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LTG Osman Moneer August 2013 Isssue 5


1. Cover 2. Letter from the LTG 3. Communication 4. Big Projects 5. Fall Training Conference 6. Fall Rally 7. Divider 8. Governor’s Project 9. District Project 10. District Contacts

letter from the LTG osman moneer “If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” —Buddha Hey everyone! School has finally begun! The first two weeks have been pretty intense for me—I haven’t had much free time, and the little I do have is devoted to sleeping and eating, haha. I’m starting to think that what I’ve heard about senior year being a breeze is a myth. Anyway, the good thing about school starting is that most of your clubs are active once again. Now is the perfect time to be advertising Key Club in your school. Remember, not everyone

knows about Key Club! There are still some kids out there who think that all we do is make keys. Hang up posters and flyers in *key* locations in your school to get the word out. (Restroom doors are actually a good idea). You should also be having your first meetings soon. Send me a list of dates and times for your meetings so I can attend! Also, if you read this newsletter, send me an email with your favorite color! :)

communication communication is key* *I’m a fan of bad puns

Make sure to stay connected through the following means: -Divisional text message reminders: text @D39N to 210.702.2839 -Facebook: Texas-Oklahoma Key Club Division 39N T-O District Key Club Secretaries TO District Key Club Treasurers T-O District Key Club Editors -LTG Contact: 817.929.5525

big projects

governor’s project & district project governor’s project

The Governor’s Project this year is Kick’N Bully’N to the Curb. The goal of the project is to reduce bullying, whether it be at the high school, middle school, or elementary school level. Our District Governor, Luke Broussard, chose this project because of his own personal experiences with bullying. If you complete the Governor’s Project requirements, you will receive a patch for your club banner, and if your project is exceptionally good, you may receive an award at District Convention. Just make sure to fill out the paperwork! (More info on the paperwork later) To This Day watch?v=ltun92DfnPY

district project

The District Project this year is The Eliminate Project. The aim of the project is to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus. The Eliminate Project is one of the main initiatives of Kiwanis International. The goal is to raise $110 million by 2015. Send me an email with the amount the Kiwanis family has raised for The Eliminate Project so far & you’ll receive a treat at the next PCM if you attend! If you complete the District Project requirements, you will receive a patch for your club banner, and if your project is exceptionally good, you may receive an award at District Convention. Just make sure to fill out the paperwork! (More info on the paperwork later)

notes from the governor’s project committee & district project committee

Governor’s Project Idea Sheet –Week of Aug. 11, 2013 Project Idea ThreeProject Idea OneTalk to your school administrators and see if you can spread bully awareness on the morning announcements! Ask your principal or announcer to end with something along the lines of “Say something nice today” or “Be nice to everyone today!” This will involve your school and will help start raising awareness for future bigger projects.

Spread a movement across your school to say something nice each day to someone new! A compliment or even a “I hope you’re having a good day” will do. Then at your meetings you can talk about the nice things you all did and how it brightened your day and the other person’s day.

Project Idea TwoRaise a flag as a school that shows that your school will not stand for bullying! You can decorate it as a school and maybe even hold an assembly to raise the flag.

Hat Day Everyone loves hats! Ask your schools permission to host a hat day. Students can pay a certain amount and then be able to wear their favorite crazy hat! Dodge-Ball Day Want to get the whole school involved? Have a staff vs. student dodge-ball game. Set aside a time at the end of the school day where everyone can pay to get out of class to watch the game. Students can pay extra if they want to be involved. Shakers! Making noise at football games is a big deal and can be done for very little money! Collect empty water bottles and put some beans inside. Take donations at football games. Little kids love them! Just make sure people know what you are raising money for.

district contacts Luke Broussard Disrict Governor 325.998.1384

Usman Hyder District Secretary 817.715.5111

Tashrima Hossain District Editor 713.505.2252

Isaiah ValleQuinones District Treasurer 580.458.1432

Grace Liu Convention Liaison 817.962.8945

August 2013 newsletter  

Osman Moneer Lieutenant Governor Division 39N Texas-Oklahoma District Key Club International