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Sep-Nov 2013

Money is extremely important in this world and desiring to make as much of it as possible does not make you bad or evil.

If the recent events in Cyprus have taught us anything, it is that our money is no longer safe in the banks.

Currently we are seeing some amazing investment opportunities in America with property prices at an all time low.

•We source high yielding investment properties for you Arrange all the necessary mortgages when required

welcome to the pilot edition of our monthly e-magazine aptly

called “Money speaks”. In this magazine we aim to bring you current and relevant information regarding the property and finance industry from across the world.

we truly are living in a global village and through the power of the internet the world has truly become just one mighty ocean filled with incredible investment opportunities. Today we have European nationals living and working in China, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Africa. We equally have Chinese, Indian, African, American, Arabian, Persian and every other national under heaven working across the globe also.

what is the driving force behind all this migration? Money ! I have said repeatedly and I believe it is worth repeating that, money is not sexist, racist or prejudice in any way. It is the number one unifier of people irrespective of their prior predisposed prejudices. It is amazing how when there’s an opportunity to make money people become colour blind, everything around them turns green all of a sudden. The reason why I decided to call this magazine “Money Speaks” is because money does speak. It may be saying different things to different people but be rest assured that your money is definitely speaking.

To some people money is saying “hey you, you need more of me”, to other’s it is saying “you need to give some of me away to the less fortunate”, to other’s , it is saying “You need to invest me into something solid such as property or gold before I run out”. Money is saying different things to so many people and for those people who are listening to what “money” is telling them, and obeying it, their financial futures and that of their children will be secured.

F or those that refuse to listen to the voice of money and its instruction, their economic futures are indeed bleak. In this edition we will look at the investment opportunities that are available in many parts of the globe and how we can take advantage of these opportunities and use them to secure and protect our money from the effects of inflation and currency devaluation.

We really need to break this mentality which says that it is morally wrong to want to be a millionaire and to use those millions to secure your future and those of your children.

In an ever more increasingly we have often heard the phrase “money doesn’t make you happy” and as pious as that may sound, it really has no place in this modern world where everything revolves around money. Money may not make some people happy but poverty doesn’t make anybody happy either. I have never seen a

unstable and uncertain world we all need to begin to plan multigenerationally when it comes to our personal finances, because from the way things are going there may not be much left for our children in 15 to 20 years time. So for some of us who are

parents, securing the economic futures of our children is no longer optional but an absolute necessity, and in order for us to beggar who lives under a bridge do this we will need to learn how refuse money from a passerby because he or she has chosen a life to maximise our investment of poverty and destitution and are opportunities and use those opportunities as vehicles of extremely happy about it. wealth multiplication. Most of

people are not homeless by choice but by circumstance and those circumstances eventually evolved into a financial crisis in their lives. Money is extremely important in this world and desiring to make as much of it as possible does not make you bad or evil.

you are never going to make millions from your current jobs or businesses, but you can take part of your savings and invest them in areas that can make you a lot of money and in this edition of “Money Speaks" we will unearth some of these wealth multiplying vehicles.

Imagine if there was a team of experienced mortgage and property professionals whose primary job would be to take the burden of sourcing properties, arranging the finance, instructing the solicitors, finding tenants, managing the property, paying property taxes off your hands.

All you would be required to do is to simply sit back, relax and receive your monthly rental profits. The features of this incredible package are as follows;

•We source high yielding investment properties for you •Arrange all the necessary mortgages when required •Instruct a lawyer/solicitor on your behalf •Rent and manage the property for you •Instruct an accountant for you to pay all relevant taxes etc •Your own dedicated personal client care manager •Free expert financial and investment advice on a regular basis •Contact us at; or call us here in Spain on 0034 603 269 572 and request an information pack. If you would like to advertise your product or service via this medium to our 30,000 strong database then please contact us at; for our advertising rates, graphic design packages etc.

If the recent events in Cyprus have taught us anything, it is that our money is no longer safe in the banks. To think that in 2013 a situation could arise in a civilised European country such as Cyprus that would cause the banks (under the instruction of the Government), to freeze the accounts of its clients and not give them access to their hard earned money is truly frightening.

It certainly has the hallmarks of the

apocalyptic Orwellian world in which the basic freedoms of individuals has become a thing of the past and the Government are the ones who decides everything from where you should live, who you should marry, what you should eat, the number of children you can have and so forth.

