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The Gold Coaster magazine will launch in Australia in September 2016 in partnership with local Gold Coast Businesses and community. The Gold Coaster is an international Chinese-language magazine, featuring the best in the Gold Coast’s dining, shopping, hotels, nightlife, tourism, property, sports and activities plus much, much more. The Gold Coaster will be published every 6 months, and will be distributed free to local restaurants, hotels, real estate agents, tourism operators etc.... It will also be distributed internationally through our network of associated businesses and clubs in Greater China. With a line-up of the Gold Coast’s most experienced bilingual Columnists, business networkers and creative designers, we deliver inspirational writing, beautiful photography and expert advice.


Magazine Overview

Our Mission The Gold Coaster is not just another travel publication. We have pioneered the use of service journalism in the travel magazine category, and we maintain to provide more useful local advice as part of our unique editorial mix than any other publication in the field. Our mission is to form a connection bridge between Gold Coast Businesses and the Local Chinese Community as well as the International Chinese Independent Travellers. We will inform, inspire and interact—providing our readers a variety choice to help with their local market interactions. As part of our connection services we also offer full website integration and expert Chinese social media presence helping you reach directly into china through a local publication.

The Essential Chinese Language Gold Coast Guide The Gold Coaster is an international Chinese-language magazine, featuring the best in the Gold Coast’s dining, shopping, hotels, nightlife, tourism, property, sports and activities plus much, much more. We help inspire and provide a wide variety of travel choices for visitors, enabling travelers to plan and enjoy the perfect trip. We also form connections between Local Gold Coast businesses and the Chinese Market. Your opportunity to Direct Market to China so you are known before the Travellers even arrives. As well as your presence being know to the local Chinese community. Our expertise and market leading efforts in delivering Local Gold Coast information direct to Chinese Social Media channels will put your business ahead of the curve.


Chinese Visitors to Australia Key Statistics

Purpose of Visit to the Gold Coast

VFR 6%

Rest of Australia 58%

Employment 0.4% Education 5%

Gold Coast 25% Rest of Queensland 17%

Business 2% Holiday 85%





Chinese visitors to the Gold Coast

Chinese visitors to Australia

Chinese visitor expenditure in Australia


Employment Status Business




Visiting Friends & Relatives Holiday

6% 86%

Full time student


Work part time


Looking for work


46% Female





Home duties

Gender Male


Work full time

Age < 24


25- 34


35- 44


45- 54


55- 64




Source: Tourism Research Australia, 30 June 2015


Key Statistics In the year ending June 2015, China was the Gold Coast’s largest inbound market for visitor arrivals and second largest for total visitor nights. In the last five years, visitor numbers from China have increased by an average of 16% each year to 212,000 visitors in 2014-15.

Why Advertise Chinese independent travelers have been identified as a huge growth market for the Gold Coast. Structuring their own travel means they make their own decisions on where they will stay, what they will eat, where they will visit and what they will do. Along with this the local Chinese community living on the Gold Coast is looking to interact more and more with local business and experiences. By advertising in Gold Coaster you can expect your information to reach directly to the Chinese market. With a print circulation of over 30,000 copies, and an online reach of over 20 million readers, the Gold Coaster can help you reach Chinese market more effectively and directly than ever before.

Target Audience Our readers are focused on Chinese independent travellers. According to Tourism and Events Queensland research, Chinese independent travellers enjoy the comforts of a developed country and experience a different culture. The majority of Chinese Independent Travellers to the Gold Coast are:

√√ Can speak some English √√ Have a university education √√ Are married with children √√ Are under 50 years of age √√ Are confident experienced travellers √√ Want flexible travel options √√ Want to experience and enrich their knowledge of a different culture

√√ Like to eat local food and spend time with local people

√√ Are internet savvy √√ Are heavy travel researchers and planners

√√ Are likely to have travelled outside of Asia previously


Frequency: 2 Issues per year (half-yearly) Australian, International and Online Print Run:

30,000 per issue

Schedule Issue

Booking Deadline




01 Aug 2016

01 Aug 2016

01 Oct 2016


01 Feb 2017

01 Feb 2017

01 Apr 2017

Materials All elements must be CMYK. Images must have an effective resolution of at least 150dpi. 300dpi is recommended. All type must be a minimum of 8pt and 10pt for reversed type. All fonts converted to outlines.


