually fillin as a substitute Director on more than 10 live broadcasts. While working at KOHD, Chris’ appetite for knowledge and learning had him exploring master degree programs in documentary filmmaking. His decision to go back to school was timely; KOHD closed due to a contractual impasse. Student aid acquired, Chris packed up his Civic and drove across country to Syracuse, NY where he studied the theory, history, and practical aspects of

documentary filmmaking at the Newhouse School of Public Communications. Chris produced and shot a documentary short as well as a series of web videos exploring the nature of objective truth in documentary. Upon completing the program, he set off to get a taste of the reel business. Having moved to NYC, Chris arranged an internship with the Supervising Producer on Cake Boss. Next, Chris found himself working with a Director of Photography. It was through the DP that he found an Assistant Editor’s position at Saturation Productions. The work allowed Chris to gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of video editing and the value of media management. This work also parlayed itself into the next gig. The owner of Saturation Productions introduced Chris to a friend in need of a Videographer/Editor. Said friend, turned out to be a ship’s captain and voila, Chris found himself shooting and editing video onboard a research vessel in the Atlantic Ocean. The job lasted for nine months and in the end Chris decided to return to Oregon. After living in NY, Chris had a clear idea regarding the kind of community he liked best and landed in Portland. Interning once again, Chris found himself working with Dawson Media Group alongside Director/Director of Photography Harry Dawson. Harry was running comparison tests on camera equipment for an upcoming show. Realizing Chris’ talent and technical expertise made him a shoe-in when it came to hire full-time staff at Dawson Media Group. Something he had heard while in school has turned into Chris’ modus operandi, “Diversify your skills.” It’s the diversity of the work at Dawson Media Group that appeals to Chris’ work ethic the most. A member of OMPA since it opened its doors for business in 2007, Dawson Media Group has lots of projects in the development pipeline. As Chris says, “Business is great – we’re busy!”

Gales Creek Insurance Services 30 years of specializing in film production insurance local • national • international Talk with our team of experts: Bob Baker, Rusty Poehner, Kim Hutchinson and Brigitt Whitescarver

503.227.0491 Apply online for short-term productions!



MEMBERS at Large Kathleen Lopez Productions Wins Mom’s Choice Award Kathleen Lopez Productions earned a Gold, Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in children’s education. Kathleen Lopez produced and directed an educational DVD for ages 5-13 entitled, “Flying Eagle-Yoga Calm for Children.” OMPA Members who contributed to the project included, Eric Wiler (Associate Producer/ Post Production Supervisor), Lisa Cicala (Editor), Walt Dimick (Consultant), Steve Benassu (Sound), Maile Coade (Assistant Director), Leslie Gilbertson (Stylist), and Zach Jones (Production Assistant). Also, Randy Timmerman (Director of Photography) and Tim Jankowski (Jib) contributed to the production. Gearhead Grip & Electric along with Professional Video and Tape provided equipment. For more info. on Mom’s Choice Awards visit and to watch a trailer of “Flying Eagle-Yoga Calm for Children” visit

Landfall Productions wins awards with “Purple Mind” New York actor Will Shepherd was cast for the independent family/war drama, “Purple Mind,” via a series of auditions conducted over YouTube by director Eric Stacey. Shepherd won the Best Actor in feature film and Stacey was awarded an Indie Auteur Award, and nominated for Best Drama at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Bare Bones is a festival

dedicated to emerging filmmakers with productions budgeted at under $1 million dollars. In addition to Shepherd, “Purple Mind” stars Emily Bridges (daughter of Beau Bridges), and 11 year old Brighid Fleming (“Gamer”). Supporting roles included a cast of Portland actors: Corey Brunish (“Leverage”), Catherine Johnson, David Poland, Frank DiMarco, Skeeter Greene, Roshan Maloney and Katherine Lundquist. Stephen White, who plays a Viet Nam vet who councils Iraq combat vets, traveled from his base in Fairfield, Iowa, where he is the founder and director of the Shakespeare Ensemble at the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Arts. First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched a Military Families initiative to educate, challenge and spark action from all sectors of our society to ensure military families have the support they have earned. With its Bare Bones Festival awards, “Purple Mind” may be a bit closer to achieving those same goals. With 350,000 to 900,000 current GIs or recent veterans suffering the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, communities across the country have been and will continue to feel the after-effects of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Approximately half the GIs with a PTSD diagnosis or major depression have sought help. It is the other half that “Purple Mind” hopes to reach. A benefit screening of “Purple Mind” was held on Memorial Day at the Hollywood Theatre to supported the efforts of Iraq Veterans Against the War, a national veterans support group which is actively working to keep soldiers with “mental wounds” from being re-deployed to the middle-east.



