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Get Seen More! SMS/Text Message Marketing Campaigns Are More Beneficial Than Social Media

The world is being changed by technology. We are more connected to our devices then ever before, our phones are now an extension of our hands.







marketing to these technological changes to stay ahead of the curve. Most companies have shifted their marketing to heavily rely on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. But there is another, better way to reach your target audience. One that will allow you to connect with them directly and won’t let you get lost in the shuffle.

Is Social Media Working For You? Social media has taken over the minds of every business; they all have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

But is it working? Users can have hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of pages they like or accounts they follow. It’s hard to stand out in such a crowded audience space, and on top of that it’s hard to quantify if your marketing dollars are even working for you.

Who’s Going To See You? In a social media marketing campaign you have to have a lot of luck. Let’s breakdown the two largest sites for marketing and branding: Twitter With users following thousands of celebrities, companies, and individual users your one or two tweets a day is a small drop in the social media bucket. It’s by pure chance if any of your fans see it in their feed. Facebook Companies have to rely on customers to find and “like” their page. After that, they have the similar downfall as Twitter, the average user between 18 and 24 has over 500 friends, meaning your posts have to fight for the attention.

Be Direct Unlike social media, SMS/Text Messaging Marketing gives you an express pass to your customer’s mobile phone.

No luck required. Did you know that text messages have a 99% rate of being opened? And that 95% are opened within 3 minutes? That is the kind of direct marketing your company needs.

Mobile phones are the main source of communication for many people around the world. You will be connecting to your customers in a one on one setting, which is unlike any other form of marketing.

Below are just a few types of businesses that are utilizing this marketing model: •

Small Business

Educational Institutes

Property Managers

Real Estate Professionals

Restaurants and Bars

Non Profits


Will Your Target Audience Give You Their Number? A new report found that more than half of

Millennials surveyed would give their number to a marketer if there were incentive deals. A quarter of Baby Boomers also responded with the same sentiment. Both Millennials and Baby Boomers were more likely to share their phone number over their social media information.

How do you get their numbers? In a study done in 2012, a little less than half of consumers said they would give companies personal information in return for a deal or coupon. Mobile coupons can help you increase the amount of

people who will give you their phone number. 30% of Millennials said they would give out their number without an incentive while the percent jumps to 51 if an incentive is offered.

What Phone Carriers Support SMS/Text Marketing? Every single mobile phone carrier will allow you to connect to your customers.

Phone: (858) 217-5014

OmniMobileMarketing can help any size business with their mobile marketing campaign. Their prices are easy on your wallet and they have a professional customer service staff on hand to help you.


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Summary In this presentation we showcase the benefits of choosing a SMS/text messaging marketing plan over a social media marketing plan.

Get Seen More: SMS/Text Message Marketing Campaigns Are More Beneficial Than Social Media | In this presentation, we showcase the benefits of choosing an SMS/text messaging marketing plan over a so...

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