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We asked our riders: Where would you go and who would you take with you on a 100 million mile trip?

Here’s a few of their responses.

“If I had the opportunity, I’d go everywhere I possibly could, starting in Canada and then moving to Europe, then the moon and Mars and across the galaxy. I’d bring my girlfriend, of course, because she’s the only other person I know with the proper space training.” -Timothy W.

“I’d bring my friend, Eugene. We’d go around the world and meet all the musicians we admire and would like to jam with. Canada for Devin Townsend, Britain for Iron Maiden, and Germany for Accept, for instance. Then we’d go to Australia and box a kangaroo. That would be fun.” -Tiara B.

“I would take my best friend to an island of dragons cuz he loves dragons.” -Melissa F.

“I would bring my awesome boyfriend and the monkey from the movie ‘The Hangover.’ We would travel across the country visiting all of ‘The World’s Largest’ things, such as the World’s Largest Thermometer or the World’s Largest Yarn Ball!” -Amanda M.

“I would travel to Italy, Europe, and the throughout the United States. Going along with me will be Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). We will travel to view various artwork pieces. Also we can look at the difference in art from the 1800s, the present and everything in between.” -Gabriel A.

“I would go to the beach and bring my friends along. I would bring all of my surf board and hotel stuff so that I can enjoy a whole week with my friends.” -Michael W.

“I would visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden, Santorini, Gr, Prague, catch a rugby game in New Zealand, and end in the Maldives with the best guy I know, my friend Wayne. If Wayne upsets me though I’ll bring Elvis (circa 1950s) so he could sing to me every night.” -Tiara B.

“I would go with my children to the Bahamas. We don’t travel at all, and I would love to take them somewhere. I always wanted to drive across state in a mobile home.” -Nikka N. “Because I love riding the 66 everyday, I might try to ride 100 million miles worth of trips on Route 66, probably with an LA Dodgers player like Andre Ethier.” -Marcus G.

“I would bring Rosa Parks on the Omnitrans 100 million ride going up Foothill. We would sit in the front of the bus and look out the window and ride and talk. What a good feeling that would be for her. . . because I do it every day!” -August C.

“I would try to ride all the way to heaven to see Jesus and my greatgrandmother. Wait, that’s probably more than 100 million miles! What do you think?” -Asia W.

“I would take a trip to Ambridge, PA because that’s where my favorite YouTuber, Matt Magnone lives and I want to meet him very badly. I would bring my dad and my sister and my Ipod with me because if I met him I would film us playing the claw machine for my own YouTube channel.” -Sarah B.

“I would randomly pick a city on Earth, then get there from my current location by digging underground using my special vehicle until I emerged. I would bring my friend Gabe, a geology major, to serve as a tour guide and technical specialist.” -Michael N.

I’d go on a world cruise and take all the drivers of Route 15 with me. -Sonja H.

“I would go with my friend Anita to San Antonio Texas. I have been wanting to visit my friends there and reunite with them since I graduated high school in 1988. I want to thank them in person for being special friends to me when I was going through some tough times in my life.” -Tanya K.

“I would travel throughout the Inland Empire picking up my co-workers and letting them experience the ease of commuting to and from work !” -Peter A.

I would go to school, work, church, Walmart & grocery store and take some of my best friends with me to all of these places. I would also love to hang out with some of my favorite stars: Tina Turner,Patti LaBelle, Tyrese,Oprah and Tyler Perry to name a few. I would love to go on a tour bus with them to many of their destinations. -Lauren S.

“I would go to New York City. I would bring Gordon Ramsay. I would start my own restaurant.” -Keith L.

I would go to Yankee Stadium with my younger sister and try to visit as many major league baseball fields as possible along the way. -Alicia Y.

“I would travel to the moon and back, again and again, taking my family along for the ride. Maybe we could find some aliens taking a swim in the squishy green cheese that covers the moon.” -Kalonni T.

16 million people ride Omnitrans buses every year. In April 2013, our fleet surpassed the 100 million mile mark in CNG miles traveled! We’re clean, green, efficient and connecting people in our community with the places they travel to most. We’re there when you need us!

Where would you go on a 100 million mile trip?  

We asked our passengers where they would go and who they would take with them on a 100 million mile trip. These are a few of their responses...

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