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— Barri Chase, Director, The Watchman’s Canoe

MORE REGIONAL SHOOTING One of OMPAs major 2016 victories was their advocacy for an increase in film incentives. The Oregon legislature increased film incentives in 2016 by 40%. That figure includes 2.5% in the “indigenous” fund (for specifics go to, plus an important new incentive called the Regional Oregon Production Incentive Fund, or rOPIF, to spur activity outside of Portland. While Lean on Pete filmed in the Portland area for 25 days of its eight-week schedule, it also shot in rural Burns for 21 days. According to line producer Darren Demetre, the film was able to offer gigs to a number of local residents. Another example: the incentives enabled producerdirector Barri Chase to shoot entirely in coastal settings such as Coos Bay and Florence for The Watchman’s Canoe. Consider becoming an OMPA member. OMPA can be a valuable advocacy resource to members, wherever the shooting schedule may take you.

Chase penned the semi-autobiographical screenplay and raised the $500,000 budget locally, selling shares to area residents. Additionally, the rural setting of Coos Bay (page 115), located four hours south of Portland, helped Chase qualify for the rOPIF incentives. She said the experience of filming here has been “intense, but beautiful.” The majority of the crew and several actors were local, including newcomer Kiri Goodson, who plays the leading role. “Our cast and crew work well together,” said Goodson. “It is definitely a family. We made all of our days, which means we got all of our shots.”

Bad Samaritan It’s hardly a secret that producer and director Dean Devlin of Electric Entertainment has been instrumental in drawing television production to Oregon. After all, he and his production company have shot dozens of episodes of Leverage and The Librarians here, employing local crew members and actors. Now he is returning to the big screen with the thriller Bad Samaritan. Written by Brandon Boyce, the story originally took place in LA, but Devlin, having spent over eight years in the Rose City,

convinced Boyce to rewrite the film for Oregon. “He’d [Boyce] never been to Portland before, and like everybody, he fell in love with Oregon.” Devlin added, “[Portland] provides opportunities for a creepier, more interesting, more scary film.” Portland’s talent pool is part of the reason Devlin likes filming here. “In Portland, there are so many trained artists and technicians, there’s an enormous talent base,” he said. “And it’s not like secondstringers. The person painting your set, or picking your costumes, they’re all top people. And there are so many great actors living in Portland now.” Along­ side the Portland talent, Devlin lined up British actor and Doctor Who star David Tennant to head the cast.

The Competition Writer-producer Kelsey Tucker worked overtime on her romantic comedy The Competition, turning her Lake Oswego home into a film set and production office and even convincing a neighbor to transform their porch into an Italian restaurant. Most shooting was done in the greater Portland area including scenes in Molalla, Milwaukie, Oregon City, and Lake Oswego.

“Portland has all the accoutrements of a big city, but the heart and soul of it is a small town, so that creates an intimacy in a large environment.” — Dean Devlin Producer/Director Bad Samaritan

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“The hardest thing was selecting a location because there are so many beautiful ones on the southern Oregon coast.”

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Enjoy OMPA's annual publication exclusively highlighting the award winning work of Oregon Media Production Association members. 2017 theme...

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