3 mm bleed



Type Area

Full page

Double Full page

Trime size

1/2 page

1/4 page portrait

1/6 page

1/3 page 2/3 page


Rates and Specifications One issue 6 mths (AUD)

With GST 6 mths (AUD)

Monthly Installment (AUD)

With GST monthly (AUD)

Front & Back Cover

$ 8,000

$ 8,800

$ 1,467

Back Cover Inside

$ 5,000

$ 5,500

Premium Full (4-8p fwds & bwds)

$ 3,500

Double Page Spread

Advert (A5)

Trim size

Bleed size

Type area

height*width height*width height*width (mm)



$ 1,613

210 * 140

216 * 146

176 * 110

$ 917

$ 1,008

210 * 140

216 * 146

176 * 110

$ 3,850

$ 642

$ 706

210 * 140

216 * 146

176 * 110

$ 3,600

$ 3,960

$ 660

$ 726

210 * 280

216 * 286

176 * 255

Full Page

$ 2,000

$ 2,200

$ 367

$ 403

210 * 140

216 * 146

176 * 110

2/3 Page

$ 1,600

$ 1,760

$ 293

$ 323

121 * 120

127 * 126

110 * 110

1/2 Page

$ 1,200

$ 1,320

$ 220

$ 242

90 * 120

96 * 126

80 * 110

1/3 Page

$ 960

$ 1,056

$ 176

$ 194

60 * 120

656 * 126

48 * 110

1/4 Portrait

$ 720

$ 792

$ 132

$ 145

90 * 59

98 * 67

80 * 48

Design services In connection with the provision of the Services, we offer our design services to our clients for AUD$200 plus GST. Images or logos that client wants to include in Advertising Material must be provided to us at clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cost within the timeframes notified.

See magazine advertising terms and conditions for additional information



Terms and Conditions The following certain terms and conditions

The publisher will not be bound by any

Publisher may, but is not obliged to, under

governing advertising published in the following

conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing

pressure of deadline and without prior

Omniworld Digital properties (the “Properties”),

on orders or copy instructions when such

consultation or notice to Advertiser, amend

defined as Print and Digital editions of the

conditions conflict with the requirements set

any Advertisement in any terms whatsoever, if

following Properties (“Magazine”): The Gold

forth in this rate card.

Publisher perceives it to be (i) in breach of any

Coaster Magazine (《范游 – 黄金海岸》).

law of Australia or of any state (whether civil

Placement of an order with the “Magazine”

Publisher has the right to amend these

or criminal), (ii) in breach of any pre-existing

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conditions at any time. Notification of

publishing agreement entered into by Publisher,

conditions of this rate card, together with the

amendment shall be deemed to have been

(iii) defamatory, (iv) in contempt of court or

order size, issue(s), edition(s), and agreed upon

given to all Advertisers immediately upon

parliament, (v) otherwise likely to attract legal

price reflected on the order, shall constitute the

publication of rate cards with the amended

proceedings of any kind, (vi) offensive. Should

complete terms of the contract between the

conditions or other written notice, which shall

Publisher so amend the Advertisement, the

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apply to all advertising received after the

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Terms and conditions that alter or conflict with

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files) following publication of an advertisement.

any materials provided by Publisher for use in

Disclaimers removing or limiting an agency’s

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in relation to those advertisements produced

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by any Publisher or in relation to content from Bookings which are in any way conditional will

any Publisher. This clause does not in any

not be accepted.

way derogate from Advertiser’s obligations or

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liabilities in relation to such Advertisements. Every Advertisement submitted for publication

Cancellations or changes will not be accepted

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Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes

after the published closing dates of each issue.

may at its absolute discretion at any time: a.

or varies any rights or remedies under the

refuse to publish or distribute any advertisement Any positions specified on orders, except

Australian Consumer Law in the Competition

without giving any reason (in which case, no

covers, shall be considered requests only and

and Consumer Act (2010) (Australian Consumer

charge to Advertiser will be incurred); b. cancel

not conditions of purchase.

Law) which cannot be excluded, restricted

a campaign (in which case, no charge to

or modified. However, Publisher excludes all

Advertiser will be incurred for the unpublished

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warranties in respect of goods or services

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Publisher owes no duty to Advertiser to review,

contracted discount level.

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review, approval or amendment by Publisher will

Advertising Expenditure Agreement) from the

affect Advertiser’s responsibility for the content

Publisher whether based in statute, common

of the Advertisement.

law or otherwise to the extent permitted by law.

Execution of an order is subject to publisher’s approval of copy, including display, text, and illustration.


Sales Advertising enquiries 04 4911 0725 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kai Shi

Production & Editorial Content and editorial queries 07 5661 4518

Print Materials Materials for advertisements and classifieds 07 5661 4518


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Gold Coaster Magazine media kit  

Gold Coaster Magazine media kit

Gold Coaster Magazine media kit  

Gold Coaster Magazine media kit