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Auto Guidance and Precision Farming OmniSTAR, part of the Fugro Group, provides real-time GPS and GLONASS correction services on a worldwide basis. GPS and GLONASS are both Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) having constellations of satellites orbiting the earth. The OmniSTAR services are used with a wide range of GNSS precision farming and auto guidance systems to provide high accuracy positioning and navigation. These systems are widely used for the precision guidance of tractors with implements, seed drills, spreaders, sprayers, combine harvesters. The systems provide efficient use of machine time, fertilizers, chemicals and seeding. The OmniSTAR services are brought to you by either geo-stationary satellite or wireless networks. OmniSTAR services are monitored and controlled 24/7 with free multi-lingual Help Desk Support. The latest developments are that these real-time corrections are now also being delivered in parallel by optional wireless backup services on the ground in cases where line of sight to Fugro’s geo-stationary satellites is blocked. In addition the new G2 (GPS and GLONASS) correction service using the higher number of 'observables' will increase service availability and robustness in more challenging conditions e.g. near tree lines, buildings and in valleys.

Why Choose OmniSTAR? • High Centimetre Accuracy and Repeatability • Reliable Real Time Positioning • Worldwide Coverage • Customer Base Stations Not Required • Supported by Major GPS Suppliers • 24/7 Helpdesk Support


Accuracy Reliability Customer service

OmniSTAR GNSS services support the 足following Agricultural applications best: Field Mapping, Yield Monitoring, Soil Sampling, Cultivations, Precision Farming, Seed Drilling, Harvesting, Auto Guidance/Auto Steering, Automatic Planting, Spraying, 足Fertilizing, 足Variable Rate Applications, Bed Forming and more...

Machine Guidance For Machine Guidance applications high accuracy GNSS solutions enable accurate steering and automatic guidance. This reduces fuel used, reduces working hours and optimizes fieldwork without leaving gaps or overlaps.

Soil Sampling In Soil Sampling high accuracy GNSS solutions enable the exact locating and recording of soil samples. The results of these tests can then be used to produce high accurate profile maps. These then illustrate a clear analysis of varying soil types and nutrient status over the recorded area, aiding soil management and optimizing yield potential.

Tillage In Tillage high accuracy GNSS solutions allow tillage depth to be varied according to soil profile or compaction status. Using high accuracy GNSS guidance systems helps minimize gaps and overlaps and increases working depths. Auto guidance systems allow for more machine operating hours whilst reducing operator fatigue.

Variable Rate Applications High accuracy GNSS solutions enable a Variable Rate Application of seeding, chemicals, fertilizer and lime. This reduces input cost and minimizes environmental impact. Through the automatic control of sprayers and fertilizer applicators the precision farmer can vary the amount of pesticide or nutrient applied on the move. Regulating the dose according to weed populations, disease levels and/or pest infestation reduces environmental impact and lowers input costs.

Seed Drilling In Seed Drilling high accuracy GNSS solutions enable rate variation when soil characteristics or environmental factors vary. This allows the farmer to optimize plant populations by regulating drilling rate and depth, helping to maximize cropping potential on a sitespecific basis. Also reducing overlap and ensuring that the tram足 lines are in exactly the same place.

Harvesting and Yield Monitoring In Harvesting high accuracy GNSS guidance systems combined with yield monitoring allow the farmer to map yields on a desig足 nated area-by-area basis. Yield monitoring allows the farmer to identify variations and anomalies in his field based on detailed maps. This information can be used to analyse yield fluctuations and implement site specific solutions.

OmniSTAR DGNSS for Agriculture

The following table shows which OmniSTAR GNSS service suits the Agricultural application best:

Agricultural Application

Auto Guidance Crop Spraying Soil Sampling Variable Rate Fertilizer S ­ preading Tillage Harvesting and Yield Mapping





< 25 cm pass to pass

< 7.5 cm pass to pass

< 7.5 cm pass to pass

< 5 cm pass to pass

     

      

      

       * 

Seed Drilling Bed Forming Selective Weeding * ideal conditions

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Auto Guidance and Precision Farming  

The OmniSTAR services are used with a wide range of GNSS precision farming and auto guidance systems to provide high accuracy positioning an...

Auto Guidance and Precision Farming  

The OmniSTAR services are used with a wide range of GNSS precision farming and auto guidance systems to provide high accuracy positioning an...

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