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Director’s Letter

Photography: By Submission Page Layout: Duck Up Productions 503.701.7926 OMPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS James WilderHancock, President Government Affairs and Business Development Co-Chair WilderHancock Productions 503.245.7415 Lisa Cicala, Vice-President Membership Chair 503.260.2977 Tim Troester, Secretary/Treasurer Golf Co-Chair Hays Companies of Oregon 503.624.4770 Ryan Crisman, Past President Directory Chair Read Entertainment 503.501.5454 Kathleen Lopez Kathleen Lopez Production Services 503.780.2767 Damon Jones Talent Chair, Health Insurance Chair Actors in Action 503.762.2911 Michael Bard Golf Chair StudioBard Music and Audio Post 503.273.2273 Wayne Paige Scholarship Chair Digital Wave 503.227.9283 Robert Lewis New Media Committee Fashionbuddha Studio 503.490.4787 Kathleen O'Reilly KTO Studio 310.301.0023 Mike Ratoza Bullivant Houser Bailey PC 503.228.6351 Susan Haley Marketing Chair Paydogs 503.850.4742 Stefan Henry-Biskup Liquid Development 503.223.8500 Jeanna Minshall 541.228.7268 Christopher Toyne Talent Co-Chair NW Film Financing 503.288.3551 OMPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Tom McFadden OMPA ASSISTANT Jessica Beer

The CALLSHEET is published monthly by the Oregon Media Production Association, a 501c(6) non-profit representing Oregon’s film, video and multimedia industry. © 2011 OMPA 901 SE Oak, Suite 104 Portland, OR 97214 503.228.8822 / FAX:503.228.7099 •

WINNING At the time of this writing our state film incentive (OPIF) is funded at $6 million, and the Oregon legislature is closed until January. This represents 80% of what OPIF was funded at for the last two years. If you talk with anyone associated with the state’s budget process however, Oregon’s film and television industry are the big winners. The tax credit committee of the 2011 legislature determined that OPIF was the most efficient use of tax credits to stimulate jobs in Oregon’s economy. That is partly because the film and TV jobs simply would not be here without the incentive, and partly because production work is particularly strong at stimulating more local jobs down the line. This multiplication helps return more money back to state and local treasuries, offsetting the cost of funding the film incentive. In spite of this, anyone who followed the budget knows that Oregon faced a crisis this year, and schools and other services once again face big challenges. As an industry we can appreciate the creative thinking of our state legislators to solve problems on a tight budget, including efficiently stimulating job growth. The legislature has made their 6-year commitment to this industry. We have our part to play. OMPA members should diligently pursue excellence in their craft, both to strengthen our personal careers, but also to strengthen Oregon’s international reputation as a production center. Excellence means always being professional and considering how we can give back as much or more to our employer or project then we take from it. It also means for producers and owners to raise sufficient budgets and pay proper wages. And for investors it means doing due diligence with Oregon’s world-class marketing and technology consultants to best ensure returns on investment. OMPA is about all of this, and regardless of our craft, we can be proud that our industry plays a key role in improving the jobs landscape in Oregon. We should also be proud of the way we presented ourselves to the legislature. As an association, we prepared witness panels to testify at legislative hearings, organized lobbying training activities, produced an industry awareness event at the state capitol, promoted attendance at the screening for the state legislature, and motivated relentless email, letter writing, social media and phone calling campaigns. And our persistent, yet tactful and informative communication to the legislature not only raised our industry’s awareness, but also generated fans for our efforts among the legislative offices. This couldn’t have been a better outcome. We can be proud of what we did, and we should consider ourselves winners. Speaking of winners, OMPA is excited to host the Final Cut Classic this month, an event that combines outdoor fun with promotion of our industry and our selves. It is also a necessary support of OMPA and the OMPA scholarships program. So whether you golf or wine tour, or just like being with friends at a beautiful location in Hood River, please join us. Until then, Tom McFadden OMPA Executive Director



MAE Digital Media Commissions Get Underway The eight recipients of OMPA’s new Digital Media Commission Scholarship attended an orientation session with the project leaders at Intel on June 21st. Each student is expected to attend the Final Cut Classic Golf Tournament on July 22 to experiment with new digital technology products provided by Intel and complete a project by September that will help vision what a personal digital media experience of the future may look like. Participants shown left to right (student names in bold): Tom McFadden (OMPA), Tawny Schlieski (Intel), Emily Morris (MHCC), Rachel Jones (MHCC), Garrett Proctor (MHCC), Jay Cornelius (MHCC, AI), Wendy Temple (SOU), Jotham Porzio (SOU), Page Stephenson (AI), Baylee Brown (MHCC), Wayne Paige (Digital Wave, OMPA), Chris Meier (MHCC), Becki Luff (MHCC), Lucas Ainsworth (Intel). Not pictured: Jay Melican (Intel).