Perhaps George Orwell’s description of the future has proven to be prophetic because this is certainly the reality facing the modern world.

The European crisis is far from over and the monetary experiment known as the

“Euro” hasn’t seen the last of turbulence and uncertainty.

The American Dollar is equally in similar circumstances, and the quantitative easing exercise by the Federal Reserve Bank which is currently dumping tens of billions of printed “paper” . dollars into the American economy on a monthly basis in an attempt to jump start the economy is nothing short of a time bomb waiting to explode.

All it’s causing is yet another boom and bust cycle and the question nobody is asking themselves is just how many more of such cycles can the global economy absorb before it totally disintegrates? As an individual, the time has come for you to take your proverbial

“destiny in your own hands” and begin to create hedges/safety nets to mitigate the fiscal incompetence of global governments.

Firstly you should always have enough cash in your house or in a safe place elsewhere to be able to take care of yourself and your family for at least 3 months, so that if the government in the nation where you’re currently domiciled decide to pull the same stunt on you as they did in Cyprus, then at least you and your family can survive.

Secondly, you should begin to look at secure ways to keep more of your cash outside of the banks, so that in the eventuality of banks freezing your account and demanding that all the citizens should use their savings to bail out their government, you will not be too adversely affected.

Unfortunately, these are the measures that we all have to start taking to protect our money so that we don’t become the unfortunate victims of failed government economic policies. We cannot dictate the behaviour and conduct of those public officials who we elected to serve us but we can certainly do whatever is deemed necessary to protect ourselves and our children from their fiscal and economic mismanagement.

Dominican Republic is fast becoming the preferred holiday destination of many. With its tropical weather and exotic beaches, it truly embodies the true spirit of paradise. We have partnered with a developer to bring you the following exciting investment opportunity;

•1,2 and 3 bedroom suites •Prices from 60,000 Euros

•High yields of 10-15% •100% finance available (no deposit required)

•Arrangement fee: 9,995 Euros (covering legal costs, admin costs, property tax, property registration costs, finance costs etc)

•A vacation investment that makes you money all year round

•Use your suite for up to 4 weeks of the year

•Contact us by email at; for a full brochure.

MORTGAGE SERVICES SPANISH MORTGAGES The Spanish mortgage market is showing signs of recovery and we are beginning to see an increase in lending activity from several of our Spanish banks. The features of our products are as follows; •Up to 70% LTV for nonSpanish residents •Mortgage offers within 3-4 weeks •Adverse credit applicants are welcome to apply Contact us at; for full details

AMERICAN MORTGAGES our partner in the USA is Andy Scot the finance director of International mortgages and he can be reached at; Telephone No: +1352 708 4084 Cell No: +1407 668 6736

office address: Sand lake road Suite 500 – PMB 5090 Orlando, Florida Fl 32819

UK BUY-TO-LET MORTGAGES We are able to arrange buy-2-let mortgages for those buying properties in the UK. Whether you live in or out of the UK we can still help. The product features are a follows; •Up to 75% LTV •Foreign nationals accepted •Remortgages available for expats •Rates from 3.99% •Remortgage your home back in the UK and release the equity •Contact us oat; for more details

EUROPEAN MORTGAGES Mortgage products are available for purchases right across Europe. We are able to arrange mortgages for people buying properties in Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and throughout mainland Europe. Contact us at; for more details

UK INVESTMENTS Through our UK property partners Keystone investments we are able to bring you heavily discounted and high yielding property investment opportunities.

Properties are available in the following major cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham and Kent.


The features and benefits of our UK property investment opportunities are as follows; •Up to 20% discount •Fully let and managed for you •Buy-2-let mortgages arranged for both EU and non-EU citizens •Structured finance products available •Only 5% deposit required •High rental yields •Arrangement fees: £5995 •Contact us at; for further details

WEALTH PROTECTION STRATEGIES Far too many people in the world stake their future and indeed the future of their families on the illusion known as paper or fiat currency which is popularly known as legal tender. Paper money, which isn’t backed or under-girded by anything, is nothing but an accident waiting to happen. There was a time when printed paper money was backed by Gold and it was called the Gold standard. For every $dollar of printed money that was in circulation there was a $dollar’s worth of Gold set aside to guarantee it.

