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Show Some Love this Month Why not involve yourself in some of this month’s causes and awareness weeks? Below are some of this month’s special events.

THIS MONTH’S Supplied by: Leanna Carl - Omni Local CHARITY

National Share-A-Story Month This month marks National Share-A-Story Month, which is an annual celebration of storytelling and story sharing. The theme for this year is “A Place for Stories” which encourages telling stories in unusual and unorthodox (although safe) places. This could mean anything from under a tree to on a boat, or even on the bus. With reports and photos being posted to, you’ll find tons of ideas on joining in the fun and how to help the local community further appreciate the joy of reading! National Doughnut Week (7th - 14th May) Here’s one everyone’s going to want to get involved in! Bakers, cafes and companies are raising money for The Children’s Trust by selling delicious doughnuts and sharing the proceeds. What better reason do you need to treat that sweet tooth this month? Companies can sign up to get involved at When registered, they will receive a NDW pack, full of sales material and displays for customers to let them know when their week is taking place. Make May Purple This month is the Stroke Association’s annual awareness month. The #MakeMayPurple initiative was created to allow friends, families and communities to show support to their loved ones who have been affected by strokes, and to raise awareness and funds for the charity. You can get involved with their cause by baking, hair dyeing or signing up to special events. The idea is to have fun, spread the word and raise vital funds. By visiting, you can find out more information and sign up for an action pack to get you started. National Walking Month It is also National Walking Month, which helps to promote the benefits of walking more. Whatever your level of fitness, walking is an easy and no-cost way to feel healthier and happier. Keeping active is important at


any age, and can be very enjoyable with the right company, or some good music in your headphones. Why not schedule more long walks into your weekly routine? You’ll feel great and you may even notice some weight loss along the way. Even small changes like switching out part of your work journey from bussing to walking, getting off a stop earlier than you need makes a difference. Alternatively, if you need more motivation and have a little extra love to give, why not get a dog to become your daily walking companion? Do something good this month; whether it’s for yourself, your friends, your family, or the whole community!

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