Corrections/Clarifications The May issue of the Callsheet newsletter incorrectly identified Edward Gustamante as the founder of OMPA’s annual Final Cut Classic fundraiser. Edward Gustamante promoted the idea of starting the MAE Scholarship program, while Dona Jennison was the original inspiration behind the Final Cut Classic golf tournament.

Photograph by Lucas Ainsworth



INDUSTRY News Charlie Sheen on the Final Cut Classic OMPA’s reporters caught up with Charlie Sheen to get the mouthy maverick’s thoughts on this legendary tourney: “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.... Wow. What does that mean? I’m bi-WINNING.” We couldn’t have expressed that better ourselves. Thanks to OMPA, we are all bi-WINNING, Charlie. First: we win by increasing our “spheres of influence,” which means capturing the attention of potential employers, clients or creative and business collaborators. (Where else can you find two people on the same golf course who share an interest in shooting documentaries on the politics of Cambodia?) OMPA’s network of industry professionals is invaluable for this. Secondly: by promoting excellence in our industry and Oregon’s positive reputation as a world-class media production center, we all benefit from the increased demand for crew, post, equipment and talent. “Winning, anyone? Rhymes with winning. Anyone? Yeah, that would be us. Sorry, man, didn’t make the rules. Oops!” You are so right, Charlie. We have a fiercely competitive field of players. That, mixed with an extraordinarily low level of play makes for riveting action, as exceedingly poor golfers may abuse each other with a splendid array of verbal and visual taunts, and a bravado that in no way reflects their athletic ability. “That’s how I roll. I have one speed, I have one gear: Go.” Thanks for bringing that up. There are a few speeds of Final Cut golfers, and we accommodate them all. The Winners get their share of competition, and the not-soWinners... well, we hope they don’t take forever, and we mock them for holding up the speed of play on the course, but cheer them on just the same.

“Look what I’m dealing with, man, I’m dealing with fools and trolls.” Take a day off from the fools, the trolls, and the angry squirrels that make your workaday life less than perfect. Why? Simply because you can! “I’m so tired of pretending my life isn’t perfect and bitching and just winning every second and I’m not perfect and bitchin’.” So true. And so glad we can share our perfection and bitchingness with rollicking and merry camaraderie. “I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy.” And you aren’t a pussy either. That’s why you will rock the tournament’s various contests and prize holes, which include a skills challenge, long drives, closest-to-the-pins, a $5,000 putting contest, and a $15,000 Mac workstation hole-in-one! “The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.” We wish we had your willpower. For the less stalwart, the Final Cut Classic offers a sponsored bar on almost every hole, plus a wine tour of the Hood River valley for those non-golfers. “C’mon bro, I won best picture at 20. I wasn’t even trying. I wasn’t even warm.” That’s right – everyone can make believe they were a winning director (even if you are an actor) – and there are prizes galore! And if you don’t legitimately win a prize, you can even buy one at the auction! That’s winwin-winning! “Bring me Dr. Clown shoes.” That we will. Our golf fundraiser has featured drunken clowns, distracting Scotsmen, pantsless participants, errant cops and wayward celebrity impersonators. Who knows what this year’s event will have in store? We sure the hell don’t!

Thanks to our current sponsors!

Key Code Media / Autodesk, Inc. / AJA, Hays Companies, Gearhead Grip & Electric, Explore the Gorge, The MacPac, Respond2, Governor’s office, @Large Films, New Belgium Brewing Co., ABS, Bent Image Lab, Limbo Films, Enterprise Holdings and Koerner Camera.



Friday, July 22

at Indian Creek Golf Course Hood River, Oregon

4-star golfing at a scenic Oregon getaway. Wine tour and dinner banquet with prizes, entertainment, and inappropriate behavior. Hundreds of players and industry guests attend this fundraiser for OMPA and OMPA's Media Arts Education Fund. The event is promoted throughout Oregon's industry, and the stories are the stuff of legend.