The American government gradually removed the $dollar from the Gold standard until they abolished it completely. Today the $dollar is not backed by anything, and with America’s debt situation spiralling out of control with debt figures approaching £20 Trillion $dollar’s, it is only a matter of time before the dollar crashes completely.

The only reason why the dollar has not collapsed is because it is still the currency of international trade, but even that has not shielded it from the economic quagmire of devaluation and diminishing buying power which as clearly demonstrated in the table below.

From the above table you can see

Wealth is any asset which has the

how the American dollar has depreciated in “real” value i:e purchasing power by over 25 times. For example, what $1 dollar could buy in 1900 now requires $25 dollars, or to put it in a real scenario, if you wanted to buy a house which cost $1 million dollars in 1900 today, it will cost you $25 million dollars.

inherent ability to maintain its value over several generations. The greatest form of wealth known to Man is “land”. It was Mark Twain the famous American poet who said and I quote “Buy land because they’re not making anymore of it”.

Many people seem to believe that

value of land continues to increase from one generation to another. What your Grandfather paid for a plot of land in 1930 is certainly not what you and I would pay for that same piece of land today. So if land is valuable then so is anything built upon that land. This now leads me to the ultimate wealth preservation vehicle “property”.

the more “paper” money they have in their bank accounts, vaults, mattresses and safes, the more economically secure they will be and yet that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Paper money is not wealth, it is a means of exchange which means that it can be used to purchase wealth. So if paper money isn’t wealth then what is?

In communities all over the world the

As a company we specialise in sourcing high yielding property investment opportunities from across the world and sourcing the relevant mortgage required to purchase them. For a limited period we have incredible property investment opportunities in Germany and Dominican Republic and both investments come with 100% finance. Yes you read it correctly “100%� finance, this means that you do not have to contribute a penny towards the deposit.

We also have other incredible investments which you can use to hedge your paper money against the onslaught of devaluation. An intelligent person perceives danger ahead of time and then quickly acts in order to escape it. The currencies of the western democracies are on their last legs, whatever you can do to shield yourself and your loved ones from this economic typhoon, should be done quickly because time is no longer on your side.

Red Wine Did you know you could own your own brand of RED WINE In your Company name, Hotel name, Supermarket name or any other name you choose ?

we will do following for you: •Manufacture the bottle •Label the bottle in your business name •Fill the bottle with the finest wines from Spain •Seal, package and ship directly to your door •All this for as little as $4 a bottle excluding shipping •Minimum orders of 2,500 bottles per order

To place your orders now, you can contact us by phone or by email; Telephone: 0034-603 269 572 Email:

SPANISH INVESTMENTS Through a bank here in Valencia, Spain we have been given access to bank repossessed apartments in the region of Valencia, and with prices starting from as little as 20,000 Euros for 2 and 3 bed apartments that are offering very high rental yields of 12-14%, this is truly an opportunity not to be missed nor taken for granted.

The features of the investment are as follows; •Purchase price: From only 20,000 Euros •High rental yields of 12-14% •City centre location •Bank owned stock •Cash buyers preferred but mortgages are available •Arrangement fee: Only 1,995 Euros •Contact us at; for full details or call us on 0034 603 269 572.


Currently we are seeing some amazing investment opportunities in America with property prices at an all time low.

In New York and Michigan there are investments with the following benefits:

•Purchase price: From as little as $11,900 (No hidden extra costs)

•Rental income per annum: $7,200

•Fully managed and let •Incredible Yields of 40% •Arrangement fee of just £2995

•In most cases the houses are already tenanted or with tenants waiting to move in

•These houses were repossessed by the banks. •They come with up to 60-70% discount from market prices

•For an information pack, kindly send an email to us at; or call us on; 0034 603 269 572

GERMAN INVESTMENTS Several developers in Germany have partnered with a German bank to offer an incredible investment opportunity. With prices starting from as low as 70,000 Euros with 100% finance in place and yields of 10%, it is an opportunity you will be hard pressed to miss out on

The features of this opportunity are as follows; •Prices from 70,000 Euros •100% mortgages available (no deposit required) •High rental yields

•Fully tenanted •Fully managed by a professional letting agent •Only 8,995 Euros to pay (covers legal, mortgage, admin, property tax etc) •Contact us today at; for full details

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