MEMBERS at Large Greg Nibler hosts talkshow “Sportlandia” The Trail Blazers online programming venture,, which launched in early-November, has added a new program to its lineup. ‘Sportlandia’, a talk show that weaves Portland, pop culture and the Trail Blazers together, made its debut on Feb. 18. The show connects the audience with the team in a way that “Keeps Portland Weird” through relevant local topics, bands and Portland locations. With an interactive format, hosts Sarah X Dylan and Greg Nibler, who also host the popular podcast ‘Funemployment Radio’, are able to answer questions from viewers live on-air during their hour-long broadcast. “I’m excited to take on the challenge of being on-camera while taking questions live from viewers,” said Dylan, who has worked in both radio and television. “The spontaneous interaction from fans is something that we aren’t able to have with our podcast, and I’m glad to have it back.”

“Sportlandia”, broadcasts from a new site each week and was debuted at Spirit of 77, a sports bar in northeast Portland, and was shot from Land Art Gallery for the ‘Boomshakalaka’ art exhibit. In its first four episodes, Sportlandia has totaled nearly 9,000 views - numbers that compete for the site’s top show. “The Trail Blazers’ relationship with its fans typifies what makes Portland such a special place,” said Trail Blazers Vice President of Broadcasting and Digital Entertainment, Dick Vardanega. “Sportlandia presents a unique opportunity to reach a non-traditional audience, which, hopefully, can be made into Blazermaniacs.” Nibler and Dylan met while working for the Rick Emerson Show in 2006. When the show was cancelled in 2009, the two promptly started the popular podcast ‘Funemployment Radio’, which was nominated for the 2010 National Comedy Podcast of the Year, facing the likes of comedians Adam Corolla and Kevin Smith. “When the Trail Blazers approached me about cohosting a show, it was a no-brainer,” said Nibler, who has worked in local radio for the past ten years. “I’ve been a Trail Blazers fan my whole life, and to be involved with something like this is a dream come true.” In addition to his radio experience, Nibler has worked as an actor and played in multiple bands. Dylan’s previous work includes eight years of radio experience, modeling and a stint as the traffic reporter for KOIN-TV.

Greg Nibler, represented by Actors In Action

Mercedes Rose makes Top 100 Most Desirable Mentors What does Mercedes Rose, MC Hammer and J.K. Rowlings all have in common? It is not a Jeopardy question. The spunky, hard working actress from Portland, Oregon falls between the two names in the Top 100 Most Desirable Mentor awards sponsored by GenJuice, the website listed as “The resource for motivated young adults.” The results are from a worldwide survey of young adults on who they most admire as a mentor. Mercedes is in good company, others that made this list include Barack and Michelle Obama, Steve Jobs, Bono, Richard Branson, Queen Rania of Jordon, Kanye West, Arianna Huffington and Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter.

“I am shocked to be included on that list! I was totally floored and completely honored!” Mercedes says, but “No surprise to me, her positive optimism is absolutely contagious! Any person or of any age can be inspired by her drive and motivation,” states Jack W. Peters, her management from Eugene. Mercedes is an actress and model who even does her own stunts. Her latest claim to fame is the voice of Princess Rosalina for Super Mario on Nintendo Wii. To read more about this survey visit: http://www. announcing-the-top-100-mostdesirable-mentors/



MEMBERS at Large OMPA Opening Night Event for Webvisions in May OMPA members and Webvisions participants shoot some hoops at Spirit of 77 on May 25th

OMPA Board Member Christopher Toyne and fellow production industry members sharing info about joining OMPA

OMPA Board Member Robert Lewis of Fashionbuddha Studio greets guests Nathan DeNiro and Nathan Cherrington of Oregon Film

Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen

OMPA Board Member Susan Haley of Paydogs and OMPA member Bob Wadden meet some Webvisions folks

OMPA Board Member Stefan Henry-Biskup of Liquid Development and OMPA Membership Assistant Jen Wechsler

Photographs by Ben Lipsey

OMPA Members Martin Vavra of Galaxy Sailor Productions and Jaqueline Gault mingle with Susan Funk and Webvisions participants

STARPOOCH dog talent & wrangling New OMPA Member Talent or Wrangler Commanded Thirty Years Experience Very Easy to Work with Call for Quote

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OMPA June Callsheet 2011  
OMPA June Callsheet 2011  

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