YES, I WANT TO GO! Please hold a place for me and/or my team

Lunch Banquet (11:30 am) followed by Golf or Wine Tour (1pm) and Awards Reception (6:30pm) More information at



INDUSTRY News Screenings: Northwest Tracking Continues The nwFilmCenter continues its Northwest Tracking series in July. Northwest Tracking showcases work by filmmakers of the great Northwest, demonstrating that this corner of the country continues to generate filmmaking worthy of international screens in a wide variety of styles and stories. More info is available at

• Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 7 PM - The Wanteds: The Part of Rock and Roll They Never Tell You About. Director Stephanie Smith will introduce the film. • Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 7 PM - The Body Electronic: An Evening with Jesse Malmed. • Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at at 7 PM - An evening with Todd Haynes and Christine Vachon

Forty Weight Web Series to Premier September 16 Forty Weight, a new web series directed by and starring Maren McGuire, will launch on September 6th, 2011. 12 episodes are planned, along with extras including interviews, outtakes, special reports on Portland food services and more. Every Tuesday night, a new

episode will be posted online at and other web video content sites. McGuire says: “Forty Weight was born out of necessity. Anyone who has ever had a day job in the food service industry knows what we mean. Much like having to get a job to pay the bills, Forty Weight was created because we had to tell a story. Actually, many stories in this case. Our stories are based on real experiences - we have recorded them and are reenacting them, with a little Forty Weight flair. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Just in case you’re wondering where Forty Weight comes from: truck drivers might say “Forty Weight” on the CB radio. It’s just another way to say “coffee.” May also refer to beer. Watch the official Forty Weight Trailer by clicking the window to the left. Funding for the project has come from various sources, including “grants, advertising, and garage sales.”

First Annual Down to Earth Documentary Film Festival The Agri-Business Council of Oregon proudly announces the first Down to Earth Film Festival: Stories About Oregon Agriculture, which is being sponsored by Wilco Farm Stores. Featuring Oregon filmmakers only, this short documentary film festival will offer $5,000 in cash prizes to the artists who tell the best story about Oregon agriculture. In addition, the selected films will be shown at the Oregon State Fair on September 3, 2011. “Our goal is to stimulate and perpetuate the creative talent of aspiring and professional filmmakers, while telling the fascinating stories surrounding Oregon agriculture and its ability to be economically, environmentally and socially responsible neighbors of the greater community” says Geoff Horning, executive director of the Agri-Business Counciln of Oregon. Filmmakers will tell stories through a short documentary format, nine minutes or less, about the modern day Oregon farmer or rancher, highlighting either the heritage of the industry on the modern farm, conservation efforts of individual farmers or ranchers, or

the pivotal role of agriculture to a largely urban society. The Down to Earth Film Festival: Stories about Oregon Agriculture judging panel will award prizes for Best of Festival, Runner Up, and Best Student Film. An Audience Choice Award will also be presented. Each of these awards includes a cash prize. Awards will be presented following the viewing on Saturday, September 3, 2011 at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon. The deadline to submit a film is July 29. To register or to review more details about the Down to Earth Film Festival visit downtoearth.php.

About Agri-Business Council of Oregon

The Agri-Business Council of Oregon (ABC) is a private, non-profit volunteer membership organization governed by farmers, ranchers and those directly associated with Oregon agriculture. Established in 1966, ABC works to preserve and enhance the vitality of Oregon agriculture.



INDUSTRY News Round Up Wrap Up

June 16, 2011 at the Scottish Rite Center in Portland

For a slide show of the entire event, click here or visit

Christopher Toyne moderated (and produced) OMPA’s Industry Round Up in June which celebrated Oregon’s producing community and featured clips and conversation from the likes of Dean Devlin (Electric Entertainment), Kevin Curry & Eric Doebele (Relium Media), and Todd Freeman & Roger Wood (Polluted Pictures/Wooden Frame). OMPA events like this further the development of and planning for a sustainable studio system in Oregon.

Photographs by Timothy Levine

Northwest Filmmaker's Festival Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the 38th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (previously called the Northwest Film & Video Festival) is August 1, 2011. For entry information & procedures, visit The festival, which takes place November 11-19, 2011, showcases new work by regional filmmakers and draws more than 400 entries from filmmakers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia.



MEMBERS at Large Local Documentary Wins Two Awards at Breckenridge Festival of Film Another Oregon documentary is making waves on the film-festival circuit. Martin Vavra’s film “Patrick’s Story” won the Best Short Documentary and Best LGBT Themed film awards at Colorado’s 2011 Breckenridge Festival Of Film. “Patrick’s Story” follows a gay man, Patrick, who was removed from a Portland hospital as his partner lay dying. Vavra explores what the word “marriage” means in our culture -- taking a powerful look at the social confusion associated with registered domestic partnership rights. Another Vavra project, “The Last Stand” -- a zombieapocalypse Web series filmed in Portland -- recently won three awards at the LA Web Fest. “The Last Stand” has been distributed by three other Web sites and translated into three other languages. It will soon be available on Hulu and Netflix. Established in 1981, the Breckenridge Festival of Film

( is one of the oldest film festivals in the country. Breckenridge 2011 ran ThursdaySunday, June 9-11 and featured 56 independent dramas, comedies, documentaries and big-picture premieres. “Patrick’s Story” can be seen by clicking on the picture below.

