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That All-Important Family Time Although now is the time for the little ones to get back to books, bells and backpacks, it is still very important that we make time for the whole family this time of year. No doubt with Summer ending and holidays put to bed, everyone will probably start to feel the great decrease in family fun times such as the ones they’ve had during the holidays. Now is a great time to spend more time conversing and checking in with

of tea and a catch up on whichever week day

each other, because there is even more

suits you best.

opportunity to share news and events with

One of the ways I conserve my time if, and

each other after being thrown back into the

allow for a little quality time with loved

outside world and enveloped in knowledge

ones (I have a busy weekend or a lot of

and fascinating work stories.

work during the week) is taking an hour or

A definite thing to remember is that

more after work to meet family members

grandparents aren’t just the people you visit

on a Monday or Wednesday at our local

and invite over for the holidays, so pay them

supermarket, having a catch up and a coffee

a visit and give your kids a chance to show

at the cafe and doing our shop for the week.

them all the great things they’ve been doing

We get to catch up on eachother’s weekends,

at school upon returning after the holidays.

work days and whatever interests us, then

Guaranteed, your elders will definitely get a

we get to plan for the weeknights and find

kick out of hearing what the little ones have

out if any one is coming over for dinner, then

been up to and seeing a few of their recent

we do a nice easy shop together.

works, which will also provide a certain level

It doesn’t really matter what you do during

of confidence in your children.

the months of being back at work, but if

For some, it can be hard finding time on

you can set aside just a little time to get in

the weekends for everyone, but there are

touch with relatives or friends, it can really

plenty of ways you can still get together in

cushion the blow of being back in your

the evenings – from helping your children

hectic routines and stressful schedules, not

with their homework and playing educational

to mention, it will definitely show them that

games, to having a family dinner day or cup

you care.


Omni Local Kingston September 2015  

This is our 35th issue of Omni Local - The Back to School Edition! All about getting back into routine, beating back-to-school blues and way...

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