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Oregon offers other unique advantages from LA, New York, and Vancouver for Kopp too. “One of the ways that it’s different is there is a lot of camaraderie here among the cast and crew when making a film. In addition to having really skilled technicians, Portland is a town of creatives and artists and that side of filmmaking isn’t lost here.” Oregon is also where it’s at for longtime location scout Donald Baldwin, who recently worked on Andrew Haigh’s film Lean on Pete. Set largely in Portland, Baldwin said Oregon’s largest city also stood in for some urban scenes set in Denver, and the balance of the film was shot in Burns and Harney County. Baldwin said it would have been hard to make the film elsewhere: “Portland Meadows, where a good chunk of the film is set, is pretty distinct. We would have been hard pressed to find that look elsewhere. Also, the vastness of the landscape in southeast Oregon is hard to describe in words, and would be harder to duplicate. It’s amazing.” Soon film companies won’t have to work so hard to locate their productions in the farthest reaches of Oregon. Starting in the summer of 2017 the state will have a dedicated fund to help encourage production outside the Portland region. “This [new

fund] should help encourage projects to produce more of their work in other parts of the state,” said Williams. “That has never been hard, but there is an added expense to productions moving everything outside of the Portland Metro area. This program tries to offset that expense, and therefore that excuse, some.” As for keeping Oregon’s reputation for being weird with all this new-found attention both onscreen and off, Williams said: “It’s all that and more. I think people come here not really knowing what to expect and are, without fail, more than pleasantly surprised. Yes, the weirdness is a brand now, and, yes, people are attracted to it—especially when the food, beer, wine, and coffee make that weirdness so delicious.” Strayed says she hopes her next dream project, a TV version of Tiny Beautiful Things, is filmed in Oregon. “Brian Lindstorm [Strayed’s spouse and producing partner] and I have a development deal with HBO,” said Strayed. “We’re working on the pilot now. You never know what’ll actually make it to the screen, but if the stars align we’d love to make the show in Oregon. Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Bruna Papandrea, and Jayme Lemons are producing it with us, so it’d be Team Wild, Part Two.”


that a lot of the directors I work with are connected to the region in one way or another. Oregon is rich with diverse locations, and the state film incentives are a big factor too, which are becoming more and more of a requirement in financing packages.”

“Financial incentives helped, but the beauty of the state sold itself.” — Cheryl Strayed Wild

Pacific Crest Trail Sign at Timberline Lodge. Photo courtesy of Travel Oregon

Now wouldn’t that be wild, too? 

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Enjoy OMPA's annual publication exclusively highlighting the award winning work of Oregon Media Production Association members. 2017 theme...

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Enjoy OMPA's annual publication exclusively highlighting the award winning work of Oregon Media Production Association members. 2017 theme...

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