Mike Sheen Asks Brian Belefant to Help Him Move An Old Refrigerator When the Energy Trust of Oregon asked CoatesKokes to spread the word about their refrigerator recycling program, Creative Director Mike Sheen and Art Director Jay Fawcett came up with two extremely creative television spots to run across Oregon. But they knew that the limited budget might prove a bit problematic. So they called on local director Brian Belefant to help. Belefant is a veteran of New York and Los Angeles commercial productions who moved to Portland five years ago. Earlier this year he and Kelly Pierre started 20Fifteen, a production company that specializes in creating TV advertising campaigns for local and regional businesses. 20Fifteen called on its extensive resources to produce both spots on an extremely limited budget. The results are ‘Mountain of Power’ and ‘Empty Nesters’. ‘Mountain of Power’ takes a poke at old, bulky, inefficient refrigerators. Announcer Rick Cabral –- sounding a bit like NFL Films announcer John Facenda –– sets up a refrigerator in a garage as some sort of immovable force, until Energy Trust of Oregon overwhelms it and takes it away. In ‘Empty Nesters’, a couple (played by Portland actors Pat Boyle and David Withers) is seen bidding a sad farewell to what seems to be a

son or daughter, leaving for college. After one last tearful wave, the spot reveals that they’re actually sending their old fridge to be recycled. Both spots were shot in a single day in Portland, using a Canon 5D Mark II and a crew of the finest, most creative talent available. Producer Janet Ferrari, production manager Kelly Pierre, cinematographer Russell Eaton, audio engineer Ron Setzer, editor Ethan Derner, and animator Lucas Haley all contributed their considerable talents to making these spots a success. Post production and finishing were handled by Rex Post.

Brian Belefant’s new project: Mountain of Power



MEMBERS at Large Broadcast Veteran Dave Spraker Joins Advanced Broadcast Solutions as Account Executive Premier systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) has hired Dave Spraker as Account Executive, effective June 1. He will be based out of Beaverton, Ore., and provide customer support throughout Oregon. With more than 20 years in the industry, Spraker has worked for several broadcasters including KGW-TV in Portland, Ore., where he served for eight years as a senior writer and award-winning promo producer, as well as Avid editor and supervisor. He has also worked as a freelance audio assistant and stage manager on mobile sports productions for major cable and broadcast networks, and has designed HD broadcast and post-production solutions for various clients. As part of ASG, Spraker will continue to work with customers in the broadcast, corporate, and post-production markets. “Dave brings tremendous value to the ABS team,” said Mark Siegel, President of ABS. “He truly understands the workflow needs of broadcast stations, mobile production, and corporate facilities. With his wealth of experience, he will help us provide better support for our clients.”

Dave Spraker joins ABS

Sandymontana’s New Thing: #NewThing If anyone lives and breathes new things it’s Prabal Gurung. The New York Fashion designer and recipient of the 2011 CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear consulted Creative Agency Sandymontana how to best present his 2012 Resort Collection. Never having created a Resort Collection before, Prabal Gurung wanted to take an unconventional route and present the world something exciting that would rise above the typical fashion film concept and reach a younger audience. Sandymontana’s proposal: Prabal Gurung presents hip hop’s latest it girl, Rye Rye (Interscope Records) and the track “New Thing” from her upcoming debut album Go! Pop! Bang! to create a fashion-inspired music video that highlights the colors, textures and graphic prints of the 2012 Resort Collection. To bring this concept to life Sandymontana added visionaries such as Director Kenneth Cappello, Director of Photography Matthew Lloyd, Dance Choreographer JaQuel Knight (Beyonce- Single Ladies) and Stylist Yuki James to this collaboration. The sponsorship by MAC Cosmetics, Frederic Fekkai and Sally Hansen added the defining touch to this explosive mix of high-end fashion and pop music. Keeping the distribution strategy in line with the New Thing concept, the teaser and the full video were premiered under #NewThing. This hashtag blew up the digital conversation which was led by Vogue, Nylon,

Fader, MTV Style, Interview Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed and Confused, W Magazine and Forbes to name a few. Demi Moore and Rachel Zoe were among the influencers who picked up New Thing and spread it among the online masses. To watch the full music video click on photo below.

