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This Month’s Advice As we go to copy deadline, our thoughts are with those affected by the terrible terror attacks in Brussels. The Kingston Police Borough Commander took immediate action to protect Kingston and ordered an increase in policing presence within key areas of the Borough, to protect the public and provide reassurance. Whilst there is no specific intelligence or information relating to Kingston, we urge everyone to remain alert and if you see anything suspicious to call the anti-terror hotline on 0800 789 321, or in an emergency 999. From the community perspective what are the key things to look out for in respect of radicalisation in progress? Radicalisation can be unique to the subject. However there are behaviours that can suggest possible issues around radicalisation although these are not unique to radicalisation and can indicate other situations of crisis. Examples of these are broken into three groups: Emotional Withdrawn, low self-esteem, angry, depression, domestic issues Verbal Terms/suggestions that breach ‘freedom of speech’, conspiracy theories, inappropriate questions, focus on limited/certain terminology Physical (not necessarily clothing) Tattoos, internet/gaming/ media/social media, dress, writing Can concerns be reported to police in confidence? (fear of reprisals) Yes - The details of the person reporting signs of radicalisation and/or extremism are never disclosed to the subject. Background checks and research are undertaken by the Police to weed out any malicious reporting. Plus the Anti-terrorist Hotline allows anonymous reporting. National Counter Terrorism Policing has launched a short film which sets out practical steps that can be taken to stay safe in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack. The film can be watched on YouTube: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jxOXbpTmnk 14th May – Magistrates Talk Ever wondered what happens in a Magistrates Court? What factors do Magistrates take into account when sentencing? Join us at 10am on Saturday 14th May at the Kingston Quaker Centre to meet a Magistrate and find out about their work. To register your free attendance please email Alison.McWhinnie@outlook.com 8

Supplied by: Alison McWinnie - MET Police

25th June – Beat the Scams Talk Join us at 10am on 25th June at Kingston Quaker Centre and find out some top tips to help you beat the scammers! To register your free attendance please email Alison. McWhinnie@outlook.com Kingston Police, Neighbourhood Watch and Business Watch are all on social media. We would love you to follow us: Twitter @mpskingston @KingstonNHW @KBBusinessWatch Facebook - /mpskingston /KingstonNHW /KingstonBoroughBusinessWatch Instagram - /mpskingston YouTube - /kingstonmps Want to join Neighbourhood Watch? Email us today Kingston.NHW@Met.Police.uk This page is sponsored by Nolt Security






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Omni Local Kingston May 2016  

Here's first look at our 42nd issue of Omni Local - The Bank Holiday Edition! It’s all about finding ways to spend the bank holidays, and pl...

Omni Local Kingston May 2016  

Here's first look at our 42nd issue of Omni Local - The Bank Holiday Edition! It’s all about finding ways to spend the bank holidays, and pl...

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