Uli Beutter Cohen, partner at Sandymontana, with Rye Rye and Prabal Gurung



NEW MEMBER Spotlight ApexHeli Relocates to Florence, OR ApexHeli brings opportunity to the Oregon Media and Production Industry by providing aerial service throughout the state for film and photography production, as well providing production support. ApexHeli recently moved its business and operations to Florence, Oregon and is now based at the Florence Municipal Airport. In addition to its full range of services, ApexHeli has extensive experience in still photography and production film work, from filming motocross races to creating commercial videos. Apex can provide film work with gyro stabilization and has an onstaff photographer for aerial photography. ApexHeli has recently completed projects with local Florence photographers, a Korean Film crew working on a documentary, and commercial film work for companies such as John Deere, in addition to race and event filming. ApexHeli was founded in 2007 and has since grown to a full scale helicopter and fixed wing commercial, tour and training company. ApexHeli is ideally suited for light duty commercial operations and external loads.

Photograph by Curt Peters

Blush Premier’s Terri Lodge: Making KL Beautiful It is a cool, drizzly morning on the Oregon coast as makeup artist Terri Lodge arrives “on set” to get the two lead talent ready for their opening shots. “On set” today means a secluded beach in Newport OR. She quickly checks them both over, applying powder, dabbing lips, smoothing hair as the morning ocean mist creeps away. Terri is in Newport to key a short film by local writer/director/producer Ian Fowler. This superbly written project is titled “KL” and after reading the script, Terri is pretty excited to have the opportunity to get away from the city and work on another stellar short film with amazing Portland talent and crew. She is even more excited about having the opportunity to work a broad range, starting from basic beauty and grooming to special FX to glamour hair and makeup all in the same day. This is just one of many film projects Terri been working on these last few months. She likes to change things up so she is constantly working on a variety of different film and video projects from trailers to short films, commercials to company training videos, public service announcements to music videos. If you ask her what’s her favorite project to do makeup for, she just smiles and says, “I like them all.” Her recent work includes short films “Sack Lunch”, written/directed/produced by Jacqueline Gault and Jackal Films, “Stella’s’ Flight”, written by Courtenay Hameister and produced by Andy Batt Studios, and a “Dex Dixon” teaser, written/directed by Steve Coker and produced by Lazy Eye films. Commercial work

Terri Lodge doing makeup for Portland’s shopping sweetheart Nicolle Camarata’s annual party

includes a company safety training video for Caterpillar and Kiewit Corporation, produced by North Sterling Productions, and “Futuristic” Informational videos for Intel, directed by Antonio Tatum and produced by Omedia Interactive. Last but not least, you can see her work on Portland native Lilla D’Mone’s upcoming music video “Wake Up” and Portland’s new signed band Farcry’s new forthcoming video “Retro Commune.” KL is having its first screening on July 9, 2011 from 5:00 pm – 7:00pm at The Knife Shop @ Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, OR.



Announcing Terri Lodge Blush Premier 503/260-2055 Make up Artist

David Paul Seoane 503-956-5976 Camera Operator (union), Director of Photography (non-union)

Thomas Gage 971-998-8204 Camera Assistant, Video Editor

Marsha Marzano My Own Creations 503/238-6732 Costume Design, Props, Make-up, Wardrobe

Crae Hasler-Elliott Chez Crae 971-255-0874 Haircolor Specialist

Timothy Zagone 503-789-5676 Digital Multimedia Communications, Student at Clackamas Community College

Byron DeVries ApexHeli Oregon, Inc. 541-997-3270 Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aerial Service, Production Film Work, Gyro-stabilized

Gales Creek Insurance Services 30 years of specializing in film production insurance local • national • international Talk with our team of experts: Bob Baker, Rusty Poehner, Kim Hutchinson and Brigitt Whitescarver

503.227.0491 Apply online for short-term productions!



Gears turn at OMPA industry event in June

Serving the Pacific Northwest

Producers. Directors. Writers. Cinematographers. Editors, Graphic Designers

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Award-Winning Industry Professionals in Development and Production for Network Television, Cable, Independent Film, Commercial and Corporate. Fortune 500 Client List.

Photographs by Timothy Levine

OMPA July Callsheet 2011  

Oregon Media Production Association's July Callsheet newsletter.

OMPA July Callsheet 2011  

Oregon Media Production Association's July Callsheet newsletter.